look at the little face at the end omg dead

No RDJ st Comic Con this year. I figured that would probably be so. Given the immense cost and difficult logistics in getting all those stars there, it was unlikely they’d do it again after making their splash at D23 just last Saturday. I guess there’s always a small chance they’d get just RDJ there, especially since Comic Con presented Kevin Feige with its prestigious Inkpot Award in celebration of Marvel Studios’ 10th anniversary with them, starting with Iron Man in 2007. But - “twas not to be.

We DID, however, get a repeat of the Infinity War sizzle reel. I can tell you that it looks hella awesome. It honestly packs so many visuals into so little time that they all end up just impressions in your brain. The most footage in one sequence is definitely Thor landing on the Guardians’ windshield. But for the Tony parts, omg. Tony looks SO anguished and increasingly horrified in each shot. The reel repeats the vision Wanda gave him, of gazing at that aftermath-of-war scene with his dead and dying teammates scattered across the rocks. The scene of him with Peter is heart-wrenching - Peter managing to say, softly, “I’m sorry, Tony” (yes, “Tony”) with his face all bloodied. Tony looking down at him in complete anguish (I didn’t get the sense Tony was holding him or cradling his head - maybe i missed that looking at their faces. Looked to me like Peter is just on the ground looking up at Tony. Ok. The way the Thanos-pulling-down-the-moon sequence is cut, it makes him look like he’s battling just Tony at the time. But that may or may not be true. It could be just the way they edited the reel, as I don’t think it ever shows the two in the same shot. But again, could be wrong. In ANY case, our heroes are truly getting their asses handed to them - NO ONE besides Thanos seems to be getting out of this one all healthy and fine. They’re all getting really beaten up.

Ok - just my thoughts as I try to put them together on the train heading back home. I may recall and discuss more later. Sure wish they’d showed it to us twice. (Lol, DC showed us the “Justice League” exclusive trailer twice earlier in the day. THAT looks like more gloomy, turgid claptrap - doubly disappointing after the effervescent ease of “Wonder Woman.” Ah well. So THAT we got to see again - as if to pound it into our heads. But – “Infinity War” got by far the bigger crowd reception….)

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