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Wait, are you guys married?!! Ivan, how the flying FUCK did you get Gilbert to go that far??

Under the Bridge | Jungkook

Pairing: Jungkook x reader
fluff, smut, slight angst, Hybrid!AU
blood, violence (only really at the beginning), some swears, badass MC, SMUT that would probably be considered graphic?? idk

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I HAVE A REQUEST!!!!!! 🙌🙌🙌 Can you do a hybrid au! For either Jungkook or Jimin and you just found or bought them and they teach you about the life of a hybrid and what it’s like and then you start to understand but one-day you come home to them in heat????? 😄😄 If you don’t want to do the smut part, that’s fine too, I’m down for just fluff if you’re only comfortable with that. From your love 💙💜💚

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“I know how my brother smells mom!” Laura rolled her eyes hopping over a branch while clutching the phone to her ear.

“well you were away for some time, it’s completely normal to forget a scent” Talia sighed shushing her husband who tries to help too.

“3 months mom, that’s all,” she pleaded “I remember how Derek smells like, and anyway who’s fault is it in the first place he took off into the woods?” Laura stopped and inhaled again to catch her brother’s path, a second scent mixed with it. a child?

“Cora said she is sorry for spilling coffee over his book” Robert said over the phone “she even going to clean his car when he gets his license” Talia chuckled.

“Dad! she’s seven!”

“ok, ill clean it” she could hear her father slouching out of the room muttering under his breath.

“i’m sorry Laura,” Talia huffed “are you sure you can find him yourself? he has gotten pretty good at covering his tracks”.

A laughing sound came from few feet ahead made Laura chuckle “oh don’t worry mom. i think i found our little bunny” she moved closer to look over the trees at the scene before her.

“Is that Derek laughing?” Talia keened

“It sure is, he’s with the stilinski boy”

“Stiles?!” Talia exclaimed.

“Yes and they are just adorable mom,” Laura cooed at her brother laughing with the small boy.

“Oh then leave them be honey, Stiles really missed him during the summer vacation” Talia chuckled.

“Apparently so did Derek” Laura rolled her eyes and started her walk back to the house.

The Tenth Floor pt8

Min Yoongi had gone through 34 secretaries in the past 24 months, and each one of them left in tears. This fact alone should have warned you against taking the job, but the pay was too good to pass up. Surely you could put up with a billionaires temper-tantrums, right?

Yoongi x Reader & Taehyung x Reader

Genre: Fluff, humor, probably some angst

Warnings: Strong language at times, maybe some slight smut eventually

Part 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7

“Make who pay?” You pulled away from Taehyung, trying to see his face in the scarce light of the half-moon. “Why would you even think that it’s a ‘him’?”

Taehyung shrugged. “You were out with Yoongi all day, so I just assumed…” His voice trailed off. Seokjin must have told Taehyung where you were, and that coupled with the fact that you were only a block away from the carnival made it understandable how Taehyung would figure it out. 

“It has nothing to do with Yoongi.” You took a step back, away from Taehyung as you dried your eyes with the back of your sleeve. “He went home hours ago.” You weren’t sure why you suddenly didn’t want Taehyung to know what happened; maybe some part of you was protecting Yoongi, but you had no idea why. 

“Alright. So who did make you cry, then?” He asked after a moment.

“It doesn’t matter.” You shook your head, trying to clear it. “Can you drive me home?” 

“Yeah, but–” Taehyung didn’t look like he was ready to drop it, and you held up a hand for him to stop. 

“I know you want to help–and I appreciate it. But right now, I just want to go home. Anyway, what happened tonight is my business, I’ll sort it out.” 

Taehyung nodded, though somewhat reluctantly. “Let me know if there’s anything I can do to help.” He said gently, and you nodded despite being sure there wasn’t anything he could do. This was between you and Yoongi, and something told you that getting Taehyung involved wasn’t a good idea. 

It wasn’t until you were home, after kicking off your shoes and about to change into your pajamas that you realized that your shirt was buttoned crooked, your lipstick smudged, and your hair a mess. 

All you could do was hope that Taehyung believed your lie, and hadn’t jumped to more conclusions than what he let on.  

You called off from work the next day. You explained to Namjoon that you were fairly sure you had the flu, and that you didn’t want to spread it around. Namjoon didn’t argue, only told you that he hoped you would feel better soon.

His understanding only made you feel slightly guilty for lying to him. But you couldn’t go into the office today. Not after the previous night, leaving things with Yoongi like that–and you weren’t looking forward to seeing Taehyung either.

So you stalled facing your problems, drowning them in ice cream and dumb reality TV shows. By three in the afternoon, you could almost pretend that none of your current issues were real, that it was all just some bad dream and you were still unemployed and racking up debt. The thought shouldn’t have improved your mood, but you figured at least if you didn’t have a job, you also didn’t have a hot boss to almost sleep with. 

And Yoongi was attractive, you had finally decided. Asshole or not, there was something there, something about him that was new and exciting, and made you wish you didn’t care that you were his secretary, or about how it would make you look if anyone found out about it. 

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jungkook acne appreciation

so anti’s are acting like jungkook’s acne is a issue! actually i love it. jungkook is so handsome and talented and he is such a genuinely good person and the fact that he has acne just makes him more human. for fans who feel ugly for having acne – for just being human – it’s so nice to see an idol who is so beautiful and loved struggle with something as mundane as acne <3 so i actually love it. i love him and i think its nice that we get to see him as a human instead of an unattainable idol.

and take a look – he isn’t any less handsome 

his cute little bunny smile!!!

slay me kookie i love him so much

lashes ~~~ why is our kookie so handsome

HIS EYES ARE JUST! so beautiful


MELANIN COME THRU!!!!! so damn handsome

as you can see everyone is dumb and kookie with acne is super handsome and loveable and if you have a problem with it then u can suck my fat dick <3 

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Hey! I cannot help but wonder what top studied? Was he able to attend classes like a regular student tho? I imagine that it might be hard to concentrate and learn when probs even your prof is your fanboy lol

He majored in Theater and Film studies! Also as far as I know as long as his schedule permits he attended like a regular student. But you know, we are talking about the genes of a Choi it’s difficult for a man this tall and handsome gets unnoticed. No matter what he does even if he hides himself in a jacket and a mask people will still turn their heads for him.

Here are photos of him on his university (Note: This is not a photoshoot): 

I mean look at that stature look at that chest look at HIM.

And here’s this little bunny eating in the university cafeteria:

(comment from knetz: “Other people’s food probably got cold because they were too busy staring keke”)

I hope he learned in his class that Rude and Choi Seunghyun are synonymous. 

“You can tell he’s a celebrity no matter what he wears“ —I AGREE. THIS IS T H E LOOK. THE HAIR COLOR, THE SPECS AND HIS OUTFIT CAN U BELIEVE HE IS REAL.

and my personal favorite out of all the internet comments:

“I drink out of those cups too, but it looks like silver in his hands.”



170822 Fly High - Gahyeon