look at the lips!

Don’t think about Harry…. on the set of this little advert. Shivering a little because of the water and his clothes are sticking to his skin. Watching the playback of what they’ve filmed so far, looking over the shoulder of the director. Fingers playing with his bottom lip while he smiles. He sees the shot of him looking up at the camera. The director comments on how good it looks and Harry beams. “S'really cool, man,” Harry says, nodding his head. “Looks reaaaaally good, yeah. I like it.”

Sehun - Missed Calls and Jealousy

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Warnings: None

Type: Angst?

Requested by: Anon

Request:  HELLO!!! :3 can I have a Sehun/Kai (You can choose which one) were you guys are roommates/best friends and you like them but he gets a girlfriend , and you two fight and ignore each other. Until one day he gets jealous and confesses! :3 Sorry for the long description !! Thank you❤️



Hello, Anon! Thank you so much for requesting! I hope I did your request justice! I rewrote this thing a good 7 times and had so much trouble coming up with a storyline and such, so I’m hoping the end product doesn’t disappoint! I know it’s not super well written, but I hope you enjoy nonetheless!



“Would you just listen to me for like 2 seconds, Y/N? Please!?”

You looked at Sehun and scoffed, a laugh of disbelief escaping your lips as you continued washing the dishes. You nodded your head slowly and your breathing started to get heavier, the anger that you had tried so hard to keep in threatening to burst out.

“Oh, you mean like you’ve been listening to me?” You asked calmly, not even taking a moment to look away from the sink.

“Look, I’m sorry I ignored your calls and your texts, but you really pissed me off and -”

“You ignored me for 4 days, Sehun! 4 days!” You yelled, the worry and anger you had toward him evident in your eyes. “You wouldn’t answer my calls and you wouldn’t answer my texts! Hell, you wouldn’t even tell me if you were alive! And all because I told you that I didn’t want your girlfriend at my birthday party! Seriously?”

“I know, I’m sorry!” He apologized, “I know you didn’t like her and -”

“And then you didn’t even show up!” You interrupted. “You’re my best friend Sehun, and you didn’t even show up to the birthday party that YOU helped me plan!”

“You told me not to come!”

“No, I told you not to come if you were going to bring her.” You corrected, “Besides, I apologized for saying that she couldn’t come and then proceeded to invite both of you over. But I guess you wouldn’t know that since you didn’t listen to any of my voice mails or read any of my texts.” 

Sehun didn’t say anything at this point, his face filled with defeat and arms crossed over his chest. You looked up at him and gave him a small huff, quickly reaching up to wipe your hands on the hand drying rag before walking away from the sink and into the living room.

“Look, Y/N. I’m sorry for not coming! After that fight we had I didn’t think you would have wanted me there.” Sehun said, quickly following your angry figure.

“Then why the hell do you think I called you so many times, or that I had some of the guys call you so many times?” You asked, “You know that party was really important to me and the fact that my best friend in the entire world didn’t even show up, or try to show up, really hurts.”

“I know, but -”

“And then for you to just waltz in here like you own the place and yell at me because someone told you I was, quote, ‘dancing with Xiumin in a dirty way?’ Seriously? That really pisses me off!”

“First of all, I do own this place. I pay half of the rent. Secondly, why were you dancing with Xiumin in a dirty way? Are you guys like together now” He asked, completely ignoring the importance of what you said.

“We weren’t dancing that way and no we’re not dating!” You yelled, your hands flailing into the air as you turned towards him sharply. “Besides, what if we were? What does it matter to you for? You have a girlfriend! A super nice, super pretty, super kind girlfriend that loves you a lot. Even if Xiumin and I were doing something, why would you care?”

Sehun looked at you for a second, his eyes wide in surprise and face red in anger as he listened to your harsh questioning. You continued to stare at him, your gaze never faltering as you looked at him intensely. You wanted to know his answer. You wanted to know why he had been acting so weird ever since he got a girlfriend and why he started to act so jealous toward other guys when it came to you. It wasn’t like him. You had been best friends for years and it was almost as if he had become a completely different person. You wanted to know what the hell his problem was and you wanted to know now.

“It’s because…” Sehun started, his sharp tongue quickly licking his bottom lip as the words he wanted to say failed to leave his mouth. “It’s just…”

“Come on, Sehun. Just tell me.” You encouraged, trying your best to keep your cool so that he wouldn’t refrain from finally admitting what his problem was.

“It’s….it’s nothing, Y/N. Honest.” He said, his voice barley on the verge of stuttering as he lied though his teeth.

“Why are you lying to me right now, Sehun?” You asked irritably. “Just tell me the truth. Why have you been acting so weird, lately? Ever since you started dating Yuri you’ve become a completely different person. You miss events and get jealous because of random things. It’s just not like you and it doesn’t only make me mad, it worries me.”

Sehun looked up at you and sighed, his hand running through his hair in a frustrated manner. “Is it so bad that I don’t want you two dating?”

“No, it’s not.” You admitted. “What’s bad is that you’re my best friend. You’re my best friend and you ignored me for 4 days and then came to me and started yelling at me and judging me because someone made up a lie that Xiumin and I were together. That’s whats bad and that’s why I’m upset.”

“Best friend….just…damn. Don’t you see that that’s the problem?” He scoffed, his eyes becoming glassy as the wall he had up started the crumble.

“What’s that supposed to mean?” You asked, confusion filling your face as you questioned why your friendship was suddenly a problem for him.

“Dammit, Y/N! Are you that blind!?” He asked, his voice raising to the point where he was almost yelling.

“Hey, wait a second. Don’t be getting mad at me all o-”

“I’m in love with you!” He said suddenly, his chest heaving and voice no longer trying to hold back. 

You looked at Sehun immediately, your eyes widening in surprise and breath catching in your throat. You had to have misunderstood. There was no way he just said what you think he said.

“I’m sorry…what?” You whispered, still convinced that you had heard him wrong. There was no way Sehun was in love with you. Absolutely, 100% no way.

“I got mad when I thought you were with Xiumin because I’m in love you.” He stated again confidently.

“Is this some type of joke?” You asked defensively, insecurity suddenly taking over your body. “You have a girlfriend. How could you be in love with me when you have a girlfriend?”

“Yuri and I broke up a few days ago.” He admitted. “It was mutual. We just weren’t right for each other and she knew I had feelings for you, just like I knew she kind of had feelings for someone else. We only really dated because we felt as though we couldn’t actually be with the ones we loved. Sad, right?”

You continued to stare at him, your brain and heart running a million miles per hour as you tried to find the right words to say. But, even after a few moments, you still had nothing, your mouth opening and closing like a fish out of water.

“You love me too, right?” Sehun asked, not one ounce of hesitation in his body. “That’s why you hated Yuri so much?”

“I didn’t hate her, I just -”

“Didn’t want me to be around her or bring her around you.” He interrupted, a small smile on his lips as he seen your surprised facial expression.

Of course you had been in love with Sehun. You had always been in love with Sehun. That’s why you had been so upset with him in the first place. You hated thinking that he would bring his girlfriend to your birthday party, and you hated it even more that he ignored you, didn’t show up, and then yelled at you the first time he seen you again. But you never thought Sehun would return any of those feelings. Not ever. That’s why you gave up on them and always tried not to think about them in the first place.

“Sehun…I…I don’t know what to say.” You stuttered, brain coming to a halt and heart beating faster than you ever thought possible. 

“Just answer the question.” He whispered, his voice going so low that it made a shiver run down your spin. “Do you or do you not love me back?”

You looked at Sehun once again, your eyes meeting his as you let out a shaky breath. You knew the answer. You knew he knew the answer. But after years of forcing yourself to let go of Sehun and stop caring so much about your feelings for him, were you finally ready to let those feelings come back to the surface? Were you finally ready to admit them to somebody other than yourself?

Well, there was really only one way to find out.

“I do, Sehun.” You stated, the weight of 100 pounds being lifted off your shoulders at your confession. “I really, really do.”


Kara looks always SOOOOOOO disgusted and miserable when she’s kissing Mon-El, look at these scenes!!!! How can people NOT see it?? HOOOOOW??? I mean, look at the third gif, look at how she chases his lips, because that’s obviously what people do when they don’t want to kiss someone, they chase their lips!! So obvious!! She hates him so much!!!


I can’t even put into words how amazing SHINee in Dallas was . I want to do a fan account but I don’t even think I can because I won’t be able to do it justice. Seeing them so close I had the realization wash over me of them being REAL over and over it was so overwhelming … i bawled during Replay AGAIN lol …I have never known the feeling to be this happy before in my life …I got noticed by Onew and he grinned at me and I think I will never be the same lol he is SO SO beautiful and and his VOICE is perfection and gave me chills hearing it live … the way he would stand there always gently swaying from side to side looking around the room … constantly adjusting or fiddling with this shirt to make sure it looked ok… or nervously biting his bottom lip as the others talked … he was so precious omg … his stage persona is SO strong when he’s dancing and singing he just oozes confidence .. but the second it stops and the talks begin he just quietly watches over the other members and prompts them to speak first ..and when he does speak it’s not much .. just softly and gently with a beautiful smile ..I will never forget him he’s just as beautiful and amazing and gentle as I expected him to be … I don’t even feel sad it’s over I just feel so happy I was able to see a SHINee World concert at all T_T

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Congrats on getting almost to 4k!!! Could I request Jun + Love Bites? ;)

Smuttier than you’d expect.

If there was something Jun greatly enjoyed, it was leaving little marks on you whenever you got intimate, whether it was just dry humping while making out or him pounding into you until his name was the only one you could remember.

While others left behind mere hickeys, Jun’s marks varied between those and downright bite marks, never anything deep enough to hurt you, but always deep enough to show for the next few days, although he did tend to leave them on places you could easily cover. It was mostly for his own enjoyment, really, but it was undeniable that whenever he managed to bite you at the right time (or suck on your skin, for that matter), it was exactly what threw you over the edge.

Jun supported himself with his arms as he looked down at you, breathing heavily with your cheeks tinted pink and your lips a bit puffy from all the passionate kisses you had been sharing. Slowly, he let his eyes wander down the trail of light hickeys on your chest from a few nights prior, and grinned.

“They’re fading,” he noted as he leaned down to kiss each and every hickey, and all of those soft kisses made you sigh quietly.

“Don’t they always,” you mumbled while taking your hands into Jun’s hair, playing with the brown strands while he kissed his way down to your hips.

“Yeah,” he hummed and made your back arch a little when he pressed a kiss to your clit, only to move down to your inner thighs with a grin on his face. “Which is why there’s ought to be a few new ones.”

You had barely enough time to understand what he meant when you felt him suck on a spot on your inner thigh, while one of his hands slid up your body to massage your breast. By then he was lying down on the bed on his stomach, trying so hard not to thrust into the mattress when you moaned and bucked your hips up in search for some touch, but in vain.

Jun left a few more hickeys on your inner thighs, each one making you incredibly worked up, before kissing his way back up your body, this time a lot faster. When he was back on your face level, he grinned at you, while you looked up at him as pleadingly as you could. His tone was teasing as he spoke. “You look like you’re about to ask something.”

Sighing, you wrapped your arms around his neck and your legs around his waist, your wetness pressing against his hard, clothed length. “Bite me.”

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“Who wouldn’t be angry you ate all of my cereal and faked your death for three years!”

For the ridiculous sentence prompts thing (that I’m not taking any more of rn)
I love this prompt so much lmfao so I really hope you enjoy this.

Bucky wipes the back of his right hand across his mouth and looks at it. The blood there is bright red, stark in contrast to his pale skin. He licks the rest of it from his already healed lip and then looks back up at Sam. “I take it you’re mad then.”

Sam waves his hand, presumably shaking out the twinge that usually comes when you’ve punched someone in the face, and says, “Of course I’m mad! Who wouldn’t be angry? You ate all of my cereal and faked your death for three years!”

“Two and a half,” Bucky corrects.

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ok imagine sucking harry off while wearing red lipstick? i bet it drives him crazy, seeing your painted red lips wrapped around him, and when you look up at him with those innocent eyes he throws his head back and moans

“Look so pretty with your lips around me…. Wouldn’t want to ruin this”

But maybe, you kiss up his shaft, leaving marks all over that he’ll remember for a long, long time - all the while, you’re suckling on his tip, peering up at him….

Drive By

Jax x Reader where the reader gets shot but Jax has to leave her.

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As you’re talking to Gemma, you look around the room, a content smile on your lips. Everyone in the clubhouse makes up part of your family, and you couldn’t be happier to be part of such a wonderful, yet slightly psychotic, group of people. You wouldn’t change them for the world.

“I’m really glad he’s got you, sweetheart. There’s nobody else I’d rather have as my future daughter in law.” Gemma says, her hand rubbing your arm lovingly. Before you can respond, glass smashing fills your ears, loud continuous bangs adding to the sound.

“Everybody down!” Chibs roars, the people in the clubhouse dropping like flies, trying to find cover. Gemma pulls you down, your body paralysed with shock as the bullets continue to smash through the walls, eyes searching to find your boyfriend, wanting to know he’s okay.

You spot Jax crouched on the floor, his brows knitted in worry as his eyes find yours. He shakes out of Chibs’ grasp, swiftly yet skillfully making his way over to you, sheltering your body with his own as you grip his shirt, the warmth and scent of him calming you slightly.

After what feels like forever, the bullets stop, motorcycles revving as the shooters leave the lot, the sound getting further and further away before it eventually disappears from your hearing.

“Are you okay?” Jax asks, his hands cradling his face as he watches you with concern. You nod your head shakily, forcing a small smile, your body revving with adrenaline.

“Jax, her leg.” You frown in confusion as Gemma speaks, you and Jax both turning your attention to your leg, blood seeping through your jeans. The adrenaline wears off as you begin to feel your injury, your lower leg throbbing painfully.

“Jesus christ.” Jax pulls his knife from its case hanging from his waist, carefully cutting your jeans, his hands ripping the denim until your leg is freed. Without the barrier, blood begins to pour out of the bullet hole below your knee, your eyes scrunching closed as white hot pain floods through your whole body.

“Jackie boy,” You force yourself to open your eyes, your sight misty with tears as Chibs stands over Jax’s shoulder, the blonde haired biker completely focused on you. “Cops will be here, soon. Jarry said they’re gonna cuff us if there’s anymore shit this week.”

Gemma squeezes your hand reassuringly, your forehead sweating as you try to ignore the pulsing agony, Jax looking completely torn. “I can’t just leave her, Chibs. She’s been fucking shot!”

“Yes, you can.” you groan, pushing yourself to sit up properly. Jax shakes his head defiantly, but you speak before he get his words out. “You’ve gotta go, babe.”

“She’s right, darlin’. I’ll look after her, get her to St Thomas.” Gemma adds, knowing that no matter how much Jax wants to stay with you, he’s no good to anybody locked up. Jax looks between the three of you, his jaw locked in anger.

“Go, I’ll be fine.” Willing yourself not to cry, you try to adjust your leg, biting your lip so hard you can taste the blood. Sirens begin to sound in the distance, the other members coming to stand by Jackson, urgency on their faces.

“Fuck.” Jax curses, Gemma leaving your side to move to Jax’s position, fatigue beginning to slip over you, your head dizzy from the blood loss. “Look after her, mom.”

You rest your head on the wall behind you, closing your eyes yet trying to stay conscious. A pair of lips kiss your head, Jax’s aftershave filling your nostrils. You try to smile, forcing your eyes to open as you look up at your old man. “Be careful.”

“Don’t worry about me. I’ll come and see you as soon as I can.” he responds, stroking your cheek protectively. You nod, a tired smile on your lips as you do so.

You don’t realise that you’ve passed out until you come to in a hospital room, the smell of bleach almost burning your nose. You move your head to the side, the chair next to your temporary bed vacant, though voices can be heard outside the room.

You try to ignore the needle in your hand, the sight making your stomach turn as you shift your legs, a hiss leaving your lips as you do so. Fucking bullet.

The door opens, a sigh of relief leaving you at the sight of your boyfriend, the concern in his eyes unable to be missed. A gentle smile plays on his lips as he shuts the door behind him.

“Everything okay?” you ask, your voice slightly croaky as you talk. He nods in confirmation, his feet moving him over to your bedside as he leans down to kiss you, his fingertips moving your hair out of your face.

“M'sorry.” he says once he pulls away, sitting on the edge of your bed, your hand being held in his as he strokes your skin soothingly. You shush him, shaking your head, just happy he’s safe and well.“We dealt with the problem.”

“I’m sure you did.” you respond cheekily, squeezing his hand. He smirks, bringing your fingertips up to his mouth and kissing them individually. “How long was I out?”

“Couple hours. You lost a lot of blood, babe, but doc said you can come home tonight as long as you promise to rest.” You roll your eyes, the sound of lying in bed and doing nothing completely unappealing to you, especially since you know Jax won’t be home with you.

“So, no sex?” Jax chuckles, shaking his head at your antics. He runs his tongue across his lower lip, and you can just tell he’s thinking about the night before, the two of you completely tangled in one another as you reached sweet bliss over and over.

“I’m sure we can figure something out if you’re feeling needy, darlin’.” he says, cradling your face between his hands as he watches you, nothing but love in his eyes.

“I’m always needy for you, Teller.”

A/N - Sorry I haven’t posted in a while, thank you for your amazing support even through my mini break, it means the world. This was a bit of a random idea lol but hope you enjoyed! Xx


Request by Anonymous: If requests are open can you do a criminal minds one where the reader Is hotch’s niece and he takes her to work but all she does is flirt with Reid ? (Sorry if its to specific)

Imagine being Aaron’s niece and him bringing you to work one day only for you to flirt with (sry for the spelling error) Reid the entire time.


Fandom: Criminal Minds

Gifs aren’t mine.

Aaron sighed for the fiftieth time in that hour and that’s all thanks to his niece who he had brought along for the day since she was in town, but now he realizes that he had made a big mistake in doing so. Since all (y/n) did was flirt with Reid the whole time.

Derek chuckled at Hotchner’s actions, “Who knew a Hotchner could be such a flirt. I’m kinda feeling’  jealous.”

Aaron just glared at his coworker who had an amused smirk planted on his lips as he looked towards Spencer and (y/n).

“Reid, are you a camera?” Reid looked up at the (h/c) female with a questioning look, “Because every time I look at you, I smile.” Spencer couldn’t help, but smile at the cheesiness of the girl who had been flirting with him non stop for the past our.

“No, but I wish I was. So I could capture every moment I spend with you.” Spencer’s reply had made (y/n) burst out in laughter.

Hotchner got up abruptly from his seat and walked out of his office down the stairs and pulled you by the arm out of the office, but before he could you placed your phone number on a piece of paper leaving it on Reid’s desk as you winked at him with your uncle pulling your out of the office.

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What are some pretty MAC blushes?

I actually use to own almost every MAC blush and could name them all just by looking at them in the store! lol

Some of my favs are,

Warm Soul. This one is great if you like a warm, bronze look. If you like Desi Perkins, I could imagine her always wearing this blush. It adds some color to the cheeks without looking overly blush like and can be used as bronzer + blush in one. (Milani Berry Amore is a good dupe)

Blushbaby. This is a great no stress blush. A mid tone pinky beige. A go to “nude” blush with just enough pink to give you a girly flush. This will look great with a full face of makeup and this will look great with really natural, soft makeup. I always imagine this blush in a sort of Parisian chic look, nude pink cheeks with matching nude pink lips and fresh skin. 

New Romance. A pale soft peachy pink. This is less orange than some of MAC’s other peach blushes and I think this just looks incredibly soft and romantic. Similar to this shade, Ray Beam is also a great soft peach/pink from the Mineralized Blush line. 

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How would Pete dunne react to seeing you for the first time ?!

How would Pete dunne react to seeing you for the first time

Originally posted by sitkowski

~ He’d be standing with the other members of British strong style in some sort of bar chatting to them, when he suddenly turns silent as you enter the room. 

~ Tyler and Trent would be worried thinking he’d seen someone to beat up or get in some sort of argument with

~ They’d both realise that he was looking at you when his top lip would curl up in a smirk

~ Pete would be taking in every inch of you, examining exactly what you were wearing 

~ He is literally lost for words at the sight of you 

~ He stares shamelessly; fully aware that people around him can see his eyes fixated on you.

~ Winks commonly being aimed in your direction

~ Throughout the night he’d keep looking over at you instead of going to talk to you

~ Tyler would finally force him to go over to you; where he would act all shy. His cocky demeanour nearly gone

~ Yet his mind would be mentally undressing you, a lighter smirk still lacing his lips

~ Despite his dirty mind he’d still try and have an air of a gentlemanly attitude about him

~ Although when he got the chance to place his hands on your hips for a ‘dance’ to some overly sexual song he’d jump at the chance 

A/N: My first one of these and it was for the incredibly sexy man known as the bruiserweight; hope it was okay. Hopefully i post a few more of these tonight ~ Moxxii

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stanley mcgucket 15

Angie set her friend down on a nearby building.  She’d been patrolling the downtown area of the city that day when she’d seen him being threatened by a gang, and quickly swooped in to rescue him. She generally chose to keep her secret identity to protect him, but sometimes she wondered if she should bother, considering his own enemies made it necessary to rescue him all the time anyway.  

“We really need to stop meeting like this Mr. Pines” Grinning as he looked up at her. She had chosen to float just above him, rather than landing next to him. She would never admit it, but she rather like being taller than him. 

“What can I say Airstream? I like to live dangerously.” Stan flashed a cheesy grin and rested a hand on her raised knee, angling his face to look up at her lips. “Course, I’d be willing to look for a new line of work if I had another way to meet up with you, like maybe a dance?”

 She placed a hand on his shoulder and leaned in close to his face, close enough to feel the breath from his lips on her nose. Than she grinned and pushed off of him, flying about ten feet up in the air away from the buildings rooftop. “Maybe next time Stanley!” 

She turned around and fell away, grinning as she heard Stanley call out “That wasn’t a no!” 

15: Undercover/spy/superhero (They don’t know each other’s true identity.)