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JB making sexy face ME: I think he knows were watching him, giving us everything for the tea. Okay see you soon JB, see you Soon.

Girllllll if you guys haven’t watched it yet, here’s a rundown of GOT7 interactions with them…

  • When they first came out JB mouth was wide open and then he said “Wow” and kept looking over at them.
  • And when the host started talking about them, (their turn to discuss who they could be) Mark and JB turned their chair to look that way.
  • Then JB stood up , he was so engaged in the conversation!
  • If you didn’t notice the girls were there sitting in their box on the far left, bottom and JB was looking over at them the most. Him and Yugyeom.
  • Youngjae didn’t know what close his mouth meant.
  • Jinyoung was speechless and just kept looking like O_O the WHOLE time!
  • They got so excited on the lip sync round but they didn’t do that with the other contestants (by saying “woahhh” “ahhh” lol) they were anticipating the girls’ turn. and JB took a sip of water.
  • During the lip sync round Younjae said he got chills from their voice and they literally just started singing lol he loved their voice! (he was serious too. he kept getting chills from their voice).
  • JB, Jinyoung and Bambam stood up to watch them while they lip synced.
  • And also during the lip sync round GOT7 kept making commentary and saying “Whooo” “ahhh” and JB still stood up clapping for awhile everyone else starting to sit down lol.
  • When they were bringing them out all of GOT7 stood up (except Mark) even the other side were still sitting.
  • Mark almost chocked on water when she said “Hi how ya doing?” to them.
  • JB was smiling soo hard when she turned and said “Hi how ya doing” and he literally had his head tilt (cute af) but then slowly tilt his head back like he realize what he was doing xD (and still smiling.)
  • JB was smiling the whole time when they brought them out and it was cute, I love his reaction when they brought the 3rd girl out, he almost broke his neck looking around that corner.
  • Bambam was clapping for the 3rd girl when she came out and JB was smiling so hard. He probably knew he was going to get snatched.
  • Jinyoung was whispering to JB when she came out, I guess they were trying to figure out who they really are?..could be anything
  • Bambam was all hype engaging with them when they came out. and he told her “say something” lol that when she said Hi.
  • Bambam came all the way to the front to watch them sing. (he was sitting in the back).
  • Youngjae sat closer on the floor.
  • I’m sure you all saw how they reacted to their singing, so I’ll skip that part
  • Yugyeom was holding his heart
  • Bambam, Yugyeom and Youngjae motioned that they have the chills.
  • Bambam told them “I love you guys..you guys cool” and she blew him a kiss but they didn’t show their reaction too that..fuck!
  • You probably missed it but Bambam dabbed to them and one of the girls did it back to him lol.
  • Mark kept whispering to JB while they were leaving and JB was clapping for them.
  • THE END!!
  • Any questions? Lol!

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We want more of Maggie bottoming

She knows the look the moment Alex walks in the door.

The look that means that Alex wants her.

The look that means that Alex has been thinking about her – about her naked, about her panting, about her whining, about her on her knees, on her stomach, legs spread and lips swollen – all day.

She knows the look, and the look alone is enough to get her completely wrecked.

She tries to keep her cool, to play it smooth.

She tries.

And she utterly fails.

Because when she tries – “Alright there, Danvers? You seem – “ – Alex cuts across the room and, hesitating only long enough to read the eager consent in Maggie’s eyes, kisses her senseless.

And Maggie surrenders immediately.

Surrenders to being surrounded by her girlfriend. Surrenders to Alex’s tongue in her mouth, teeth on her throat, hands up her shirt.

“All good?” Alex growls, and Maggie moans, and Maggie swoons, and Alex reaches a strong arm around the small of her back to keep her up, to keep her flush against her body, as Maggie’s knees nearly give out.

“Bedroom?” she begs, and Alex complies, sweeping her up easily into her arms and kissing her hard, kissing her passionate, kissing her permanent, until she sets her down on the bed and steps back to survey her breathless body.

“Clothes off,” Alex commands, but the way she doesn’t touch her, the way her body doesn’t demand it, makes Maggie feel safe, makes Maggie feel like she can say no, like she can stop at any moment.

But god, god, god, she can’t imagine wanting to stop.

So she strips for Alex.

Strips completely and strips slowly, lifting her hips off the bed to pull down her jeans, her boy shorts, sitting up to unbutton her flannel, to unhook her bra, to take down her hair, keeping her eyes locked on Alex’s face the entire time.

“What do you need, Alex?” she asks, and Alex kneels at the foot of the bed.

“You.” Her voice is full of gravel and her voice is full of reverence and her voice is full of raw, raw need.

“Then take me,” Maggie whispers, and Alex? Alex does.

She takes her soft and she takes her hard. She takes her on her knees and she takes her on her back. She takes her screaming her name and she takes her whimpering in desperate ecstasy.

She kisses her way up and down and across her body, leaving no surface untouched by her lips, her tongue, and – when Maggie whimpers, tangles her fingers in her hair, and begs her please, please, please – her teeth.

She flips Maggie on top of her, holding Maggie’s hips and bending her own knee, planting her heel into the mattress, and encourages Maggie to ride her thigh, to leave her leg soaked with how desperate she is, to cum all over her body, to bottom for her while she’s on top of her, and god, she does, and she does hard and screaming for Alex and Alex reaches up and takes her nipples between her fingers because she knows how sensitive they get when Maggie cums and she screams louder and rides her harder and god, god, god, she’s still not done with her.

Because all that time grabbing Maggie by the hips, by the ass, pulling her down harder into her so she can get as much pressure from Alex’s thigh as she needed?

Now, Alex needs Maggie’s ass against her clit, and now, Alex asks with her eyes and Maggie pleads yes, yes, yes, so now, Alex flips her over onto her stomach, onto her knees, and gets Maggie’s ass soaked with her own wetness, because god, god, god, topping Maggie Sawyer, watching the muscles in her back ripple like that, watching her hands slam down in ecstasy and grab at the sheets like that, listening to her scream her name into the pillows like that, is the hottest thing Alex Danvers has ever experienced.

That is, until she rasps, “Be a good girl and touch yourself for me, Mags,” and Maggie gasps raggedly and Maggie obeys, bringing both of her hands underneath her body so she can slip her fingers inside herself, so she can pressure her clit with her palm as hard as she needs while Alex pounds her from behind, and that? That makes Alex cum all over her ass, makes Alex cum hard, cum ragged, cum undone, completely and utterly wrecked, and Maggie follows close behind.

“Ally,” she whispers, and Alex kisses her way up Maggie’s spine, smoothing her hair away from the base of her neck to kiss every part of her skin she can, covering Maggie’s trembling body gently with her own.

“All good, babe?” Alex makes sure, and Maggie sighs contentedly, her dimples peaking out from her mess of hair, of pillows.

“You’re amazing, Danvers,” she murmurs, voice thick with sex and sleep, and Alex kisses her temple tenderly.

“That’s you, Maggie. You.”

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Rowaelin cuddles.

Aelin hummed as she felt Rowan’s rough, calloused hands caress her back.  His fingertips trailed the length of her spine from top to bottom slowly, breaking contact from her skin to reach back up and begin again.  Her eyes remained closed, though, as she basked in the warmth of the blankets and the ease of the morning.  Neither of them had to be anywhere until mid-day at the earliest.  They could stay in bed and lounge like lazy cats as long as their hearts desired.  Rowan’s warm breath fanned across her face, telling her he’d shifted closer.  Lashes flickering open, Aelin gazed up at her husband and snuggled closer to his chest.  Even though she was the one with an affinity for fire and its warmth, she loved the heat that Rowan always seemed to radiate.  Looking at his lips, Aelin stretched up to kiss him.  It was sweet and tender and made her toes curl beneath the sheets.  Pulling away, she hummed in barely restrained triumph when she saw Rowan’s brow furrowed with concentration.  His eyes remained closed for several more seconds as his mind caught up to the pleasure coursing through his body.  

Slowly, his green eyes opened, and through half lidded eyes he whispered, “Please,”  his voice was hoarse, and Aelin knew it wasn’t from sleep.  Licking his lips, he continued, “kiss me again.”  Not needing to be asked twice, Aelin leaned in and captured his mouth with hers.  Smiling into the kiss, Aelin swept her tongue out to gently brush against Rowan’s lower lip.  Rowan moaned, his whole body trembling, and granted her access.  Their tongues met, slow and surely, without any rush or without any care.  Their need for air arose, making them break the kiss.  They remained close, however, their foreheads pressed together and their short breaths intermingling.  Bringing his hand up, Rowan brushed his thumb over her cheek bone.  “Fireheart,” he hummed, pressing a kiss to the tip of her nose.  

Raising her own hand to intertwine her fingers with his own, Aelin gave his hand a squeeze, “Buzzard.”  Laughing, Rowan leaned in and kissed her again.                      

I just really wanna write 2000’s Soul who wears punk rock clothes and looks like he smokes weed every day and like he killed a man or two, but is actually a puppy in the body of a Rottweiler

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Sorry if you wanted more of a plot or setting prompt, but all I got is can I please have Loki rimming Thor?

you sure can! ~500 words

Honestly, Loki doesn’t know exactly how they got to this point. Which is how it is the vast majority of the time they end up in one of these situations.

Thor looks down at him from where he has Loki pinned under him on the floor, his cheeks flushed pink from the exertion of their impromptu wrestling match and the copious amount mead they’d indulged in just before it. His weight settles heavy on Loki’s chest, his breath coming it out with a soft wheeze. Thor buries a hand in Loki’s hair, pulling tight enough that Loki hisses. His other hand cups Loki’s chin, his thumb dragging along the edge of his bottom lip. He looks thoughtful and depraved, a smirk curling his lips, and a shiver crawls up his spine.

“This mouth of yours,” Thor ponders, the rough scrape of the calloused pad of his thumb on the delicate skin of his lip covering Loki in goosebumps. “It always brings you so much trouble when it has nothing productive to do, doesn’t it?”

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For @hprarepairnet & @slytherdornet ’s Trope Challenge.

Ginerva Weasley x Blaise Zabini
Good Girls Loving Bad Boys

“Ginevra,” Blaise whispered through his teeth, his eyes full of molten lust as he felt her fingers slide up his shirt. “I’m not a good person.”

Ginny licked her lips, matching the look in his eye. “Have you not heard, good girls always love the handsome, rugged, in trouble with the law, bad boys.” Her smirk riding up her lips and he wasn’t sure he could resist them any longer.


Category: First Time
Rated M

The sweltering room was no match for the heated embrace taking place on the magically-expanded bed at the top of The Burrow.

A bead of sweat ran down Hermione’s brow, her breathing erratic as Ron traced his lips along her collarbone. She relished the feeling of his weight as he lay between her legs, their knickers the only thing separating them.

Her hands ran across his pale, freckled back, desperately trying to pull him closer.

Moaning as he sucked on her neck, his hardness was evident as he purposefully pressed against her aching core.

He kissed his way up her cheek and their mouths connected, tongues wrestling in a frenzy. They couldn’t seem to get enough.

Breaking apart, his hands cupped her face lovingly as he looked down, his grin unmistakable. His lips found hers as he rotated his hips, causing them both to groan.

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44+80 jaehyun :)))

44. “You need to see a doctor.”
80. “Does he know about the baby?”

You’re in the middle of puking your guts up when your best friend speaks up.

“You need to see a doctor,” Jaehyun says. You pull back from the toilet and look at him, letting him wipe your lips where some throw up had managed to stick.

“What do I need a doctor to tell me, Jaehyun? “Oh, you’re pregnant!” I already fucking know.” Another round of throw up comes up and you put your head back over the toilet, tears welling up in your eyes as you continue on.

When you finish, Jaehyun talks again.

“Does he know about the baby?” You wipe at your tears and shake your head.

“No, and I’m not telling him. He has other things to worry about.”

“…and if he finds out?” 

“He won’t. Taeyong isn’t ever going to know.”


a/n: I don’t really know where this came from, and I might continue it as a mini series… idk, but i enjoyed writing it. let me know what you think :)

Red was always her colour, she’d look perfect; untouchable even, whenever she wore it. Her pale complexion shimmered against the crimson tone, a perfect combination like the Tudor Rose. And like a rose, your touch would get caught on the tip of her thorns. She may have looked like Snow White; ruby heart shaped lips and rosy cheeks. But deep inside her core, lingered poison just like the scarlet apple.

As soon as she stepped into the shower, the glass fogged up and within seconds she slammed her hand against the glass; leaving her mark. Her face slowly appeared through the fog, her hair already a tangled wet mess. “Shawn, come in,” she mouthed, her lips looking plump in contrast to her peaked face. I removed my clothing and stepped into the shower. I suddenly felt like we were safe, we were hidden and no one would ever be able to trace us.

Her frail, sallow figure stood under the water; allowing itself to be cleansed. I stepped closer and her breath hitched when I placed my hands on her cheeks. “No one must ever know,” I said, searching her lost eyes. She bit down on her lip and nodded.
I swallowed the lump in my throat as I stepped back and stared at the imprint my hands had left on her cheeks. My bloodied handprints.

Red was always her colour, any shade would suit her; even the colour of blood. I leaned my back against the glass and watched as the thick blood would start to tear itself from her skin. Her hands smudged the blood on her cheeks, making it trail down her neck and onto her chest. Once the stains were no longer prominent; her hands reached for mine and she pulled me closer to her, under the falling water. I closed my eyes as I felt the evidence from hours before leave my skin. A smile appeared when I felt her fingertips trickle down the centre of my back, finally letting me feel at ease. I watched her, letting the water fall over my eyes, as she dragged her hands through her hair. She seemed unfazed by what had happened that morning, as if she had forgotten it already.

But at the daunting sound of a knock on the door, as her neck snapped in the direction of the bathroom window. I witnessed it all come back, I noticed her eyes turn dark and her jaw clench tight. She was back to looking like the woman who had just realised what they’d done, seconds after it was too late. Even though she was covered in blood, and looking scared for her life; she had never looked so beautiful. A Rose in full bloom is a beautiful sight to behold; but it also means the thorns are at their full length and will do anything to tear whatever gets in their way.