look at the lengths i will take to procrastinate

A Stitch In Time—Don’t Procrastinate. Paul Adkins. Eugene, Oregon.
Dear Patagonia,
My gear takes care of me and I take care of my gear. Don’t get me wrong - I don’t hold punches by not jumping in the river or shimmying down the tree, but I do respect my gear for what it is… a tool to help me along the way. Now that I’m a parent of four young adventurers I’m always looking for moments, however fleeting, that allow me to instill in my kids the idea that procrastination can be dangerous. And more importantly, that getting things done in the moment is incredibly rewarding and satisfying.
We were hellbiking the length of the Alaska Range and early on in the trip my rain pants had gotten torn on the brush as we carried our bikes through some of the alder and devil’s club that Alaska is famous for. I instinctively knew that if I didn’t get this fixed pronto I would end up with rain pants that wouldn’t help me at all. I I was going to need these rain pants for the next 40 days on this trip (and the next 20 years afterward). So at the next break for fuel, I got into my pack and grabbed my needle and thread and went to work. Shortly my pants were good as new. Had I not fixed them they would have been in shreds - as we continued to push on through more bad brush.
The act of seeing a need and jumping in, to get it handled, is both simple and potent. My kids are learning this on our adventures in the Pacific Northwest.
-Paul Adkins