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dtappreciationweek favourite performance - Hamlet.

His performance in this was incredible - desperation, comedy, gentleness, insanity, intensity.  It literally had everything, and I loved it.

Danny Pink (from Doctor Who) starter sentences!

Inspired by this post here

  • Are you really going to go for a drink with me?
  • I thought you might have a rule against soldiers.
  • Then do something for me, Tell me the truth, because I know when people are lying to me. However weird this thing may be, just tell me the truth.
  • 7.15. Meeting me. You are. Date. Second one.
  • It’s like you’re trying to be mysterious. I’m not stupid, you know.
  • Bit intense looking. Did you see those eyebrows? Did he wink at you?
  • Are you still on for tonight? Cos you had your I’m about to cancel frown on.
  • Oh. Oh, my God, you’re from space. You’re a space[person]. You said you were from [location].
  • I’m not a moron. And he’s not the caretaker. He’s your dad. Your space dad.  
  • It’s funny.  You only really know what someone thinks of you when you know what lies they’ve told you.
  • He already knows I’m here. That’s why he’s talking like that. He’s being clever.
  • I’m the one who carries you out of the fire. He’s the one who lights it.
  • Well, yeah, I was okay, wasn’t I? I was behind you every step of the way. Had to make sure you were safe.
  • It doesn’t matter if he likes me or hates me.  I just need to do exactly one thing for you.
  • I need to be good enough for you.  That’s why he’s angry; just in case I’m not.
  • I know men like him. I’ve served under them. They push you and make you stronger, till you’re doing things you never thought you could. I saw you tonight. You did exactly what he told you. You weren’t even scared. And you should have been.
  • Fine. If he ever pushes you too far, I want you to tell me, because I know what that’s like. You’ll tell me if that happens, yeah?
  • If you break that promise, we’re finished.
  • I’m saying it because if you don’t tell me the truth, I can’t help you. And I could never stand not being able to help you. We clear?
  • You’re never finished with anyone while they can still make you angry.
  • Well, one, you can’t dump him because he’s not your boyfriend.
  • I’ve got our bench. Did you get held up?
  • Oh, hon, you’re missing some classic park action.
  • Where are you and are you in trouble?
  • I want to do my job, which is looking after these kids.
  • I am curious. I am bewildered. I am, in fact, enchanted. But I’m not the priority. The kids are.
  • I was a soldier. I put myself at risk. I didn’t try too hard to survive, but somehow, here I am. And now I can see what I nearly lost. And it’s enough. I don’t want to see more things. I want to see the things in front of me more clearly.
  • One person is more amazing, harder to understand, but more amazing than universes.
  • I just want to know the truth. I don’t care what it is. I just want to know it.
  • I’m not dead. How can I be dead?
  • You have iPads in the afterlife?
  • Why did you ask me if I’d killed anyone?
  • Questions? I swear on anything it’s me!
  • [Name], you have your life. You have your whole life to live. You have to stay there.
  • Help me. I need you to do something for me. I can’t do it myself.
  • Emotion. It deletes emotions. Please. I don’t want to feel like this.
  • Are you telling me seriously, for real, that you can?
  • And didn’t all of those beautiful speeches just disappear in the face of a tactical advantage? Sir.
  • Typical officer. Got to keep those hands clean.
  • This is a promise. The promise of a soldier! You will sleep safe tonight.
  • I’m sorry, [Name].  I truly am. I had, I had promises to keep.
  • What do you mean, who am I? Who do you think I am?
  • Easter. It’s Easter Day. That’s why I’m dressed like this, I’m Father Easter.
  • Well, come on then. You don’t know what I’m wearing underneath this Santa outfit.
  • You could have used your imagination.
  • I didn’t die saving the world, Doctor, I died saving [Name]. The rest of you just got lucky.
  • I’m a dream and you know I am, right? Right, one thing. But it’s important. It’s a very important thing. That is totally how you guessed all of my presents.
  • You can miss me for five minutes a day. And you’d better do it properly. You’d better be sad. I expect my five. But all the rest of the time, [Name], all the rest of the time, every single second, you just get the hell on with it. Clear?
  • Do you know why people get together at Christmas? Because every time they do, it might be the last time. Every Christmas is last Christmas, and this is ours. This was a bonus. This is extra. But now it’s time to wake up. 

“Check this out,” You turned to Stiles showing him the book, “a Kanima will form a bond with-” you were cut off by the intense look Stiles was giving you. “What?” you asked scrunching your eyebrows together. “You just having something right here,” Stiles said leaning in closer to you–that’s when your phone rang. 

“Hello?” you answered turning away from Stiles. “(y/n), thank god you answered, listen I need you to run home and take your sister to your dad’s house, it’s his weekend with her but he’s with a client and can’t pick her up yet.” you heard your mom say, you rolled your eyes. “Sure, we all know I live to be an errand girl.” you said sarcastically into the phone. 

“Great, love you.” She said before hanging up. “I’m gonna need to pick up my sister and drop her off at my dad’s, so this’ll have to wait a bit.” You said picking up all your stuff from Stiles floor. 

“Need a ride?” Stiles asked. “Nah, I’ve got my car, but thanks.” you said putting on your shoes. 

“Well can I go, I’m bored and there’s nothing to do.” He said. “Alright sure, come on.” you said rushing down the stairs. 


You pressed on the horn signaling for your sister to come out. “So I’ve never actually met your dad.” Stiles said from next to you. “Trust me, you don’t want to, every time he comes over my mom throws something at him. They’re both lovely people as long as they don’t see each other face to face.” you explained. 

“Wow so I won’t bring up your dad next time I come to dinner.” Stiles joked. “Oh no, you can bring him up, just make sure you’re wearing your lacrosse gear.” you said making both of you laugh. Stiles placed his hand over yours. “(y/n)” he started.

That’s when your sister came out dressed in her pajamas. “What?” she asked angrily. “Get in, you’re going to dad’s.” you said. 

“No.” she said. “Get in the car or so god help me I’ll pull you in by your pigtails.” you threatened.  “I’m not wearing pigtails.” she shot back. “Then I’ll put pigtails in your hair then drag you into the car by them.” you said angrily. “Ugh!” she screamed and slammed the door to your car as she got in. 

“I’m not gonna change and I’m not gonna enjoy myself.” She said stubbornly from the back seat.  “I don’t care, you’re not my pest.” you said driving to your dad’s.


You pulled up to a big house, it wasn’t really his, it was one of the one’s he was selling, he was a realtor, one of the best in Beacon Hills. “Hey, here’s twenty, just act like you’re having a good time.” you said looking back at your sister who was still brooding. “You can’t buy me.” She said looking out the window. You sighed and asked Stiles to get another twenty from your wallet. 

You looked out the window and saw your dad walking towards the car. “Alright twerp, here’s forty, take the money and act like it’s your first acting gig.” you said, she put on a big smile. “Thank you.” she said cheerfully before jumping out of the car and running to hug your dad, they exchanged greetings and she ran into the house.

“How much did you give her?” He asked. “It’s fine, just enjoy your time with her.” you said smiling up at her. “Here’s fifty, take your boyfriend out to dinner.” he said handing you a bill and gesturing to Stiles.  “He’s not my-” 

“Have fun you kids.” He said cutting you off and walking back to the house. You sighed. “So, you hungry?” you asked.


Mexican was never a bad choice. You and Stiles sat in the small booth and just talked, it felt nice to not talk about the Kanima, or werewolfs, or hunters. 

“So I really think Mr. Harris hates me.” Stiles complained. “Because you never pay attention he loves me.” 
“Oh of course, forgive me your majesty. I’m (y/n) and everyone loves me because I’m so pure and perfect.” Stiles said in a high pitched voice. 

“Oh whatever that so doesn’t sound like me.” you complained resting your elbow on the table. Stiles leaned in close–that’s when the waitress came over with the food. “Oh for gods sake!” Stiles said. you looked over at him. 

“Sorry about him, he’s moody.” you apologized to the waitress, who walked away looking somewhat scared.


You dropped Stiles off at his house after the lovely three course meal. “Thanks for dinner.” Stiles said “Thanks for not talking about the supernatural.” you said making him smile. 

He looked between the door and floor, you could tell he didn’t want to leave. “Stiles?” you asked making him look at you. “Yeah?” he asked.

“You’re an idiot.” you said. “What-” you grabbed him by the shirt collar and kissed him roughly. Your phone rang midway through the kiss. “Don’t you dare answer that.” He said bringing your lips back to his.

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happy birthday jeanbo!!!!

happy birthday to the character whose most famous lines are all fucking ridiculous (^exhibit A)!!!!! let’s look at a couple horsies

befuddled jeanbo!

intense eyebrow jeanbo!

jeanbo’s jaw begging to be crushed with his fangirls’ thighs!

pensive jeanbo scoping out that ackerbooty!

actual footage of jeanbo fisting eren! (scandalous!)

suspicious jeanbo!

“i swear, mikasa, it’s THIS big!!!”

broody jeanbo! 

hot piece of ass jeanbo! itadakimasu 

happy birthday to all the jeanbos may the horse jokes never stop flowing u little pudding angel <33333