look at the hug

i just want season 3 to give me the good heartfelt klance content i keep longing for. like please…i want keith to comfort lance and tell him that he’s the heart of the team and that they could go nowhere without him and lance is on the verge of tears because his words do mean a lot.

“never think that you’re useless the team needs you, i need you” and keith freezes up instantly because he wasn’t supposed to spill his heart out like that yet, not in this tense situation where they’re still looking for shiro. but lance understands and just hugs him tightly as a way to say “thank you”

and before leaving his room keith tells him that tears don’t look good on his pretty face to cheer him up and see the reaction the usual lance would have to flirting because he loves seeing him happy

Kara’s body language when speaking about Cat

Cat has her cute looking up thing, but Kara has this habit of hugging a pillow when she is distressed and worried about losing Cat.

“I have to see Miss Grant tomorrow and, between what happened with Adam and missing work, ugh, it’s bad, it’s really bad.

“I do not do well with change. Gosh, Miss Grant, I really can’t imagine being here without you.

“Turns out, I’m not a reporter. And Cat is leaving, Clark is leaving, everything is changing.”

It’s like she needs to hold to something in order to focus, to be able to talk about it and express her fears without losing it completely.
And, at the same time, hugging something is an instinctive way to seek comfort and warmth, to protect herself from her own feelings and from how terribly scared she is of seeing Cat leaving or of seeing their relationship somewhat ruined. Because Kara can’t lose Cat.

The forehead kiss,the hugging,the glances,the long loving looks while talking to Gabriel Rick was giving her making her blush and look away smiling,her being worried about him,her having his back even when he stuck in a trash pile and she all the way on the other side and her only way of communicating with him was trough a hole in the trash pile, giving him instructions on how to beat Winslows ,him replacing her cat showing that he been admiring her since the prison since Clear.

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What impossible quiz taught me;When Phil calms Dan down he first catches his hands/arms, gives a reassuring smile, maintains eye contact, when Dan finally breathes out and looks at him, Phil holds him close hugs him and they basically cuddle until Dan completely calms down and both look at each other and smile and order pizza and watch some old anime for nostalgia.

liSten,,, dan is so Soft,, like hes always been But the Curls. The Curls. make him like 379282% softer,, Suddenly his cheeks have become Squishier, suddenly his dimples are Deeper, his eyes warmer and i just wanna Hug him sm he looks like such a ball of Joy and Warmth

@bromanceshmomance yup only with sophia and lou t right ? and that one where her and louis look like creepy twins you would think she would post a pic with jay or his sisters or even someone from his family ?? she’s been his gf at that point for what 3 years ? idgi lol meanwhile we have HQs of jays dad hugging harry while anne looks on fondly PLEASE.

I’m the only one who thinks Darkiplier just needs love? I mean…He looks like a yandere for me. Or someone who only needs a hug.

Anyways, here you have a draw that was suposed to be a doodle but ends up like this.

(The girl over there is not me, it’s like a Youtube OC or something. IDK but I’m p much like her except for the tatoo)

Tfw you walk into school and she instantly comes up to you saying ‘yay my baby’s here’ and just hugs you…but then your friends look at you weird because they have no clue what’s going on between you two…I just really like her oh well 💁🏻‍♂️
-mod ghost

But guys just imagine

A young Jim Moriarty crying on the back porch. Someone close to him, maybe a grandparent or parent, has passed away.
Another family member sits down next to him and gives him a hug.
He looks up at them tearfully.
“But why did they have to die?” He chokes out. The older relative sighs, and, perhaps not wanting to tell innocent little Jim what painful affliction just took away someone he loves, or just looking for a simple explanation says
“Sometimes that’s just… what people do.”