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fave kaisoo moments? B)

oh god this gonna be long

i would put the predebut pics in but everyone knows them so i’ll just skip them.

this needs no words 

when u go disneyland with bae


and he looks so happy when ksoo is smiling i die

idek this is just so fckng cute


do u think jongin has a kink

kissin soo’s shoulder

and vice versa :-)

when they whisper nd they get incredibly close 

tbh this makes me wheeze like kyungsoo just looks so used to jongin touching him like that omG

the famous hug

idk they just look rlly couple-like here



more cuteness

this is edited i know but it still super cute

and more from Russia when they were just being idiots together (i wonder how many stupid pics soo has of jongin on his phone)*cry*


more peter pan moments (the kaisoo anthem)

accept his heart jongin-ah

more from that vid bc this screenshot makes me rlly happy


jongin fangirling over soo

same jongin, same

and the moment we all died


ok if i go on this will be too long lmao but here are most of my faves anyway <3

Seventeen Reaction to You Wearing a Swimsuit

i apologize for not being active for the last few days, i was on a plane. but here is a reaction! :) [ gifs do NOT belong to me | credit to owners ]

S.Coups (ignore Seungkwan) He’d get worried because he doesn’t want other guys looking at you. He’ll hug you from behind or make sure you two are holding hands. He’ll definitely let you know how beautiful you look.

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Jeonghan “Oh my god jagi, you look so amazing.” 

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Joshua He’ll give you a soft smile and tell you you look beautiful. He’ll want to take a lot of pictures to remember this moment. 

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Jun (ignore Seungcheol) “That’s my [Y/N]-ah! Work it!” He may embarrass you by saying things like that. He wouldn’t care if he drew attention either.

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Hoshi “My [Y/N]-ah looks incredible!” He wouldn’t be embarrassed to shout compliments out because he wants people to know how happy he is that you’re his.

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Wonwoo When you’re not paying attention, he’ll wrap his arms around your waist from behind. He’ll whisper in your ear, “You look absolutely stunning babe.” 

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Woozi “Ah, my beautiful girlfriend looks stunning as always.” He’d give you a warm smile.

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DK He’d give you that big beautiful smile he usually gives you. He’d compliment you of course and will want to keep you close to him.

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Mingyu He’d want to embrace you and give you a kiss on the cheek. “You look amazing, jagi!”

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The8 He’d be speechless to see how great you look in your bathing suit. He may stutter when he tries to compliment you.

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Seungkwan He already knew you would look stunning in your bathing suit before seeing you. 

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Vernon When he sees you come out, he’ll have a big grin. “That’s my beautiful girl!” He’d want to show you off because he’s proud you’re his.

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Dino “[Y/N]-ah, you look stunning!” His jaw would drop! He would find it amazing how beautiful you can look without trying.

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Being best friends with Penelope Garcia might entail...? (she's such a precious little teddy bear, just like you, darling <3)

(that is so cute thank you! xxx)

  • Flirting. Didn’t matter where you were and even if you were best friends, she would flirt with you all the time because that’s how she rolls
  • Dinner and drinking dates
  • Her setting you up with cute people from work
  • Her teasing you about who you like
  • You teasing her about her relationships
  • Inside jokes that don’t make any sense to anyone else
  • Going over to hers and watching netflix and gossiping
  • Long conversations about everything and nothing
  • Helping Pen pick what colour to dye her hair
  • Pen buying you surprise gifts all the time (like books, a bracelet that she’d seen you looking at etc)
  • Having her always worrying about you
  • Warm hugs every time you see each other
  • The weirdest and funniest texts ever
No More Teasing - Hansol (Seventeen)

You woke up to a sweet smell coming from the kitchen. You are taking in the smell and smiling, when you remembered…. You’re the only one at home, supposed to. You boyfriend, Hansol, or as people call him Vernon, is supposed to be in tour. You got up and made your way to the kitchen. You slowly peaked in, and found your boyfriend. You immediately ran to him, which got him surprised as he didn’t expect it. “Ah I missed you soo much.” You said as you hugged him tightly, “I missed you too.” He broke the hug, and looked at you. He was looking at every detail of your face; his eyes were roaming all over your face, and they stopped at your lips. He slowly leaned in, and locked his lips with yours. The kiss was getting deeper, as his tongue was exploring your mouth. He was biting into your lips, and you were getting thirsty for him. Just then, he moved away, back to his ‘work’. You were dumbfounded as you looked at his back. He was putting the plates on the table, “C'mon let’s eat.” You couldn&risqué;t believe how calm he was being, but slowly sat down. You were eating your food, when “Oh there’s something on your face.” You wiped your face, but there was nothing. “Ah it’s still there.” Hansol moved closer to you, and kissed you at the tip of your lips. “Okay, done.” He smiled at you and continued eating. You were crazy from his teasings. ‘Okay that’s how he wanna play,’ you thought to yourself. You went to your room without saying anything, leaving Hansol with a surprised look on his face. You took a shirt of his out of the closet, which was big on you and reached your mid thigh. You knew that he gets turned on when you wear a shirt of his. You walked back to the kitchen, acting as casual as you can. Meanwhile, Hansol was looking at you, his eyes full of lust. You were reaching for ‘something’ from the cabinet, which made the shirt slightly left up, exposing more skin. Your plan of turning Hansol on was working out pretty well. Hansol walked behind you and wrapped his arms around your waist. His lips were on your ears, “Trying to seduce me, huh?” “Me? I didn’t do anything.” “Really?” His hands were now going under 'his’ shirt, when you pulled away immediately. “Oh my show is on now!” You said, running to the living room. 'Oh so that’s how you wanna play?’ He thought to himself. He walked to the living room after you. You were sitting on the coach; your back by the coach arms, and your legs on it. Hansol was getting turned on without doubt. He went to you and carried you to the bedroom. You let out a small yelp, surprised he didn’t wait longer but also satisfied. He laid you on the bed gently, andhe was on top of you. “I can’t hold it anymore. You win okay?” You didn’t get a chance to reply, as his lips were already on yours. His hands were moving under the shirt, trying to free you from it. You were left with your bra and panties on. His lips were moving to your neck, gently biting there. You can’t be the only one undressed. Your hands moved to his pants, unzipping them. He helped you and removed them immediately, along with the shirt he’s wearing. You were both now left with nothing but your underwear. His lips were on your neck, and his hands were behind your back, unclasping your bra. Once he did so, he threw it across the room, and look at you, eyes full of lust. He then started kissing your collarbone, biting there, earning a few moans from you. His fingers massaging your clit, over the fabric. His fingers remained there, as his lips trailed to your stomach. You were getting irritated from the teasing, and quickly removed your panties and threw them away. “Just fuck me already, enough with the teasing.” “Oh someone is being horny.” “Yes yes I’m being horny.” Without saying anything more, he removed his boxers, and entered you. His sudden move, made you scream his name loudly. “Yes that’s the sound I’ve been wanting to hear.” His thrusts were getting rougher, but pleasurable. You were screaming and moaning his name. You were about to reach your climax, when you suddenly felt emptiness in your clit. You looked at Hansol, finding him trying to dress himself. You immediately rose up, 'Okay that went too far.’ “Sorry jagi, but that’s what you get for teasing me. You went to him and pushed him on the bed, now you’re on top. He was surprised from your sudden move, as you were never the one on top. “And that’s what you get for teasing me.” You positioned yourself so his dick was onto your entrance. Skin slapping was heard all over the room, along with your moans. Then Hansol turned you, so that he’s on top. He kept thrusting while kissing you roughly. Your hands gripping into his hair, pulling him closer to you. You both reached your climax, and Hansol removed himself from you, as he laid next to you. You both were panting, smiling at each other. Hansol pulled you to him, burying your face into his chest. “No more teasing okay?” He said, “No more teasing.” He kissed you on your forehead, and you both slowly drifted to sleep.
Aaaah omg I’m so bad at smuts, I’m so sorry >.< but I did enjoy writing it tho hehe, oh and this is our first request yaaaayyy, thanks for the anon who requested it, and sorry if you didn’t like it lol ~D-Bitch

EXO’s reaction to meeting your family

yehet88exo said: Hello~Can i request an Exo reaction when they meet your family(mom and a sister)?

Thank you for the request! I hope you like it, and that I do it justice :)


Baekhyun: He would be pretty nervous and make dumb jokes all the time. Your family would like him though, but he would mostly just stand in the corner, being awkward. After just an hour he would warm up and get more comfortable. He would laugh and talk like he used to. He would even call your mom Miss and your sister Mini Y/N. He would also hug them if they looked like they wanted to, which they did.

Chanyeol: He would be awkward most of the time, becoming his cute puppy self instead of the sexy weirdo. He would hug your family when he meets them, and would thank them a thousand times for being invited to come to their house. He would be very observant to when he is talked to, and also answer nicely without making a BIG fool of himself. - would probably end up making just a small fool of himself though.

Chen: He would smile a lot all the time, and answer all the questions asked. Even when it’s a weird question and you tell your mom that it’s too weird and that she shouldn’t ask him that, he just tells you that it’s okay and answers politely.

D.O: He would be very nervous and think that he would say something wrong. If you tell him that your family won’t judge him no matter what, he says that they will without knowing it. He stays pretty quiet while with them but talks when asked to. When you leave, he asks you if they liked him. When you say yes he smiles a little.

Kai: Kai wouldn’t be too nervous, he would just wing it and your family would love him. He would be very satisfied with himself afterwards. When your sister wants to hug him when you’re leaving he gives her a huge smile and hugs her.

Kris: He would be very manly and talk with the “real” adults about “real” adult things. Though when he gets a little bored he turns to you and starts to be goofy again. He also would make a fool of himself a few times and laugh about it, but overall he leaves a very good impression on your family, and they want you both to visit soon again.

Lay: This is a time where Lay would get very serious and concentrate fully. He would not make any mistakes and he would stay focused right until you leave. Back in the car, he is very sleepy because he’s been so concentrated. 

Luhan: Luhan would believe that he’s the perfect son-in-law so he wouldn’t be nervous at all. He would make a few mistakes by accidentally dissing your mom, but he would apologize quickly and forget about it. He would just smile when there’s something he doesn’t understand.

Sehun: He would pretend like he didn’t care about meeting your family at all, until right before you walk in the door. Then he gets all bratty and childish and tries to pull you away from the door so you can knock. “Nooo, I’m not ready!” he would whine while laughing. He would eventually let you knock, and when he meets your family he becomes very respectful but also not himself. He stays quiet but smiles a few times.

Suho: *The perfect son-in-law and he knows it.* Just perfect. Everything perfect. Respectful, good at dad jokes, and handsome. Just like a mom and dad likes it.

Tao: He would have a hard time impressing your parents until he starts to interact with your sister. He loves children so he plays with her and is just very sweet. Your mom and dad sees him playing and immediately change their thoughts of him which weren’t that good at first. (Cause he’s Tao who is a teenage girl and also a goofy tease) They now like him much more.

Xiumin: He would also be the perfect son-in-law but more quiet. He would be super respectful but still laugh at your dads dumb jokes. He would even make your parents coffee.

Shinee Reaction: Missing You


Hi there! Could I request a reaction of Shinee on a date with their gf after not seeing them for a long time? -Anon

I made this a simple GIF reaction of when they first see you at the start of the date, I hope that you like it! (Admin C)


“Oh. My. Gosh. So. Pretty.” *full force Onew Condition*

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“I can’t believe I’m about to say this, but you look better than me”

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“How about we stay in tonight, Jagi?”

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*shy boy emerges* “I missed you so much”

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*beyond excited* “Whoa! You look better than I remember” *hugs frantically*

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in the first episode of scrubs, jd describes elliot’s butt as looking like “two pringles hugging” which i still haven’t figured out what would look like or how it would ever look like a butt or how it could ever be a good thing

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what is stimming? Pardon me if that's a rude question!

It’s a lot of things tbh haha. But here’s a short explanation:

“Stimming” is short for self-stimulating behaviour. It’s usually about repetition, but it can be done without repetition too.

Some examples of repetetive stims would be: rocking back and forth, flapping your hands, chewing on a chew toy, saying the same word or phrase over and over again, or jumping up and down.

Some examples of non-repetetive stims would be: humming, picking your skin, looking at the sand run through a sandglass, stroking a soft toy, or hugging yourself.

Among other things, stimming is a way for us Autistic people to achieve and/or focus on a pleasant sensory input. It’s a way Autistic people process sensory input that we don’t have control over (by creating another sensory input that we do have control over), express emotion, relax and/or have fun.

[Here] is a 10min youtube video about stimming from Neurowonderful that I recommend watching. There’s also some links to other resources in the video description.

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"Daaaaaad!" A young dark/hailed and blue-eyes girl ran into the room, wearing a blue beanie too big for her. "Mom's gonna get me! I got her hat!" She hugged his legs, smiling cause before looking up at him. "Why are you and momma different colors?"

Jacques laughed as he saw her running towards him, bracing himself for the impact. “You managed to snatch your mother’s hat, hm?” He snorted and picked up his little girl and held her tightly. “It suits you, hm? You’re just as beautiful as her.”
The Frenchman pressed a kiss to her temple when she asked the question. “Uh.. Well.” He shrugged and gave her a sheepish smile. “You know Mommy and Daddy are from different countries and origins. It is just as simple as that, hm?”
He kept her close, waiting for his wife to show up any minute to reclaim her hat.
“You should be happy you look more like your mommy.” Jacques teased.

Scenario #3
  • You:*is dared by a friend to go hug a random 2P*
  • 2P!America:Ah hey-- 'the fuck? *gets over surprise and squeezes you back XD*
  • 2P!China:*blushes heavily* W-What are you doing-?! *is totally not used to girls actually wanting to hug him*
  • 2P!England:Oh? Good heavens, thank you for the hug!~ *happily hugs back*
  • 2P!France:*continues to smoke his cigarette and doesn't even acknowledge that you're hugging him*
  • 2P!Russia:*looks down at you and frowns, but doesn't pull away* Can I help you?
  • 2P!Italy:Hm? Oh, ciao. *smiles and gently runs fingers through your hair*
  • 2P!Germany:*stops in the middle of his conversation to glance at you, now hugging him* How's it goin'? ;D
  • 2P!Japan:Excuse you. Let go of me please.
  • 2P!Canada:Uh, hi? *awkwardly pats your head*
  • 2P!Romano:*doesn't even look to see who you are, but still hugs back and continues his current conversation*
  • 2P!Prussia:*blushes so hard that steam nearly emanates from his now-red face* W-Who are you...? Why are you d-doing this?! O//////o
Two years ago today...

I posted my first NCIS story!  (Well, Tiva. I’ve never written anything that wasn’t explicitly Ziva/Tiva.)

I’ve written more stories for this fandom/ship than any other. Literally, hundreds of thousands of words. I’ve developed my writing voice and storytelling chops and gained writing buddies over this time.  

Nowadays I wonder when I’ll write my last story for Tiva, but that’s not on my mind today.

Thank you to everyone who’s ever read something I wrote. I do it for you. 


P.S. Look out for a drabble later today!