look at the holiday spirit

I’m looking at “The Holiday Spirit” and I’m laughing at this screenshot

I’ve never seen a more uncomfortable man in my life

“You’re about to tell a bunch of children you don’t have presents. You’re Santa. You’re supposed to have presents. I’m an elf. I’m supposed to help Santa. We both failed at our jobs.”

So it’s been almost 3 months since I joined The 100/Bellarke fandom on Tumblr! Not very long, I know, but I just want to say THANK YOU to everyone I interact with here. Y’all are kind, insightful, talented, and generally awesome. It’s been a real pleasure getting to know those of you I have, and I’m looking forward to getting to know more of you! ❤️

In anticipation of the holiday spirit, I’m going to offer Bellarke Holiday Prompt Fills for anyone who’s interested! You don’t have be following me, just A) reblog this post and B) send me an ask with your request. I will be posting these intermittently between October 15 and January 15 as I complete them (fingers crossed). Blacklist #kat writes holiday fills if you don’t want to see these posts. More info below the cut.

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I love you, You love me not

Imagine: being in love with Sherlock (because that’s so hard to do XD)

Sherlock Holmes. Hearing that name always sent shivers up and down your body. It hadn’t always been that way. At first you hated his guts. Him and his stupid pompous, holier than thou attitude. That was before you got to know him and irrevocably fell in love.
But that’s all it’d ever be, just a notion in your mind never to come true. Sherlock didn’t show emotion alot. It hurt because you had become a close fixture in the detective’s everyday life. You saw him everyday due to living just below Sherlock in 221 C but he could never know your true feelings for it would complicate things. You hid your feelings but to anyone other than Sherlock it was obvious you had fallen head over heels for the handsome and eccentric man.

You had woken up and headed up stairs to Sherlock’s flat to make tea. As you entered his living room, you noticed how unusually festive it looked even though it was Christmas. Sherlock wasn’t normally a festive person. You went into his kitchen and got a glance of his latest experiment, you didn’t know what it was and you weren’t going to mess with anything. You placed the kettle onto the stove and went back into the living room.

You saw his beloved violin setting propped in the corner. You picked up the violin and began to play the song Sherlock had been writing. You didn’t have to look at the sheet music, you could play it by sound. You held it gently but firmly like a child and then the beautifully haunting music flowed throughout the flat. Sherlock, upon hearing the sound of a violin being played, left his room to see you playing.

He couldn’t help but be dazzled by you as the sun hit you, shining off the natural (H/C) highlights in your hair and giving you a warm glow. He couldn’t deny in that moment the beauty that was you. “I never knew you played. I should have been able to deduce that about you but you’re very hard to read.”
You stopped playing and opened your eyes as you had closed them as you became immersed in the music. “Ah sorry Sherlock. Did I wake you? Actually don’t answer. The fact that you are dressed for the day leads me to believe you have been up for a while not to mention there is no glaze over your eyes one has when they’ve just awakened but by your slouched posture you haven’t had your morning tea. Good news for you, I have already put a kettle on and it should be done right. About. Now.” To prove your deduction right as soon as you finished your sentence, the kettle began to scream.

Sherlock was slightly shocked at your correct deduction and couldn’t help the feeling of pride that swept through his being. You left to go prepare some tea. Sherlock stood there before walking to his chair and taking a seat. You reentered with the two cups of tea.
“So what is with all the decorations? Mrs.Hudson finally convince you to get in the holiday spirit? It looks nice but is definitely not you.”
“No I have decided this year to throw a party and invite all the special people in my life. You are invited and the party is tonight at eight.”
“Okay. Do I need to bring anything?”
“No just yourself but I know you’re going to bring something anyway.”, if anyone else had said that, you would have taken slight offense, but it was Sherlock and you knew he meant well.

The day passed on and Sherlock paced and played his violin. At around six, you left to go wrap the presents you had already purchased, prepare some sugar cookies and get dressed. You had gotten a new teapot set with a flowery print you hand painted for Mrs.Hudson, for Lestrade you had made a mug with the caption ‘Best Boss (but don’t tell Sherlock)’, for Molly you had gotten her a beautiful sky blue dress she’s had her eye on, and for John you had knitted him a new jumper and got him a new updated first aid kit. Sherlock was a bit harder to shop for. He didn’t have a want for materialistic items so you had to think long and hard.

And you knew the best present would have to be something personal. You noticed that recently ever since Moriarty had come back with the bombings and that one older lady had gotten killed, Sherlock had been different. Recently it seemed as if Sherlock began to have feelings or as he called them, Sentiments.

So you decided to go to every person Sherlock has ever helped and was surprised when they had written letters to give to Sherlock explaining how much his help meant but never had the courage to send them to the standoffish man. You told them you were a close acquaintance and would make sure he received them. Now you couldn’t take credit for the notes, so you also got Sherlock a few more things to go with them like: some weird and rare part he’s been looking for for an experiment, a navy blue scarf you had stitched his initials in because you noticed his other one had began to look tattered and an antique magnifying glass you found that just screamed Sherlock.

  You had also written letters to everyone explaining how important they were in your life but Sherlock’s was the most heartfelt. He had helped you through so much; from helping you build your confidence, accepting your social awkwardness and helping you pull through the crushing depression your severe social  anxiety caused. He had helped you in more ways than he could even hoped to have realized.

  You mixed up the sugar cookie mix before scooping them onto a cookie pan and putting them into the oven. You then whipped up the icing and waited for the cookies to be done and then iced them. By the time they were iced and plated, you had an hour to get ready. You brushed your (H/L) (H/S) (H/C) out and left it falling around your shoulders. You decided on black eye liner which made your eyes pop and added some mascara. 

For your outfit, you decided on a black dress. It had a V cut that showed a little bit of cleavage, with long lace sleeves that contrasted with your alabaster skin. The dress hugged your torso and curves leaving little to the imagination when it came to your figure. The front fell a few inches above your knees while the back flowed to the ground. It floated out behind you with every step. You paired it with a pair of black stilettos with T shaped straps. You looked into the mirror and decided to add just a little of black eyeshadow which was more make-up than you’d ever worn, but this was a special occasion and you wanted to impress Sherlock.

  You truly felt happy and you didn’t feel the ever-present cloud of anxiety lingering in the back of your mind. Nothing could break your happy streak, or so you thought. You checked the time and noticed it was eight on the dot. You gathered your gifts and juggled the plate of sugar cookies up the steps and into Sherlock’s flat. You could hear the classical music float around you as you entered and the sound of chuckling. John saw you with all the things in your hands and offered to help. You thanked him and handed him the plate of cookies. You then sat your gifts on a side table. Everyone greeted you and you replied in kind. You didn’t see Sherlock and wanted to give him his gifts first. And when you think of the devil he shall appear, because shortly after thinking of him, Sherlock entered the living room.

  He stopped and took in your appearance. “What did you do to your face? And for the love of all but on some decent clothing. By the way you’re dressed and the make-up you’re wearing, you’re trying to impress someone but what good is it.”, as he continued berating you in front of everyone, tears began to fill your eyes and shame reddened your face and the anxiety began to flood your being.
“Sherlock, I believe that is quite enough. You don’t treat a female like this ever. This is (Y/N) you’re talking to, she’s your friend!”, John told him. Mrs.Hudson and everyone chimed in too. You just thrust his gifts into his arms and rushed from his flat as the sobs erupted from your chest. You slammed your flat door as you rushed inside before collapsing to the floor.

As soon as you left, everyone ripped into Sherlock.
“You’ve really done it now Sherlock.”
He looked down at the gifts you put into his hands. On top was your letter addressed to him that read 'To the man who has given my life meaning and stolen my heart’.
For the first time in his adult life, William Sherlock Scott Holmes felt like the biggest arsehole to have ever walked the Earth. John who was standing beside him said,“Sherlock for the most brilliant human being, you are bloody stupid. She has been in love with you for sometime. You were the man she dressed up for. She wanted to impress you and you walked all over her.”
After how Sherlock had acted everyone was not in the mood for the party and decided to leave. They all shot disappointed looks to Sherlock.

  Sherlock sunk to the floor and began to read her letter. By the end he was close to tears. The Sherlock Holmes was about to shed actual tears. He opened the square parcel wrapped in silver paper, then the rectangular parcel and finally the letters. He jumped up and ran down to your flat. He banged on the door and you yelled at him to go away. He walked away and then quietly reapproached your door listening for movement. His trick worked because as soon as you heard him “leave” you moved to your living room.

As soon as he heard you move, he pulled the door open and stepped into your flat. You tried to hide your tear stained face from him. “Get out of my flat.”
“No.”, he walked towards you and turned you to face him. You kept your face down turned from him. “Look at me.”
“No. Why are you here? Want to berate me even more? I’m already a speck of dirt compared to you, the Almighty Sherlock Holmes. You’re probably laughing at me now for loving you, a puny insignificant, in love with you.”, you say cuttingly.

Sherlock lifted your face up to his and demanded, “ Look at me (Y/N).” You reluctantly opened your eyes to take in his pain filled green-blue eyes. “I was an ass to you and you didn’t deserve it. I was jealous because you were dressed so provocatively in front of other men when I want to be the only man to see you like that. I apologize, I am new to Sentiments and I am trying to figure out how to reciprocate them. But one thing I never want to hear is you say you’re insignificant to me. You are more than I am. You are a very big and important part of my life. You keep me in check and give me reason to go on with cases. When I get stuck on a case and am pushing myself too hard you make me step back. You make me a better man. You have changed my life and I love you.”
Before you could even comprehend what he had said, he clasped your face in his soft, big hands and brought his mouth crashing down onto yours. He moved one arm around your waist and kept the other on your face. You eagerly returned his kiss as a sigh escaped you. He gently parted your mouth as he deepened the kiss.

He pulled away but pressed his forehead to yours. His breath fanned across your face gently and you smiled as you opened your eyes to his shining brightly at you. He wiped the tears from your cheeks before pressing a loving kiss to your lips. You savored the feel of his soft lips pressing against yours as they opened and closed with yours. “I love you and apology accepted. Did you enjoy your gifts? I have one more but I couldn’t exactly give it to you at the party.” “I did. Thank you for the scarf and the magnifying glass, which is going to come in very handy. As for those notes, I’m glad I can make such an impact on people’s lives, especially yours.” You grabbed his hand and led him towards the little mini fridge you keep in a little storage closet in case you need more fridge space.

  You opened the little door and pulled out what was inside. Sherlock’s face lit up like kid’s on Christmas. “Y-you, how?! I’ve been trying to find some! Oh thank you. Thank you. Thank you!”, after every 'thank you’ he pressed a kiss to your lips. And everything was finally right.

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Peter Parker for the relationship meme thing?

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  • Who initiated the relationship? (Who asked who out, how they did it, etc).

It was really a mix between the two of you. If it had gone the way Peter wanted to, he’d have maned up enough to tell you that he liked you, but being the way he was, he kept it to himself for the longest time. Because he procrastinated on whether or not you were going to like him back, and rejection is one of his biggest fears. But, he couldn’t stay behind a mask his entire life.

It wasn’t until you and he were talking, walking home from school one afternoon. His eyes were watching your face intently, laughing as you explained something that happened in English class that day. Peter pauses, looking down at his feet when you glance over to catch eyes with him. “Are you okay?” You asked, tilting your head.

“Just been giving this one thing a lot of thought, and I don’t know what to do about it.” He offered up quietly, tilting his head to the side and rubbing the back of his head.

“Oh? Wanna tell me about it?”

“I mean, I would if I could explain it but…” Peter sighed, looking at you, “How do you explain to your friend that you like them?”

Your heart dropped for a second. He liked someone, you thought to yourself and shrugged, “You just tell them, I guess.”

“Seems simple enough,” Peter laughed nervously, pretending to scratch his face as he looked back at you. He opened his mouth, fumbling over his words before taking a leap of faith and saying, “I like you, (Name).”

  • Who makes Mixtapes for their significant other?

Peter loves to make you mixtapes. He even gifted you with a Walkman that he repaired himself so you can play cassettes. Aunt May thinks this is adorable, and constantly tells Peter how romantic it is.

  • Who kissed who first?

You kissed Peter first. After a date one night, you and he were walking along the Brooklyn bridge, just enjoying each others company.Swallowing, his eyes fixated on your mouth for a few seconds before reaching up to catch your eyes. Smiling nervously, he stuttered over his words, unsure of what to say, unsure if he should ask, and dived in for a kiss, but suddenly turned in for a hug. 

Blinking, you turned in for a kiss instead, and managed to bump your forehead against his. “Ouch.” You murmured, rubbing your forehead.

“Ohhhh my god, (Name),” He panicked, leaning forward to look at your forehead, “Are you okay? Oh, I’m so sorry… God, I’m such a…”

You were kissing, cars on the bridge that were buzzing by didn’t seem to matter any longer.

All that mattered now, was this kiss, and the many that were going to follow.

  • Who said ‘I love you’ first?

Peter, though, it was not intentional. After dating for a year, you had helped him with something for school, and after pressing a small kiss to your cheek, he explained, “Oh, I love you so much!” Without thinking it through.


“What did you just say?”

“Pftttt.” He puffed his cheeks out, “Nothin’.” Peter popped his mouth and played with his pencil, “I mean… I said I love you. And, you know… I-I do…”

  • Who takes pictures of the other when they’re not paying attention?

Peter. He loves to take unsuspecting pictures of you. He’s making a scrap book of them for something special.

  • Who needs to be touching their significant other at all possible moments?

Peter likes to have his fingertips on you at all times. Nothing sexual, and it’s more of a security thing. Like, if you’re walking in front of him, his hand is either in yours, or his fingers are pressed against the small of your back as you lead him forward. 

  • Who asks strange questions late at night when they can’t sleep?

You do. He tends to just listen to you ask, and then answer the question for yourself. He finds it cute and entertaining because sometimes, you ask when you’re half asleep and they’re nothing more than nonsense.

  • Which one is really excited to put up the Holiday decoration, and which one is dreading it?

You love putting up decorations, and you help Aunt May while Peter just sits on the couch, groaning, trying to watch T.V while you put things on the wall with Aunt May, who looks back at Peter and says, “You need to get into the Holiday Spirit. Where did I put that mistletoe?”

  • Who spends more money on (Useless) things?

You tend to do that. Peter thinks it’s funny though, considering he spends a lot of time dumpster diving to find treasures.

  • Who likes to cuddle more? (Who’s the little spoon? What positions?)

Peter is a cuddler, and always has been. He used to cuddle his mother, and then Aunt May, and now he does with you. It makes him feel more secure. You happen to be the little spoon though. Typically, it’s in the spooning position, sometimes, you lay on top of him and his fingers run up and down your back.

  • Who cooks the best? (best meal? Who burns everything they cook?)

You do. You like to cook sweets, and he doesn’t complain about this at all. The best meal you can make happens to be pizza, but you can’t take all the credit because you learned from your mom. 

Peter though, happens to burn everything. He’d burn water if he could.

  • Who is most likely to sleep in?

Peter. Especially with the double life. He can spend a lot of time and energy out and about, saving the city, and this leaves him drained so he tends to sleep in profusely during the weekend. He tries not to on weekdays, when he has school, but it has happened occasionally.

  • Who is the clean freak?

Freak would be a bit extreme, but you can’t handle how much stuff Peter has sometimes. It frustrates you when he asks you to grab something off his desk, but you can’t find what he wants because of the clutter.

It’s something he loves though, so you deal with it.

  • Long kisses or short kisses?

Depends on the situation, but you prefer short, peppery kisses. 

Peter happens to like longer, deeper kisses, but both are nice.

  • Who’s the first to apologize after a fight?

Peter usually does, but it ends with you crying and telling him that he shouldn’t apologize because it was your fault too. He sighs, pulls you in for a hug, pets your hair and murmurs, “It was both our faults, okay?”

  • Who is the flirt? (And who is the romantic?)

Peter can sway between being a flirt, and being a romantic. He tends to stick more to romance, and sometimes, he wonders if it’s because of Aunt May’s feminine touches in his life, or if he’s naturally like that.

You like to be flirty with him though. It’ll get him flushed and flustered, and it’s cute. You tend to stick with silly oneliners. “Are you a keyboard? Because you’re my type” is his favorite so far.

  • Who comforts who more often?

Peter comforts you more. He’s the type of person who’ll bring you a pint of ice cream after a long day, or give you a tummy rub when you’re not feeling good. He’s also good at giving you warm kisses all over your face as you talk about what got you so upset.

  • Who is the most protective over the other?

You’re both protective of one another, but Peter is a bit more. He has to keep his power on the downlow though, so it gets difficult sometimes. If he knows you’re going to do something that seems vaguely dangerous without him, he’ll try to snuggle himself into the picture, or he’ll tell you, “Just, call me when you get home? Okay?”

  • Who kills spiders?

(Ironically), Peter does.

  • Who wants kids more?

Both are about even on the kids subject. You both want kids, someday. But, being so young, you want to wait a while before having them.

  • How many kids?

Peter wants more than you do, and you wonder if it’s because he was an only child and didn’t get the opportunity to grow up with any one. You’ll eventually settle on a number though.Maybe, two or three.

  • Who proposed? (How did they do it?)

Peter proposed.

Imagine, the two of you have been dating all through High School. Peter never imagined his life would be like this at the age of 19, almost 20. He never imagined he’d have someone so amazing and so perfect in his life, because in his eyes, he was just a small man, trying to make a big difference, and you were a small woman, making the biggest difference in his life. At this time in your relationship, there are no secrets.

You know who he is. You know he’s Spider-Man, and that he saves as many people as he possibly can. You know the weight that rests on his shoulders, and you try your best to help him through it. 

You love him, and Peter loves you.

He loves your smile. The way you laugh at him when he tells a joke, and the way you’d laugh sarcastically when he tells one that’s not so funny. Peter likes it when your hands run through his after a long day, and he loves the sound of your voice. He loves your flaws, he loves your quirks.

You love the sound of his laugh, the way he smiles with his entire face, covering his cheeks when he laughs too hard. You like it when he holds you close, your face snug in his chest as he tells you, “I’m always gonna be here to protect you, don’t worry…” After a long night fighting crime as Spider-Man.

“(Name).” He looks at you from head to toe, a small lump forming in the back of his throat as he did. You and he were walking down the Brooklyn bridge, your eyes looking around as the cars passed on the road, other people walking aside, and against the flow. 

“What’s up, babe?” You glance up at him with curious eyes. He was contemplating something serious, or at least, you thought he was by the look on his face.

“I’ve been giving this one thing a lot of thought,” He laughed nervously, biting his bottom lip before continuing, “and I actually do know what I wanna do.”

“What’s that?” You blinked as he stopped walking, his hand still snug in yours. Smiling a small ‘sorry for stopping right in the middle here’ at people who passed, and stared, you looked up at Peter. “Is something wrong? You feelin’ okay?”

“I’m okay,” Peter rubbed his fingers against yours slowly, “Can I ask you somethin’? Kinda… Serious.”

Your guard was up. Looking at your love with serious eyes, you nodded, “Yeah, ask me anything.”

“Well…” He dug his hand into his right pocket, feeling the velvet box under his fingertips, “How do you explain to your girlfriend… That you wanna marry her?”

Letting go of your hand, he tugged his backpack off his shoulders and sat it at his feet before tugging out a red rose, “Would you go romantic? Flowers, dinner, wine if we were older?” He handed the flower to you with a goofy grin, all the while, leaving you shocked. “Would you…” Peter pulled out a small album of pictures you and he had taken over the years, “Go through pictures, and remember memories, telling them how much they love you?”

You swallowed thickly, taking the album from his hands as he gestured to the entire bridge, “What about the first place you ever kissed?”

Covering your mouth, you let a small laugh tug out of your lips as Peter dropped down onto one knee in front of you, and in front of everyone driving by, everyone walking by, some stopping to watch, “Would you get down like this?” He offered, digging in his pocket for the ring box, “Would you pull out a box like this and ask,” Peter took a deep breath in and looked directly into your eyes, “Would you marry me?”

”We can’t just decorate the WHOLE forest, Mabel!”

“Loser talk!”

Hi @ecchima! I hope my gift’s not too late on your time zone! Happy holidays to you! ヽ(*´з`*)ノ

And to all my followers too! Have a good one! 

G/t Holiday ideas

-people having their tiny friend help with small details on their cookies and other baked goods.

-Giants helping put lights up on houses

-Borrowers taking a single branch from the home’s Chritmas tree to be their Christmas tree, decorating it with beads and sprinkles

-Borrowers slipping small handmade crafts as presents for the bean. Or, making the crafts as ortaments

-U-Cut Christmas tree farms employing giants for fast and easy service

-The tol decorates a good sized gingerbread house beautifully, and their tiny friend decorates the inside.

-the tiny insists on sleeping in the gingerbread house

-Giants who don’t mind the cold, let themselves get covored in snow, and let people sled down them.

-human friend decorates their giant friend while they sleep. The giant wakes up looking very much in the holiday spirit.

-human friend bakes dozens of cookies, all for their one giant friend.

-Giant builds a huge, grand snowfort for people.

-snowmen of all different sizes. Giant ones in a park. Tiny ones decorating porches and curbs.

-Giant puts mistletoe on themselves and stands over couples

-Warm G/t snuggles by the fire

-Giant gives tiny a hot tub in their cup of cocoa or cider.

-Giants helping clear roads of snow

-hats and scarves keeping tinies warm

-all the cute lovely things that come with the holiday season, but with G/t

Evil League Of Evil... not really
  • Jackal: Deck the halls with body parts from a girl named Holly~♪ fa la la la la~♪ la la la la~♪
  • Future Rogue: I don't remember those being the lyrics.
  • Jackal: Oh, I am tremendously creative! That, I can tell you.
  • Neinhart: You better be. I didn't revive you, I didn't revive both of you cause I was looking to make new friends.
  • Jackal: That is not the holiday spirit. Christmas is about togetherness. And what says togetherness more than mass graves?
  • Future Rogue: So why did you revive us?
  • Neinhart: I owe you one. And this guy... well he's just crazy.
  • Jackal:
  • Neinhart: That's a compliment.
  • Neinhart: And we all want the same thing.
  • Future Rogue: (sarcastically) Fashion advice?
  • Neinhart: Natsu Dragneel dead.
  • Jackal: Well, that was more of a New Year's resolution. But hey, I'm flexible.

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For the Christmas prompts, could you do Fierrochase for number 6? (Ps- I love ur blog!)

Ahhhh yes ofc anon!!! And omgs ur so sweet the blogger of the blog loves u!!!!! <3 <3 <3

6- “Merry Christmas to all and to all-wait not you, I don’t like you.”

Ahh Christmas. The most magical time of the year. Snowflakes falling, lights up, family, friends, presents, and very, very deadly Secret Santas.

Of course, Magnus didn’t understand why he would expect anything different from a Secret Santa Gift Exchange at Hotel Valhalla. I mean, they have breakfast to the death.

But of course, nobody told him that as he went to pick out a nice little trinket for his Secret Santa, who also happened to have a very sharp wire. Of course he was paired with Alex Fierro, the girl he’s been crushing on for ages, but he won’t admit it to himself (everyone knows though).

So he went out and bought the perfect gift for Alex frickin Fierro like a good friend should. Little did he know that the others where packing deadly items in theirs, like poisonous snakes and chainsaws. What Alex Fierro was cooking up for her secret santa was her own brand of nasty.

So they started to exchange gifts and all of them where deadly and every four out of five killed someone. Magnus was horrified, and also afraid of what he would get and what people would think of his present. Alex got her present before Magnus did.

“Ahh who’s this one for?” says Mallory, pulling out a large box. She reads the sloppy handwriting on the tag.

“Alex Fierro. Looks like you’re up.” Alex giggles and takes her present, ready to unlock the horrors within. She tears off the wrapping paper calmly and slowly, revealing a plain box that doesn’t give away anything inside. It doesn’t look like it has holes in it, so at least it isn’t snakes.

She slowly opens the box and Magnus holds his breath. Alex’s eyes go wide and she stops breathing for a moment.

Alex has been complaining forever that her pottery tools aren’t quite like the ones she had at home and that junk stuck to them in weird ways and she never got the etchings she wanted, which made her keep throwing away her pots, most of them almost hitting Magnus as he bursted through the door. She complained about it endlessly, how the tools she had here where some cheep dollar store thinks that broke easily, causing splinters to get all in her clay, making her have to dig them out and ruin the piece entirely. She thought she just sounded like a broken record that people just decided to ignore, but apparently not.

In the box was a pile of etching tools, all carved in ways that fit her hands easily and did not break when she bent them. They where the exact same brand as her old ones and even smelled like them too. They where beautiful, polished nicely so that no fragments of wood would catch on her hands. The thoughtfulness of the gift brought tears to her eyes and she felt like finally someone cared.

“Which one of you idiots did this?” she says, looking up. She isn’t sure she wants to know, but at the same time, she does.

One hand raised timidly, looking at the floor, playing with the fringe. Stupid blond hair and grey eyes. Didn’t he know that those made her weak?

“What the Hel Magnus it was supposed to be funny,” Halfborn says, peaking over Alex’s shoulder. Mallory smacked him on the back of the head. Magnus looked up into Alex’s face, then stood up.

“I’m not really feeling the holiday spirit today, guys. I’m going to get going….” Magnus says, standing up and rushing out of the room. Alex digs into the box and finds a little note.

“Keep on creating, Alex Fierro.” It’s cheesy, but at the same time, no other words have touched Alex’s heart more. She’s always been self conscious about her art, and Magnus knew that. And he did all….. this? Alex knew he was cute, but not this cute.

She stands up, grabbing the gift to her secret Santa out from under the tree.

“Merry Christmas to all and to all–wait not you, I don’t like you,” she says, pointing to Halfborn. He should’ve known better than to mess with Magnus. She grabs the presents, and leaves at that.

She chases Magnus down the halls, calling out to him.

“What do you want, Alex?” he says. She acts like she doesn’t notice when he wipes a tear from his cheek.

“Maybe you should open the gift from your secret Santa,” she says, holding out the gift wrapped in bright red paper with a big green bow on it. Magnus rolls his eyes.

“Alex I really–”

“Just open it.” Magnus rolls his eyes but does as he’s told, revealing a box. He opens a box and there is yet another box.

“Alex I don’t want to do this–”

“Just continue…” Alex says. Magnus opens box after box, not looking excited at all. Then, he opens the final one, to reveal….. leaves. Wow.

“Are you frickin kidding me?” he says.

“Take it out.” He does to reveal that it’s mistletoe. Alex purses her lips, trying to hide a smile. At the bottom of the box, it says, “Here’s your excuse, dork.”

“I don’t understand–” Magnus says, but is interrupted when Alex kisses him. And kisses him. And kisses him. His cheeks are burning up and his heart seems to fail him in a way he never knew was possible.

“There. Now stop complaining and let’s go watch some more people get killed,” Alex says, taking his hand.

“I-I-I don’t understand.”

“The gift was from me, idiot. I figured you’d never kiss me unless I gave you a reason, so I did. Everyone knows that you have to kiss under the mistletoe.


“Shh. Or no more kisses for you later.” The whole scene is bizarre, and Magnus can’t tell if he’s dreaming or not.

“Is this real?” Magnus asks.

“I thought you would stop asking that after you faced off a bunch of giants with a floating sword.” Alex Fierro just kissed me, Alex Fierro just kissed me, Alex Fierro–

“Alex?” Magnus asks with a newfound courage right before they open the door back into the room with the others.

“What?” She asks, exasperated.

“Will you be my girlfriend?” he asks timidly.

“Gods, your an idiot.”

“Is that a–”

“Yes Magnus. I’ll be your girlfriend. Just in time for Christmas.”

I sorry if this horrible. I hope u enjoy thou!!!!

Christmas Prompts

25 Days of Ladybug and Chat Noir

Hey guys!  This is a prompt system I found from @unluckyfortunes for a holiday series of drabbles.  Seeing as the holidays are mostly over I started really early for next year.  Mainly the writing bug got me and this is the result. I hope you enjoy!  

1. Mistletoe

The red and black heroine skidded to a stop on the slippery tiles to overlook the brightly glowing city streets.

The holiday season had finally come to Paris.  With it, came a sense of peace that only could be linked with Christmas, an overall lighthearted giddiness fueled by lights and decorations filling the streets.  Thick, evergreen reefs were hung on doorways, with ribbons and pine cones and frosted with artificial snow.  The light posts the lines the streets had elegant sashes entwined the poles.  Even landmarks like Vern temporarily decorated with holly and lights.  Surely the city of lights looks even brighter, glowing with the holiday spirit that only came once a year.

Unfortunately, even with peace setting the mood, there was no holiday for superheroes.  

Ladybug released a breath she didn’t realize she was holding and watched it cloud on front of her.  The temperatures were plummeting now, especially after the sun went down.  She mentally resigned to make this patrol as quick as possible so she could go home and warm up.  Marinette was never a fan of the cold, so by proxy, neither was Ladybug. She crossed her arms, rubbing them gently, hoping her partner would show up soon.  The suit was well protecting in battle but was a little thin for her tastes.  

A skittering figure soon appeared next to her as she mentally ( and very quietly) thanked the heavens.  Chat Noir straightened up, coming to full height by his lady, brushing imaginary dust from his leather suit.

“Bonsoir, ma coccinelle.”  The formal greeting fell from his lips naturally along with a small nod.  

“Bonsoir Chat.” She replied, turning her head slightly to view his profile beside her, “Beautiful evening for a patrol.”

“Yes it is, though I must admit, the street’s radiance diminish in the light of your presence, my lady.”   His lightning green eyes alight in the dark, pupils zipping to look at the reaction on her face as she shook her head lightly.  

“Now you’ve gotten your greeting out of the way, should we begin our patrol?” Sky blue eyes framed by dark lashes met his attentive stare.  

“Oui, the normal circuit then?” The black cat rolled his shoulders, prepping the muscles for use.

“Sure, just, let’s keep it short tonight.  I don’t think anyone is likely to be out in this cold.”  She hoped he hadn’t read too deep into her words as another small chill zipped down her spine.  

Chat Noir however immediately knew the message and smirked, “Very well, if at any point you get cold, rest assured I’ll keep you very warm.”

Resisting the urge to roll her eyes, Ladybug ignored the offer and began leaping actress Parisian rooftops, knowing her partner would be right behind her.  

Their route was basically a circle around the city, hitting all the major populated areas they could. Their primary platform was the rooftops, only taking to the street when absolutely necessary as to limit their presence in the city.  Guardians were better of invisible anyway to limit the media or certain bloggers from getting to nosy.  The pair ran mostly side by side, separating on to parallel roofs for a wider view of vision, being as quiet as possible to not awake any sleeping citizens.  Keeping to their agreement their usually patrol time was halved with their speed, as like Ladybug predicted, nobody was outside save a few people heading for their warm homes.  

One final swing and fantastic jump lead to the duo coming to the end of their outing at Paris’ crowning jewel.  The Eiffel Tower was lit up, thousands of lights practically making it the largest lantern in Europe. Settling on the lower floors of the tower, the heroes rested for a moment, admiring the gardens surrounding the french wonder.

In the bitter cold of the growing night, the lucky heroine naturally sought out heat.  To her surprise, her partner was practically a space heater.  She could feel his warmth a mere half a foot from her body, calling her closer like a moth to a flame.  It must be the leather, she thought to herself as she tried to think of an excuse to get closer to him.  She didn’t want to just snuggle up to him for no reason after all they were partners, friends of course, but primarily partners.  She liked their relationship and didn’t want it to be ruined or tampered.

Chat Noir tried to keep straight face as out of the corner of his eye he watched her fidget slightly.  Surely everything she did was adorable to him; her grin of elation swinging through Paris, concentration when analyzing akumas and even now as she tried to keep herself together in the cold.  

“We made record time this night, although I’m glad I chose to stay with you instead of running ahead as usual.”  He decided to figuratively swoop to her rescue as she turned to face her and tentatively reached out a hand to her own, using his thumb to make smooth, constant circles on the back of her palm.  

She resisted the urge to bring the radiating hand to her face where she really needed the warmth and chose to look away, barely squeezing the hand back, mindful of the sharp claws, “You’re not that faster than me kitty.”

“I never implied such a thing my lady,” Chat knew he shouldn’t be smiling this much but, mon dieu, she was holding his hand! Willingly!  The light of the tower reflected off of her eyes so beautifully and her pink, kissable lips had been pursed in her body’s response.  The cat decided to push the good luck he had and gently lifted her chin up with his other hand, forcing her to look at him, “However, you can not deny the cold is affecting you.  Your face matches your suit!”

Ladybug slightly wanted to be angry at him for that comment but she knew he wasn’t wrong; running across rooftops had made the wind stronger, blistering her face with color.  Her lower body temperature didn’t help at all so she tried not to seen too eager when his fingers brushed across her reddened cheeks, leaving trails of blissful heat in their wake.  

For a moment she tried to pretend the hands that were stroking her weren’t Chat’s, but Adrien’s.  The smoothness of the leather impersonated human skin well enough.  With eyelids fluttered closed from exhaustion, for a split second she could picture Adrien standing there, in all of his perfection, touching her.  It was almost too perfect.  

“Huh, leave it to the French to incorporate romance into everything.”

Ladybug wondered why the comment had pierced her fantasy (also for a moment why it sounded almost like Adrien) and opened her eyes to see Chat Noir looking up.  Curious herself, she followed his glance to an odd piece of plant dangling from a thread on the swatches of evergreen tied to the towers support beams, clearly broken off but hanging strongly, making its presence known to the duo.  

It took a moment of staring to realize what the odd plant was and it slipped from her lips before she could stop herself.


As if on cue, electric green met sky blue before looking at anything else but the other.  

Ladybug was trying not to panic mentally and swore her partner’s bad luck was beginning to rub off on her.  

Chat Noir was screaming internally and thanking God that his partner’s good luck was beginning to rub off on him. However as soon as some of the concern started to leak onto her face he started to recover quickly.

“It is just a silly plant Ladybug, there are no laws saying we HAVE to do what two people would do under the mistletoe.”

“Chat. It’s not-just- that is…”  She couldn’t figure out why her tongue decided to knot itself.  God she was actually starting to sound like Marinette.

“I won’t force you to kiss me.” He said the words firmly, cementing them in the air between the two of them.  

“… You won’t?” She shouldn’t sound so timid and surprised.

“Of course not,” He looked her directly in the eyes, “I would never force you to do something you aren’t comfortable with, My Lady.”

The sincerity in his tone was so prominent she could taste it.  It made her heart leap in her chest.  She met his gaze full on, blinking as she took in the eyes of her friend that always gleaned with charm and ferocity and now… A flash of disappointment?  

Suddenly she began to sympathize with that fleeting emotion in his eyes.  The feeling of unrequited love burning in her heart, and for a moment she wondered if that’s what Chat Noir felt all the time he looked at her.  She felt like a fool, just because she loved Adrien didn’t give her any right to treat Chat like garbage, what kind of a friend was she?  She wanted to make things right, even the scales of not for his sake but for her own.

“… We can…”

The voice was quiet that at first Chat almost wanted to pretend he didn’t hear it, even with his cat-like super hearing.  Those two words made his heart stop for two solid beats and mad his face warm up considerably, he only hoped his mask covered what he knew was blush.

“Y-You sure? Ladybug really it’s no big deal-”

“Yes Chat, I’m sure.” Her tone got firmer as her hand joined his in her face, the pressure physically assuring him of her conviction.  "Besides, it’s tradition.“

"Right… Tradition…” Chat wanted to pinch himself because there was a chance he had passed out due to hypothermia and this was all a vivid fever dream his mind concocted to torture him.  

Ladybug smiled slightly and pulled his hand from her face to wrap with hers, squeezing them to incite done reaction to wipe the comedic shock from his expressive face.  All she could think about was how ridiculous this was, how she was still slightly cold and how badly her lips must have been chapped from the cold runs across Paris.  If only Lucky Charm could give her some lip balm or gloss or something.

He snapped out of it with a quick shake of the head and took a sneaky breath in, calming himself before looking at Ladybug for her permission.  After receiving a final nod, he brought he his hand out of hers up to her chin one last time to keep her in place as he licked his lips one last time before leaning down to meet hers.

At that moment, something clicked.

Their eyes shut simultaneously as their lips connected.  He had given her a simple kiss at first but the realization of the pressure of her lips against his had spurred him to tilt his head and kiss her deeper, his tongue and lips enjoying and trying to memorize the softness and flavor of her lips.  Her free hand had reached up blindly to his chest, fingers spread as she took in as much of him as possible- his taste, his gentle passion, the sturdiness of his frame over her own was just mesmerizing.  The two continued this dance, bodies pressed together as the kissed and kissed and kissed until both had to pull away for breath.  

After a few moments of intense breathing, the two opened their eyes to face each other, both dazed in the most delightful of ways. Chat mindless ran his tongue across his lips to taste her again, because he knew that if he missed her again he simply wouldn’t stop.  She flittered her eyes, tried to blink through the fog of her mind.  Eventually the duo physically parted after half-conscious goodbye and best wishes, headed in separate directions.  


After reaching the Agreste Manor, crawling into his room, Adrien released his transformation.  His suit vanished in a blinding green light and Plagg tumbled from his ring already complaining about a the cold and lack of cheese.  The teen motioned to the stash of Camembert in the corner of  the room and let the kwami be to appease his gluttonous self.  

Adrien flopped on his bed with the dreamiest sigh a boy could create coming from his lips.  Truly he was the luckiest boy in Paris tonight.  Absentmindedly, he licked and bit at his lips, tasting the vanilla and hot, sugary flavor Ladybug had left there, savoring it like water in a desert land.  She had been perfect, everything he had imagined and more so leaving him speechless and possibly more love struck than before.  

He just hoped and prayed to God for a next chance to kiss her again.  


After returning home, Marinette dropped from her skylight into her awaiting bed, releasing her transformation in a pink light as Tikki popped out of her earrings.  The kwami wanted to talk to The girl about what had happened  but looking at her it was clear she wasn’t forming any coherent thoughts for the rest of the night, so she floated away to get some cookies the bakers daughter had stashed in her room for emergencies.

Marinette lay in bed, arm draped across her eyes as if the action would help her focus. Her brain was a hot-wired mess of emotions she didn’t even understand.  Trying to ground herself, she licked her lips and tasted the bitterness of chocolate and cool mint Chat has been blessed with.  As she slowly came around, she realized that that kiss was the best  decision of her life to date and maybe it wasn’t all bad luck.

She partially hoped for another akuma attack soon, so she could have the excuse to see him again and possibly, quite possibly, kiss him again.  

The Most Belly Full Time of the Year

(Notes for this at the end)

When they “Tis the season to be jolly”, Tsukiyama Shuu took the Christmas carol seriously; the next part of the carol was already covered by the ghoul though no one ever said anything. At least not to his face. He wanted to throw the biggest holiday party in the area, which is why so many people were now mingling inside his house.

Though in this instance it was pretty clear that the one “donned now in gay apparel” was Kaneki Ken, dressed to the nines as an elf, complete with tights and green hat with a bell on the end. His usual scowl seemed ever so slightly worse thanks to Tsukiyama. The “Gourmet” ghoul had begged him to dress up in a partnering costume, going so far as to promise sexual favors in an effort to convince the half human/half ghoul to dress up for the party. Begrudgingly accepting, Kaneki rolled his eyes when Tsukiyama let out a shout of joy and unveiled an already prepared costume for Kaneki, while he pulled out his own costume. But now that the party had started, Tsukiyama was clad in a form fitting Santa suit, mingling around the party while Kaneki tried to pretend he wasn’t mortified by his outfit and that the green tights weren’t riding up. It was making his crotch and butt extremely uncomfortable but he soldiered on even though he scowled to try to at least attempt to keep up appearances.

Tsukiyama for his part was all smiles as he flitted from group to group, greeting those that filled the room. Smiling to those he greeted, he left special invitations to a few in the room saying that they had been selected to have their pictures taken with “Santa” as part of the party. When someone received an invite, once Tsukiyama had left, the group would rush over and talk to the person in jealousy, wondering what they had done to deserve such an exclusive gift. It was well known that when Tsukiyama chose you at a party that you were among the elite and would be treated well over the course of the party.

Once Tsukiyama determined he had visited at least the majority of those at the party, he decided to propose a toast and made sure that his “elf” was close by. Clearing his throat and speaking loudly but still in his usual sing songy pattern he welcomed them all, “Bonjour à tous and Joyeux Noël! Thank you for coming to my most humble fête de Noël! May all of you have a wonderful night full of delicious gourmandise and cheer. And for those of you special enough to receive a special invitation to spend time with Santa, I’ll see you shortly! Just come to the next room and see me behind the curtain at your appointed time for a special picture and rendezvous. Ta ta!”

With that, he left Kaneki in charge of the list and gave his elf special instructions. “Now make sure that when someone comes in that we aren’t disturbed for any reason. I don’t want anyone ruining the perfect shot? Alright, mi dulce?” Tsukiyama asked as he left a clipboard of a handful of names and times and when they should be let inside. Kaneki thought it odd that there seemed to be at least 15 minutes between each guest but with Tsukiyama it was always hard to tell how extravagant his plan would end up being.

Strutting proudly, Tsukiyama left for the other room with a loud “Ho ho ho!” but somehow with a French twist on the sound while everyone still at the party laughed at the cheer of their jolly host before going back to their conversations and merry making. Once in the room, Tsukiyama made sure to check the setup of the set to make sure that it was just right.

He had grand red and gold throne set against a white background with lights all around to brighten the scene. The chair was a mix of red stained wood with gold leaf on the edges and rich red leather on the seat and on the back of the chair with dimpled buttons as one would expect of such a high quality chair. The perfect throne for Santa. Tsukiyama mentally noted that he was glad that it was so wide, allowing him to sit across it in repose or to sit forward and even let his legs spread wide. The smirk that crossed Tsukiyama’s face proved that he thought of both positions coming in handy very soon. Several feet away from the ornate throne was another pair of lights for a flash, and a camera with a long cable leading from it to the throne to a trigger button laid next to the foot of the overly large chair.

Taking a moment to check all the connections, Tsukiyama went in front of the camera and took a few pictures of himself both standing and sitting in the chair and verified the focus. Not only did the pictures serve as a test for the photography setup, it would serve as a great before picture to be able to show his progress. Unable to help himself, Tsukiyama unbuttoned his suit and struck a few poses to show off his currently defined abdominals. Chuckling to himself at even his personal display, he quickly buttoned up his suit once again to complete his Santa ensemble before sitting down on the Santa throne.

Giving the signal to Kaneki, Tsukiyama awaited the first guest to arrive. He licked his lips and already his stomach was growling with hunger ready for his plan to get into action. The first person walked in, a foreign male model with blonde hair that just seemed to label him as a “rare delicacy.” The young man came in all smiles, having already been directed by Kaneki with the instructions that were given to him, telling each guest that they were going to have their picture taken with Santa Tsukiyama and that it would be part of a new centerfold.

Tsukiyama stood up to greet the man, shaking his hand. “Thank you so much for coming to my party. Santa would just like some pictures, why don’t you tell me what you want for Christmas and I’ll tell you what I want,” The Gourmet Ghoul said seductively. Tsukiyama sat down on the throne, then patted his legs to indicate for the handsome model to come sit on his lap. Tsukiyama grabbed the trigger just before the model sat down. “Let’s take a regular picture first. Say ‘Fromage!’,” he said as they both took a smiling photo. Then relaxing a hit, Tsukiyama asked, “Now about what you want for Christmas…” leaning in close so that his guest would be able to whisper in his ear. 

The young male model blushed then whispered in Tsukiyama’s ear, the quiet puffs of air tickling his ear drum in a way that nearly made Tsukiyama shiver. He nearly did but more in anticipation of something else. “I want to be able to turn left…I’m not an ambiturner. And I want to be part of the great Tsukiyama’s fashion spread.” Tsukiyama smirked before returning the whisper to the young man. “I want nothing more than to have you as a delicious treat and inside me, mon cher,” he paused raising an eyebrow. “I think we might be able to help each other out. What do you say?”

The model gave him an odd look thinking that perhaps Tsukiyama was trying to come on to him or trade sexual favors at least to be part of the fashion spread but he was soon blinded by the sudden flashes as the camera started to go off every few seconds. During this time, Tsukiyama smiled then opened his mouth as wide as it would could and slowly creeped his head toward the model’s and then quickly shoved their head in. He swallowed deeply, and with one hand started to force the attractive man into his throat. He nearly purred as he tasted the man, his throat vibrating around his meal while the other hand continued to press the camera button to take a new picture every few seconds, capturing his progress. He yanked the man into him, swallowing fast, mentally whining that he wasn’t able to spend more time on the taste the fine specimen but to keep up the rest of his plan he had to act at least with some speed. He continued to swallow, sending the man down and starting to bulge out his previously rippled abs as they still tried to continue the bulk being added to it.

Having previously prepared for his stunt, the suit was partially made from some elastic fabric along with his powerful abs that compressed the bulk much smaller than one would think. Finally the last of the young man crossed his lips and he sent the lad to his fate, waiting in his now bloated belly. His Santa suit rounded out in his lap, giving him a more traditional appearance of the holiday icon, though its jiggly was not due to a bowl full of a jelly. He burped softly, then added, “Mi dulce amor, you were perfection. As delicious as I expected.” Tsukiyama patted his rounded belly in satisfaction. “Now I’ve had my wish come true, now it’s time for yours.” Grabbing his belly, he forcibly shifted the bulk around (all with the model still squirming) until the bulk made a 180 degree counterclockwise turn to make his head near the top of his distended stomach. “See and now you’ve turned left and….” Tsukiyama clicked the trigger again to continue the mass of capture of pictures by the camera. “I promise you’ll be part of the fashion spread. Paron if it wasn’t exactly the way you imagined.” He said as he burped again into his clasped hand.

The now rounder Gourmet Ghoul called out in a sing-song voice “Oh Kaneki! Be a dear and send in the next person tout de suite!” He could feel Kaneki rolling his eyes without even looking at him. The second person (or course, snack, victim, meal, or other such words that raced through his head) waltzed into the room anxious to join the exclusive photo shoot. “Tsuki! Darling! My my! Getting even more into the holiday spirit I see!” She remarked looking at his rounded paunch. This morsel was quite a bit older than the model already in his gut, heavily covered in makeup and covered in gaudy jewelry. He’d have to do something about that. “HON HON HON! Just getting into the holiday spirit! Now would you mind taking off your jewelry? I’m afraid that for this photoshoot it will ruin the picture because of the reflection off such marvelous pieces.” Quietly she obeyed and placed them out of sight of the shot. “Why don’t you tell me your Christmas wish my darling?”

He could tell she even smelled like excess and slightly drooled already. Already the camera took shot after shot as they got in position on the throne. “I want to meet more interesting and sexy people. Surrounded by people of my social status!” Tsukiyama chuckled. “I think I can manage that. If you give me a bit more time tonight,” he winked. “In the meantime, I wish that you’d join me for dinner,” he said opening his mouth and proceeded to swallow her down, sending her down to join the model.

Tsukiyama swallowed quickly, holding her over his head and still taking pictures of his progress. He contentedly hummed around her form, his throat vibrating around her and tickling the pair of them as she moved down his bulging throat. His already rounded belly stretched, groaning slightly to contain the added bulk until she curled up next to the model and Tsukiyama’s suit filled out more to a large belly that befitted a Santa. If it wasn’t for the straining abs and hard mass underneath his stomach muscles, his suit would have looked properly padded, a sharp contrast to what he had looked like when the evening started. He burped loudly, rubbing his felt covered belly and feeling the struggles of those within. He rolled his eyes back in delight as he enjoyed their squirming and the epic fullness of his belly as it weighed on his lap. “Dulce splendeur…I must…” he panted as he slightly bucked his hips against his weight. “I must…have more…”

And have more he did. After he took a few moments to enjoy his fullness, the weight and squirming in his belly, a fleeting pass by his palms to dig into his stomach, a slight thrust to let his crotch graze against the bulge in his lap; Tsukiyama called for the next sacrifice, and then another. Each swelled out his gut larger and wider, spilling into his lap, and made it harder for the next victim to properly sit on Santa’s lap as it soon was becoming at best Santa’s knee. Still the suit seemed to stay fast over the growing massive bulge jutting out from the rest of Tsukiyama’s torso. The material strained a bit but as his eyes litted up into his skull in ecstasy as waves of pleasure and pain rocked his body.

The mixture of the struggling mass within and the pain of his stretched stomach along with the sensation of tasting so many flavors at once was sending him overboard. Each additional belch both soft and loud after each victim was almost a joy. It helped to let some pressure in his overstuffed gut but also let the mix of flavors from his occupants briefly come back to his palette. The gourmet savored it, wishing for his meals to never stop.

He paused a moment after his fourth to change his position for the camera. He put his legs up on one of the arm rests and his back on the other, letting his heavy belly rest in the middle. He took picture after picture of him examining his belly then putting his head back in pleasure as it wobbled in his lap and crotch. He nearly let out a scream as he felt his meals bounce around along the ever growing harder rod in his pants. Tsukiyama thanked his forethought (for he knew his own size on these matters) that while the suit was stretchy and form fitting, the pants were much looser allowing for the necessary growth and rise of his manhood. The weight against it was driving him mad but he didn’t want to allow himself to indulge too fully in that yet.

After Tsukiyama thought the necessary shots were taken and he was as close to the brink as he’d allow himself to get, he resettled back in the throne and called for the next person. Tsukiyama tried to hush his protesting belly as both those inside and the organ itself tried to rebel at adding more into it. But Tsukiyama would not let something like that get in the way of his plans, even if he would be sick by the time he was done. Stroking his belly with a finger, and trying to clench his abdominals tight to stop the struggling for a moment, the next person walked in.  

In walked someone that Tsukiyama nearly drooled over just to know what her taste was. She was a young blonde that was very “gifted” and attracted lots of attention during the party and it was very obvious from her conversations that it definitely was not due to being a good (or intelligent) conversationalist. “My I have never seen someone looking so sweet mon cher, “ he said motioning for her to come closer so he would not have to get up from his perch. She sat gingerly on what remained of his lap and batted her eyes trying to flirt badly with him. “I have not visited that part of America but I can now say that I have seen ‘Les Grand Tetones’ in person,” He said with a chuckle as he glanced at the front of her blouse.

She paused for a moment to try to figure out what the ghoul meant before realizing where he was staring and then covered herself and went to slap his face in indignation. Tsukiyama was too fast for her though and caught her hand before it made contact with his handsome face. “Tut tut my dear, not so fast. I apologize for remarking on your assets. I first want to know what your wish from Santa would be.” Trying to flirt with Tsukiyama once again, she threw her hands around his neck and got close to his ear. “I wish to be taken care of by Santa…I like big men,” she said seductively into his ear. Tsukiyama blushed momentarily flustered from the unexpected attention. “Well don’t worry mon amour, I know this Santa plans to take care of you very well. Now close your eyes.”

Doing as she was told, Tsukiyama opened his mouth wide and pulled her head into his mouth and started to swallow. Before she could know what was going on, she was slowly descending into his already stretched throat and belly. He let his tongue travel a bit and let himself taste her breasts ever so slightly, flicking around to cover them with saliva and get a taste for the mounds before they plopped heavily into his mouth. With a strained swallow, he finally was able to force them down his throat and forced her down with the rest of his internal occupants. But he kept on letting his tongue taste all over the buxom body just to taste the flavor that he had never tried before. Then gulping hard over and over, the last of her body was sent down into his packed gut.

As she spilled into his belly, he could feel the fabric straining, finally reaching its breaking point. Tighter and tighter it pulled but powerless against the bulk that was being forced against it as it surged out and to the sides to accommodate the latest meal. Then finally the front of Tsukiyama’s Santa suit gave way and forced to spill out the heavy bulge that had been contained behind it. The stomach groaned at the additional meal and at its freedom to spill out into Tsukiyama’s lap. He nearly yelped as it ended up forcing more pressure on his erection, then lolling back a moment as he enjoyed the continued mix of pleasure and pain. “El Dorado! Paradis sur terre!” He shouted as he squirmed and enjoyed poking the stretched ab lined stomach. The tightness of the belly was now on full display and was obvious that it was not padding but an immense formerly fit gut now packed to bursting. He bucked his hips again, now fully forcing his erection into the bottom of bulge but soon gained control of himself.

Tsukiyama had never stopped taking pictures the entire time and was thankful that he got a shot of him literally eating himself out of a Santa suit. He leaned forward to provide some added pressure on his gut enjoying the fullness and squirming. The gourmet ghoul clenched his belly again then wiggled as he leaned forward to be able to fully let his belly move about and enjoy the wonderful sensations. He cooed slightly and grasped the sides of his belly, marveling at how big he’d made himself but still he wasn’t done. He was going all out and going to have one more meal before he revealed himself.

He hiccuped, making his belly bounce roughly in his lap and groaned as it shook his entire body. “Come on Tsukiyama. One more then you can get the greatest dessert of them all!” He said trying to coax himself on. He called for the last person.

This one was a partier, known for being a drunkard at all the parties around town and that was just how Tsukiyama wanted it. For as big as he was now, he wasn’t sure he wanted someone that was fully aware, lest they run away at seeing his exposed gut. Plus he was curious if the young man would taste like all the alcohol he had consumed. The young man staggered in, “Is *hic* this where the party is?” He said getting closer to Tsukiyama and his now ill-fitting throne. “Why yes! The party has already started but can’t finish without you!” Tsukiyama said as he slapped his massive belly. “Come closer so we can really have something to celebrate this evening.” Doing as he was told in his drunk state, the young man came over and before he could do more than drunkenly smile as he put his hands on Tsukiyama’s belly to steady himself, the gourmet ghoul with a grunt of exertion, leaned forward and pulled the man into his mouth.

Noting the man tasted like a mix of various drinks, from sake to bourbon, he ran his tongue over the surface of the man to decipher the various alcohols running through the doomed man’s body. Deeper and deeper he pulled the man into his throat and sent him into the already packed full to bursting belly. But Tsukiyama would not be deterred and when the man’s descent slowed, grabbed the sides of his torso and pushed the body more into his mouth then repeated the process as he fought against his own body trying to say that the ghoul had gone overboard. Gulp after painful gulp, he swallowed until finally the blessed moment when the young man was fully contained inside his belly.

Unable to hold it any longer, Tsukiyama let out a massive belch and then hiccuped as his belly tried to settle now fully taking up his entire lap even with his powerful abs trying to pull in the gut as much as it could. He moaned loudly almost crescendoing into a yell of pain but was really a sound of immense satisfaction. There was on side effect of all this noise, intended or not. Since this was the last guest that Tsukiyama had planned for, Kaneki was able to hear the various sounds of Tsukiyama’s exertion and fullness that echoed into the photo shoot area.  

Confused and worried about his companion, Kaneki came into the photo area searching for Tsukiyama. What he was greeted with was not something he expected at all. It was Tsukiyama bloated beyond the size of a beachball, his belly burst out of the Santa suit, filling every square inch of the previously oversized throne. The belly squirmed and had a life of its own with the exposed middle occasionally shifting from side to side in his lap. Tsukiyama for his part seemed to have recovered from his earlier exclamations and now was licking his gloved hand in a look of utter contentment and pride.

“Mmmmm mmm good. Just as wonderful as I imagined. Don’t I look like a proper Santa now, Kaneki-kun?” He said jutting out his belly slightly with pride. He took a finger and stroked over a portion of his belly, trying to guide Kaneki to marvel at his stretched out form. “I *hic* may have gone a little overboard *hic* but it was worth it to see the look on your face….” Tsukiyama winced and clenched his eyes shut for a moment as a visible cramp took hold and his belly tensed up. He inhaled in and out (making the marvel of nature still grow in and out from his breath) until the cramp passed. “Do you want to come over and touch it?” He said lifting one eye as the other squinted in pain.

Kaneki only brought his hands to his head, gripping his white hair, shocked to see Tsukiyama in such a state. This was a level beyond gluttony and Kaneki wasn’t sure if he should be helping Tsukiyama or those that he had obviously devoured. Either way this was not what he had expected when he had been dressed up as an elf. Collecting himself he cautiously went over to the throne and gently poked the belly then rubbed to feel its tightness. Tsukiyama purred under the touch, nearly bucking at just Kaneki’s touch and made his whole body vibrate.

Kaneki was still unsure of what to do on if he should let the gluttony stand or if he should go get help. He slowly backed up, trying to collect his thoughts. Tsukiyama pouted when he noticed that Kaneki was no longer touching him, wanting the half human to do more as his touch on his belly had been his aim the entire time. Bracing himself against the throne, Tsukiyama struggled to his feet, almost falling once or twice since he was unused to such a change in his weight. He licked his lips and waddled toward Kaneki. His immense belly swayed side to side to try to match his movements but because of its mass, seemed to be just slightly behind and made Tsukiyama stagger as he progressed towards Kaneki.

Kaneki soon found himself against the wall of the room, unable to escape as Tsukiyama came toward him. “Kaneki-kun, I need you. I want you with me,” he said getting close to Kaneki. He forced his packed belly into Kaneki’s body and pinned him against the wall. He leaned closer to Kaneki. He inhaled Kaneki’s smell and lightly nibbled at his neck playfully, all the while the packed belly pressed into Kaneki’s body. “Please…this was all for you…” he said panting. Tsukiyama kissed Kaneki taking in the wonderful flavors of his lips as he moved his belly just enough to let his groin grind against the half ghoul. Kaneki gasped when he felt Tsukiyama’s large erection press into his leg. The stretchy pants allowed for greater movement of Tsukiyama’s manhood and let it glance against Kaneki’s leg

“Fine but not here,” Kaneki said as he acquiesced. Tsukiyama’s eyes went wide as he realized that Kaneki was agreeing. “Yes! Yes! Let’s go to my room upstairs! I have a way to get up there with no one noticing.” Kaneki rolled his eyes. “Good because I do not want to explain that.” He said motioning towards Tsukiyama’s gurgling stomach. Not wanting to let this opportunity pass him by, Tsukiyama led Kaneki by the hand and up a separate staircase to his room above.

His massive belly led the way, swaying side to as he tried to bring Kaneki with him. Kaneki just kept his now characteristic straight face as he watched Tsukiyama and his tight backside be in contrast to the rotund front that he now sported. He could still hear the party going on strong downstairs but ignored it as he focused on Tsukiyama, hiccups and grunts in all.

The pair made it into Tsukiyama’s bedroom, the sheets covered in luxurious silk, and arranged nicely. Tsukiyama had spent time to make it nice on the astronomical chance that Kaneki would accept his company as he wished so often and the gourmet ghoul was not disappointed that he had taken the time to prepare. With a huff, Tsukiyama sat on the bed trying to regain his energy after having to lug around such a heavy belly. The bed creaked under his weight as he pants for a bit, placing a hand on his taut belly to try to calm it down.

Kaneki stood over Tsukiyama and was quickly losing his patience. If he was being talked into this, he was going to do it now. “No more waiting. Let’s do this,” He said being able to see Tsukiyama’s erection from his laid back position tenting underneath the belly mound. “Now strip.” Tsukiyama blushed at Kaneki’s upfront manner and tried his best to take off the jacket but was not having much luck due to his current state. Cracking his knuckles, Kaneki got on the bed and help the bloated ghoul out of his Santa jacket. Tsukiyama winced at the effort as he had to move slightly side to side. Then Kaneki got off the bed took off the high boots and tossed them across the room, wanting them out of the way. Next with a rough yank, Kaneki pulled down the oversized red pants, taking them off in one smooth motion. Tsukiyama winced as the waistband tugged on his erection and moved it painfully for a moment before being set free from the pants.

Tsukiyama was left bare save only his silk boxers, bright paisley and purple though his manhood looked to stretching the fine fabric to its breaking point.  Kaneki licked his lips and then pulled down the remaining cloth off of the bloated man, leaving him naked. “Well, get comfortable on the bed, no way am I doing it from that position,” Kaneki demanded. Doing as he was told, Tsukiyama heaved himself onto the bed with a grunt, pushing himself back. The weight of the belly threatened to make him topple over and he tried to support himself and make his way to the mounds of pillows waiting at the head of the bed.

Kaneki for his part, quickly shed out of his elf costume, grateful to be free of the terrible outfit. Naked himself, he climbed onto the bed on all fours and directed Tsukiyama to part his legs to make room for his belly and erection. Tsukiyama whimpered a bit, his greatest dream in life about to come true. Kaneki licked his lips again, and took the large member into his mouth and used his tongue to playfully dance around the shaft. Tsukiyama moaned loudly, and bucked his hips into Kaneki’s face, forcing the white haired ghoul to swallow more of his length.

Kaneki continued on, tasting as much of he could of Tsukiyama, bobbing back and forth a mix between his own actions and Tsukiyama’s. Unable to help himself, Tsukiyama reached down as close to his torso as possible to reach around his engorged belly and grabbed onto Kaneki’s white hair, gripping it tight. Partly to force him to continue and take more of him and partly just to enjoy the moment of sheer ecstasy that he was feeling of having his greatest fantasy and Christmas wish was coming true by having a full to bursting belly and by having Kaneki in bed with him. Tsukiyama panted and bucked, sweat beginning to drip from their brows. Kaneki teased Tsukiyama with his tongue, holding him off of climax for just a moment to reach up and playfully knead the hard underbelly that he could reach while still using his mouth to tease the moaning ghoul.

“S'il vous plaît…. Kaneki!” Tsukiyama begged as he was kept from climaxing for what felt like an eternity. Kaneki smiled then winked at him, then finally went back and brought the pleading ghoul to climax. Tsukiyama bucked his hips one more time and held it there, somehow strong enough to hold the bloated balloon of a belly in air long enough for him to blow his seed into Kaneki’s waiting mouth. The pent up ghoul exploded into Kaneki’s mouth, the white haired ghoul forced to swallow all that he could as Tsukiyama rode his orgasm. Finally as the wave of pleasure subsided, Tsukiyama relaxed and fell into a naked heap. Kaneki wiped the trails with his finger and licked it, the burped slightly. “This is not exactly how I was dreaming of having a white Christmas but I’ll take it.”

Tsukiyama panted, his massive belly struggling to contain his meal and yet he didn’t want the moment to end, enjoying the sweet bliss that he felt at having the most amazing experience he could ever hope for happen. That was until Kaneki crawled on all fours towards him, his own erection now in full force. “Now it’s my turn. I hope you still have some room left in there for some dessert.” Tsukiyama had his best Christmas ever while the party goers downstairs wondered whatever happened to their host.

This is a story inspired by an amazing Christmas pic given to me by the amazing @dumdumdrawstumtums that inspired me to write this. Yes that means I’ve at least had this planned since then. 

I know this is very outside of canon especially with Tokyo Ghoul but I have a very large soft spot for Tsukiyama Shuu and love the idea of him being a gluttonous full size vore eater as well, so sorry if you think I ruined him.

Also this is probably the smuttiest thing that I have ever written at least publicly that I remember so hopefully everyone enjoys it. 

Thanks again to @dumdumdrawstumtums for being so awesome and doing such amazing inspiring art!

10 Days of Christmas: Day 1

Secret Santa-unrequited crushes.

It was her favorite time of the year, the time when magic was tangible and fate was heavy-handed in its dealings. The giant windows of the market district were illuminated with all scenes of domestic tranquility and wonderment. Elves worked around the clock stringing garland and lights from every eave, and if she were being honest, she had a bit of a pep in her step herself. 

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