look at the hand placement


We can’t let these legendary Markbum pictures die. No lies. The second pic made me Markbum AF so quick all my mutuals were scared I will swerve…

and I did. 💁🏻

Look at the placement of Victuuri’s hands!!!

So, I have no idea if this has been pointed out before, but I was going through Episode 6 with the intention of finding Phichit’s photo of drunk possessive Victor to discuss the OOC claims re: the Yuri on Stage drama. (For what it’s worth, I think it was in character since both halves of Victuuri are known to get a bit wild when inebriated.) However, I got sidetracked by an interesting detail. 

Look at the placement of Victor’s hands during episode 6–his left cradling Yuuri’s head (you can juuuust see his fingers within the frame on the top of Yuuri’s head), his right arm wrapped around his neck. He’s clearly teasing a smooch. Look at Yuuri’s hands–held out in midair; he’s understandably a bit startled and isn’t sure, or hasn’t even had time to process, where to rest his hands.  

Now look at the kiss from Episode 7. Same exact arm placement for Victor, except higher. Yuuri’s hand placement is almost identical. 

The foreshadowing for the kiss actually started in Episode 6, not 7! 

Moreover, this serves as further confirmation that it was definitely a kiss. Not that we need any further confirmation because nobody gets that excited over a hug. Still, it’s a fun little detail to add to all the other little details that make this show so amazing. 

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You should absolutely draw Undyne and Alphys being cute! Maybe with a pillow fort involved!

I’ve been listening to Griffinilla’s “Fishy Love” over and over and over for the past like, 45 minutes
It’s going to be hopelessly stuck in my head for the rest of the day…💦
(Undyne’s hand placement was good in the initial sketch and then all of a sudden it’s badly placed and doesn’t look right and it’s making me upset)
(*frustrated noises* I just need to not look at it💦)

oH cRAp you wanted a pillow fort
*hastily scribbles some semblance of a pillow/blanket fort*

A fort like that is a perfect place to curl up and watch anime.💕

Mysterious anon!! Thank you for your request!✨

#102 - “Can we stay inside?”


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A dressed to the nines, fringe up, eyeliner on point, ripped jeans and a black a tad snug shirt showing off the curves of his dancers muscles as he moved Hoseok asked. He was unsure of what he heard from his roommate. Fixing a few stray hairs of his fringe in the bathroom mirror for another few seconds. He had already done this three times prior.

“Can we stay inside?”

The voice that called to Hoseok was meek and that was very strange. Hoseok couldn’t remember a time that the younger male had ever sounded meek. He was almost always bouncing off the walls, loud and noisy. There were times when he was brooding and quiet but that still wasn’t meek. Turning his head towards the open door of the bathroom, he saw a mop of wonderfully fading orange hair, leaning on the door frame.

“Jimin-ah, we’ve had these plans all week.”

The gaze they were sharing was dropped as the younger kept trying to dig his toes into the carpet as if it was sand and he could get underneath it, eyes glued to his own movements.

“I know hyung… but…” he took a deep breath before continuing in a rush,


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  • me: i finally have motivation to draw a thing
  • me: i will draw this romantic fluff pic now and they will be hugging and both hands will be at least partially visible because im already taking liberties with the posing and still want this pic to look somewhat natural
  • hands:
  • me:
  • hands: :)
  • me: no
  • hands: bitch you t h o u g h t
reasons why yuri and viktor DEFINITELY kissed

1. No one hugs their “friend” or “coach” like that. Their eyes aren’t staring into each others and their lips aren’t damn GLISTENING. I mean !! Look !! At !! The !! Lips !!

2. Noses don’t touch when you “hug” your “friend”. HOW CLOSE TO THEY NEED TO BE WITHOUT IT BEING THAT THEYRE OBVIOUSLY IN LOVE

Also, damn, but look at Yuri blushing over there. And look at Viktor’s, very subtle, smirk.

3. Do I even need to say anything? Viktor’s eyes are damn closed and that the squinty sorta face that an anime clearly shows when they kiss someone. Yuri’s eyes are bulging, and he’s left speechless (mainly because Viktor’s mouth is on top of Yuri’s, but you get the idea). They’re so close too!! Look at it, theres virtually NO space between those two. “Just bros” wouldn’t be that close to each other (especially not those gay-ass bros).

4. Look at people’s reactions. If a coach and a student hugged, even at that damn falling-on-the-ground capacity, then no one’s jaws would be to the floor and no one would be BLUSHING. Lets inspect these photos: 

-The lady in the back of the second picture’s face basically says “two men fell over hugging” so no homo there, honestly.

-Minako’s face is a dead giveaway, however. Her mouth is wide open, which would be a correct response to a boy she’s known all his life and the man he looked up to all his life KISSING. Plus she’s blushing! All day she’s been drooling over Chris and his routine and his sensuality. She would be totally chill if it was just Yuri and Viktor hugging, but two men kissing? She’d sure be shellshocked after all she’s seen that day.

-In the first photo, we start off with Yuri’s sister. Mari Katsuki is 7 years old than her brother, so she’d lowkey know him really well. Her face says, “was expecting it, but not on worldwide television”. Thats a given.

-Yuko obviously looooooves it. Its clear she’s shipped it since day 1. 

-Takeshi looks just as a straight, male who’s childhood best friend just kissed his idol should and would.

-Yuri’s mom is so intrigued by this. Moms always know, in a little voice inside their head, whats going on. She known this was apparent for a while and is happy its finally happening.

If it was just a hug, then why would all these reactions mean so much to the story and plot line

5. Last one: First, look at the hand placement. Yuri’s hand is on Viktor’s upper back, and Viktor’s is on the back of Yuri’s head. Viktor’s hand represents how he’s Yuri’s support system and always will be. Then, look how longingly Yuri is looking into Viktor’s eyes. Just a moment ago (if you scroll up), Yuri was in complete shock when he went down with Viktor in a “hug”. Yuri’s face now is something of acceptance and realization.

In drama shows and novels, there always has to be a romantic problem and solution. Yuri needed Viktor to be there for him when he burst out crying, and thats all he needed. In the end, Yuri realizes that Viktor had been there all along and they’re totally gay. the end.


[Unfortunately, Captain’s orders are to not disclose this information at this time.]

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look at SN's hand placement at 6:10 on their latest episode SN WATCHU TRYNA DO GIRL

lulz, Sana has to snake with inanimate ladies too. jk jk, but she literally gets super close and intimate with anyone or anything she’s taking a picture with and it’s very endearing ^^

I was told that I should write / post this. So here you go, my fellow humans hehe

My observations:

If you notice Maka is still gripping soul’s hand , almost as all of the other times they’ve held hands. but one thing catches my eye, her thumb; it isn’t gripping his hand. its almost as if its caressing his hand to say “I trust you.”
Soul’s hand shows hesitancy, let meh explain heh. Look at his pinky, if you notice its as if he was tempted to grasp her hand once again, gently pressed into her palm; He wants to hold on. but he knows the only way for his plan to succeed is if he drops her. Maka’s hand is holding his a certain way, don’t you think? It’s almost as if it’s a reference to a certain pose they do in a I believe episode 6? where maka pulls soul off the ground and when they come up they are facing towards each other with their one hand holding in the hair clasped
she is literally holding his hand the way their “secret handshake” goes. that’s how she is trying to hold his hand.

Now I am going to elaborate.

Okay ,  so this is the Soul portion. Look at the hesitancy , His fingers are close to the side of her hand.As if he was going to hold her hand, his pinky finger is gently pressing into her palm. He is struggling to let her go. He doesn’t want to …no. His fingers are slightly strained as to hold himself bacl from grabbing her hand. He feels bad, like he’s betraying her. He knows it is the only way though.So , he lets her go. Even though it might hurt him alot more than anyone will ever know.

Maka, Her pointer finger is literally wrapped around his thumb,. But pay more attention to her thumb and her pinky. Maka is scared, very very fucking scared. But, by pressing her thumb gently into soul’s hand but also caressing it? It’s a way for her to say “ I trust you, but, I’m scared. Please hold my hand tighter.” and It is not in the gripping postion AT ALL. neither is her pinky. if her pinky were to be in the gripping position it would be laying flat on the back of Soul’s hand . But instead , it’s lifted. and her thumb? as I said before. Not even CLOSE to the gripping position, She trusts him. 

Also, for all the people that are going to say that this isn’t real and that maka is fully in the gripping pose with her hand :

THIS is what that looks like, also, to further prove my poing on Soul’s behaf. Look where is fingers are placed. on the side of her hand.  

As for my refrence toepisode 6 (YES i just watched the episode to get screencaps)

They start out on the ground right, then they do this


And theennn


  • Where is Soul’s finger placement? The side of her hand.(It’s flipped because of the position, the other photo it was on the other side of herhand but it is still the side of her hand.)
  • If you look closely enough her “pointer” finger is in fact wrapped around his thumb just like in the other photo
  • Her pinky is lifted just like in the other photo
  • If you can imagne the rest of her thumb, its pressing down a little like in the other photo.

Mmoral of the story, do not fuck with me about SOMA . ~ Souls-of-glass