look at the hairs on his manly hairy arms

"You don't touch things that are mine now." | | Negan and Carl Imagine

“Look at this,” Negan said while licking his teeth with a smirk, “who we have here?” You felt how your blood pumped faster through your veins as you tried to behave yourself as Negan and his men stood behind you. With Lucille in his hand, Rick stood there, gritting his teeth. You felt your adrenalin rise when Negan got closer. His eyes checked you from feet to top. His eyes stood like he had what he was looking for. “Hm..” he mumbled something like that. “Why did you hide her from me, Rick?” Negan yelled. “Leave her alone.” Carl came up walking behind Negan. “Carl…” Rick whispered towards Carl. With a grin Negan turned around. “Oh no,“ he said turning around, “no, no, nobody tells me what I can or can’t do kid.” Negan laughed his evil-laugh, one of those laughs that made you feel sick inside. With his bandage in front of his eye and his long brown hair, Carl stood in front of Negan, looking up to him. “Leave her alone.” He said again. Right after you felt how one of Negan’s -his rough, manly, hairy hand placed on your hip with a grip. You felt how he tried to pull your body against his. Out of your reflection you immediately turned yourself around and pushed him away as hard as you could. He almost tripped over him self. “Don’t touch me!” You yelled, almost spitting. Rough hands grabbed your arms and turned you around, facing to Negan. “Damn. This little monster can yell! I like you already!” You heard how the man who was grabbing your arm, laughed. “Let her go, guys.” Negan said while walking pass you, toward the one who touched you. Roughly Negan got him by his jacket and looked him in the eye. “Oh,” he grinned, “if you ever do that again. You don’t touch things that are mine now. ”