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can you do the neighbor au for seokmin, jihoon, and minghao?? only if you have time of course ^_^

joshua, mingyu & seungkwan can be found (here) ~
wonwoo, hoshi & seungcheol can be found (here)
[this post mentions snakes so if you’re scared of them be careful~!]


  • is barely ever actually at his apartment 
  • like he’s the kind of person that has a super active social life so he’s probably spending the night over at a different friend’s house every day of the week or getting home at like weird hours of the night
  • but the landlord doesn’t care because hey in the end he makes rent and that’s what matters
  • like his door is full of take out flyers and sometimes even packages stand out on his mat for like 3-4 days at a time because like ????? does he even come home like ????? ever
  • inside his apartment though he’s got a lot of stuff because he never really throws anything out ?? like he’s got CD’s from when he was kid, boxes full of comic books and old action figures, and thrown over his couch is a blanket he got second-hand from hoshi
  • and it’s really kinda cool though because he has bookshelves full of trinkets and books and photo albums
  • and on his wall he has photos of singers and rock bands he looks up to
  • and since this is an au, seokmin’s closet looks like you took it from the nineties lots of dad caps, flannels, and ripped jeans because tbh if seokmin was going to have an aesthetic as just a regular dude living on his own he’d probably keep up with his band days and be the type to own a ‘nirvana’ t-shirt 
  • does weird stuff when he’s home alone like sit on top of the kitchen table and eat take-out and drink his soda from something that looks more like a vase than it does a cup
  • and you don’t even know who seokmin is. you don’t even think the apartment next door to yours has anyone living in it
  • until you’re over at a party a couple of blocks down hosted by your friend seungcheol and somehow you get involved in this crazy game of twister
  • and it gets down to you and this boy,,,,,, who is kinda cute with his pretty half moon smile and really big grin
  • and you’re supposed to get your hand over his and like flip yourself around but you end up wobbling and falling forward,,,,,,,,RIGhT ontop of this cute boy
  • whom you’ve never meet
  • and you’re like !!!!!!!!! sfhksda im so sorry!!!!! but you’re also laughing because god how awkward to fall on someone during twister
  • but the boy is just laughing too and he’s like “don’t be sorry, it’s my pleasure ^^” and you’re like your pleasure??? and he’s like “ive never had someone so good looking fall ontop of me before ;)” 
  • and you playfully like nudge his arm before giggling into your palm
  • and then you hear seungcheol’s voice like “hey lovebirds get off the twister mat so we can restart the game!!!!”
  • and you flush red when you realize you two,,,,,,are just laying there in front of everyone at this party
  • so you get up and offer your hand to the boy who gladly accepts
  • and the rest of the party you two stick together and talk and you find out his name is seokmin!!! and that he’s really really hilarious and good at body gags and puns
  • and he’s so totally your type and to your surprise seokmin is like “THIS is gonna sound corny but,,,,,,,, you’re totally my type,,,,,,”
  • and you’re like omg no way that’s what i was thinking and you two burst into giggles again
  • and when it’s time to go,,,,,,,,,seokmin is like “let me make sure you get home safe!!” and you’re like oh sure i live a couple blocks down and he’s like whaT a coincidence me TOO
  • and as you’re walking you and him are talking more and more and tbh you stop and you’re like “i don’t wanna leave,,,,,,,,i wanna spend some more time but since i have to go let me do this-”
  • and you lean up to kiss his cheek and seokmin is like grinning and he’s like i don’t want you to go either
  • and as you continue walking he holds your hand and you smile, but you’re so happy because finally you went to a party and you acTUALLY met someone sweet
  • and you’re like ‘oh this is my building here!!” and seokmin looks up and he’s like ,,,,,,,,,,,, wait
  • i live here too
  • and you’re like what oh my god what floor
  • and then he says the same floor as you and you’re like NO WAY WHAT ARE WE NEIGHBORS
  • and yes,,,,,,,, turns out that apartment you thought was always empty is actually seokmin’s apartment 
  • and you’re both staring in awe until seokmin is like 
  • “hey maybe that means fate brought us together for a reason,,,,,,literally together because we’re neighbors and also because i like you let me take you out on a real date tomorrow?”


  • always worn-out and the kind of neighbor who would fall asleep in the elevator ride if it weren’t so short 
  • you can tell by his constant yawning that he probably spends a lot of the night up doing work,,,,and like his clothes never look ironed and if you see him going to take the garbage out or get the mail he’s like got a face-mask on and the most sleepy expression
  • but also he always lugs around a guitar case twice his size and a shoulder bag that seems stuffed to the brim with notebooks of all different sizes
  • and he’s respectful, nodding to elders and things like that but mostly he doesn’t speak much to others
  • and it’s probably because he’s got one million things on his mind but also,,,,,,,,,i repeat: tired
  • his apartment reflects his hard work like the one thing that’s most noticeable in the entire apartment is that his living room has a huge desk with dual monitors and a shelf stuffed with books on musical composition and journals full of songs and lyrics
  • and jihoon has pens in coffee mugs in the kitchen, paper crumpled near the foot of his bed (a bed he never uses since he falls asleep in the computer chair or on the carpet beside his desk)
  • and im not saying this au brings back ponytail!jihoon,,,,,,,but that’s exactly what im saying
  • and there’s a point in the week when you have some trouble sleeping so to calm down you make some tea and go out on your balcony to sit in the night air 
  • and that’s when you hear it,,,,, the soft strums of a guitar,,,,,, then a sudden stop,,,,,, and then the guitar again
  • and you look over and for the first time, even though it’s a bit dark you can make a figure out on the balcony beside yours and you tell yourself “isn’t that jihoon’s apartment?” 
  • because although you don’t talk much to him, you know him by first name because your neighbors and when he’d moved in you had stopped by to welcome him and he’d told you his name
  • but it’s weird,,,,,you’ve never seen him outside his apartment 
  • and you never knew that he,,,,,played the guitar so well like you’d seen the case and assumed he liked music but the melody you’re hearing now is absolutely gorgeous
  • but then it stops suddenly and you hear him grumble a loud that it’s no good
  • and before you can really think you get up and go “i really like it!”
  • and jihoon’s head snaps up an he’s looking at you from above the fence of his balcony and he’s like ,,,, “o-oh uh im sorry for disturbing you ill be quieter!”
  • but you’re shaking your head and you’re like “no, i really liked what you played, is it your own?” 
  • jihoon nods, looking shyly down at his hands because gjfsgfs he didn’t know anyone was listening ,,,,,
  • but you just smile and go “it’s pretty, i would want to hear more.”
  • and jihoon seems hesitant, but it’s like 2am and you’re the first person he’s talked to in days since working on this song so he asks if you’d really want to hear what else he has and you say you do
  • so he plays it,,,,,,, and you close your eyes so entranced by the sound
  • and it’s enough to even make you feel a bit sleepy and when it’s over you give him a thumbs up from your balcony and he just shyly hides his head, but he’s smiling
  • and you say goodnight as you go back inside
  • and as your head hits your pillow, the sound of jihoon’s guitar fills your memory and you fall asleep easily
  • while jihoon sits outside on the balcony, holding his guitar and thinking about how breathtaking you looked standing there, eyes closed, with the moon as your backdrop and you and him as the only ones awake in that moment ,,,,,


  • honestly,,,,,,,is he a model????? why does a model live in this building???? it must be because the rent isn’t that bad,,,,,,,
  • jkjkjk but seriously everyone is always in awe of minghao,,,,, because like is it humanly possible to look that good??? no matter what??? because he can come out in his pajamas and still look like he’s walking the runway at seoul fashion week good lord
  • but also,,,,,he’s just a sweet oblivious kid
  • and everyone whose older has the strong urge to offer him food and take care of him like maybe it’s because he’s so tall and thin but also just looking at him makes someone want to take care of him,,,,,he’s just so endearing
  • all the neighbors invite him over for dinner tbh he never even has to buy food
  • except jun will come over and literally eat every snack minghao has bought in the past week and minghao is looking at the wrappers all over his living room floor like: jun ge,,,,,,,,,,,,you’re a punk you know that right,,,,, (same goes for hoshi hyung who does the SAME damn thing some1 save minghao)
  • his apartment is pretty nice though,,,,like he’s got this nice aesthetic going with fresh flowers in the kitchen and lucky chinese charms hanging from the walls ,,,,,,, lots of tea and other herbs his mom sent him from china
  • it always smells really good in his house
  • but the coolest thing and like,,,,,,,ok seriously just think about this: minghao,,,,,,,,,,with a pet snake
  • and he has like a whole tank just for his pet,,,,who he named sunflower in chinese,,,,because of it’s yellow skin,,,,and when you first come in you’re like huh do you own a liz- THAT IS A SNAKE
  • but minghao love sunflower, he can take her out and wrap her around his shoulders and he’s like ‘she’s a shy thing, come and hold her’ 
  • also idk i just think he’d look so cool with a snake ,,,,,
  • but yes you find out one day about the snake because minghao gets in the elevator with you and he’s holding a box,,,,,,and the box just says,,,,,,mice
  • and you’re like “are those really,,,,,mice inside there?” and minghao smiles and he’s like “yes! for my sunflower!” and you’re like ,,,,,,,,,your sunflower???? and in your head you’re like is that his s/o??? why would they need mi-
  • and minghao is like “you wanna see her?” and you’re like ,,,,, “her?” and minghao is like “yeah!! sunflower!!” and tbh you’re like confused because you know minghao as he’s your neighbor, but you’ve always been scared to talk to him because lmao he’s beautiful and now he’s just inviting you to his house???? to see ‘her’?????
  • but the elevator is open and minghao is pulling you out by your wrist and he’s so excited that before you can even say much
  • you’re following him into his living room and he’s like “there she is~!” and you see it,,,,,,,the tank,,,,,,,,,,and then the little head of a S na ke ,,,,, and you’re like “t-t-t-that’s sunflower?” and minghao is like yep! and this is her meal!!”
  • and you figure out that whats in the box,,,,and why is was for sunflower,,,,,, and you might not watch sunflower ‘enjoy her meal’ but minghao just claps and is like “she’s pretty right??”
  • and you’re,,,,,,you know,,,,,,shell shocked to say the least but you’re like “yes,,,,,,she’s a pretty color,,,,,,” and minghao grins and he’s like “she also does a good job of keeping jun out of my house,,,,,he’s not fond of her.”
  • and you assume jun must be a friend of his but you laugh because that’s actually smart, say you have a pet snake and see how many of your friends refuse to ever come over again
  • but minghao turns to you and he’s like “usually people are running down the hall by now. good job.” and he ruffles your hair and you’re like,,,,,a bit embarrassed
  • and minghao is like “do you have any pets” and you guys talk about it until you say you have to go and minghao is like ok,,,,,you should come over and play with sunflower sometime!!!!
  • and you’re like gulping because how does one play with a snake,,,,and minghao can read your expression which just makes him laugh even more and he ruffles your hair again (he must really like doing that hmmm) and is like “don’t worry, ill be beside you to supervise!”
  • and you know,,,,,,,,why not like when will you get the chance to hang with a snake again so you’re like “sure!! just call me when you’re free~”
  • and minghao is like “oooo really?” and you’re like “sunflower,,,,,,,,seems nice,,,,,” and minghao grins and he’s like “i knew i liked you, sunflower will like you too~”
  • and you’re like well one you’re like oh you liked me 
  • but two now you have a play date with a snake,,,,,,,,,,,,,it’ll be worth it though
  • because one date with the snake but also,,,,,a date with xu minghao tbh i would sell my soul for that so snakes aren’t all that bad LOL 
Fic, Sun Boy

I think we all remember that thread about Thomas being a sun nymph that fell out of Apollo’s court or something. Well… I don’t usually feel good about writing about real people so let’s just say this is a fictional character based on Thomas to make me feel better. Because that’s what it is. The real Thomas Sanders is probably not a sun nymph. Probably

Warnings: Falling. 2,490 words.

Abstract: Apollo makes a tough decision.

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Nightmare Eyes

So I found this super cute (and life ruining game) called Night In The Woods and I loved the idea of anger issues for the main character so I’ve decided, to get me back into the swing of writing, I would use that udea and paraphrase a few quotes and write a sisfic where you never told them about your anger issues.

WARNING: Mild spoilers for Night In The Woods

Sisfic, Sam and Dean x sister!reader, Cas

I’ve got nightmare eyes.

Sitting upright and leaning against the head-rest, Cas had is hand hovering lightly over your wounds one by one as he healed them. A few left scars and occasionally he would remove them, but something told you he didn’t have enough energy to fully heal you yet. However, you didn’t exactly have any energy to tell him that that was okay.
A phone had rung eight times now, seven times it was your own and now Cas’ was ringing. “It’s Dean.” He said blankly, you nodded. You hadn’t said a word the whole time. You were still in shock.

When Cas had found you you were shaking.

“Yes,” Cas grunted, retracting his hand from your arm “I know…she’s here…at the Bunker…I heard her calling for me…” Had you done that? You strained to remember…yes…yes you had….you were so scared.. “I can’t, I’m healing her. She needs me…I don’t know…no…not a word…alright…goodbye.”
Cas put his phone down and sighed “They’re on their way.”
You nodded again then his eyes narrowed sceptically “Why did you do it Y/N?” 

“No, Y/N. You’re not going on this hunt. That’s final.” Dean snapped. The two of you had been arguing all morning. You’d gone on every damn last hunt they’d been on why was this one so different. What weren’t they telling you!?
You were furious. Fuming, you slammed the bathroom door and sat back down on the bed. “I still don’t see why not!”

Sam opened up the Motel door and placed a few boxes of takeaway on the middle bed. “Fight over whatever you wan…” He trailed off at your enraged faces. “Everything okay?” 
“Dean won’t let me go on this hunt!” You hissed. Sam sighed and you waited for his wise words he usually says “He’s right.”
“Excuse me?!” 
“He’s right.” Sam repeated, grabbing a piece of paper from the pile of research and perching on the bed “It’s too dangerous.” He said it as though that was enough before handing Dean the piece of paper and pointing to a location. Dean grabbed his chosen food and ate it angrily.
“Why won’t you just fucking tell me what’s going on!” You screamed.
“Language.” Dean screamed back. You felt your hands clam up with sweat and clenched them underneath the crumpled duvet. You were struggling to hold back. Dean nodded at the paper, taking a quick glance at you. You could see right through this stupid-ass plan. They’d leave that paper on the cabinet before leaving, sending you on a wild, but safe, goose chase. 

It was so obvious you were insulted they’d think you’d fall for it. But you were far too stubborn to admit you realised their plan. “I’ll text you when we’re on the way back.” Dean sighed, patting the piece of paper as if enough attention hadn’t already been drawn to it. You didn’t even look at them as they exited. You played out their plan, trying to look as fake-curious as possible about the paper. 

When the door went and you were left with nothing but the creases on the bed from where the filled duffel bags were and that wretched piece of paper. Reaching over the left food, you glanced at it and saw a freshly printed map of the town with a circled location. 

After a few minutes of pacing back and forth, fuelled entirely on rage as you muttered every swear word under the sun, the moon and the rest of the universe, you felt your breaths begin to become more and more uneven. Your footsteps dropped in rhythm as you stumbled about the motel room. You grabbed hold of the pathetic table to steady yourself, it fell in an instant, sending you tumbling down with it. Your vision swayed with your head and you felt sick.
You were a volcano- steadily filling with enraged lava and thick black smoke. It rose to the tipping point and you physically felt yourself snap.

The fog set in, thicker than you’d ever seen it before, it took a red hue along with it and everything turned into shapes. Everything was fragile. Everything was breakable. But not everything was broken.
In a pathetic effort to stand up, you grabbed Sam’s backpack, instantly falling back to the floor. “No…no…not again…it can’t…” You muttered to yourself when your hand felt something in his opened pocket. It was small and rectangular, with a clear liquid sloshing inside it’s plastic case and a small flick-able piece of metal sticking out the top. 

Eruption time.

With a tight and strong grip you held it in your fist and flicked, throwing it against the piece of paper. You fell to the floor, coughing up flem and acid from the lack of food and possession of rage. Hacking, coughing, muttering and unevenly breathing, you cried out in pure frustration. How Dare They.

Cradled with your head in your hands, you felt the heat of the flames begin to take their toll. Soon the alarms would sound. And it was all your fault. It was all your fault. It was all your fault  It was all your fault It was all your fault It was all your fault It was all your fault It was all your fault It was all your fault It was all your fault It was all your fault It was all your fault It was all your fault It was all

You glanced up from the frozen position you were in. “Y/N.” Cas repeated your name gruffly. You nodded very slowly.
“Sam and Dean are on their way. Would you like anything, a glass of water perhaps?”
At the mention of water you felt your throat dry up and yet shook your head. You deserved the pain.

“Cas,” You managed before he turned the corner. It was a very quiet whisper. Vulnerable. Almost silent.
A deep breath in, a whisper “It’s getting bad again…” 
Your eyes welled up with tears.

Cas sat down next to you and tilted his head curiously “What is?”
You looked into his eyes with pure terror, tears streaming down your face, “The shapes.”

“What shapes?” 

“All the shapes. Every shape. Everything is a shape. Everything is breakable. Everything needs to be broken. I’ve got nightmare eyes.”

“Y/N, breath.” Cas ordered and you found yourself doing so.

“I’ve got nightmare eyes, Cas.”

There it was. The alarm. It had an old ambulance sound to it, the sort that made drivers pull over to let it past where it’s next victim lay wounded, or perhaps already dead.
But you didn’t really hear it, it just melded with the rest of the sounds as you rocked back and forth. It was like when you’re underwater, where everything is audible and yet you can’t quite hear anything. It was a muffled cacophony.

You found yourself tearing the place apart amongst the flames. Orange embers danced among your bare skin as you threw and hit and scratched and bashed and burned. You screamed at the top of your lungs in a pit of rage and despair, tears of pain and rage streamed down your cheeks as you fell back down. You were still cradled when the fire engines sounded. “Cas…” You managed weakly, praying your heart out “Cas. Please. God. Someone. Please. God.”

You sobbed and sobbed as you repeated “Please. Please..”

You felt a pair of strong arms grab you from the waist and heave you from the ground. A blinding light bright enough to make you think you were dead and this was the end streamed even through your eyelids as you coughed in their arms. Then your surroundings changed. But you were too busy coughing and crying and swaying from the lack of oxygen to notice what was going on.
Everything was blurred and sounds were muffled. Then everything was black.

“Y/N…” Cas repeated your name softly, aware you’d avoided his ‘why’ question.
But you were done talking.

He sighed to himself and left your room, you noticed a glass of water was on the side despite your refusal. There was a booming sound that echoed slightly, you knew it as the Bunker main door opening and then slamming shut. 
Sam and Dean were home to see what a disappointment you were.
Your trust was gone.
Everything was gone.

There were hushed voices, gradually getting louder as they neared your room. “…she didn’t…fire….screaming…won’t talk….” You gave up straining to hear and buried your head deeper into your hands, resting them against your knees.
Everything hurt.

A knock came at your door before it opened wide. Why knock if you’re going to come in anyway? You could tell who it was by the way they stood at the end of your bed. 
His slightly tilted head and drooped shoulders- Sam sighed softly before sitting down next to you on your bed. “Y/N…What the hell happened?”
You stared blankly at the jacket at the end of your bed. It was a clean one Cas must have found for you, navy blue with a checked lining in the hood. Warm. “Me and Dean saw the fire,” He continued “God we were so worried.”
A tear tried to escape.
“Are you okay, sweetheart?” Again he waited but you didn’t even look at thim “Y/N, talk to me. Please.” Sam’s pleading voice, almost breaking, made you blink out of the blank stare.

“I’m sorry.” You said, finally.
Your brother’s eyes narrowed “What for? None of this is your fault-”
All of this is my fault.” You corrected him before he could finish his point.
“What do you mean?”
“Where’s De?”
“Dean’s on his way, he had to finish up the hunt.” Sam didn’t question your change in topic.
You weren’t even angry about that fucking hunt anymore. You were just angry at yourself.  You felt the heat threaten to rise up and quickly thought of something to say.“Did you know I played piano when I was really young?” You asked so ordinarily Sam was taken back at the outburst. “You did?” He looked too nervous to smile.

“I was bad.”
He chuckled a little. “I’d like to hear you play.”
“No. You really wouldn’t.”
He chuckled again.
“I always wanted to play guitar though. It’s always looked so much cooler.” 
Sam wrapped an arm round your shoulder “I don’t know about that. I’d say you’re already pretty cool.” He squeezed you close.
“I think the coolest of people play the bassoon. Or some kind of instrument no one’s heard of unless they paid attention in theory.”
“Well,” he took a deep breath as if to clarify that he was actually going through with this “Sounds like someone paid attention in theory.” Your brother noted, making you half smile.
“A little.”
“What about if they sing? Everyone’s heard of singing.” He continued your tangent.
“I guess that makes them way cool. Unless they’re someone who only thinks they can sing. In which case you’re officially not cool.”
Sam laughed to himself, ending the conversation to a somewhat comfortable silence.

“Thank you.” You piped up after a short while.
“For what?”
“Giving me a few minutes of sanity before Dean gets back.”
“What do you mean?” His voice was thick with your concern.
“I miss conversations that aren’t about hunting…” You admitted.
“Me too.” He agreed.

“Are you gonna talk to me about it now?” Sam asked, close triggering it all over again.

“Wait for De-an.” You nearly gave him his nickname, but it seemed wrong. “I can’t explain this twice…” 
As if he needed the time to process, Sam nodded very slowly “Okay. Wait for Dean.”

So that’s what you did.

It wasn’t until early next morning that Dean rolled up. He had a fresh pair of clothes on that told you there was lots of blood he didn’t want you seeing. On top of that, he had the most coldest stare when you turned the corner to see them. 
“The hell were you thinking?!” He shouted, making you jump at the outburst. 

Your feet were sore from the burns. Your head was sore from the dehydration. Your eyes were sore from crying. You had nothing to say.

“You really think setting some crappy motel on fire while you were still in it was a good idea?!” Dean continued his interrogation.
So Cas had told him. Sam looked a mixture of disappointed, angry and also stood in a way that was ready to hold Dean back from you.

You sat down on the table slowly, your feet lightly swinging just above the floorboards. “You honestly think this dumbass silent treatment is gonna help anyone?!”

“We should get a piano.” You mumbled, looking at Sam for a second, he caught your eye and frowned before you added “Put it in the library, maybe.”
“What!” Dean cried, throwing his hands up in the air with frustration. 
“Maybe a guitar as well.” You smiled a little “It’s never too late to learn, right?” You looked directly at Sam. 

Dean looked between the pair of you with utter confusion. Sam stumbled over his words, not sure whether to encourage you or question you: “Right”

“Will somebody please explain to me what the hell is going on?!” 

Sam shrugged “I-I’m not really sure.” 

“Will you just listen to me!” Dean screamed at you.

“Some drums would look cool.” You added quickly, clenching your hands round the side of the table.

“Y/N…are you hearing us?” Sam asked, kneeling down in front of you.
Dean watched Sam and immediately became less angry and more worried. He took strides over and looked at you. You were watching the globe as though it would begin to turn and take you with it.

“Cas…if you’re there get your ass down here.” Dean pleaded.
“I’m calm.” You breathed “I’m okay.” 
Your brothers shared a look of concern as you whispered those words, repeating them over and over. 

A blurr in the corner of your eye fluttered as Cas appeared “Dean…Y/N?” Cas tilted his head at you.
“There aren’t any shapes.” You said to him “Just colours. Mostly red.”

“Okay…somebody needs to explain or I’m going to-”
“No!” Cas stopped Dean from finishing his sentence “The book says not to threaten and not to raise your voice.” 
You looked up at the mention of “the book”, noticing Cas was in fact holding “the book” and flicking through the pages.
“What is that?” You asked curiously.

“Your therapists journal. It’s a log of your meetings.” Cas explained.

Your brothers echoed.

“Okay, take it back. Someone explain.” Dean ordered.

“Y/N was diagnosed with anger issues when she was 8 years old and had monthly sessions with her therapist, Dr J Smith.” Cas held up the logbook, obviously he’d read most of it.
“Why didn’t you say anything?” Dean asked, sitting down next to you. The angry act had been dropped all together.
“I thought I was better…” You admitted, looking down “I guess you don’t really ever get rid of that kind of thing, huh?” 
“Guess not.” Sam nodded understandingly.

“She told me to change the completely conversation if I ever felt myself getting angry…”
We should get a piano.” Sam recalled with realisation.
“We should.” You agreed.
“No I didn’t mean-” Sam sighed and gave in “We can get a piano.”
You smirked.

“You know,” You sighed and looked between the three men “It’s hard to talk about anger issues when your therapist told you not to talk about your anger issues if it makes you angry.” You mumbled. “Which a lot of the time it does…It’s confusing.”
“I’m sorry.” Dean sighed “I wouldn’t have shouted at you if I knew….”
“That’s okay. I didn’t tell you guys.”
“God, I’m so glad you’re okay.” Dean snaked an arm around you and pulled you in for a hug then he pressed a kiss against your forehead. 

If anything, you were a little afraid to ask, but braved it none the less “So uh, what was that hunt about?” 
“It was a dragon.” Dean said “Their prey are-”
“Virgins.” You nodded, aware of the lore.
“We just want you safe.” Sam said.
“Maybe next time let me know?” You suggested then smirked before adding:

“Or…I don’t know, buy me a piano?”


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Kim Jaehwan || Guitar Lessons

Genre: Fluff

Originally posted by extraongdinary

It was currently lunch time and you sat at your usual table by the patio with your two male best friends, Daniel and Minhyun. You watched the two boys stuff their face with rice and pork. You had lost your appetite a while ago after gym class, so you decided not to eat the delicious looking meal on your plate.

Daniel took a look at your plate full of food and pointed to it, his cheeks puffed from the pork before swallowing it. “Y/N, are you gonna eat that?” You looked at your plate of food and nodded your head and already had an idea that Daniel wanted to eat it for you. You scoot your plate towards him and he smiles, excitedly picking up his fork and beginning to chomp on your food. You giggle before standing up, the two boys staring up at you with curious expressions.

“Where are you going?” Minhyun asks you, already finished with his plate of food. “Oh, just somewhere. I’m not really in the mood to eat.” You tell the eldest boy of your friend group before giving him a warm smile and walking off, making your way out of the crowded cafeteria and into the empty hallway.

You wander around the school hallway, your eyes focusing on the school trophy case. You take a look at all of the awards that students in the school have received. There were many singing awards and sports awards and quiz bowl awards, but only one award caught your attention. “Best guitarist award?” You mutter to yourself.

You look at the ‘Best Guitarist Award’ and look at the plaque. The plaque had a picture of a familiar looking boy with dark brown hair. He was holding a guitar and smiling, or at least he looked he like was smiling. It was more of a small smile, or smirk. You look at the nameplate. “Kim Jaehwan? He sounds a bit familiar. Isn’t he in my music appreciation class or-” Your thoughts were cut off by a strumming sound. It sounded like a guitar.

You followed the sound, being completely intoxicated from how lovely it sounded. As you followed the sound, you didn’t notice that you had stopped right in front of the choir room. You peek through the open door, and at first you didn’t see anything in sight, until your eyes roamed to the right side of the room. You saw a dark haired male sitting on a stool in the corner of the room, strumming on his guitar and humming softly before he sang.

“This is the end,

Hold your breath and count to ten

Feel the earth move and then

Hear my heart burst again”

You dragged your feet along the ground, slowly approaching him as he doesn’t look up from his guitar while singing in broken English, though his beautiful voice and skilled guitar playing completely made up for his grammar.

“Let the sky fall

When it crumbles

We still stand tall

Face it all together

Let the sky fall

When it crumbles

We still stand tall

Face it all together

At sky fall

At sky fall”

As he’s done singing, he stares up at you, which shocks you a bit since that’s the first time he had looked up from his guitar when you first came in here. You studied his face, and he started to look familiar. ‘Isn’t this the guy from the trophy case? Kim Jaehwan?’ You asked yourself. His dark brown eyes met yours, and you had to admit, he was handsome, and you did feel a bit flustered when his pretty eyes stared intensely into your own nervous ones.

“How may I help you?” He asks in a deep, polite tone. You clear your throat before speaking, not knowing exactly how to respond to his question since you just heard him playing guitar and seemed interested, but you didn’t know the outcome would be completely awkward.

“U-um… I just heard you playing guitar from the hallway and you’re really good. How’d you become interested in playing the guitar?” You thought your question was a bit dumb, but you had already asked it and it’s too late to take it back. But thank goodness he had an answer for it.

“Oh! Well my grandfather always used to play the guitar and sing songs to me when I was younger and it was just a natural thing for me to be interested in doing the same thing as he did. And thank you, your compliment really means a lot.” He gives you the most brightest smile ever, which didn’t fail to make your heart skip a beat.

“That’s interesting. You seem to have loved your grandfather a lot, then.” You didn’t know what to respond with at this point, but he just nodded at what you said.

“Yeah, I did.” He bit his lip, and you two stood in silence before he spoke up again. “So why are you in here? I don’t mean to sound rude, but it’s lunch time at the moment. Is it really that fun to be hanging out with such a handome, guitar player such as myself?” He chuckled at his own statement. By saying that, you could tell he was the cocky type, which kind of killed the mood since he was acting like a sweetheart earlier, but you had no right to judge someone you barely know and just met.

“O-oh, I wasn’t hungry so I went out to the hallway to be by myself. I also saw your award for ‘Best Guitarist’ in the school. And I must say, you really do deserve that award. I mean, not only are you a great guitarist but your singing is lovely. I’d love to be able to have the talent you have. If I did, I’d be so happy.”

Jaehwan smiled from your encouraging words, and you swore you could notice the small tint of pink surrounding his cheeks, which made you blush yourself. “Th-thank you! And would you like me to teach you how to play guitar? You know, since you’re so interested at all?”

You nodded your head frantically. “Yes! That’d be great if you did!”

He smiles brightly and claps his hands together. “Awesome! If you’re free later on, you can come over to my house at 6 tonight so I could give you lessons.”

You blush and nod your head. “Sounds great! I’ll see you tonight, then?” He nods and extends his arm out for you to shake.

“My name is Jaehwan by the way. And your name is?” You stare at his hand and shake it, noticing that his hand is way bigger than yours and fit perfectly with yours, making you blush a bit.

“I’m Y/N. And I’m pretty sure we’re in the same music appreciation class, I think I’ve seen you around, you just barely talk in class.” He chuckles and nods his head.

“Yeah, I’m known to be pretty quiet. But it was nice meeting you, Y/N.” He stands up and packs his guitar before swinging his guitar bag over his shoulder and makes his way to the door, you following swiftly behind him. “I’ll see you tonight then, Y/N.” He gives you a warm smile before he walks out of the choir room.

It was 5:50 P.M. later throughout the day, and you were about to make your way out of your house to walk to Jaehwan’s house. You stared at the piece of paper that you wrote on that said Jaehwan’s address, which was only a block away from your street. You walked down your street and turned the corner and tried pointing out Jaehwan’s house. You approached a small white house and stared at the piece of paper and the house’s number. ‘This is it.’ You said to yourself, taking in a deep breath and letting it out slowly before walking up the stairs and step foot onto his porch. You bring your arm up, hesitating before knocking on the door. You bit your lip, waiting a bit before you heard footsteps approaching the door. The door opened and revealed Jaehwan. He was wearing the exact same thing he wore at school earlier today. While he still looked great wearing the same thing from earlier, you decided to put on a floral top with dark jeans just to look nice for Jaehwan today.

Jaehwan gave you his usual lovely smile that still made your heart flop. “Y/N! Come right in.” He opened the door wider and stepped aside, letting you inside. You smiled at him softly and bowed before staring in awe at his house. Even though his house was small from the outside, the inside of his house was completely beautiful and it felt cozy and comfortable inside.

Jaehwan took a seat on the leather couch, patting the spot next to him so you could sit there. You blush and sit on the spot next to him, playing with your fingers nervously. You two sat in silence before he cleared his throat and spoke up. “So should we start the lesson?” You nod your head and watch him as he grabs his guitar that was sitting near the fireplace and takes his seat next to you. “I’m sorry, I don’t have an extra guitar for you to use so you can just use mine.” He hands you his guitar, and at first you refuse since you thought it was impolite to use someone else’s guitar but he insisted. You bite your lip nervously before accepting his offer and taking his guitar away and holding it.

He noticed how you were holding the guitar incorrectly and chuckled deeply. “Here, hold the back of the guitar against your stomach and chest, and make sure the neck of the guitar is horizontal to the ground.” He teaches you how to properly hold the guitar, and you nod your head, blushing from embarrassment since you’re still a newbie at this.

“Now, play a G.” He tells you. You raise an eyebrow, confused by what he just told you to do. He chuckles and grabs your hand, placing your finger on the correct chord that he told you to put it on. As he touches your hand, you felt your heart rise in your chest, feeling your face grow hot from the sudden skin contact between you and him. He looks up at you and stares at you straight in the eyes. You two get lose in each other’s eyes for a moment, being completely mesmerized by his dark brown eyes that seemed to shine perfectly at the moment.

Jaehwan gulped, staring at your pink lips, and staring into your eyes again. “U-uh… N-next chord.” He clears his throat awkwardly and goes back to doing his job on helping you learn the guitar chords. You shake your thoughts of what had just happened and decided to focus on the lesson, which was difficult despite the skin contact you two made as he was showing you which chords to put your fingers on.

An hour passed, and it felt like forever. Your guitar lesson with Jaehwan had ended, and it felt like you’ve been stuck on that couch with him for a lifetime, but is it a weird thing that you absolutely didn’t mind it at all?

You made your way to his front door, putting your shoes back on. Jaehwan approached you at the door, watching you as you got ready to leave. “I had a lot of fun learning how to play the guitar, Jaehwan. You helped me a lot, but all I need to do is become an amazing guitarist like you, which is honestly impossible.” You and Jaehwan both laughed at your remark.

“It’s no problem, Y/N. I had a lot of fun with you, too.” He smiles at you, and you two stood there in a comfortable silence. You noticed him staring at you, which felt like forever. Your eyes roamed everywhere around the living room, trying your best to avoid eye contact with him before he broke the silence and spoke up. “Y/N?”

You heard his voice deepen, which worried you. You notice the serious expression on his face and serious tone in his voice as he stared at you, a dark glint in his eyes. “I like you.”

As he says this, your heart jumps out of your chest and you feel like you can’t breathe anymore. ‘Did he really just confess to me?! Does he really like me back?!’ You felt yourself panic on the inside but tried your best to remain calm on the outside, though these feelings you felt on the inside weren’t much of a help on trying to make you function normally.

“J-Jaehwan, I-I like you, too…” You blush as you finally confess to him, and it felt good knowing that he feels the same way about you. He smiles and cups your face with his big hands before pulling you into a slow, sweet kiss.

You felt butterflies fluttering in your stomach as you kissed Jaehwan, your lips molding perfectly with his. You were in complete bliss and you absolutely loved the feeling you felt while kissing him. You didn’t want this feeling that you felt when you’re with him to ever stop.

He broke the kiss and breathed heavily, smiling at you and feeling his own heartbeat beating at the speed of light.

“Y/N, will you be my girlfriend?” He asks you, holding your hands and intertwining your fingers together.

Without hesitation, you replied. “Of course I will, Jaehwan.”


Here are the tiny, tiny pictures on the Homework sleeve. I tried to fix them up a little bit but the scanner I’m using is just not very good. The first one is Guy-Man singing with Darlin’.

Some burning questions I have about these that will probably never be answered: Is that baby Thomas with the long curly hair? What even is that third picture? Is that Guy-Man playing guitar in the last one? (I think it is, though.)

taehyungisbaesthings  asked:

Please do another Haikyuu Idols au but this time with all the setters 🙏

Haikyuu Setters Idol!AU

I’m sorry it took so long. I didn’t know that the setters would give me difficulty imagining them as an idol group. (Also because you said all… OTL.) BUT HERE IT IS!!!! ( I included members who are setters but haven’t been animated yet… so I guess this contains spoilers?)

Disclaimer: Once again, my references are from K-pop, than J-pop, since I know more about that. Concepts and songs were by groups I am familiar with. If the captain’s one had been done while I was crying about Boys24, this one is brought to you by PD101S2.

Note: No Oikawa or Moniwa. They’re over here with the other captains and other random things

The Group in General

-       What can I say, this group is just full of pretty people. ALL ULZZANGS I TELL YOU!

-       This group also consists of mostly people who project quiet, chic, and sassy image and they have been called the ‘Flower Boy-dols’, ‘Model-dols’, ‘Sassy-dols’ and all other variants that people can think off just to emphasize how beautiful (and sassy) they are.

-       A lot of buzz had already surrounded this group even before their debut, because some of them have experienced fame in different forms. Fangirls are easily baited. One look at the boys and they never looked back.

-       However, this was kind of a double edged sword, because most people thought that they’re all just pretty faces with no actual talent to back them up. (Haters do say the meanest things. They are most DEFINITELY WRONG of course.)

-       But that was all behind them now. Their fanbase is as strong as ever and they’re gaining more as they promote.

-       So like, I kind of visualize that their company introduced the members of the group by dropping little hints/’facts’ about the member all throughout the day, and will end with that member’s teaser video and picture that details his profile.

-       Then surprise, surprise! After that short teaser video, they actually have a short intro video, recorded with V-Live.

-       Imagine being a fangirl and doing this for 10 days, every other day, just to die and resurrect again for the rest of the members.

-       Then they update with the album highlights, and MV teasers up until their official debut.

-       When the MV had been released, and all of them have been introduced, they do a group v-live to formally introduce themselves as a group, inviting the support and love of the people.

The Members

Semi Eita – Eita is the Leader of the group. He also serves as the lead dancer and is mostly responsible for overlooking the member’s activities. Eita started his career as back up dancer to some solo female artists, but he didn’t hesitate to join the agency when they recruited him. He’s the kind of leader that doesn’t really step into the spotlight and is just content with letting the other member’s do their thing but knows when to put his foot down. Always thanks fans for their gifts and for watching their live performances.

He’s like EXO’s Suho mixed with Ikon’s Junhoe. (IDK why…)

Sugawara Koushi – Koushi is the actual eldest of the group and serves as the lead vocalist as well as the Face of the Group. Started as an ulzzang with an already good amount of followers, and he has the largest fanbase among all of them because of this. He was discovered when he heeded the request of a fan to sing even just a short line of a song. But since he likes to go the extra mile, he also played the guitar. Though he may look innocent, fans are well aware of how much sass this boy possess, apparent with his responses to fan questions over twitter and during fan meetings.

EXO’s Luhan is who comes to mind for idol!Suga

Echigo Sakae – Echigo completes the hyung line. He is the main vocals of the group because of his smooth RnB vibes. Echigo competed in a singing contest organized by the agency and he won 2nd place over all, but it was enough to secure him a spot as a trainee. He’s a man of few words, but do not mistake his quietness for he is a certified deadpan snarker, to his members as well as the fans. He also likes to tease the ‘middle children’ line, especially when their maknae does evil things to them.

Echigo is based off of MBLAQ’s G.O, mixed with Big Bang’s Taeyang.

Akaashi Keiji – Keiji is the main dancer of the group. Develops their group’s choreography with Shigeru, with Semi occasionally lending a hand. Has quite a following, especially when he made waves as the ‘boy who really danced well’ in one of the biggest dance studios dance class video. It took a while for agency reps to scout him since he doesn’t really want to become an idol and was content in dancing, but when he assisted one of the dance instructor for another idol group’s choreo, somehow changed his mind. The long suffering responsible brother, despite being the actual youngest in the middle children line.

I would liken Keiji to EXO’s Kai.

Kozume Kenma – Kenma is the shy and young, lauded by fans as ‘genius producer-dol’ of the group. He’s very skilled in song writing and composing, and most of the group’s songs are produced by him, with members lending their hand in the lyrics. Sometimes, it’s the other way around. The members collaborate with writing the lyrics, then Kenma makes a song out of it. Mostly works with a piano, but asks for Suga’s help for guitars and Shirabu’s help when it comes to percussions. If he had the choice, he would just stay inside the studio and make songs, but such is not the case, so he serves as a sub-vocal (only because he doesn’t want to be in the center of performances as much). He’s close to Keiji because he’s the only one who’s is warm but quiet among his same age peer.

The best reference I have for Kenma is EXO’s D.O

Yahaba Shigeru – Shigeru acts as the group’s dancer and their unofficial variety representative. Before this though, he was thought to be the second Koushi, because he exudes the soft grace, that isn’t far behind his hyung. All this was shattered when they guested at a variety show and became a complete fountain of laughter, because of his witty comments and clever comeback lines. Often ‘butt’s heads’ with Shirabu and created the Wise Guy to Shirabu’s Straight Man. And they have created memes fans call the “Shi-Shi’s” because of this. He is also game with cross-dressing, since he admits that its part of his charm.

SHINee’s KEY is my reference for Shigeru.

Shirabu Kenjiro – Shirabu comes from a family of actors, and was actually a child actor before he made the decision to train and become an idol instead, in his desire to create a name for his own. It wasn’t unexpected for him to be in the spotlight with the rest of his family, but people mostly expected him to follow his parents’ and brother’s footsteps. But since his history with acting is not forgotten, he’s often tapped to act in productions but he’s only accepted minor roles, since he wants to focus more on his idol activities. He blends in well with the group and lends his support as vocals.

Think of Infinite’s L, as the image he projects, but he actually has BTOB’s Sungjae’s playfulness in him.

Miya Atsumu – Miya is the main rapper of the group and the one that completes the middle children line. Has a love-hate relationship with fans because of his resting bitch face that he uses to tease them with. But his performance on stage is something they all love about him. Has a twin brother, who is his complete opposite and wants to be far away from the spotlight as possible. Ever since the fans learned about this, and how mature his brother is, they found a way to tease him back and called them “The Prince and Pauper”, with Atsumu being the pauper, much to his annoyance.

I think the resting bitch face is a clue enough that EXO’s Kris is my reference for Atsumu.

Koganegawa Kanji – Kogane serves as the second rapper of the group and is actually the older of the two members of the maknae line. He is the tallest among the group, earning him the nickname ‘Super-Sized Maknae’. He’s also painfully new in the idol industry, but his enthusiasm and willingness to learn, as well as his hyung’s support, helped him become more confident in his skills, as well as his presence in the group. Another variety representative, because of his naivety and simple mindedness. Considered a 4D member by the fans, but despite this, they all find him lovable because of his energy and determination.

Kogane reminds me of MBLAQ’s Mir.

Kageyama Tobio – Tobio is the other half of the maknae line, and is the actual maknae of the whole group. But fans often mistake Kogane to be this, because Tobio is often too serious, and doesn’t display maknae tendencies. Absolutely hates doing aegyo and claims that he doesn’t know how. Its cringe worthy whenever he tries (and he tries really hard), but when he’s not thinking about it though, it shows. Fans especially finds his squinting-pouty face adorable. The official visual of the group, and not to be confused with Koushi’s Face of the Group. They’re both considered visuals, but with different image/projection (Koushi is the warm to Tobio’s cold). He’s a dedicated all-rounder, although he usually plays more vocal parts.

Tobio’s reference is Nu’est’s Minhyun (and I swoon)

Concept/s and Songs

-       This group started out safely enough with songs that are influenced by jazz, like B.A.P’s Coffee Shop and Where are You, What are You Doing.

-       Then they delved into the more ‘pop’ side, with concepts centered-around chic style and synchronized dance. Like Infinite’s Dashi Dorawa; BEAST’s Fiction; EXO’s Call Me Baby.

-       The song that I seriously think fits them the most is C-Clown’s Shaking Heart. I don’t know why but it just does.

-       Other songs: Winner’s Really Really; VIXX’s Error; Super Junior’s Devil.

-       Of course, they couldn’t escape doing cute songs like SHINee’s Replay and Hello; Got7’s A; Astro’s Breathless; Seventeen’s Mansae; lighthearted songs like iKon’s #WYD; Super Junior’s No Other and Why I Like You

-       For feel fest songs they have: BTS’ Spring Day; Boys24’s Starlight; Infinite’s Paradise; Nu’est’s Hello and Good Bye Bye; Winner’s Fool; and VIXX’s Only You.

-       Yeah… I guess that sums it up. Also note that they’ve done plenty of share of covering girl group songs. Shigeru for some reasons were able to rope most of the group, especially Suga. Once Suga says they do it, they do it. They can’t refuse. It will be their end.

I guess this is it?

RockBitch Worst Metal Band Ever (NSFW)

- Feminist metal band (cringing already)

- Kicks out male members of the band because men are a pain in the ass, are not creative and there was too much testosterone. That’s right they felt their metal band had too much testosterone.
- Get rid of the men because “women are creative sexual creatures.”
- Has a band member who is just the band slut

- Literally just banging on instruments wildly while being preached at by a feminist. Only person playing anything that can be called music is the lone remaining male. Because fuck men…but we need someone who can play guitar though..

- Look at us we are women “based on a female religion” “which means get down and lick cunt.”
- No seriously look at us we are women aren’t women great.
- Eat each other out on stage and just stand around talking about sexual stuff they want to do to other women. Imagine the outrage if they were men doing the same thing.

- Atavists whose express goal is to be so regressive that they lick their own ass holes and have that be cool and normal. I’m not making this shit up.

- Not sure if this makes me angry because of the sexism…sad because of how unbearably idiotic humanity is capable of being or just plain embarrassed on their behalf and for all of metal.

- Feminists ruin everything. I think they owe metal an apology. While they are at it they should apologize to women for attempting to set them back so greatly in life and in metal.

We're No Strangers to Love

Oikawa was getting ready for this gig. People were loud and already screaming and he hasn’t even come out on stage yet. Hanamaki and Matsukawa, drummer and guitarist, were already ready and were pumped to do this. They had planned something that somebody might hate or love. After all, Iwaizumi Hajime was pretty fast at deciding whether he loved a thing or loathed it. Tooru wasn’t entirely sure, though. Will he have a love-hate relationship with what he’ll do tonight?

Iwaizumi just proposed yesterday, obviously, Oikawa had to do something for him.

His long fingers glided along his mousse-brown curls, his hazel eyes glistening and determined. He looked at himself and recited the lyrics. Tooru fixed his shirt and even fixed his makeup. He wasn’t even on stage yet, but his makeup had to be perfect. Everything had to be perfect. Above all, it was a really special day.

The brown-eyed boy turned his head to the two members. “Hey, guys, you done warming up?” the two of them nodded. Matsukawa held his electric guitar, Hanamaki was tapping excitedly with his drum sticks. They were pretty stoked about this thing, too. They thought it was absolutely genius.

“Model boy is going to enjoy this.” Hanamaki’s usual devious grin spread across his lips. “He will.” Mattsun agreed, nodding and tuning his guitar.

Oikawa looked down. “Is he really, though?” he was a bit uncomfortable. “I mean, the lyrics fit so well, but - ”

“Trust me, Tooru, it’ll be fine.”

“If he dumps you for this I swear -”

“God, I hope not.”


The singer smiled at both of them, they were such supportive friends, he thanked them for that.

Kageyama practically shrieked.

“You could’ve told me!” he screamed, his voice echoed through out the room. Iwaizumi Hajime was going with two dorks, Hinata Shouyou and Kageyama Tobio, to one of his fiance’s concert. Hinata flinched at the voice and the younger boy muttered a small ‘sorry’.

Iwaizumi rolled his eyes all the way to Saturn. “Ugh, seriously? Just please, calm down.”

“I will not calm down-” Kageyama was cut off mid-reply. “Why not?” the older boy challenged, looking at him with a deadly glare. Kageyama looked at the model with an incredulous look.

He shook his head. “You could’ve told me that your fiance was the lead singer for Seijoh, Oikawa fucking Tooru! Nicknamed 'The Great King of Pop-Rock’! Christ! You know that we were in the same band!” he shouted again, Hinata flinched once more.

“So? I’m the Ace of Modern Modelling. Don’t you consider me special? And the past is past.” he fake-pouted and curled his lips into a sly smile. “Besides, he’s a chill guy. The concert - ”

“- costs so much! Where the fuck did you get the money from?” the blue-eyed boy sighed. “Do you really think being The Great King’s fiance doesn’t have advantages?”


Kageyama looked at him with a dead look in his eyes.

“Of course, of course,”

Hinata decided to speak up. “It’ll be fun, Yama-yama-kun,” he mused. Kageyama was a bit flustered, he usually was when Hinata called him that.

“Ah, young love.”

“You’re two years older, two,

“So?” he said, mimicking his tone from five minutes ago.

“I’ll slaughter you, I swear.”

“Mhm, sure, Yama-yama-kun.”


Oikawa was finally done with his second song and now he’s interacting with his fans.

He spotted Iwaizumi and Co. a few minutes ago, waving at them. The other black-haired guy he was with was Kageyama Tobio, an old member from their old band Kitagawa Daiichi. He left the band for good when he found out about The Fallen Crows. They were a pretty good band, to be honest. Matsukawa and Hanamaki were doing their usual comedy gimmicks and other things that their female fans tend to enjoy.

“B-But, Makki-” he was cut off by many screams.

“Oh my God, Makki!”

“That’s the nickname we gave Hanamaki! Oh!”

“MatsuHana is canon!”

Matsukawa chuckled. “MatsuHana is not canon, people!” he denied.

Yeah, denied. It was overwhelmingly obvious that both of them were dating. They couldn’t keep their hands to themselves when they were performing or not, there are several compilations on YouTube named “MatsuHana Moments” and it’s the best thing. Oikawa, on the other hand, had a lot of fangirls who think that he has a girlfriend/boyfriend, but… he has a fiance.

Oh, that word sounds so good rolling off his tongue.

“Okay guys, calm down! The Grand King of Pop Rock has an announcement!” Several screams echoed through out the large arena. He had been teasing them in various social media about this “announcement”.

The brown-eyed vocalist stepped up and looked at his fans’ eyes, eager.

“So, like… I’m kinda… engaged to someone.”


Lots of screaming.

“Kageyama Tobio?!”

“Daichi Sawamura from The Fallen Crows?!”

“It’s Sugawara from The Fallen Crows!”

“No, no, none of those people. Yes, I do communicate with them, but-” he smiled brightly. “It’s somebody that you see in billboards, he’s a hottie, a keeper, and God those arms.” he mused, his fans were taken aback.

“No way, it’s him.”


“Yes, it’s him.”

He chuckled. “Yep, it’s him. The Ace of Modern Modelling, Iwaizumi Hajime!”

Lots of screaming, part 2.




“He’s in the audience right now, but he’s hidden. So…” he winked. “Find him if you can.”

Oikawa drank some of his water, hearing his fans’ supportive shouts and such made him super calm, he was quite nervous when he thought about announcing it. Well, his fans knew he was gay, but announcing engagement, he couldn’t help but think that he disappointed some people. He might’ve, anyways. But, he loved Iwaizumi a lot.



“Iwa-chan, hi!” he waved at his fiance, who was beet red, holding a mic.

He rolled his eyes. “Shut up, Shittykawa.” he murmured and dropped the microphone.

“Mean, Iwa-chan!”




Oikawa burst into laughter, this was so much more fun that he had imagined. He thought the audience would go all quiet on him, or something.

It’s cool, right? Your fans supporting you and listening to your own voice, singing wonderful lyrics that meant a lot to you. That’s why Tooru loves singing, that’s why he loved music. That’s also why he loved Iwaizumi.

The music his body makes when he poses, dances, or moves. What Tooru saw was pure art, music, movement. And he adored that.

 "Then Iwa-chan-“ Oikawa was cut off by Iwaizumi picking up the mic he dropped. "Shittykawa!” he threatened. The mousse-haired vocalist just ignored him and did a little peace sign. Iwaizumi rolled his eyes and reddened.

“Since I love him so, so much-” “Oh god…” “- I dedicate this song to him, hit it, Mattsun, Makki!”

Dun, dun, dun, dun…

No way.

No fucking way.

Kageyama and Hinata instantly recognized the beat, laughing their asses off. “Man, I love Oikawa-san!” Hinata mused, looking at Iwaizumi, who was frozen.

Everyday, I suffer from Mattsun and Makki’s memes.

Key word, everyday.

“We’re no strangers to love…” Oikawa sang, his eyes glistening with fun and laughter. That was good, but-

He’s going to kill him.

Tooru smirked, looking at his fans, who were laughing and shouting ’We just got rick-rolled!’ multiple times. There was this one fan, though, who was cussing a lot, she probably hated this meme, but Iwaizumi could tell that she was having fun.

He even memorized the choreography, how Rick Astley danced, oh man, the microphone’s even identical! I’m gonna kill him!

“I just wanna tell you how I’m feeling. Gotta make you understand- 1, 2, 3 sing it!”

“Never gonna give you up, never gonna let you down!”

Hajime was light-headed, he couldn’t believe this idiot. He literally sang this song - this meme - for him? God, the lyrics were heartwarming. But, knowing that this was a godforsaken meme. It was funny, hilarious.

God, I’m gonna kill him.

I love him, so much.

He ran, people gave him the space, obviously.

“Excuse me-” “Hajime-senpai!” “- yes, excuse me.”

He finally reached the stage and looked up at Oikawa, who looked smug. The vocalist looked down and spotted Hajime.

Oikawa offered his hand, and Iwaizumi gladly took it.

“Iwaizumi Hajime everybody!”

 "I can’t believe you.“ Iwaizumi breathed out, a slight smile on his lips. Oikawa let go of the kiss and hugged him tight.

"Well, I’m unbelievable and unpredictable.”

“Exactly, that’s why I love you.”



“Yeah?” he looked at Oikawa’s sparkling, brown eyes. Tears started to form, oh no.

“Why are you crying?”

“I love you,”

“Dork, I love you too.”

“I’m never gonna give you up-” “Enough.”

They spent the rest of the night with kisses and cuddles, Iwaizumi blurting out reasons on why he loved Oikawa so much, resulting into Tooru lightly bullying him.

Tooru was serious though, he was never gonna give him up. Never.

Relaxed (L.H. Blurb)

Masterlist || Ask


Luke was currently practicing on his guitar the song that he was going to record with John when he came to your shared hotel room in about ten minutes.
He had his eyes closed as he strummed to what had now become a familiar tune to your ears from the amount of times he had played the chords for the past few days.
You admired how relaxed he looked as he lost himself in the music. It wasn’t often that you’d get to see all the stress and worry wash away from his face as well as his eyebrows not being furrowed from confusion or annoyance.
You wished that he looked like this more. It made yourself feel relaxed as well to know that he was feeling alright.
He had so much pressure on himself as a teenager with the constant media attention and fans just wanting to know what he was up to, not to mention the stress of the new album.
You just couldn’t let such a beautiful sight go to waste.
You pulled up your camera on your phone and faced it towards Luke, who was completely unaware of what you were doing.
The room was silent other than Luke’s guitar playing, not wanting to disturb the peaceful and calm atmosphere.
But of course it would be you to disrupt that atmosphere.
You cursed yourself in your head for not putting your phone on silent.
You winced at the sound your camera made as it captured the picture of a relaxed Luke strumming his guitar.
Luke stopped strumming and opened his eyes to see you lowering your phone down to your lap with a sheepish smile on your face.
“Sorry, I just wanted to capture the moment,” you told him shyly.
He just chuckled. “It’s alright, Princess.”
You frowned. “You looked so relaxed though and I just ruined it.”
He placed his guitar on the ground and rested it against the bedside table. He patted the space next to him. “Come here.”
You stood up from your spot on the couch and walked over to the bed, sitting down right beside him. He put his arm around your back and pulled you to his side as you rested your head on his shoulder.
His thumb stroked soothingly against your hip. “I’m always relaxed when I’m with you, Princess. You make me feel calm and at peace.”
You kissed his neck. “I just don’t see you relaxed that often.”
He kissed your head. “That’s because when you do see me, most of the time it’s from pictures or videos since you can’t travel with me as much, but when we’re together like this,” he squeezed you to his side, “I’m as at ease as I can be.” He smiled.
You kissed him softly on the lips. “I love you.”
“As I love you,” he whispered.

Luke Skywalker Headcanons

- is one of the most precious cinnamon rolls in the galaxy

- He’s a sucker for cute animals like that’s one of his biggest weaknesses

- Can fall in love with anyone in 0.4 seconds *cough*hansolo*cough*

- in modern Au he’d probably live in his aunt and uncle’s basement with his weird British friend (c3po) and c3po’s weird little blue haired boyfriend in a wheelchair (r2d2) because admit it, it’d be pretty cute

- Also he’d probably be part of Han’s garage band by being their guitarist (he takes better care of his guitar though)

- One word: Converse.

- looks up to his sister so much like wow

- he loves reading!!! Like!!! So much!! And learning! Learning and reading are the best things ever!

- not straight

- Probably a really good sketch artist???

- is an ultra cutie that must never be forgotten

Okay this one was fun to write

Red Strings

A. N. okay, how addicted am I to write the soulmate AU thing? well you know it’s bad when I make 3 in the same day. (just posted 2 though)

Pairing: Steve x reader  (I’m sorry for almost always making Steve, but this was a request from a friend)

Warning: sad, feels and death. ;-;

Prompt: Soulmate AU, where the red strings do exist but only some people can see it and said people can untie someone’s strings or their own strings.

Red String of fate is, according to a myth, the gods tie an invisible red cord around the ankles of those that are destined to meet one another in a certain situation or help each other in a certain way. Often, in Japanese culture, it is thought to be tied around the little finger. 

Another A. N. I know that it said that the red string of fate can’t be broken but hey, it’s a fan fiction. For better explanation visit this website X , so enjoy!


The first time y/n meet him was when she was assigned by her uncle, Fury, to watch him, get him used to the new century.

She accepted because it payed nicely and the job seemed kinda fun.

Steve Rogers isn’t the warmest person for the first few weeks, he kinda shut her out and sometimes gave a little bit of cold shoulders. But then he opened up to her and before she knew it, they were already best friends.

y/n is one of the gifted person to see the Red String of fate, she can cut someone’s string off but she rarely do that, because there’s a price to pay for it.

But then here she is, fake smiling at Steve’s and Sharon Carter’s joined hands, as they requested her to cut off their red strings because they loved each other and they didn’t want to be with their soulmates.

Seriously? it hurt. She developed feelings to the super soldier over the years they were best friends and it just.. kinda happen.

so.. let me just play the scene for you.


“hey y/n,”

She turned to face Steve and smiled at him, her smile fall slightly at Sharon beside him, “yeah?”

“you can see the red strings right?” He asked,

y/n nodded at him, “yeah, why?”

“we want to ask you something.. can you cut off our red strings?” Sharon asked,

Her eyes widen, shocked at her, “..why?” 

y/n isn’t mad at her, she is friends with Sharon and fully aware of the growing relationship between her and Steve. Then it just happened, they’re in a relationship. y/n can’t even count how many times she fake smiled at them and cried herself to sleep at night.

“we loved each other,” She said, “we don’t want to rely on the red strings,”

y/n stared at her, then at Steve, then to their joined hands, then at Sharon again, “when?”

“as soon as possible,” Steve said, “we’re going to be married,” he smiled as Sharon lifted her ringed hand,


“oh.. alright then,” y/n fake smiled again, “I’ll let you know when I can.”

“thank you, y/n.” Sharon said, “we asked the others ‘Gade’ but they didn’t want to,”

‘Gade’ is what do they call the people that can see the red strings, it’s from the word ‘Begavede’ from Danish, which means ‘gifted’.

“who did you ask?”

“Natasha, Pepper, Wanda, and Vision,” Steve said,

Of course they won’t.

“did they say why?”

“No, they don’t,” Steve said, “but each one of them said, ‘ask y/n’ or something along that line,”

“I should get going,” Sharon said, pecking Steve’s lips, “see you later!”

y/n nodded her head, “alright then,”

y/n watched as she left, leaving only Steve with her,

“look y/n.. I’m sorry I didn’t tell you about proposing..”

She smiled at him, “it’s alright” She chuckled, covering the heartache inside of her, “I’ll probably end up ruining the surprise to her,”

Steve smiled, “thank you, y/n.”

She stared at his blue eyes, the one she fall in love to, “do you love her?”

“yes of course,” 

“then you pay me with that,” she said, “live happily with her,”

He stared at me and nodded his head happily, “you know, we haven’t hang out for a while,”

“yeah, maybe tomorrow? you have time?”

“sure, at your floor?”

did I not mention that y/n live in the Avengers tower? yeah, she worked as their personal doctor and assistant, she can somehow make Tony followed the rules and did not behave, so the Avengers hired her to keep them scheduled and stuff.

y/n raised an eyebrow at him, “you sure Sharon won’t get jealous?”

He laughed, “She knew that we’re best friends,”

I nodded, “yeah, tomorrow you all Avengers have a day off anyway,”

“alright then,” Steve said, squeezing her shoulder before walking away, “see you later,”

y/n walked to her floor and told FRIDAY to not let anyone get to her floor except Natasha and Wanda, she cried her heart out that night.


“what happened to you?” Steve asked, noticing her swollen eyes after crying all night.

“I watched sad movies all night long,” she lied smoothly, “and woke up like this.” she gestured to her face.

He stared at her with furrowed eyebrows, “you can tell me who make you cry.”

She chuckled and waved him off, “it’s not someone,” she lied again, “beside, you shouldn’t get too focused to me, try to do that to Sharon too.”

“you’re important to me, y/n,” 

“so is Sharon,” she said, “okay, what do you want to do today?”

“what do you want to do?” he emphasized,

“movie marathon?”

They ended up watching many Disney movies that day, from the classical ones to the 3d ones,

“Let it goo~” she sang as the credit for Frozen showed,

“Can’t hold it back anymore~” Steve continued, making her laugh.

“I think we’re finished,” She said, “my eyes are kinda sore”

“damn right,” He said,

she gasped, “Language!” She giggled as she dodged a pillow getting thrown at her,

“well.. I want to show you something,” She smiled at him, “I learned to mashup some songs together,”

“I’d love to hear it,” he smiled, he loved how you sing and played a music instrument along with it.

“alright,” she stood up and grabbed her guitar, it was coloured f/c and custom-made that Tony got for her first birthday since she worked for them, and sat on the floor in front of him,

“what is it?” Steve asked,

“just listen,” she grinned mysteriously, as she began to strum the guitar, “and I kinda changed the lyrics a bit,”

(A. N. Recommended song: X listen along with this and some lyrics were changed)

A dangerous plan, just this time
A stranger’s hand clutched in mine

she sang slowly, enjoying the lyrics

I’ll take this chance, so call me blind
I’ve been waiting all my life

she looked at Steve, as he closed his eyes to enjoy her song,

Please don’t scar this young heart
Just take my hand

she stared at Steve closely, but quickly looked back to her guitar,

I was made for loving you
Even though we may be hopeless hearts just passing through

she frowned a bit, but kept a smile on her face,

Every bone screaming I don’t know what we should do

All I know is, darling,  I was made for loving you

she felt her eyes began to water, so she closed them,

Summer comes, winter fades
Here we are just the same

she smiled slightly, slowing her guitar strum,

Don’t need pressure, don’t need change
Let’s not give the game away

she furrowed her eyebrows a bit,

Just please don’t say you love me
‘Cause you don’t mean it the same way

She smiled as she sang her heart out,

Doesn’t mean my heart stops skipping when you look at me like that
There’s no need to worry when you see just where we’re at

Just please don’t say you love me
'Cause you don’t mean it the same way

I closed my eyes again as more tears fell down my face again.

Please don’t go, I’ve been waiting so long
Oh, I know that you don’t feel the same..
But I was made for loving you

She stared at the floor,  as her tears dropped on it,

I was made for loving you
Even though we may be hopeless hearts just passing through
And… I don’t know what I should do..
All I know is, darling..

she paused as she strum her guitar one more time,

 ..I was made for loving you

She sang the last lyric and opened her eyes to see Steve’s eyes eyeing her worriedly,

she laughed, wiping the tears away, “sorry, got carried away.”

“you sure?”

“yeah,” she said, “how was it?”

“good,” he paused, “-that’s an understatement, it’s amazing.”

“thanks,” she smiled sadly at him,

They stared at each other for a while before y/n walked to put back her guitar,

“I.. decided to do it today,” she turned to him, 

“really? just let me call Sharon over-”

“no, no need,” she cut him off, “she didn’t have a soulmate,”

he stared at her, “alright then,”

“.. last question,” she asked him, making him look at her eyes, “do you love her?”

he stared at her, before answering, “yes,”

she smiled, “alright,” she grabbed a medium sized patterned box and gave it to him, “just think of this as a gift,”

he stared at the box, “you don’t need to-”

“yeah, I should.”

“fine, but don’t give me anymore gift,” he huffed,

“I can’t anyway,” she said, but before he could ask what she mean, she said again, “this is a weird question.. but can I kiss your cheek?” she sheepishly asked,

“yeah sure, you’re my friend.”

She quickly kissed his cheek, smiling slightly. “have a happy life with Sharon, name your daughter after me.” she said, making him chuckle

She smiled, as she closed her eyes and opened it again, revealing bright red eyes instead of e/c orbs, this means she had activated her ‘Gade’ mode. 

“..I was made for loving you~” 

she softly sang,

A tear rolled down her eyes, as she reached for his hand and quickly untie the string on it, at the same time Wanda ran into the room,

“Y/N NO!” she screamed, as y/n collapsed to the floor, Wanda fall to her knees instantly and tears began to fall down her face.

Steve reached for y/n’s body, scooping it into his arms,  “what happened to her??”

Wanda shooked her head, sniffling, “..The price of untying someone’s red string is.. the person on the other end of the string will die.” 

Steve was shocked since y/n had never told him that, as Wanda confirmed his thought.

“She’s dead, Steve.” Wanda said, “that’s why we don’t want to untie your string.” she shooked her head and cried again.

Steve stared at her, a tear rolled down his cheek, he pulled her body close to him as he put all the pieces together,

Y/n was his soulmate.


Gardiner Sisters have some good covers, and I do not own the song (obviously, what are you saying, Dille.)

yeah, my name is Dille (dye-el),


..I hope it wasn’t very bad.. well.. enjoy!