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Luke Skywalker Headcanons

- is one of the most precious cinnamon rolls in the galaxy

- He’s a sucker for cute animals like that’s one of his biggest weaknesses

- Can fall in love with anyone in 0.4 seconds *cough*hansolo*cough*

- in modern Au he’d probably live in his aunt and uncle’s basement with his weird British friend (c3po) and c3po’s weird little blue haired boyfriend in a wheelchair (r2d2) because admit it, it’d be pretty cute

- Also he’d probably be part of Han’s garage band by being their guitarist (he takes better care of his guitar though)

- One word: Converse.

- looks up to his sister so much like wow

- he loves reading!!! Like!!! So much!! And learning! Learning and reading are the best things ever!

- not straight

- Probably a really good sketch artist???

- is an ultra cutie that must never be forgotten

Okay this one was fun to write

RockBitch Worst Metal Band Ever (NSFW)

- Feminist metal band (cringing already)

- Kicks out male members of the band because men are a pain in the ass, are not creative and there was too much testosterone. That’s right they felt their metal band had too much testosterone.
- Get rid of the men because “women are creative sexual creatures.”
- Has a band member who is just the band slut

- Literally just banging on instruments wildly while being preached at by a feminist. Only person playing anything that can be called music is the lone remaining male. Because fuck men…but we need someone who can play guitar though..

- Look at us we are women “based on a female religion” “which means get down and lick cunt.”
- No seriously look at us we are women aren’t women great.
- Eat each other out on stage and just stand around talking about sexual stuff they want to do to other women. Imagine the outrage if they were men doing the same thing.

- Atavists whose express goal is to be so regressive that they lick their own ass holes and have that be cool and normal. I’m not making this shit up.

- Not sure if this makes me angry because of the sexism…sad because of how unbearably idiotic humanity is capable of being or just plain embarrassed on their behalf and for all of metal.

- Feminists ruin everything. I think they owe metal an apology. While they are at it they should apologize to women for attempting to set them back so greatly in life and in metal.

snufflestheanimagus  asked:

If you're taking prompts, can you do :Rose heartbroken after jimmy stone leaves her, john comforts her? please :)

in my head this takes place about 12 months before my last AU prompt fic, here, so that makes them around 16yo in this, but it isn’t necessary at all to agree with me lol, i just like linking things together when i can.

It isn’t that he wants to tell her he told her so.

There’s a bit of lingering resentment deep down inside him that nearly makes the words rise up, but he keeps it in check. Because although Jimmy has turned out to be the complete and utter wanker John predicted six months ago, he can’t pretend that his prediction was completely…scientific, in nature. It hadn’t even been a snap judgement upon seeing Jimmy’s boyband good looks and ratty guitar slung over his shoulder, though that had confirmed it to him later; John hadn’t even glimpsed him when he’d told Rose he was a tosser.

Jealousy, pure and simple, had led him to his unkind comment, when Rose had come into Drama class all flushed and excited, having been asked out by an older boy who had once attended their school.

And now, after a whirlwind romance, Jimmy’s up and left for Europe with another girl.

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See You Again (Part I)

“Who is that?” your best friend whispered to you, leaning in so you could hear her a little better over the music blaring from the speakers. “I have no idea,” you told her honestly, your eyes never leaving the lead singer. The tall blonde with the blue guitar looked familiar though; like you’ve seen him from somewhere. Then it dawned on you. 

“That’s Luke Hemmings!” you told your best friend in excitement. “Luke Hemmings! From our math class last year. Do you remember him?” Her mouth formed into a ‘O’ shaped, surprised. “No way,” she said. Luke Hemmings was that quiet kid who sat at the back row in the corner in Mr. Abel’s math class. You didn’t remember him saying a single word. But you knew he was there. He didn’t look anything close to how he did now, which explained why you couldn’t remember him. 

“Let’s go talk to him after the show!” she suggested. The two of you were at a You locked eyes with the singer; his stare lingering just a little longer.  He smiled at you and you couldn’t help but feel yourself blush. The quiet kid that no one knew at school was rocking on his guitar at a sold out music festival. “Alright, I’m down,” you told her.

The two of you waited patiently. When all the bands performed, you rushed to behind the stage in search for the particular boy. After searching and searching, you two figured he must have left before it got to crowded. “We’re too late,” she sighed. You turned on your heel only to bump into the chest of a stranger. “Oh, I’m so sorry,” you said. “Y/N?” a deep voice asked.

You looked up to see a pair of baby blues staring right back at you. “Luke Hemmings?” you said breathless, “Is that you?”