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Fake Blogs Vs Real Blogs

I did a Google search on some of my photography yesterday I found this little cheesecake image is doing well in the creative commons blog world. 

Most of the bloggers who used it credited me under the creative commons license which nice to see, but I found two recipe food blogs posting it as if it was the actual cheesecake they had made from their own recipe. Kind of hilarious when you know this delicious little dessert came from a supermarket… haha!!! 😅

So, beware of those food blog/websites, especially the ones that look highly professional, who never credit anyone for the images and have a lack of a personal touch… they’ve probably stolen the recipe or article from somewhere too.

I don’t know what you would call those websites, but I read somewhere about bloggers who are entirely fake, their blog is run for several years, uses loads of images with fairly useless bland articles (in some cases all stolen material) hoping to get a high Google rating so they can later sell the website and it’s domain name once it becomes successful in the Google ratings. 

The buyer is often an ill informed fool who will take over the website and turn it in some cases to a completely different website, hoping Google will still rate them highly for articles and images that no longer exist… resulting in continued visitors randomly finding their website.

Some know what they’re doing and manage to make it work, but most fail, and find they’ve spent a lot of money on a useless website.

The blogger selling the website can sometimes make thousands, on the sale of a blog that shows high in the Google listings, but in most cases they too have no idea what they’re doing and the website doesn’t ever get the rating they’re hoping for.  If they use stolen articles, Google will know and will eventually give a very low rating to a website posting unoriginal material.

So yeah… some crazy fake people out there who publish a lot of trash just in the hope of making money.  It’s not a comfort to know my images are part of that trash now… but I guess it’s inevitable it would happen eventually…. you can’t avoid it. 

Some of my images have even been posted on wallpaper sites recently… there’s another fake website idea!  Nothing wrong with downloading images you like for your wallpaper on your PC or phone… but don’t ever believe the owners of the images have given permission… most times it’s not the case.  It’s just someone trying to make money with advertising on a website using tons of images they grab from anywhere they choose.  So be wary of using images from wallpaper websites thinking they are free to use in any way you wish… you’re likely to find they’re not.

When sharing blog post articles to your social media pages, please give a bit of thought to what you are sharing.  Best to share those websites that have a more personal touch, where images and sometimes articles are all credited or the images have something familiar about them, that they actually look like they are taken by the same photographer/camera, or where the blogger clearly states all the images are their own.  It will probably be a better quality read too, because the purpose of the blog will hopefully be more sincere.

I’m not against sharing images by the way, I do on here myself, but if you can, credit the artist or photographer, it makes it fairer and a lot more interesting too.  By crediting the creators of art, photography, even an article, it means others will get to discover more interesting people.


Found this little gem on @annashipper:

we cannot manipulate facts to fit the narratives that fits our thinking, let’s not baptize assumptions as facts: yes, she said that without an ounce of irony. Let’s look at what they say is fact shall we:
1) Sophie is a drug addict: that lie was started by wikianon who tried to fool Gator with it. Wiki admitted that she made the story up, but Gator is still running with it, claiming she has multiple sources. Sure Jan.
2) Sophie and her father are tied to a child abuse ring: Aeltri started this lie with an article from a conspiracy theory website. The guy who runs said site thinks the British Royal Family are shape-shifting lizards. The only true thing about this is that Sophie’s father used to teach Bridge in a private club.
3) Sophie is a human trafficker: Gator started that one when she look at the stat counter she installed on her blog. Her being one of the dumbest human ever, interpreted those stats to say that Sophie is a criminal. This all started with Gator’s delusion that Sophie herself monitors her blog, and total lack of knowledge about IP addresses.
4) Sophie was one of Weinstein girls: no matter how hard Anna denies it, they’ve been spreading that lie since the beginning. The minute the engagement was announced, the septics said that Sophie was an escort hired by HW to be Ben’s RCG. They’ve been going on about that for 3 fucking years.

So dear @annashipper, we don’t buy your sudden need to know all the facts before stating that something is true. Because you and the rest of the haters have been twisting the facts (real or imaginary) to fit your stupid narrative since the beginning. You’ve been saying that Sophie’s name would come out in relation to the HW scandal for nearly a month now. You don’t get to change your story again just because your newest lie won’t stick.

Q&A with the blog owner

Rather than spamming the dashboard with loads of posts I’ve decided to compile this lil Q&A into one post. I wanted to do one of these before I inevitably lie this blog to rest, so here we go:

Q: “So this means for sure that this blog isn’t real, it’s just for fun and Kubo doesn’t actually run it?”

A: Unfortunately Kubo does not run this blog. It is just for fun, but others like to call it a “fake” or “impostor”. It’s never been my intention to actively fool anyone, it’s just that some people believe a bit too much of what they see on the internet.

Q: “who are you really/who runs this account/WHO ARE YOU!?Where do you live? ”

A: My name is Holly, I’ve been the sole owner/runner of this blog for five years. I’m from England (specifically the West Mids) and I look like this:

(Just in case anyone was still convinced I’m Kubo)

Q:  “What inspired you to start up this blog?”

A: I used to do some Bleach roleplay, then I had the idea to roleplay Tite Kubo because I hadn’t seen anyone do it. The original url was kubo-sensei, and I did RP a little, but after a few months I decided to just become a questions and answers blog with the occasional meme. It started out as something small, but now there’s 6584 of you. Fifteen year old me would never have believed that, or that I’d still be running this blog at twenty.

Q:  “What do you do other than this blog?”

A: I have another tumblr which is assketchum, posting sort of every day. I also have a fulltime job and a social life so running this blog has been challenging at times as I grew older.


A: I got spoilers/chapter info from Reddit/Bleach Asylum/YouTube Bleach reviewers like tekking101, but other than that any “info” you may think I have is all speculation or just me joking about (i.e what happened to a certain character, will the anime come back, is there a sequel etc.)

More answers under the cut!

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demigone  asked:

Nico has definitely turned everyone he knows into a meme.. like just funny pictures he finds of them and he uses them as reactions to everything until they go viral.. there's one of Percy tripping over literally as he starts a swim race, the one where Reyna saw him taking the picture & he got a picture of her about to grab the camera & much more

Nico runs a ‘cryptids’ blog that is literally just blurry pictures of his friends, Reyna trying to grab the camera, Percy or Jason fallin on they asses like damn fools, a pic of Annabeth surrounded by an absurdly large pile of books, asleep and drooling. He has been trying to get Piper for over a month now but for some reason she looks flawless and perfectly posed in every single pic he takes (kind of like Barney in How I Met Your Mother). He has the most pictures of Leo, who is frequently embarrassing and easy to exploit