look at the first pic he felt so guilty i love that

I saw this pic and the first thing that came to my mind was “DO PEOPLE REALLY THINK THIS???!!” i mean WTF. I thought that most of the people would understand the show and would understand what its a mental illness and why Hannah kill herself cause THE SHOW EXPLAIN IT VERY CLEAR but i was wrong. I want to take time and answer to this cause people really need to stop.

To get to the point you first need to know that depression is not just being sad, IT IS A MENTAL ILLNESS and if you have it you really need to get help cause you can’t get through it alone. One thing you also need to learn is what  PTSD is. “ Posttraumatic stress disorder, or PTSD, is a serious potentially debilitating condition that can occur in people who have experienced or witnessed a natural disaster, serious accident, terrorist incident, sudden death of a loved one, war, violent personal assault such as rape, or other life-threatening events. Most people who experience such events recover from them, but people with PTSD continue to be severely depressed and anxious for months or even years following the event ” remember this two cause i’ll be mention them later.

1-)Hannah didn’t kill herself to prove a point, she did it DUE TO THE BULLYING AND ALL THE STUFF THAT HAPPENED TO HER.

 2-)do you think that a girl who was bullied everyday is gonna “stand up for herself”?                                                                                                       When a lot of people start telling you things everyday and start making rumours, you even start to believe them and that thing is lowering your confidence more and more and low confidence + depression is the worst combination ever. Do you really think that a girl could stop the rumours by just “standing  for herself? If Hannah had tried to stop them im pretty sure that wouldn’t have been enough cause PEOPLE LIVE FOR THE RUMOURS AND THEY LOVE SHARING THEM AND TALKING EVEN IF THEYRE NOT REAL AND EVEN IF THE VICTIM SAYS THAT IT AREN’T REAL  THEY WOULD KEEP GOING. Im sure that we all know that standing for yourself isn’t going to do anything. (what really can do is looking for help)

3-) This one was the one that made me write this post “she had a princess complex and she killed herself when she found out life isn’t like that” ARE YOU FUCKIN KIDDING ME? Here’s the thing Hannah didn’t have a “princess complex” i think Hannah, well actually we’re (almost all of the people get) excited about moving to another school, so excited to start all over again, and then suddenly this pic goes all over the school and the rumours start. People aren’t supossed to go through bullying, you’re basically telling me that rape is okay and everybody is supossed to be raped cause life is like that?        ACTUALLY, LIFE ISN’T LIKE THAT.  NO ONE IS SUPOSSED TO BE RAPED  AND TRY TO LIVE WITH THAT. SO IDK WHAT YOU MEAN BY SAYING “WHEN SHE FOUND OUT LIFE ISN’T LIKE THAT”

4-) No one cared about her, because they were all too busy bullying her, slut-shaming her and a lot of things. Why would she care about them if they didn’t give a fuck about her??  (im talking about the ones who hurt her not her parents and Clay) Also she didn’t care about her parents or the others one she loved cause remember she was suffering DEPRESSION  aka she was suffering a MENTAL ILLNESS (read the beginning if you forgot what does that mean) and when you have that you don’t care about anything, you don’t think clearly, you just want to stop everything. (quote from her)

 5-) Yes she put Clay through hell, we can’t deny that but we can agree Clay needed to listen the tapes, he was dying to know what happen to her and if he haven’t listened to them, there wasn’t going to be any justice for Hannah. She blame herself for telling him to go away and for letting him go. ACTUALLY she said it very clear that it wasn’t him it was her and all the things that had happened to her.

6-) Justin could have done something and Hannah too, Hannah and Justin were hearing all and I belive they felt like Bryce was raping them and not Jessica in that moment. But lets remember she was inside the room. (I bet that if she would have gone out of the wardrobe Bryce wasn’t going to let her go that easy) Justin was outside the room. He could have perfectly look for help and I think it’s very clear that he could have done something because Jessica doesn’t want to see him ever again. But let’s forget about that cause the 2 of them could have help Jessica. The reason in that tape wasn’t Justin, it was the guilty feeling she felt for not have done something.

7-) SHE WASN’T SELFISH. SHE HAD A MENTAL ILLNESS. She was raped and she tried to look for help but she didn’t find it. If you put yourself in her place for a second maybe you could understand. She didn’t thought about consequences cause she wasn’t in her mind, do you think that a person who thinks normally and doesn’t have any mental illness would kill himself? No.

Thanks god that series like this exist. To make people aware of what it is like to have a mental illness, and you don’t know what is going in someonelse life and what they’re going through. Also for people like you they made “13 reasons why: Beyond the reasons” its on netflix, you should watch it.

Hannah wasn’t a drama queen.

Don’t make yourself into a reason why.


MSR || Revival || Teen || Fluffy, angsty, no-beta speed short

This is for two anons and @cosmic-files-87 who sent me the prompt “Are you here to finish me off?”

Mulder wasn’t expecting her that morning or he’d have had something else for breakfast, something healthy that he might convince her to stay and share. There’s yoghurt somewhere he thinks, as her distinctively efficient knock sends him scrambling for a plate, knowing that she will judge him with an eyebrow for scattering crumbs on her hardwood, even though she doesn’t live here any more. He gives up when she knocks again, hating the questioning sound that is Scully waiting to enter what will always be her home and skidding to unbolt the door on sock feet, toast slice flopping dangerously between his teeth.

She’s morning-sunshine crisp in the doorway and her scolding wakes him up faster than any espresso could hope to.

‘Good God Mulder! You look like you’ve been dragged through a corn field!’ 

And he realises that in his breakfast panic he’s forgotten a few essential parts of the “I’m holding it together without you Scully, making it work as a raffishly handsome recluse but please would you fall back in love with me before I’m to old to make love to you” disguise that he’s been wearing to the Bureau these past few weeks. Mulder’s wearing mismatched socks, no pants, some novelty Elvis boxer shorts he found in a box, a knitted sweater and at least two days of stubble. Maybe three, if the concerned look on Scully’s face is any indicator. He tries to reassure her with a nonchalant shrug, the effect slightly ruined by a glob of peanut butter sliding off the bitten end of his toast and plopping onto his foot.

‘It’s laundry day… and I may need a shower…’ He admits, and is rewarded with a flash of Scully’s indulgent, “what would you do without me to boss you around” smile, before it slips off into the remembrance that this, this whole house full of un-fluffed cushions, improperly fitted bedsheets and wonkily pressed pant seams is what he does without her. This three-day stubbled, pic-n-mix clothed, scattered Mulder is what Sunday mornings look like in the house that only really became unremarkable after she left.

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anonymous asked:

can u do one where the reader is dating josh, but one night he goes to a party without her and she sees pics of him and debby together and she gets really jealous and insecure? thank you, love your writing :)

so i’ve gotten a couple anons with similar requests, so i decided to go with this prompt. enjoy xx. and be on the lookout for @kylielo22​ and i’s new shared writing blog @topfics​ she’s already posted an imagine and i’ll be posting one tonight, so go follow us!


“Wish you were here…”

Josh’s text came through your phone only about an hour after he had left the house.  

You slide to reply.  “Just try to have some fun, babe.  You deserve a night out.”

Moments later, the typing bubble pops up, indicating another message would soon come through.  

“I’m just saying, it would be a lot more fun if you were here.”

You smile to yourself, slightly smug that Josh missed you so much.  He had practically begged you to go to this party tonight, but after the day you had, all you wanted was to cuddle up in a blanket and stay home.  You weren’t one for going out much, anyway.  

“I promise I’ll go with you to the next one” you text back.

As the night goes on, you start to feel increasingly guilty for not going.  Josh would be leaving soon for the second half of the tour, after all.  You should have tried to spend every moment you could with him.  You make a point to stay awake until he got home.  That way you could at least cuddle and talk with him a bit before going to bed.  

To pass the time, you throw on a show from your Netflix watch list and start to scroll through your phone.  You mindlessly check your social media accounts, instagram first, then twitter.  

You weren’t even really paying attention until you came across a picture of Josh from the party.  He was smiling happily, and looking like he was having fun.  That made you feel a little less guilty.  

Every time you refreshed your feed, new pictures of Josh would surface.  They were all pretty repetitive.  Him smiling with fans.  Him smiling with friends.  Until one popped up that really caught your eye.

Josh was giving his signature cheesy grin, only this time, his ex-girlfriend was planting a wet one right on his cheek.

You knew you’d regret it, but you clicked on the picture anyway, watching as the comments flooded in.

Jebby is back!

I’m screaming, why are they so cute together!!!

does this mean Y/N and Josh broke up?

honestly Jebby is better than Y/S/N was ever gonna be…

they look so happy!!!!

And they did.

They looked happy.

You trusted Josh.  You really did.  You trusted him with everything inside you.  You knew he wasn’t cheating.  You knew him and Debby weren’t dating.  But that didn’t keep the bubble of jealousy inside of you from growing.

You knew you should close your phone and just wait for him to get home.  But you were pretty much the queen of emotionally self-destructing behavior, so you continued to scroll through the comments, refreshing and reloading, and rereading words that made you hate yourself.  

Josh and Debby just belong together tbh.

he’s so obviously in love with her

The picture blew up.  It spread like wildfire.  People were retweeting it.  Jebby started trending. And you felt like you might be sick.

But you couldn’t help but stare at the picture and think, maybe they really were better together.  

You bit your lip, wondering why someone like Josh would ever fall in love with someone like you.  Especially after what he had with Debby.  She was so good for him.  Beautiful.  Talented.  Fun.  She was in the same business as him.  She knew LA like him.  She wasn’t afraid to go out and have fun on nights like this.  

You didn’t really try to hold back the tears that were falling down your face, glistening from the light of your phone screen in the dark living room.  The TV played in the background, the noise feeling so distant and muffled.  You sat, curled up on the couch and wondered how long it would take Josh to break up with you.  

It seemed unavoidable now.

You finally lock your phone up and wrap your arms around yourself, squeezing tight and trying to hold your aching insides together.  

You sigh and decide that waiting up for Josh that night wasn’t really appealing to you anymore, so you find the energy to lift your body off from the couch and make your way up to bed.  

Your thoughts raced as you stared up at the spinning ceiling fan.  You weren’t good enough for Josh.  The concept had finally resonated with you.  You weren’t good enough and you never would be.   People like Josh deserved people like Debby.  People who were confident, and adventurous…

Just then, you hear the door open and close from downstairs. You immediately roll over so that you’re on your side, back facing the door.  You close your eyes and pretend to be asleep.  This way you could avoid a conversation with Josh.  

Moments later and you can hear his footsteps approaching the bedroom.  He cracks the door quietly before entering.  You can tell he’s trying to be light on his feet so as not to wake you.  You stay still, practically holding your breath.  You wait until the bed dips beside you to let out a soft exhale.  

Maybe it’s your imagination, but he feels further away than usual.

The next morning, you’re up before Josh.  

You putter around the kitchen, trying to stay as quiet as possible while putting together a small breakfast for the two of you.  

You’re surprised when he comes down the stairs before nine o’clock.  That was unusually early for him.  

“Hey,” he says, in his sleepy morning voice.

“Morning,” you say, “how was last night?”

“It was good,” he says, pulling up the stool from the counter so that he can watch you flip pancakes.  “Would’ve been better if you were there, though.”

You can’t help but suspect he’s lying.

“I saw some pictures on twitter, looked like you were having fun.”

“Yeah we did.”

Who was we? you thought. Him and Debby, no doubt.  Your insides squirmed.  

Don’t be jealous.  The voice in your head said.  It’s not a good look on you.  

“They had so much free food, you would’ve been in heaven—“ Josh starts to ramble on about the night, but you weren’t paying attention.  You couldn’t.  You were too overcome with this feeling of dread.  You had a weight in your stomach, dragging you down.  All you could think was I’m not enough.  I’ll never be enough.

You’re suddenly pulled out of your trance by Josh calling your name loudly.

You look up to see the pancakes you’d had been cooking in the pan had turned charcoal.  You gasp loudly and pick the pan up off from the burner, smoke rising.  It quickly hits the fire alarm and sets it off.  The loud noise echoed throughout the room.  

You rush to the trash can and dispose of the burnt pancakes, before practically throwing the metal pan into the sink.  

Could you do anything right?

You fall to the floor then, bringing your knees tightly to your chest and resting your forehead on them before letting out a sob.  Your hair falls around your face like a curtain, you were grateful.  It hid your shame.

Josh quickly rushes over.

“Hey,” he soothes, kneeling beside you.

“I mess everything up,” you cry out.  

“It’s okay—“ he places his palm on your curved spine, rubbing circles with the pads of his fingers.

You look up finally, your eyes already puffy.

“I’m not good enough,” you whisper, staring straight ahead at the cabinets.  “I’ll never be good enough for you.”

“What?” Josh says, confused.  “Y/N, they’re just pancakes, we have more batter… we’ll just make some more—“

He clearly doesn’t get it.

“It’s not just the pancakes, Josh. It’s everything.  I’m not good enough for you—“

“Why would you even say that?” he stutters, placing his other hand on the floor for balance.  

“I’m boring! I stay at home while you go to parties.  I’m in bed when you get home.  I can’t follow you on tour or go to half as many of the shows that I’d like to.  You deserve someone who’s better…” you pause. “better suited to your lifestyle.  Someone fun and pretty.  Someone like Debby!”

You throw it all out there.  Hoping he doesn’t focus solely on the last bit.  

Josh doesn’t say anything at first.  He just stares at you.  It’s hard to gage what he’s thinking, too.  Was he mad?  Hurt?  In agreement?  You couldn’t tell.  

“I saw the picture,” you sigh finally, hating his silence.  “Of the two of you.—“

“I promise nothing happened…” Josh immediately interjects.  “We’re just friends, she didn’t even stick around that long, just enough to say hi—“

“I know,” you say back.  “I trust you and I know you’re not cheating on me, but like…” you struggle to find the words.  “Everyone was commenting, saying how much better she is for you than I am.  And at first I was jealous.  But then I thought… What if they’re right?”

“Baby…“ he says, his voice sounding so empathetic and sad.  He sits with his back against the cabinet and pulls you over onto his lap.  You don’t even protest.  He rocks with you like that, all folded up and coiled into his body.  He kisses the top of your head.  “They’re not right.”

You open your mouth to protest, but Josh cuts you off.  “Plus it’s not up to them.  You love me exactly the way I need to be loved, and there is no one better for me.”

You sigh against him, letting your head rest on his chest.  

“I can tell you don’t believe me,” he says against your hair.  

“I’m trying to.”

“I’ll remind you for the rest of my life if I have to.  I love you so much,” he says.  “I love you, I love you, I love you,” he rocks with you back and forth to the beat of the words.

You finally smile.  Realizing how much Josh cared about you.  

“I love you too,” you finally sigh in relief.  The voices had finally quieted down, maybe one day you would really believe you were enough.

“Now come on,” he says, helping you to your feet.  “Let’s go out and get some breakfast, cause I’m not touching those pancakes…”

Peter Maximoff x Reader : wisdom teeth

A/n: after months of waiting finally got a good laptop so heres one of the request i have been meaning to write (kinda changed it up a bit but its fine i guess)

Warning : none 

Pairing : Peter Maximoff x Reader 

Plot : The Reader gets her wisdom teeth removed and Peter decided to use this opportunity to tease the Reader.

Wisdom Teeth.

It has been a struggle to keep the pain a secret. Seeing as your wisdom teeth started growing it was going to be hassle. But you weren’t worried about the pain you were more worried about Peter. He was the sweetest thing even if he was sometimes an asshole. He cared so much for you seeing as you are his girlfriend and he was part of the X men and his dad is one of the most dangerous mutants alive.

So you kept it in.

Till today the pain was bearable but as you got up this morning the pain was stronger times 10. You had a fever for the first half of the day and it wasn’t helping that you had a lot of things to do around school as well.

You just kept at it, trying to ignore the pain best you could. You decided to skip breakfast and lunch because lets face it, you probably wont even be able to drink anything let alone eat something.

Peter of course noticed it and found you in a matter of seconds in one of your classes.

You felt cold air on your back and soon after felt warm hands wrap around your waist. A small smile appeared on your face as you looked back to find the chocolate brown eyes you loved so much, staring back at your (y/e/c) colored ones.

“Hey you.” You say as you peck his lips lightly. He only smiled at you, holding you closer to him. “You haven’t eaten today, you ok ?”

You stopped moving as soon as he said that. You tried to think of a good excuse but soon realized that it was probably no use, knowing that peter wont believe you till you tell him the truth. With a sigh you said “my wisdom tooth hurt and I cant really eat or drink right now.”

As soon as you said that he ran off or the rest of the day.

When you got all your work done you went back to your shared room with Peter. Your stomach hurt and so did your teeth. You wanted too eat something this entire day but alas you couldn’t .

Damn those stupid wisdom teeth.  

You got to your room only to see there was a vase of roses, a few boxes of pain medication and a note on the night stand on your side of the bed. You smiled and read the note while also glancing at the box of pills. “hey you. Knowing you , you’ll be super stubborn and wont go see a dentist so I went for you. Along with that I got you a box of strong meds from the dentist so take the pills and go get something to eat ok ? I wont be back till tomorrow, you know, X men missions and such. So ill see you tomorrow . Love you, Peter. ”

You laughed under your breath and took the meds. He was always so caring it sometimes made you feel guilty that you made him so worried sometimes. But you were still thankful that he was with you.

The pills work like a charm and 15 minutes later the pain was gone for a while. You finally got something to eat and after went to bed. It was a bit weird  to go to bed alone because you didn’t do it often and most of his missions were over with quickly but it seems that this one was either far away or had a different task at hand.

In the morning you woke u and felt the dull pain in the back of your jaws growing stronger. You took the pills again and went to get ready to go to the dentist. you soon got everything you needed and you were out the door.  

A few hours later Peter was back from his mission, that, as usual, almost ended in a disaster. He was surprised not to see you home at this time but he tried not to give it to much thought. But when he got a call from the dentist he got a bit worried. It turned out it took a bit of time to get rid of your wisdom teeth and they just finished up and needed someone to pick you up.

When he got the dentist he was surprised to say the least. You were as high as the kite and with cotton balls in your mouth. A huge grin was on your face and giggles kept coming out of you instead of words.

With a sigh peter took you straight home and placed you on the bed. You , on the other hand , didn’t let go . instead you started whining “don’t go peteeeeeeee!” or “im cooooooold warm me uuuuuuuup”.

You were like a child and Peter didn’t waste time and took as much pictures and videos as he could.

Of course after you woke up from your nap your head was a lot more cleared up but at the same time you were confused at the amount of notifications on your phone. Seeing as you didn’t update you social media much you were surprised to see notifications from Instagram and facebook. But as soon as you opened your profile you knew exactly what happened. “PETER MAXIMOFF !!!” you yelled as you dropped your phone on the bed , Instagram opened on the pic of you sleeping , mouth wide open while upside down on the bed.

“(y/u/n): this little girl just got her wisdom teeth removed and passed out on the bed, I just had to take this pic <3”

anonymous asked:

What about parenting AU with RFA + V + Saeran, pretty pleaseeeee? <333

ू(ʚ̴̶̷́ .̠ ʚ̴̶̷̥̀ ू)

~Like, what they’re like with kiddos? U got it. I’m a huge sucker for them as parents tbh. Marshmallow fluff ahead

◉ Yoosung

  • He’s such a good dad!
  • Very sensitive to the babies needs
  • He will stay up late to hold and rock the baby while he plays LOLOL
  • Carries photos of his kid and a family photo and shows it to everyone
  • Like
  • If he’s at the grocery store he will whip it out nonchalantly
    • “Thanks for bagging my stuff so fast! Gotta get home to the wife and kid heh heh. See, that’s them there with me, aren’t they so cute?!!!!”
    • “………I know. You showed me that just yesterday, sir.”
  • When they get a little older they sit on his lap while he plays LOLOL and they cheer for him, they love it!
    • “Go get em, daddy!”
  • Expert ouchie kisser
  • He can not say no to them ever.
  • So he’s a “go ask your mom” type of dad lol
  • You guys wear matching family shirts when you go out
  • It’s less fun for the little ones as they get older but it makes their dad happy so they groan and put them on lolol
  • Yoosung is the only one they call for in the middle of the night when they’re scared
  • Daddy is the master monster slayer in LOLOL
  • So of course, he has to come in and scare away any in the closet or under the bed

◉ Jumin

  • If it’s a girl, they’re wearing so many frills and bows OMG
  • The kids can do no wrong in his eyes
  • Everything is cute to him
  • His favorite thing with the babies is putting them to sleep
  • Will sing them lullabies while rocking them its freaking precious!!!!!!!
  • His kids will be spoiled rotten of course
  • But also have manners
  • He steps back from work to be home more after he has kids
  • Family is something that Jumin’s always felt incredibly strong about
  • He is adamant that you all have quality time together
  • And his father even changes when he sees his first grandchild
  • Him and Jumin both have strong family values, and so he actually steps back from women to spend time with his grandchildren while he still has time
  • He no longer cares about going out on dates with young pretty girls, he just wants to be around his sons family-which makes Jumin sooooo happy !!!
  • You all take lots of family vacations together
  • When they get older he likes to bring them to C&R and teach them about the business, he lets them hang out in his office
  •  He opens up so many new products related to children after becoming a father and uses his kids as the models because he thinks they’re perfect!

◉ Zen

  • He is such a softie when it comes to his babies
  • If it’s a girl-LOOK OUT
  • He will be the dad who enjoys scaring the shit out of her boyfriends
    • “Just remember…if you touch one hair on her head…I was in a biker gang. And I’ve scouted plenty of places to hide bodies, punk.”
  • If he has a son, that’s the kid that comes home from preschool like
    • “I have 12 girlfriends!”
  • And Zen is so proud but teaches him how to be a proper gentleman
  • The kids help him practice and run lines
  • They put on performances for you in the living room
  • Constantly gloating about them and posting pictures online
  • His fans are oBSESSED with the kid pics tbh they love his kids so much
  • They’re always sending toys and stuff in the mail for them
  • He thinks it would be so cool if they wanted to pursue an acting career like him
  • But
  • He is constantly telling them that he will support them no.matter.what.
  • He doesn’t want them to feel the same way he did when he was young
  • And he’s always super aware of what their dreams are and he always has their backs 100%

◉ Jaehee

  • Super mom
  • She can be a bit of a control freak at times but it’s all out of love
  • Has a schedule for everything and when they get older there WILL be a chore chart
  • Love to cook and bake with the kids, it’s her favorite thing
  • They’re always doing something on the weekends
  • Whether its going to a movie, the park, museum etc but she feels it’s important to get out as a family and experience stuff
  • Master of lunch packing tbh
  • Her kids always have amazing lunches
  • She never wants them to be scraping by for food and has to make sure they are eating healthy for growing minds!
  • Tiny Zen fans OMG
  • They watch his dvds together and they all gush about him its so cute
  • Their fav thing is going to his performances!!
  • Zen lets them backstage afterwards and they just jump on him and hug him
  • They’re his favorite fans–ever.

◉ Saeyoung

  • We all know he’s the goofball dad, o k
  • His kids will have meme onesies
  • He builds tons of toys made especially for them
  • They’ve always got the coolest gadgets, all their friends are constantly begging to hang out at their house
  • You will randomly walk in and your house has been made into a giant obstacle course or fort
  • He’s always encouraging them to play and have fun
  • They help him prank Yoosung
  • a lot
  • Teaches them many languages and they make fun of Yoosung and he can’t understand it and they’re just laughing and laughing and Yoosung is crying
    • “Don’t drag them into this too, Saeyoung! Stop talking about meeeee!”
  • Yes, he likes to have fun and play with them
  • But that’s only a part of it
  • He’s actually pretty strict!!!
  • Obviously, within good reason. He just wants them to be the best people they can be, and he wants to be a good father who can both tell them right from wrong as well as play around and make them laugh a lot
  • You do.not. want to come home with bad grades or have the teacher say you were goofing off in class
  • He will ground you SO FAST.
  • Tries to stress that it’s okay to have fun but there’s a time and place, and your studies come first
  • Will not tolerate them mouthing off to you, not listening or having an attitude
    • “Hey. Your mother asked you to set the table. If you don’t do it right now I’m going to send a virus to your phone and computer both and you’ll be living like a pioneer until I say otherwise.”

◉ V

  • Tender papa!!
  • So many pics of the kiddos all over the place!!
  • His favorite thing is cuddling with them, honestly
  • And they love it too !
  • Master at piggy back rides
  • Also a fan of carrying them on his shoulders when you’re out and about
  • Wants to spend all of his time with them, and enjoys taking them to school and picking them up when they start getting older
  • Family dinners are full of laughter and smiles and he loves to hear all about everyone’s day
  • Not a dad who shies away from telling his kids how proud he is of them, and how much he loves them

◉ Saeran

  • Very protective of his kids
  • His favorite thing is sleeping with you all in the bed
  • Wouldn’t let Saeyoung hold the babies for the longest time lol
  • He is the dad that wears the kids in a baby bjorn whenever you guys go out
  • When they get older he is guilty of sneaking candy and ice cream for them and himself
    • “Shhh…our secret, ok?”
  • Very loving and caring
  • He’s the type of parent that his kids trust to come with any of their problems
  • Although they hate that they can’t sneak anything by him as they grow older
  • He’s been there, done that, and will not hesitate to hack into their stuff if he feels like something fishy is going on
  • His favorite thing in the world is reading to them before they go to bed
  • He tucks them in and reads whatever book they pick out
  • Or sometimes they ask for him to make one up, so he does
  • It’s so cute
  • On the weekends you guys always have picnics in the park
  • He wants them to always be able to run and play outside and enjoy the sun and laughter
Indecent Proposal - Chapter 5

Read from the beginning

Read Chapter 4

Jared’s POV

“Wow, that was crazy,” Melody said as we were driving away from the restaurant.

“You haven’t seen anything yet. Just wait until I post that pic of us holding hands,” I said and chuckled, “That’s when the real madness will begin.”

“You’re not helping,” she said obviously terrified.

“Relax, you’ll get the hang of it eventually,” I said and continued to drive.

“I’m not so sure. I never wanted to be under the spotlight,” she said and sighed, clearly worried about the way our situation will develop in the future. Somehow I felt like I should maybe comfort her, but I went with my incessant need to pick on her.

“Well, I guess you’re just gonna have to suck it up, won’t you now, wifey,” I said never taking my eyes of the road. 

But the moment I finished the sentence I felt a pit in my stomach. This didn’t feel right, as it would usually do, when I tried to make her feel bad. I could feel the despise coming from her eyes, even though I wasn’t looking at her. This felt even worse, but I just ignored the feeling and kept driving.

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I’ll Love You Till The End

omg omg omg can I request a park seo joon scenario where you two get in a really really intense argument and he says something very hurtful (in the heat of the moment type of thing) and tries to make it up to you? thank youuuu!!!!!

Here it is. I’m really sorry it took me so long :( 

I hope this is what you wanted? But I’m not too sure. So if it’s not, let me know and I’ll change it. 

Requested by: anon

Type: fluffy/angsty

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“Tonight was fun” Seojoon quietly says. We were driving back to his place.

I didn’t want to answer, my eyes were glued to the window. We had dinner with some of our friends. It was supposed to be a good night full of joy. But it was the complete opposite.

At first, everything was going well. All of us were having fun. 

I was having a conversation with some of our friends. No problems till I heard Seojoon talking about me, about us.

“Y/N?” he asks. “I’m tired, can you drop me off at my place?” I ask, still looking out of the window.

“But most of your stuffs are at my place” he says, probably frowning.

“Don’t worry. I still have enough clothes at my place” I whisper loud enough for him to hear. 

“But I thought we could spend the rest of the night together” I could hear him pout.

“Well I’m sorry if I’m tired” I roll my eyes. “You know the ride will be longer if I drop you off” he explains.

“If it bothers you that much, I can call a cab” I sigh.

“I don’t want you to. It’s late” he answers. “I really think you should stay at my place tonight” he quickly adds.

“Why should I?” I ask, raising my eyebrows and finally looking at him.

“I want you to. I missed you and you know I love spending time with you. This is what we always do, I don’t know why you suddenly want to go back to your place” he frowns.

“Alright, we’re going to your place” I sigh in defeat, looking away. 

“Why are you sleeping so far away from me?” I suddenly hear Seojoon ask. “You’re body heat is too much for me. The side of the bed is cold” I lie.

He didn’t answer. I didn’t want to talk, I didn’t want to be anywhere near him and here I was, lying next to him.

“Are you sure you’re okay? You’ve been quiet most of the ride and you didn’t look at me. Did something happen at the restaurant?” he carefully asks.

“I’m tired, goodnight Seojoon” I answer.

“No. Y/N! I can’t just ignore the fact that something is bothering you. You know I can’t” he explains, sitting up.

“I’m tired. I have work tomorrow, so please let me sleep” I say, closing my eyes. 

“Y/N. You know how stubborn I am. So please, tell me what’s bothering you” he asks.

“I don’t want to talk about it alright?!” I answer, frowning.

“So there IS something bothering you! What is it? Did something happen at the restaurant?” he asks.

“Drop it” I sternly say. “Did I do or say something. Did someone say something to you? Did you read something?” he adds. 

“Seojoon, I want to sleep. Nothing’s bothering me so please DROP IT” I explain, trying to stay as calm as possible.

“The thing is that if I drop it, you’re going to think that I don’t care about you. Which is not true at all. I care about you and your well-being. I want this to work so please share your worries” he explains.

“Fine! You really want me to share it? You know, this is really something I wanted to avoid tonight cause I’m pretty sure it’s not going to end well” I ask, sitting up.

He looked into my eyes and nodded. I knew he was nervous, I could clearly see it. 

“Alright, where do I begin. Let me see, if I say ‘I don’t think it’ll be this serious’ does it remind you of something?” I ask, staring at him raising my eyebrows.

“No” he simply says, frowning. 

“Okay, so if I say ‘if you don’t think I could hear you talking earlier tonight you’re stupid’” I ask, staring at him.

“Is this about the conversation I had earlier tonight?” he frowns.

“See! That wasn’t difficult” I answer, sarcastically smiling at him.

“Y/N, I really don’t know why you’re upset” he quietly says. “Seojoon, I think this was pretty clear. So please don’t try to justify yourself” I say.

I stood up and took my pillow, my phone and left his room.

“Where are you going?” he asks, panicking. 

“I’m sleeping on the couch, I really don’t want to deal with this or you tonight” I tiredly say, yawning.

“Y/N, I really think we should talk” I hear him following me.

“Seojoon, I’m really tired. I have work tomorrow, it’s a big day so please leave me alone” I ask, whining.

“Y/N, Jagi, I’m the one who asked you. We need to have this conversation right now! I really don’t know why you’re angry. I mean I didn’t say anything wrong” he says, frowning.

“I can’t believe you! You’re an asshole. If you don’t want our relationship to be this serious just say it. I don’t want to waste my time. If you don’t it to be serious, just leave me already” I explain, looking at him.

“What the hell are you talking about??? Why would I want to leave you? We’ve been together for 4 years. 5 in like four months, do you really think I would’ve stay that long with you if you didn’t have all the things I was looking for?” he frowns, looking hurt.

“Now, you’re trying to make me feel guilty. Seojoon, it’s alright. We should make it easier, so I’m packing all my stuff tomorrow morning. I’ll delete all of our pics, your number and boom. You can go around and do whatever you want. Now, if you could just leave me alone. I need to sleep. You need to sleep. Goodnight” I sternly say.

“Y/N!!! Can you please STOP!!!! I love you, I don’t want you to leave or pack your stuff” he answers.

“I don’t care anymore. Was I just a distraction?” I quietly ask, frowning

“You really think I ‘used’ you???? Do you even hear yourself?” he frowns.

“Did you even hear yourself earlier tonight?” I answer, raising my eyebrows at him. He didn’t answer, he just looked at me confused. 

“That’s what I thought” I sadly chuckle.

*knock knock*

I opened my front door, only to see Junho, one of our friends.

“Junho? What are you doing here? How did you find my apartment?” I frown.

“Not important. Can I come in?” he asks, looking worried.

“Huh.. yeah I guess” I say, stepping aside. “Are you alone?” he asks, looking around my place.

“Look, I really don’t know how you find my place or why you’re here. But if Seojoon asked you to ask me some weird questions, you can leave!” I frown.

“Seojoon Hyung didn’t ask me to come. I came because I wanted to talk. It’s my fault if you guys broke up” he slowly explains.

“What? What do you mean?” I carefully ask, frowning.

“I shouldn’t have asked about your relationship at the restaurant. This is none of my business and honestly the way he was going to ask you was totally fine” he explains, sighing.

“I just ruined everything. You guys were perfect for each other and I messed up. Hyung doesn’t talk to any of us. We haven’t heard from him for the past three weeks” he adds, not letting me speak.

“What?? What do you mean?” I ask, concerned.

“We haven’t heard from him since you left. He doesn’t text back, he doesn’t answer our calls. We tried to go to his place but he doesn’t even open his door” he sadly explains.

“Maybe he’ll answer your texts” he adds, looking up at me.

“Junho… You know we broke up. I don’t think that’s a good idea” I quietly answer. 

“Y/N, I know you still love him, I know you regret your decision. I can see it on your face and you know he misses you. Y/N, he loves you so much you have no idea” he says.

“You know he was really excited. He wanted to ask you to move in with you. He wanted to make something casual and not too serious. This is why he said that he didn’t think it’ll be this serious. He wasn’t talking about your relationship” he sadly adds.

“Move in with me?” I whisper, sitting down on my couch.

“Seojoon??” I ask, knocking on his door. “Seojoon please, open the door” I add. 

I was about to leave when his front door opened.

“Y/N? What are you doing here?” he asks, clearly confused.

“Can I come in?” I quietly ask.

He simply stepped aside to let me in. I missed his place, it was so familiar, so cozy and warm.

“Did you forget something?” he carefully asks, closing his front door.

“Well I- Junho told me that everyone was worried about you” I give him a small smile.

“I’m fine. They don’t need to worry about me” he suddenly says, looking annoyed.

“Junho told me what you guys were talking about at the restaurant and what you were planning to do..” I quietly say, feeling shy. 

He suddenly looked up at me a little bit confused. He then opened his mouth as if he was about to talk but quickly closed it.

“I’m sorry.. I just- I should’ve asked you first. This was a huge misunderstanding. I thought you were talking about our relationship.. Turns out I was completely wrong. I’m really really sorry about it” I quietly explain.

“When Junho told me about you, I really don’t know why but I came over here. I needed to see you, I needed to know you were okay. I was worried about and I’m still worried” I add, looking into his eyes.

“You don’t have to. You were pretty clear when we broke up” he coldly says.

“I’m sorry. I’m so sorry you have no idea” I whisper, looking down at my feet. 

“Sorry? Do you know how I felt when I saw you leave with all of your clothes, leaving nothing behind you? We were talking about how I was going to ask you to move in with me. You assumed things and it hurts” he angrily explains.

“I know how much it hurts because I miss you just as much as you miss me” I whisper, looking away and tearing up. “And I can’t do anything about it because I’m the one who decided to break up and I really hate myself for this” I quietly add. 

“I hate you” he calmly says. I immediately looked up at him, I didn’t know what to say. Maybe he did really hate me and I don’t blame him.

“I hate you so much you have no idea. I hate you because I can’t get you out of my head. I hat you because I still love you. I hate you because I want to spend the rest of my life with you and I hate you because I’ll love you till the end” he quietly says, looking into my eyes.

I didn’t move. I didn’t know what to do or what to say. 

‘Maybe I should leave’ I thought. I started to walk towards his front door.

“If you think I’m stupid enough to watch you leave a second time” I hear him say, his hand caught my wrist.

“Please stay. Please don’t leave me ever again. Please let me love you for the rest of our lives” he whispers, hugging me so tight.

I really hope you liked it. I’m not too sure about the end, so let me know what you thought about it.

If you have any requests, questions my ask box is opened. I should be able to update a little more often in the next few weeks!


Love you all xx

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Sooo uh any chance you were inspired by that "behind the scenes" bedroom pic of s3/4 Flint? Peachverse would be nice :) I have a feeling Thomas loves THICC James.

Oh my gosh, anon! alkdfjalkdjf YES! I was absolutely inspired, but it didn’t go at all the way one would expect. This came out angsty and soft??? I guess because to me the composition of that photo was so peaceful. But it’s still sexy and erotic too, I hope?

And yes, set in peach verse.


He had never made it bed that night.

It was early autumn in Savannah. The leaves were brilliant in their changing colors; the entire countryside was turning into a sea of yellows and oranges. But the bright colors brought melancholy with them.

Thomas had stopped paying attention to details such as his anniversary with his late wife after being in locked in various cages over the years. In the worst of times it was thoughts of simple survival that filled his mind; in the best of times he could only mourn her loss and James’s, though no longer the latter.

Now he was discovering that freedom came with small little pricks of a price tag, one of which was the freedom to once again remember things long since passed and never to happen again.

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All That Glitters- 3

Pairing: Lance Tucker x Reader

Summary: When the last person you ever wanted to see again comes strutting back into your life, you swear you’ll keep your distance. It becomes much harder to do when you start to remember why you loved him in the first place.

Word Count: 2260

Warnings: Language, Tucker the F*cker.

Tags at the end.
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Masterlist   Part 2

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Deep grey clouds settled over the town of Amherst, plump and heavy with what would no doubt become a heavy storm. The sun was hidden behind the veil of grey, giving the world the illusion that it was nearly night. Truth be told it was barely afternoon, but the streets were nearly dead as people began to prepare for the oncoming rain. You, however, were one of the unlucky few stuck outside, driving down a long stretch of residential roads on the other side of the town.

And as luck would have it, your car was absolute shit. Something you’d owned far longer than you’d like to admit, there was a constant threat of it breaking down when it was the most inconvenient. Above you, the rain started to pour down as the sky illuminated with spears of lightning. The wind started roaring just as your car decided you didn’t need it anymore, and you soon found yourself curled up in the car with your forehead on the steering wheel as rain drummed on your windows. Throwing the door open, you tug your shirt close to you and run for the closest gas station, shivering as the bell chimes above you.

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What would the RFA members + V and Saeran do for their first ever date?

I’m putting it below the cut because this post would take FOREVER to scroll down your feed. I know this HC is probably done a lot of times already, but I’m hoping those who’ll read it will enjoy!

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STRIKE Team Alpha AU plotbunny

The doorbell rings.

Steve wasn’t expecting visitors.

Hell, he usually never even GETS visitors.

The last people to ring his doorbell were Jehova’s Witnesses and he offered them a glass of water to keep them from dehydrating in the sweltering summer heat, before kindly declining the brochures they offered and sending them back on their way. That was three weeks ago.

He’s been doing the dishes (no point in using the dishwasher for one plate and one cup….and that’s all he usually uses) and his hands are wet, so he takes a moment to dry them off before heading for the door.

Whoever is on the other side has NOT been blessed with a surplus of patience, since the doorbell rings two more times in the half-minute it takes him to get there.

His eyebrows shoot up to his hairline once he looks out the door viewer, because squeezing themselves into the corridor is what looks to be the entire Strike Team Alpha, all geared up and kitted out for at least a minor war, all of them looking kinda nervous.

Hell, Rollins is bringing up the rear and he has taken up position at the back, canvassing the stairs as if he expects enemy fire to start pelting them any given second.

He opens up the door, already setting up a mental checklist of situations that might require such a set-up, thinking about what kind of gear he might require and going through the last-known locations for the other Avengers, because whatever is going on, it’s NOT coming through the usual, official channels which makes the whole thing more than fishy….and also possibly of a bigger scope than the stuff he and his STRIKE team usually handle on their own.  

Rumlow, who’s at the front, almost flinches as the door opens.

The eyes of STRIKE’s team-leader are puffy and have dark rings underneath that make him look like he hasn’t slept in a week. He’s sporting a bruise on his cheek the size of a goose-egg and his usually cocky lop-sided grin seems ready to collapse in on itself like a burnt out ruin.

Steve steels himself for some bad news.

His curt “Report.” makes Brock’s grin spread out and steady though, into Rumlow’s copyrighted Sitrep?-FUBAR-and-I’m-loving-it smile and he clears his throat to speak.

“Well Cap, looks like we haven’t been quite honest with you. And this? This is us coming clean. Because we’re going to need each other if we all want to make it out of this alive.”

Point is, I seriously need a fic where, shortly before Project Insight launches

  • Rumlow learns that his little niece, whom he loves to bits, won a state-wide contest with an essay on how being an american means being ready to stand  up and question the status quo. The moment he read it, he realised that this unabashed criticism of “the System” …..this incendiary piece of writing, will put her on the list for Project Insight. If not now, then a few years down the road. And he’s killed a lot of people whose death he felt were a necessary sacrifice in order to give Hydra a chance at building a world that was safe and secure for everybody…but this? This is the line he can’t cross. Or something else along those lines.
  • other STRIKE Team Alpha members finds out e,.g. that their boyfriend / girlfriend / significant other passes his free time, when they’re away,     arguing with strangers on the internet about how people need to speak up and if necessary boycott shops and companies or take to the streets in order to strengthen civil and human rights and similar stuff
  • Maybe Rollins, by chance, comes across a newspaper article, with a pic of the ONE teacher who really encouraged and helped him in school, a nice, elderly little lady, being arrested at a civil rights rally.
  • and they realize that once those Helicarriers start shooting, they will lose people who they love (or, in Rollins’ case, like and owe a lot to)…..and they kinda get thinking: “Fuck it all, the world needs more order, but maybe this isn’t the right way to go after all?!?!!”.
  • Then, there’s a lot of heartbreaking and desperate “Shit, I can’t let my team realize I’ve changed my mind…..they’ll KILL me….but how can I stop this without them? Help!!!"  plus some really awkward scheming and maneouvering, and then they get their shit together (AND convince the rest of the Team….which is chancy, because who knows if they can trust each other?)
  • and then STRIKE Team Alpha drafts a completely unsuspecting Captain America into their plans.
  • And they jailbreak the Winter Soldier too (maybe get sent on a mission with him and go on a detour instead….one that leads them right to Steve’s door, wll knowing that within the next 5 minutes the higher-ups will notice that something is off and that they are NOT where they’re supposed to be).
  • Thing is, they need one James Buchanan Barnes as evidence to convince Steve that they haven’t gone completely bonkers….imagine Rollins motioning somebody else forward into the corridor, and the guy turns, eyes narrowed and a frown on his face, and voilà! Bucky.

Plus, added bonus for complicating factors, like

  • there actually having been a couple of Hydra Trash Parties and Steve finding out mid-action (with the Team not exactly participating….they weren’t high enough up the food-chain to get invited to that….but they knew or maybe even had to stand guard).
  • the Winter Soldier realizing that the STRIKE Team is defecting from Hydra and him, as the Fist of  Hydra, being trained to take out traitors on the spot…and him almost acting on that according to his conditioning, with maybe Steve holding him back (and maybe internally debating wether he really should).
  • Rumlow having done the frick-fack with both Cap and the Asset
  • the Team having to scramble to save their loved ones, because once Hydra realizes they’ve defected and betrayed Hydra’s plans to Cap/SHIELD/the Avengers, their loved ones are  going to become prime targets
  • Sitwell catching wind of this and deciding to throw his lot in with the defectors, but having a hard time getting the team to trust him, since he’s very high up in Hydra’s hierarchy (extra added bonus if there’s an understandable, relatable and, above all, redeemable, motif for being Hydra in the first place….maybe something along these lines.).
  • The Winter Soldier thinking of Strike Team Alpha as HIS team. As in “personal property” HIS.
  • Remembering that he is Bucky too making the Winter Soldier re-evalutate how HIS Team helped keep him captive and in slavery and he’s royally pissed at them. And if there’s an opportunity to do so without endangering  the mission, he’s not above getting a little (or a lot) of payback. Steve always was the nice one. Thanks to Hydra, HE hasn’t been on the side of light and righteousness in a good long while, and this time at least, he knows his wrath will hit the right people.
  • They all really DO need each other to survive and pull this off, and innocent lives are at stake, so for the moment, taking STRIKE Team Alpha to task and treating them like the Hydra trash that they are is completely off the table. But everybody knows that once this is over, there will be some kind of reckoning….which, everybody knows, the STRIKE team will try to weasel out of.
  • Lots of mistrust and hard feelings from Steve’s side (plus from any other loyal SHIELD agents/  affiliates they manage to rope into the mess).
  • The STRIKE team thinkingf that all they’d do would be keeping their loved ones safe and then making a get-away and finding a more palatable way of bringing the world to heel.
  • BUT to their NEVER-ENDING HORROR, caught between Cap and a furious Sergeant Barnes, BOTH of which the Team has learned to recognize as their CO, and BOTH of which are giving them grief with a myriad little digs questioning their lives’ choices, the team discovers they’re actually starting to feel guilty about what they’ve done in the name of Hydra.
  • As a result, they get defensive and sullen, but neither Cap nor the Winter Soldier is letting up on them, all the while they’re sleep deprived, worn out, worn down, and STILL jumping from one hair-raising, nick-of-time mission goal to the next, getting injured and almost killed more times than they can count, only to receive much needed assistance and on rare occasion even a kindly word from people they’ve betrayed….and as a result, they’re breaking down
  • I want Rumlow trying to hide his tears when some SHIELD medics, who KNOW the Team is a bunch of backstabbing Hydra defectors, to swoop in under fire to stabilize Rollins, who has taken a bad hit and is bleeding out on the floor, even though the medics could have left them high and dry and just protected their own asses.
  • I want some other STRIKE Team member, who only went along with the rest of the Team because his loyalty to them slightly outweighs his loyalty to Hydra, start shaking like a tree leaf when they dig up the files that Hydra kept on them, and he realizes that his mom didn’t abandon him when he was 5, but that his estranged dad, who was Hydra, simply didn’t want her to have him and saw to it that he was whisked away by CPS under some phony pre-text and then shuffled from one (deliberately) shitty foster family to the next, so his mom, who never stopped looking for him, wouldn’t be able to find him.
  • I want another STRIKE Team member, sitting in a corner, crying her heart out, because when they got to their boyfriends’ / girlfriend’s / significant other’s house, the doors’ had been broken down and there is blood all over the place, but then a call comes in and it turns out that a team of retired SHIELD agents who got re-activated for this, got his/her sweetheart out in time and he has a few scrapes and got banged up a bit, but (s)he’s ALIVE.
  • Fury getting a migraine while  de-briefing the STRIKE Team on their Hydra activities in all the past  years and realizing just how deep the rot goes


Anybody wants to write a fic or a ficlet in this universe, go ahead and tag it

#Hydra Rogues

That way, other people will be more likely to find it.  ^_^


i was peaking through my drafts and realized i never posted this gem. i quite like this piece actually. something about any kind of dad!harry really gets to me. imagining harold as a father? cuteness overload. 

WARNINGS :: not much, man. i will say i envision their ages to be about 23-24 because it’s *5 years after they were 18*. super cool stuff. not too too important but if you needed an era to think of i would think OTRA/2015 harry :) 

my masterlist xx


“I didn’t want to hurt you. I left for you and I know that sounds like bullshit but it’s the truth! Your career was finally taking off and I could see how happy you were, how could I take that away from you?”

Harry’s awestruck. Simply and completely awestruck. How can she even say this? They were in it together. They grew up together, they were eachother’s wingmen, they were eachother’s first love. They went through everything together.


harry and y/n reconnect after 5 years.

- - -

Harry didn’t know what had happened. In all the truth that could be told, he didn’t really ever just notice someone in a random crowd.

Sure, there could be someone who was pretty or hot that caught his eye. But to have a magnetic pull like this to a seeming stranger, made his head spin.

But that’s his very problem.

She’s most definitely not a stranger, and she’s most definitely not just some pretty girl, and she’s most definitely not a random person.

It’s Y/N.

The love of Harry’s life, to explain it in a short way, yet, she shouldn’t be.

See, they broke up over 5 years ago and Harry has just never really gotten over her. He thinks he may never.

Because she was magnetic.

She was infatuating.

She was immaculate.

But they were just so young.

Or at least those were her words.

Because when you’re on one knee with a ring, asking for a hand in marriage, you don’t expect anything bad to happen.

But that’s where Harry was five years ago.

Young love was not to be trusted. They were only 18 and maybe she did know better but Harry simply didn’t give a fuck.

Because he was in love with her. He still is.

But now he stands here faced with the rejection of his life and she hasn’t even looked at him yet.

He doesn’t know whether to approach her or get the hell away from her and never come back.

But before his mind can make his decision, his heart beats him to it with quick strides of his long legs so he can be close to her.

Maybe Harry was clumsy, he always had been. But in the haste of not seeing your one true love in over 5 years might have made his approach a bit unorthodox.

She was holding a donut or something of that sort and that ends up on the floor when Harry trips over the sidewalk and basically falls on top of her.

Yeah, so maybe Harry was a bit clumsy.

“Ouch,” she giggles that airy laugh that Harry just adores, “Bit clumsy there-”

Her eyes meet his and the words that were escaping from her lips are now stuck in her throat and Y/N seriously considers hallucinating is the answer to what is happening.

It takes Harry a good 10 seconds to finally get the hell off of her after practically falling on top of her because of the trance he seemed to be in.

He always did love her eyes.

“God, m’so sorry, I can’t believe I just did that - holy shit…” he’s rambling and Y/N knows he only rambles when he’s nervous.

“Harry, it’s okay. I’m fine.”

Are you, though?”

And that’s the question that has absolutely nothing to do with the last thing she said.

Is she okay? Did she find someone else? Is he better than Harry? Is she engaged? Is she married?

He also was prone to exaggerating things to an extent.

There’s no ring on her finger but there’s also no sign of regret.

She’s so incredibly hard to read and Harry always struggled with that. She’s like a mystery that’s just waiting to be solved.

“Harry, I don’t think-”

“Please. Jus’, tell me one thing.”

She appears to be hesitant in her decision because she knows exactly what he’s about to ask. This isn’t what normally happens, right? You don’t randomly bump into an old love after 5 years and rehash on distant decisions.

Do you?

“I told you that day.”

Harry thinks that’s a load of fucking bullshit.

“You didn’t. Don’t act like I don’ know yeh, Y/N. I know when you’re not telling the truth. You didn’t tell me the truth that day and you’re still not.”

He doesn’t mean to come off so forward and confrontational but he blames it on five years of hopeless thinking about why in the hell did she leave him?

“This is crazy, I can’t- we haven’t seen each other in over 5 years!”

She’s absentmindedly pushing him back out of reflex. She made the decision that day, and he couldn’t be apart of it. Sometimes she blames herself, that it was a selfish thing to abandon him from. But she did it for him.

“There’s so much I’ve wanted to tell you and I can’t take back any decision I’ve made. I loved you and you were amazing but I was so damn scared-”

“Fuck that,” He interrupts her with the shake of his head because everything she’s saying is driving him crazy, “I loved yeh and yeh just left! ‘Said no for the love of God! Then you decide ‘hm let’s crush him even more and disappear for no fuckin’ reason!’. If I was so amazing how could you leave me like that?”

Her eyes are brimming with tears she hasn’t felt in so long. If guilty could be used Y/N would say it was an understatement. The tears of heartbreak and if anyone can define the word heartbreak it would be Harry and Y/N.

“I didn’t want to hurt you. I left for you and I know that sounds like bullshit but it’s the truth! Your career was finally taking off and I could see how happy you were, how could I take that away from you?”

Harry’s awestruck. Simply and completely awestruck. How can she even say this? They were in it together. They grew up together, they were eachother’s wingmen, they were eachother’s first love. They went through everything together.

“No, you can’t do that. Don’ blame that shit on me. Was crushed when you left! I didn’t leave my bloody apartment for 2 damn weeks! How could you even say that? That I would be better off without my main source of happiness, such bullshit.”

When they were dating, they never fought. Harry asked Y/N out for the first  dance of the year in 9th grade and they started dating the next day when those “magical sparks” went off when they shared a midnight kiss. Foolish really, because they were both only 14 and at that time they had no idea what was ahead of them.

Big stuff, evidently, because a couple years later, Harry started getting bigger and bigger. More people were noticing him and the world seemed to be much more vast than either of them would’ve expected. He wasn’t just Harry anymore, he was Harry Styles. And Y/N would admit to being scared he would forget about her. She grew up with him and if he was going to disregard her for the world, she would’ve been heartbroken. Ironic now. 15, going on 16, going on 17, going on 18 and he always made sure she felt like a princess. Better than that, in fact, because she was the Queen to his King.

And that’s exactly why Harry is so beyond confused and Y/N is so regretful of leaving him. But she was so scared. Scared of losing him to something that she wasn’t in control of keeping alive. Then he proposed and that scared her even more. And because they never ever fought, she didn’t want to start.

So, she left.

“I didn’t know how to deal with you being upset with me. You were my anchor and you had never yelled before that. I couldn’t handle it.”

“Couldn’t handle me yelling - what the fu - c'mon love, what the hell would I had been mad at you for? You were the only person in my life I could’ve never yelled at. Too special.”

Y/N’s full on crying now and Harry would admit to holding those tears back himself. How did they even end up like this? Was it fate that they ran into each other?

“Yes!” she’s taking deep breaths, trying to gain control over her emotions, “I didn’t know how in God’s name you’d react.”

He furrows his eyebrows and shakes his head, more confused than ever.

“React? React to wha?”

“I was- fuck, I can’t-”

He puts his ringed hand on her shoulder and it’s then that she looks up into his eyes and the connection that is brought forth is mind numbing. Harry doesn’t like to see her so upset, it breaks his heart.

“Y/N, please don’ cry, I didn’t mean to be so forward like-”

“I was pregnant! I-I was pregnant, Harry.”

And it’s as if those words repeat over and over in his mind as they slow down to a point he can evaluate every spark of realization. But he’s stunned. Irrevocably stunned and he has no idea what to say.

“You - we were - what?” There’s no hint of anger in his voice but pure astonishment and he sounds as if he might cry. Whatever scenario he had come up with in his head would never have amounted to this.

“I don’t know what to say,” he’s talking in an octave that surely hasn’t been reached since before puberty but neither of them seem to notice.

She looks up at him with a pained smile, “She’s beautiful, Harry.”

It’s then that his whole world completely flips upside down. He has a daughter. What does she look like? Did she get his eyes or her mum’s? Did she get his nose or her mum’s?

He hopes she looks everything like her mother because if so she’s the prettiest girl in the whole world.

“Wh-what’s her name?” He has no trace of anger to the tone of his words and Y/N is completely shocked.

“Y-You’re not mad?” She’s got a little furrow of her eyebrows that creates creases on her forehead and Harry so desperately wants to kiss them away.

“How could I- Y/N, m’so sorry if yeh ever thought I wouldn’t be able to handle a family but if I’m being completely honest, raising a family with you was always my biggest dream.”

She’s got tears in her eyes again but they aren’t from sadness anymore, rather, utter happiness and pure relief that has been sitting on her shoulders for over five years.

“Darling, I know this is a lot but-”

“Victoria. Her name’s Victoria.”

He smiles then, because that’s the name she told him so very long ago she would name her first daughter.

“Tori for short, yeah?”

She giggles then and Harry really doesn’t think there’s any sound in our universe that could top it. She’s a proper angel or summat.

“You remembered.”

Both Harry and Y/N think this is their happy place. Together. Nowhere and no one else could compete with this feeling.

“Yeah, I mean, when yeh deleted all your social media it was kinda hard to track you down. Jus’ figured ya didn’t wan’ me to stalk you every other night,”

Somehow the universe has brought them even closer together because Y/N has her arms around his waist as he nuzzles into neck. Correction, their happy place is right in each other’s arms.

“Moved to Europe for a couple years, actually. Basically dropped off the face of the planet. It was just me and her for a while. Then I met someone and he was great but the problem was,” she tilts her neck up to meet his eyes, “he wasn’t you.”

The kiss they share then is one that could cause world peace. It’s something out of a movie and neither Y/N nor Harry ever want it to end. They’ve missed each other more than humanly describable.

She breaks the kiss with his lips following in a close pursuit until she pecks them once and whispers, “Come upstairs with me, would you?”

His eyes flutter around for a second and then he realizes they’re in an apartment building. A nice one at that. Does she…

“You live here?” Suddenly realization flashes across his face, “Wait, you mean to meet-”

“Yes, Harold. To meet your daughter. But if we don’t get a move along I’ll have to overtime pay the nanny so come on.”

She grabs his arm and drags him to the elevator but not before he pulls her in for another kiss.

“I love you, Y/N. S'very much.”

He looks down at her in hopes to not have scared her off again but with the most beautiful smile that could be compared to art is sent his way, he’d say he’s doing okay.

“I love you, too. And I’m sorry for breaking your heart,”

“But you’re here now, and that’s all that matters.” He interrupts her with promise holding eyes.

Young love is filled with many things. Adrenaline, lust, and danger. You almost always get burned. Really, it’s something that should be outlawed.

It’s a good thing Y/N and Harry love breaking the rules.


feedback is very much appreciated. send me an ask if you liked it or wanted to suggest something or even if you were confused on something. love talking to you guys xx

all the fucking love,


The strong bond between Batman and Joker

part 3/?

Arkham City

Even after everything you’ve done, I would have saved you.

Since Arkham Knight the next installment is about to be released, I felt that Arkham City should be the subject of my analysis.

Arkham City is an amazing and exceptional game written by  Paul Dini, Paul Crocker, Sefton Hill and developed by Rocksteady Studios.

The basic storyline is : Doctor Strange works with Ra’s al Ghul to seperate criminals and people who might oppose them, then throw them into a prison, that is cut off in the city, in order to execute them.

Why I especially love this game is because there is the action-packed plot and all but the emotional focus of the story is on the relationship of Batman and Joker.

What Batman means to Joker is obvious via the missed calls, the messages, the way he speaks to him and most importantly the song during the credits. He loves Batman. This love is a soulmate kind of love

  • It’s selfish really, but we need each other. Life would be so boring without you. Who would I talk to? Who would really understand me?“

that can include romantic feelings

  • Only you sung by Joker :  

Only you can make this world seem right
Only you can make the darkness bright
Only you and you alone can thrill me like you do
And fill my heart with love for only you

Only you can make this change in me
For it’s true, you are my destiny
When you hold my hand I understand the magic that you do
You’re my dream come true, my one and only you

Only you can make this change in me
For it’s true, you are my destiny
When you hold my hand I understand the magic that you do
You’re my dream come true, my one and only you

and even sexual feelings because Joker does hint at it:

  • ”Get your cute little ass to the movie theatre! Now!”
  • “ Kill kill kill kill kill! I can see it in your eyes. The anger, the frustration, the hints of repressed sexual tension. Oh, hang on, is that just when you see me?”
  • “ Because now there’s a teeny little bit of me in you too, Bats. Oh c'mon. Don’t tell me it’s not what you have always wanted. “

But what does Joker mean to Batman? He is a villain. Yes. He is everything he fights against. Yes.

Still, Strange dies and gets blown up, Ra’s al Ghul dies then disappears, Talia dies (then disappears?) but the death that makes the biggest impact on Batman is nobody else’s than Joker’s. Batman carries out Joker’s body while we don’t even know what happens to Talia, his supposed lover. Batman does not even look after her because he is so shaken and shocked by Joker’s death.

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Skipped Dinners

P/n: Pic isn’t mine. Just gonna put it all out there. No fears.

Imagine Rafael coming home late from work and ends up fighting with you.

The streets were dark with only the street lights to illuminate his surroundings. He rubbed his temple to help soothe the pounding headache. From the lack of sleep and the countless cups of caffeine, not to mention the stress of winning the case, it was really taking a toll of his sanity. He dragged his feet to the front door, hoping that maybe he could get some rest.

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Exchange - (Reader x Connor Kenway)

What is this? Reader Insert series about living in an apartment building full of the characters from Assassin’s Creed in a modern setting. A guilty pleasure series tbh. Not gonna lie.

A/N: He’s so sweet! Awwwwwwwwwwwwwww! I gotta start adding gifs or pics into the fics. OHH THAT RHYMES ok I’m going, I’m going…


Originally posted by may-the-dread-wolf-take-you

You wondered if standing outside a stranger’s door with baked goods would become a regular event in your life.

Your fist was poised in front of your mysterious neighbour’s door; your other hand held a small jar with a blue bow on top. Claudia had convinced you that presentation was literally everything and so you had to sacrifice the nice glass container for the sake of giving your neighbour a very nice looking gift. Honestly you loathed to let go of the pretty jar, but your Italian lady friend promised to get one just as nice, if not nicer if you never saw the jar again.

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anonymous asked:

RFA + V finding out that MC got pretty badly (but not fatally) injured in Rika's room and they can't get to medical aid due to the bomb?

(for the sake of these head canons we’re going to act like Mint Eye didn’t come to ruin everything and they just. kept lurking without actually bothering the RFA)


  • when MC sends him a message saying “um don’t freak out but I got a little hurt” he’s already worried
  • then MC sends him a picture
  • oh god ankles should NOT be twisted in that way
  • how did?? MC?? sprain their ankle?? so badly???
  • there’s a video called “33 frogs screaming” in youtube and it frankly represents how he feels much better than how I can explain in words
  • he feels so bad? because MC is hurt right now? and he can’t do anything?
  • since he can’t go and help MC he’s going to be constantly checking up on them
  • he doesn’t know much about how to treat a sprained ankle but oh boy will he try
  • did you bandage it? dip it in hot water? COLD water? wait no no don’t listen to me I don’t know anything what if this advice hurt you?!”
  • he’s literally on his phone on every class and tells teachers he’s waiting for updates on a loved one’s health
  • the teachers think MC is fucking dying. they’d never guess it’s a badly sprained ankle with how worried Yoosung is


  • MC sends her a message “Jaehee, I don’t mean to worry you, but do you know what to do when you… run a nail through your hand?”
  • when you do what
  • like an actual nail?? a metal nail??
  • turns out MC tripped and their hand fell attop an exposed nail and just. rAN IT THROUGH
  • MC sends a pic and Jaehee nearly dies jesus christ MC that’s literally gore please don’t send that 
  • mom mode activated
  • honestly? she’s so worried?
  • her hands shake slightly ;;
  • first of all, she calls and instructs MC on how to treat the wound
  • after all, she has some experience on basic medical stuff jumin wanted to make a cat hospital and of course she had to go over that project
  • she tries to keep her voice calm as MC washes the wound but? it’s so hard 
  • when she hears MC wincing in pain as they disinfect the wound she feels so bad
  • she keeps up with MC on how the wound is going, reminding them to be careful
  • once she can safely see MC in the party she’ll check up on the wound and everything she was so worried poor baby


  • oh look a text from MC!
  • so Zen got any idea on what to do when you bang your head against the door and bust your eyebrow please i’m bleeding and umm”
  • he just CHUCKS HIS PHONE and starts freaking out
  • he then picks up his phone
  • ofc 707 replies: no
  • so Zen is left with many emotions like
    • anger
    • worry
    • ANGER
  • he doesn’t know how to help MC??
  • he healed a broken bone in a matter of days ok what would he know about health
  • still he tries his best to keep MC calm while he asks the other members to help
  • eventually, when MC is better, he’ll be so apologetic
  • if MC gets any scars he’ll never let MC feel bad about those he’s that angelic


  • he just got out from work, and his phone notified him of a text
  • opening up his phone, he was glad to see it was from MC
  • aaah I tripped and now have a moderately sized cut in my abdomen ;;”
  • he drops his phone?
  • he wants to send medics but he can’t 
  • he can’t even visit himself? it’s torture
  • MC sends him a picture of the cut; it’s fairly deep
  • not deep enough to threaten MC’s life, but enough for it to be a painful limitation on their day-to-day life until they have it treated
  • of course, he at least hires a doctor to instruct MC on what to do over the phone
  • he’s suffering as he tells MC what to do, even though MC assures him they’re much better thanks to him
  • the day of the party, MC is intstructed to arrive early at the spot
  • Jumin also arrives early and brings along the medics to at least treat the wound
  • luckily MC took good care of it so it wasn’t too bad
  • as soon as MC is treated, he just runs and hugs them so hard (he almost re-opens the cut like damn)
  • he promises he’ll take care of MC from there on


  • he was watching through the CCTV screen as MC cooked, smiling
  • suddenly, he noticed MC was distracted- and their hand was moving too near the pan-
  • he took out his phone at the speed of light, hoping to call them and stop their hand
  • but it was too slow and he watched as MC placed their hand palm-down in the piping hot pan
  • MC visibly screamed and sent the pan hurling down, burning their arm in the process
  • he also screamed
  • he calls MC so quickly he amazes himself? he wishes he had been this quick before it happened
  • MC’s crying because ouch that burns and hurts and oh god it’s horrible
  • he may not know much but he quickly enters a high reputation medical website and gets to the information on burns (that may or may not have been private for the website)
  • he has a very hard time keeping calm because? oh god MC is in pain?
  • and he can’t go and do something about it?
  • he can watch MC over the CCTV as they treat the burns but he still worries so much
  • finally, the party comes around and MC shows up with their hand bandaged as he’d seen them do in the camera feed
  • MC has to hug him and reassure him that they’re ok now, no seven I won’t die, no I won’t leave you yet, please calm down


  • He felt guilty enough knowing MC was in the apartment
  • y’know bc he kinda put MC inside an actual bomb
  • but then MC is talking in the group chat and suddenly just stops?
  • a few minutes later and MC is feebly typing in the chat asking for help
  • V is the only one online and he’s incredibly worried, until MC explains they fell and he asks if they’re ok
  • i dont know if im ok i tripped and hit my ribs against the table and it hurts like hell”
  • he’s so incredibly scared MC is seriously hurt? he’s tearing up a little inside as he hurries to call 707
  • after 707 looks up for the symptoms, he concludes MC probably bruised a rib or a few ribs
  • ofc V is here, blaming himself for this
  • no seriously he’s actually blaming himself for this and everyone is telling him he couldn’t have prevented this 
  • except Yoosung. yoosung thoroughly agrees this was V’s fault.
  • of course he quickly jumps on helping MC take care of themselves- remotely, of course
  • he logs in so much more often? and even sends MC texts and calls them in order to check up
  • MC constantly insists it’s not his fault; something that catches him off-guard each time they say it
  • eventually, when he shows up in the party, he has trouble seeing it, but MC claims to be all better
  • to prove it, they stand up and hug him
  • even though he hadn’t expected it, it did show MC was much better, and the hug itself felt more therapeutic than most things to him

Don’t really know where to start. I’ve been in love with Wilde’s works since high school and I’m suffering from Ben Whishaw fever which doesn’t seem to ever stop. Over the past few months I’ve been reading all of the posts describing The Crucible on Broadway, but as a trip to the US is not really possible for me right now I was hoping that maybe after the well deserved post NYC holiday Ben would play somewhere in London in a year or maybe more considering he’s doing some film projects right now. So when I saw a post on Tumblr saying he’ll be in Reading in September, and that the exhibition is about Oscar, there was no other choice but to buy a ridiculously long bus journey from Belgium to the UK and even more ridiculously expensive Eurostar train for the way back. But oh dear some things in life are priceless.

I didn’t even get to see that much of the exhibition - managed to see Oscar’s cell and books and some other items but other than that decided to go straight to the queue for the prison Chapel, which was a good choice cause I started to talk to a lady that had the luck to actually see him on Broadway and told me a lot about it. Ben has got some really nice fans 😊

So when we entered I think my heart skipped a beat as he was already sitting there looking so vulnerable and delicate and not even watching the people entering but for a short moment right at the beginning when he actually looked at me before I sat down. I still find it surrealistic that knowing every single movement of his face I got to see it live. Was it really him there?

Ben decided not to make a break in the reading of the 50000 words letter that Wilde wrote to his lover, Bosie. I’m really happy he chose to do it in one go cause in that way the atmosphere was not interrupted. I decided to stay there for the entire performance, thinking that if he can manage this for us then I can certainly manage it for him.

I watched the performance of last week, done by Neil Bartlett. And though both equally long, much longer than originally announced, I’m so so happy I had the honour to see Ben’s one. I really had the impression Oscar was speaking through him. What a talent. What a tremendous talent that boy has. Out of an extremely long letter that might bore if read in an ordinary manner he made a one man theatre. How I loved when he was turning pages and slamming them on the table when he was reading an angry paragraph. How everything he did yesterday was perfect is beyond me. In the middle of the performance (wasn’t looking at my watch but was following the text every now and then from my copy of De Profundis) there was an amazing light entering the Chapel through vitrage windows and you could hear a bird sing. And even though the letter was so hard and emotionally stuffed I felt for a moment such a lightness and happiness.

I’m a frequent concert goer where I always also try to be in the first row. But there was no comparison; sitting yesterday in the first row right next to this genius man,watching his tears and genuine suffering while reading the letter felt so intimate that at the end of it though having a slight heart attack before he read the last words, I felt as if I have known him forever. And I don’t think any theatre performance can give you that. Here, the format of the performance made it really easy for the audience to feel a bond with Ben, I think.

I could write so much more cause throughout the day I had these moments when I suddenly remembered him crying while reading about Oscar’s kids being taken away from him or crying while reading one of the last paragraphs in which one of the cities I have lived in (Bruges) was mentioned. So I’ll stop here. It was just a purely out of body experience. This man is talented beyond words.

After the show he was the most delicate, poor thing standing there so emotional, still crying. He also cried right before the very first words of the letter, before he even started to read. But it is indeed impossible not to shed a tear.

I decided that since I spent half of my weekend travelling under water to get to the UK and see my lovely boy performing, I will try my luck to tell him how gifted he is and how he really makes my life better with his beautiful, inspiring performances. He thanked me like four times (he is cute beyond words and was so shy) and said that the painting on the cover of my De Profundis copy is very beautiful. I felt quite guilty talking to him cause I can’t imagine how exhausted he must have been but then again I really felt the need to thank him for this amazing, insanely beautiful performance, which I did. And now I’m back on the other side of the Channel, trying not to cry at my work when thinking about yesterday.

As Tavi Gevinson said, Ben Goddamn Whishaw indeed.

Sharing some pics with those who couldn’t go/did go but didn’t take any. If anyone wants to talk to me about yesterday please write as I feel the need to let it out.

Edit - on a fun note the bus ride from Belgium was so long cause the driver got totally lost in London and was circulating over the Vauxhall Bridge three times, which with the traffic jams lasted around 1h, giving me a totally hilarious Bond + London Spy Tour 😍 I also find it cute that the train to Reading was leaving from Paddington and got myself one of the bears!

Anonymous: Hello! I’m so in love with the blog!! Can I request one where reader is an assassin, known as Black Death and is hired by Fisk to kill daredevil. A cool fight scene or something. She’s dating Matt and finds out its him. Very angsty when Matt finds out she’s Black Death when he over hears her talking with Fisk on the phone. In the end they forgive and makeup and go after Fisk together? I do t know, I had this dream last night and thought it’d be cool, if you don’t want to that’s totally fine! xxx

I’M JEALOUS THIS IS THE BEST DREAM EVER *ahem* okay, I hope I could bring it to life for you ;) Thanks for sharing this with me. This was super fun to write. Um.. yeah. Come tell me what you think, maybe?

3516 words. It’s really long, wow. Enjoy xx (not my pic)

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anonymous asked:

Hi, could I please request the axis taking their s/o to a festival. Thank you so much either way,

Awww that sounds cute,and thank you for being so polite!!!! ^^

Italy/Feliciano Vargas: “Mi amore! Look they have giant,fluffy bears over here!!!!” he excitedly shouted. You and him were walking around the festival arm in arm.  His smile was bright and he would get excited at many of the things there; which melted your heart. It was almost too much. “Hey,y/n,I am going to win this bear for you!” he said,determined. “Aw,you don’t have to do that for me,” you insisted; but he didn’t listen. He paid for a turn and started trying to shoot the ducks on the conveyor;he got it on the first try. In the blink of an eye all you could see is bear. “Y/n I got it!!!!! Here!!!” he smiled. You take it from him and hold it close,thanking him. “Y/n,you’re so cute,” he chuckled,then gently kissed your cheek.

Germany/Ludwig Beilschmidt : You excitedly talked to him about all the neat things you saw; he listened closely,smiling. It was rare that he would go to festivals; but he went for you. Honestly he felt kinda awkward at festivals, which made him fumble on the games sometimes; you loved seeing the cute side of him.  You look ahead and you see a stand where you can put your head in the hole and take a pic together. You tug his sleeve. “What is it,y/n?” he asks you. You tell him you want to take a picture at the booth.  "Sure,“ he repiled. You both walked over to it. You put your head through the hole for the cartoon guy body and he did the same for the cartoon girl. When you saw the picture you busted out laughing. Germany kissed your forehead. "I’m glad you like it,I love to see you smile.”

Japan/Honda Kiku: “I love going to festivals,they are always so lively and refreshing. What about you,y/n?” He asked you. You had been observing all of the booths and the colorful things there and had not been paying attention to him, which you apologize for. He smiles and pats your head. “Its okay,y/n.” You both walk by a booth with cotton candy and other sweets. “Hey y/n,how about we stop here for a moment?” he asks you. You both head over to the booth. You insist that he goes first because you haven’t made up your mind yet. While he is checking out,you dig into your pockets and realize: you forgot to bring your money. “Are you getting anything,y/n?” You shake your head and continue on through the festival. You eye his cotton candy,which he noticed. “Y/n,do you want some?” You confess to him that you forgot to bring any money and he smiles. “I’ll get you anything you want tonight,don’t worry.” He hands you the cotton candy and you happily take it; thanking him.

Romano/Lovino Vargas: You honestly felt like you were going to be overwhelmed. When you met up he gently pressed his lips to your hand, “Good evening mi a more,you look amazing,” then he proceeded to kiss your cheek. You felt like your heart was going to explode. Walking arm in arm,you both explored the festival. He saw the goldfish and stopped,staring at them. You could swear you could hear him mutter “fishy” under his breath.  You grabbed his wrist and darted over to the stand; Romano stumbling along behind you. “Woah,woah,y/n!!! What the-!?” You both looked at all of the fish. Glancing out of the corner of your eye,you saw Romano making faces at a fish. He looks up at you; immediately turning a deep shade of red. “I-I’ll take this one,” he told the stand keeper.  As you two were walking away you gave him a surprise kiss on his lips;making him turn red again.

Prussia/Gilbert Beilschmidt: Keeping up with this excites Prussian was like running a marathon. This guy was all over the place;and if not that he was shoving something in your face. “Y/N!!! LOOK AT THIS!!! ITS A GIANT BIRD!!!” he shouted,pointing to a humongous chick plushie. He looked back at you and noticed you were out of breath from all the running; he felt guilty. “Y/n I am so sorry,I got so excited that I about ran you silly. That was very un-awesome of me,“he said,slouching his shoulders. You kiss his cheek,telling him it is okay,and how you enjoyed seeing him excited like this. He smiled and kissed your cheek back. "You’re so cute,” he smirked. You told him to close his eyes and wait. He obeyed and you walked over to the booth with the plush and bought it. You went back to where he was and told him to open his eyes. His face lit up and he tackled you and the plushie. “THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!! I LOVE YOU!!!!!” he excitedly shouted,almost squeezing you to death.

Mark Scenario - Big Bunny

Genre: Fluff

Pairings: Mark x You

Words: 1599

Summary: You are scared to tell your boyfriend about your child but he ends up finding out everything.

Author’s Note: This is actually the cutest idea for a scenario. Mark would obviously accept the kid, he would just want you to tell him about it in the beggining!


Mark pulled over and stoped the car right in front of your house’s door. He looked at you and smiled as if he wanted something else and didn’t want the date to stop there. He reached to kiss you really softly and you retured the kiss.

-Baby, do you think I can stay with you a little bit more? Maybe go up? - Your boyriend licked his lip while looking at yours.

It wasn’t that you didn’t want Mark to stay with you, there wasn’t nothing you wanted more than to spend the night with him, but he couldn’t stay. Your kid was up there in your appartment with a friend that you called to take care of him.

- Mark… I’d love to…but I am really tired today. I just feel like going to bed when I get there. Next time, ok? - You caressed the back of his neck as his bright eyes grew sad.

-But you were just laughing moments ago… - He sighed and looked at you, smiling again. - It’s ok if you are not feeling good. Tomorrow text me so I can know if you are doing better. - He kissed your forhead.

You left the car, waving at him from outside and entering as you saw Mark going away. You were feeling terrible… it’s not the first lie you gave to Mark, but you are just too scared to tell him about your son. He is the best boyfriend and you love him like crazy, you just don’t want to loose him. But now, lie after lie, it’s ruining your relationship.

You entered your appartment to see your friend laying on the couch, watching tv.

-How was it? Did you told him? - She turns off the tv and aproches you as soon as she notices you.

- No… I couldn’t. - You sighed.- Where is him? - You ask as you didn’t saw that little perfect thing running around.

-Sleeping like an angel. - She smiles. - You should really tell Mark about him. He is such a sweet person, he would accept it! You shouldn’t wait more…the more you wait the more you ruin your relationship.

You promised yourself. The next day you were going to tell Mark everything. It wasn’t fair for you to be hiding it all and he was already suspicious and thinking there was something wrong since you always rejected his advances and were always busy doing random things.

It was now early in the morning and you were getting ready to take your little sunshine to the day nursery. You were combing your hair as he played with some toys, sitting on the ground.

Suddenly the bell rang. You were not waiting for anyone, was it some emergency?! As your doorphone wasn’t working you just pressed the button to open the door down there and left the door open, waiting for someone to reach your floor.

Then you recognized Mark, as he made his way to you, stair after stair.

-Mark?! - You got inside to block his way, you were not expecting your boyfriend at all. Your son was right behind you.

-I got worried about you…I thought in visisting you, is this ok? - He leaned to kiss you but you closed the door even more and steped back.

-Actually, no, baby… I am busy right now. Could we plan something for like…maybe in an hour?- You tried to explain and to get him out of there.

Your boyfriend was looking at you, realy confused, and he knew you were hiding something or someone behind that door.

-Baby what is… - He approached you and you closed the door even more.

Suddenly your kid starts laughing at something he saw on the tv. At that time, you knew you had some explanations to give.

-Is there someone with you?! - Mark didn’t thought twice and opened the door in one second, causing you to almost fall, since you here being supported by the door. He steeped inside, enoough of your games and scared to know what he was going to find inside.

In that moment your son ran to you and hugged your legs, still laughing. Mark looked at him with an astonished look.

-Mommy! The bunny! - Your son laughed pointing at the television while holding one of your legs.

You looked at Mark looking at you. He was perplex… why was there a kid in your house and why was he calling you mommy?!

-Y/N?! - Was only thing he was able to say.

You sighed and looked at your kid. It was the time. You needed to explain it all to Mark. He deserved to know!

-Could you please keep whathing that bunny while mommy stays in the kitchen?- You kissed your son’s forhead and picked him up to place him on the coutch and to come back to your boyfriend to guide him not too far from your kid, but in a place where you two could talk.

-”Mommy”?! - Mark looked mad and confused at you. A look that was making you really scared to tell him.

-I… haven’t told you before, because… I was affraid. - You looked at your feet, feeling guilty for not telling your boyfriend about such an important thing before.

He kept looking at you, baffled, not knowing what to say or think, still confused at what was happening.

-Mark, I have a son. - You finnaly looked at him, but he kept the same reaction, a surprised expression, as he didn’t have clue about you having children already.

Mark wasn’t mad, he was just a little disappointed at you since you didn’t told him sonner, but he was mainly surprised. He was just not expecting this at all.

-Y/N… - He stepped back to look at your kid singing a cute song from the leaving room. - Why haven’t you told me?!

-I was affraid. I love you so much! I didn’t want you to leave me! - Tears started to roll down your face as the guilt was killing you inside.

He cupped your face with his warm hands and you looked up at his kind eyes.

-I honestely don’t know what to say… you should have told be about your son sooner! I am just shocked…

-Well, now you know. - You took his hands off of you and held them, affraid to let him go.

-Y/N… you are the most important thing I have. I would never leave you because of this! - Mark smiled, still really scared at the idea but sad that he had to discover about you being a mom by himself . - Promise me you will never lie to me again.

-I will not! Never! I swear! - You smiled as the tears kept rolling down your face and jumped for Mark’s embrance, to give him the thightest hug you ever gave him.

-I want to meet him. - Your boyfriend whispered in your ear as you were hugging, with a really deep and kind voice that you never heard.

-N-now? - You asked, never imagining this to happen before. You were surprised at Mark’s words and waited for him to continue but before it heppened, your son runned to you as he felt like you were taking to long talking with the stranger.

-Mommy come here! - He came in through you two and looked at Mark, confused at the presence of someone he didn’t know.

-This is Mark. He is someone really special to mommy and he is really cool! - You whispered in your son’s ear as he looked Mark up and down. - How about you greet him? 

Your son got shy for a moment but then ran to hug your boyfriend. Mark got surprised at his action but picked him up in the arms to spin him around making him laugh.

-Hi there big buddy! Nice to meet you! - Mark pinched the kid’s nose softly, making him laugh again.

-Watch the bunny with me! - Mark put the kid down and was guided to the couch to sit there watching the channel with your kid.

You followed them, smilling at their first reactions of eachother. They were now watching the kid’s channel while laughing. It was so sweet seeing Mark with your son like that… you would never imagine.

-No, we have to go to the day nursery! - You tried to take them off of the couch but they were not paying you attention anymore. - Heyy? 

Your kid was just bewitched by Mark and your boyrfriend found him the cutest thing.

-I like big bunny! - Your kid laughed at Mark, that was still playing with him.

-The television bunny? - Mark asked your kid as he kept tickling that little cuteness.

-No! YOU! - He poked Mark’s cheek and your boyfriend pretended to be hurt by that, moaning a little to keep your kid happy.

-I am the big bunny? - He laughed, sitting your kid in his lap to start playing with his little hands.

You were just watching by this time. So relleived that you didn’t have to hide it anymore, that you could keep loving your boyfriend. No more lies. 

-Yes! You are a big bunny! - The kid grabbed Mark’s face to kiss him on the nose and your boyfriend just died because of extreme cuteness.

Mark looked at you and smiled as your kid kept on playing, he then winked and went back to play with him.


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