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Foreign Exchange Student AU

AU where Apollo’s family (Phoenix and Trucy and Miles fight me) decides to host a German foreign exchange student for a year and at first Apollo is really excited because a new friend!!!!!! but then he realizes that holy shit Klavier is cool and popular and as time goes on Apollo gets more and more scared about Klavier coming to America (what would they even do together??? Hang out at the space center with Mr. Starbuck and Clay??? Would Klavier want to put up with Trucy and Pearl and their pranks like Apollo does??? And what would he think of Athena and Junie???) So when Klavier’s plane lands Apollo is practically shaking he’s so nervous because god he’s such a loser and Klavier looks so cool and what if he hates Apollo? All of his fears are dispelled (and also made 10x worse holy shit) when the most handsome boy he’s ever seen makes his way through the crowd of people, smiling right at the group of them - dropping his luggage and basically charging at Apollo with his arms spread wide. Apollo spends the next week thinking about how nice Klavier smelled when he hugged him. Klavier (obviously) ends up loving their little family with his entire heart, helping Phoenix cook breakfast in the mornings, shadowing Miles at work one day, helping Trucy with her tricks and letting her paint his nails. Apollo is kind of in love with him after a month. He doesn’t even really mind being called Herr Forehead all of the time, because Klavier always gets a red tint to his cheeks whenever Apollo pretends to get upset by it, and he thinks it’s cute. They share a room, and after a few more months they share a bed, falling asleep entangled with each other, and Miles pretends he doesn’t know one morning after he checks on them one night. They kiss for the first time after Klavier has been staying with them for five and a half months, Klavier nudging their mouths together gently one night as they lay together in Apollo’s twin bed. They spend the next hour giggling under their breath, lightly breathing each other’s air, lips touching a few more times, noses rubbing against each other. By month six Apollo knows he’s in love, and he tells Klavier so the same night. Klavier’s entire face lights up, cheeks turning red in the dim light of their bedroom. Apollo falls asleep with his head on his boyfriend’s chest that night, feeling loved and flushed and cherished, trying not to think about the clock ticking, Klavier’s flight home scheduled in three months. Klavier’s last months in America are some of the best days of Apollo’s young life. During month seven, Phoenix and Miles sit them down to discuss their “growing and changing bodies and feelings” and Trucy seems to get quite the kick out of it. Apollo does not. He’s embarrassed, and doesn’t understand why his parents think a couple of 12/13 year olds are trying to have sex. During month eight, Klavier and Apollo explore each other a little bit, almost proving his parents wrong but ultimately not feeling comfortable with that kind of a relationship at their age (Phoenix overhears the conversation while crouching outside their bedroom door and is very proud, rushing off to tell his husband almost immediately after). Month nine is bittersweet, and their last week together is the first week of summer, the sunshine greeting them every morning when they wake up. (Apollo thinks about telling Klavier off for never closing the curtains, but ultimately decides not to, as he kind of likes the way Klavier looks in the morning sun). The morning that Klavier leaves is a sad one, but while they say their last goodbyes at the airport, the rest of Apollo’s family just a few feet behind then (Phoenix and Trucy are crying), Apollo knows that he’s found his person, and that having Klavier’s phone number saved into his cell will be enough to get the both of them through until next summer, when Klavier has already promised to come visit. (Phoenix is MUCH less okay with them sharing rooms next time) (Also they go stargazing with Clay and Trucy and Pearl at least once idk when)

As I think about Guts and Caska post eclipse, I feel that she blames Guts for everything that happened to her. If only subconsciously, she has always looked at him with hatred and fear, that he caused her all of the pain and sadness that she has felt(and she knows nothing about). I pity him and hope that some sort of retribution is obtained. 

i wanna get really buff!!!! i want people to look at me and be scared to pick a fight!!! even though i know i could beat anyone up how i am rn, i don’t LOOK very muscular bc i’m built so slight and feminine!!!!! i hate it!!!!!!! i want to look like a meathead bodybuilder that could wreck u without a second thought!!!!!!!!! fear me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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“Hold on, I will come back for you tonight. I won’t let them use you like this.”


Pietro looked at her from behind the bars with big eyes. He walked closer, but chain linked to the collar around his neck didn’t allowed him to press against bars. “How are you even find me here?” He asked quietly, looking around like in fear someone would see them.

the sooner van gaal fucking gets over himself the better i’m so sick of his attitude and his arrogance. how can he not see that we need another striker? can he not see it when he has to lump on a midfielder hoping that we can capture the stoke city affect of playing long balls and hoping for the best? and the only other striker we have is to just complete the substitutes bench. we’ve become painfully slow in our build up that we make teams like newcastle look dangerous? remember the years where united were feared and people actually hated playing at old trafford? now average teams come knowing they can easily pick up a point. and what is with subbing off the most influential players? mata was the most likely to score today - not memphis, not rooney and yet they played the ninety minutes despite being absolutely desperate. if sir alex were in charge they’d be hauled off or dropped for the next game but under van gaal rooney is guaranteed a captaincy and a starting position which he doesn’t deserve right now. sir alex had balls were van gaal has arrogance. i actually hate watching united now and that’s something i never imagined happening. i’m over van gaal rn

Mr Alzheimers

The magpies had been
warning me. They told me it was coming
months ago - I should have known.
It’s a funny thing, that chill 
through your skin when you realise 
someone isn’t living anymore. 
We weren’t close, we weren’t
blood relatives but you were my other mother’s
mother and that was close enough
to blood for me. 
You see, I watched your eloquent cursive
fade to barely legible scribbles, 
heard tell of the realities you dreamed of at night
that had already come to pass. Seeing your likeness
in the children that you didn’t always know were yours.
I remember the evening
you got lost on our street looking for a house
that wasn’t even there.
We looked everywhere, feared that you
might never come back. You did. And
when Mr Alzheimers became a permanent squatter in your brain
he never paid his rent on time, 
let damp in through the walls and rubbish strewn across the floors.
He liked to play old music and smoke cigars alone,
so often that it leaked in front of your eyes; they say the wisest 
all go blind.
We laughed
with heavy chests when the nurses said 
you wouldn’t eat your dinners but would have your
just desserts - such a sweet toothed sweetheart,
even at the end - you would have liked that we laughed like we did;
your name meant “cheerful” after all…
Dear Aunty Joyce, in all your ninety two years 
of life, you were hard and strong but never brittle.
And you were soft and kind at the best of times 
even after your bones broke after the falls
and your white and grey matter 
mind declined. I find 
it funny that we live so often with shadows and yet,
when a body fades to a place where it 
will never disrupt the light again, 
we miss being cold - at least with them here, 
they could keep us warm. 

Rest in peace, Aunty Joyce


Something was different, Mary felt odd. Mary looked down and saw her smaller body. Feelings soon rushed over her. Helpless, fear and confusion. She even felt the need to cry, but as a Soldier she refused to. She wrapped her oversized shirt around her, put her helmet on that now would cover her entire head. She ran, she was just so confused. As she was running she just couldn’t hold it back and she cried. She was so scared. Since she could not see where she was running she bumped into Medic. It knocking Mary down. She lifted up her helmet to see who or what it was, her eyes still full of tears.


Gino rubbed his sweaty palms across his black jeans. This was nervewrecking. This date would change the tide of the entire competition. Either, he did really well and made it to the finale, or he made it even easier on Snowbelle to send him home and choose a guy. She on the other hand seemed to lack any fears. Watching her, he saw her everpresent smile as she looked out of the window. She was so beautiful, yet so unattainable. He feared even looking at her the wrong way. “So uh…lovely weather out there.” Gino drummed his fingertips on his thighs. This was incredibly awkward. He was never one to flirt. Talking to Snowbelle was easy enough, and he liked her a lot. To be honest, he didn’t think he’d make it this far in the competition, but Snowbelle must have seen something in him. He was tired of blending into the shadows while the other guys zoomed ahead. 

“The snow is starting to melt.” Snowbelle frowned. “I do not like it. It gives me a bad feeling.”

“Why is that?”

“I am like the snow, am I not?” Snowbelle leaned her head against the window of the taxi cab. “It is not forever. I fear that this happiness will not last forever.” Gino didn’t know what to say to the girl. Would his words be enough to soothe her? “But then i think that the snow melts and brings light to something new and beautiful. Something much warmer…” She stoppd talking, and hugged herself. “I wonder what that entails for me. I’m sorry, I’m thinking too much. We should enjoy our date.”

//kurozami //gang leader au

Imagine Kizami accidentally making enemies with the famed badboy of Byakudan-Kurosaki Kensuke. Legend has it he’s the leader of a gang, as well as drives a motorcycle to school and deals cigarettes to whoever is buying. He’s small compared to Kizami’s frame, but his pierced lip and eyebrow, slicked back hair, and numerous tattoos make him a thing to be feared-and fear he does when Kurosaki comes looking for him. “So you’re the prick that scuffed my bike, huh?” After days of hiding, he’s cornered in the student council room, the intimidating boy cracking his knuckles and his neck. “I didn’t mean to. I’m sorry.” Perhaps, if Yuuya can be calm, he can talk himself out of getting a beatdown. “Sorry’s not gonna fix it, bitch.” He flinches as Kurosaki slams his hand against the wall beside his head, leaning in close enough to breathe down his neck. “You haven’t pissed your pants yet, so I’m impressed. You’re a big guy, though. How many girls you fucked?” He’s taken aback how quickly the conversation has switched-but maybe that’s what will save him. “C'mon, you gotta have at least one. Or guys, I don’t judge. You a top or a bottom, eh?” He nudges his arm. “Have you even kissed a girl, yet?” This question he chooses to answer, with a shake of the head. “Figures..” the silence between them is long and awkward-for Kizami, at least-until suddenly Kurosaki’s leaning closer, before pressing their mouths firmly together. Yuuya squirms only to be held in place by his lapel, Kensuke’s warm muscle sliding past his lips, so the taller boy can taste the metal stud in his tongue. “There. You’re not gonna go anywhere until you can at least say you’ve kissed.” The gang leader turns around to walk out, stopping at the door to look over his shoulder. “And if you touch my bike again, I’ll just have to bend you over it and fuck your brains out.” With that he leaves, and Kizami gulps down his nervousness, gently touching his fingertips to his mouth, and wishing those lips were still on his.

10 (or less) followers I want to know better ( REPOST: DON’T REBLOG.)

Name:  Tess
Nickname(s):  DIRT KING
Time/Date: 8/29/2015 10p ish. 
Average hours of sleep: 4-6
Last thing you googled:  fear the walking dead. Was looking to see when it’d be released on Hulu dangit. >.> 
Birthday: March 15th 
Star sign: Pisces.
Gender: agender
Sexual orientation: \_(ツ)_/¯ tbh.
Height: 5′8″
Fav colour: dark greens and blues. 
Lucky numbers: 25, 33
Word/s that comes to mind: My mind kind of went ‘…….’ as soon as I read this question. D:
One place that makes you happy: The library room in my house <3
How many blankets you sleep with: ALL OF THEM. 
Favourite movies: Pan’s Labyrinth, Ink, the LotR trilogy, 
Last book you read: Last one finished was Gardens of the Moon by Steven Erikson, currently reading The Fifth Season by N.K. Jemisin. 
Most used phrases: I don’t honestly know. XD
What you last said to a family member:  'gimme the controller this show is lame’ >_>
Fav fictional characters: Aside from Aragorn: Kaladin Stormblessed (Stormlight Archive) Nightcrawler (Marvel), Brienne of Tarth (Game of Thrones), Whiskeyjack (Malazan Book of the Fallen), Logen Ninefingers (First Law)
Fav famous people:  Misha Collins, Felicia Day, Nathan Fillion, about a billion others
Fav books: … lmao we’ll be here all day. Stormlight Archive, anything and everything by Cormac McCarthy, First Law Trilogy (and all the standalones), anything by Neil Gaiman
Fav beverage: So random fact: I’m a total beer snob and love craft beer dearly. 
Fav food: Anything and everything Korean ;_;
Fav band: Poets of the Fall and Bear’s Den are my current favorites
Last movie you watched: Mr. Nobody (excellent movie, too)
Dream vacation: New Zealand yessss
Dream wedding: uh well I’m married so. Our wedding was a complete nerd fest complete with Zelda and Final Fantasy music and a Wii U set up with Mario Kart instead of a dance floor??
Dream job:  Game writing/editing. 

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Do you have any tips on gaining self confidence and taking no shit from people? I can't seem to do anything for extreme fear of being judged by everyone and I'm just trying so hard to get by in life and it's very hard, and I have no money and need a job but my confidence is so far gone I can't even look for one without such fear, it's hurting my life.

After it happens a lot there’s just so much you can care about what people think of you

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Being misunderstood makes me feel so lonely. It seems to happen quite often, even by the people I am closest to. I desperately want to find someone who truly understands me.

Perhaps it may not be about finding the ‘right’ person, but allowing those close to us and expressing ourselves in a way they can understand us better. In another sense, I feel we crave intimacy more than the fear of being alone. We enjoy the freedom and privacy away from others a little bit too much and repress when society tells us to act or be a certain way. 

This fear of being alone can be related looking at the perspective of a Fire and Air sign, as their dependency and need for social interaction would ultimately create a greater amount of fear and loneliness, when left by themselves. 

-A Scorpio Woman

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I really want a kitten or cat but I'm worried I might not be able to take care of them and give them everything they need, do you have similar concerns? I also want a beehive but again, what if I screw it up?

I was very nervous when I adopted my boys but I think that’s normal and I think that it’s a good sign because it means that you care enough to actually be concerned and will therefore do your best to look after them.  don’t let the fear of failure stop you from doing the things you want.

honesty hour