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I'm the Tarjei anon and I want to say YES OMG yes to everything you just said. Seriously, he's so talented I don't remember ever feeling so much while watching someone perform and I'm just shocked. ALL THE TIME. His face, all the emotions you can see, the pain in this one scene with Sonja (ep8), the fear on his face whe Isak was looking for Even, the way he smiles and blushes at Even (cause, damn!!!), theven, you can literally SEE the love in his eyes, like, HOW THE FUCK DOES HE DO IT. HE'S 17!!

OH MY GOD I KNOW!!! It’s so mind blowing!!!  And even that scene with Sonja, it wasn’t just straight up pain, but like shock and disbelief and devastation and fear and almost a little knowing?  and when I say knowing I don’t mean that what she said was TRUE, but that he BELIEVED her because he’d always had that fear.  Since Even left before Isak woke up the first time they’d spent the night together and the fear and sadness on his face the SECOND time he woke up and Even wasn’t there (even though he was just in the kitchen).  It was like he KNEW it was all too good to be true so therefore what Sonja was saying HAD to be right and you just want to be like “NO BUDDY NO DON’T LISTEN TO HER, DON’T BELIEVE THAT!!!!!”  

The fact that Tarjei isn’t just looking at the words on the page for the scene in front of him, but taking into account everything Isak has been through and everything Isak has heard and seen and thought in the past and brought it to the surface JUST WITH HIS FACIAL EXPRESSIONS ALONE is mind blowing. It’s not something that usually comes natural for most actors, especially untrained actors.  He’s amazing


The rain hadn’t been anything other than a constant downpour since they’d passed beneath the canopies of Elwynn Forest, bound for the city. Dinner went mostly as planned; there was talk of Tayela’s impending marriage, discussion of the Blackfyre curse, and something else not-so-unexpected. “She’s pregnant,” Warlund said, eventually breaking the silence. Old Tom looked up from his leather-bound book. He smiled, “Tayela? Good for her, then.” Warlund kept a stoic expression resting upon his features, “I congratulated her, despite her not telling me. I had to guess it.” Tom looked briefly to the wagonman, “Daughters often fear their father’s wrath.” Warlund raised an obsidian-stained brow, “Especially when they’ve tried murdering them in the past?” The question was entirely rhetorical, but Old Tom answered anyway, with a chuckle, “Exactly.“

“Only half an hour’s journey now, gentlemen,” the wagonman called out, “We’ll be before Old Beautiful’s gates before you—” The sudden shortening of the man’s voice was cause for alarm. “Wagonman?” Warlund asked, “Is something wrong?” The wagon’s rear flaps were raised suddenly, a masked man appearing. “Depends on you you’re asking,“ he said, aiming a crossbow directly at Warlund’s centre mass. Old Tom went quietly for a shortsword next to him, but the masked man, unfooled by the lumbering oaf’s movements, aimed and fired. The bolt lodged in Old Tom’s throat, a spray of blood covering Warlund’s features. He took this opportunity to strike, plunging towards the man and going with him to the highway.

They rolled, getting in hits when and where they could. The wouldbe assassin ended up against the path, Warlund’s gloved hands wrapping around his throat. The fallen nobleman tightened and tightened until he was sure he was digging into the man’s flesh. The flailing of legs and feet beneath him deterred Warlund none; he felt and saw the life fleet from the assassin’s eyes, having turned red and vein-like during the struggle. Then, there were voices—and shouting. More were coming, Warlund thought, staggering to his feet. He fled through the woods, knowing only Stormwind’s general direction. He ran as far as could be imagined, the rain continuing to beat steadily against his brown curated leather armor, soon coming upon a familiar sight. High stone walls, a massive wooden gate, and Stormwind City standing proudly just beyond.

It was an odd sight, seeing it that up close again. Warlund ducked behind a nearby tree, toying with a ring inside one of his many pockets. He took it out, gave it a final look, and slipped it on. Looking down, Warlund could see his appearance had entirely changed. He wasn’t adorned in some horseman’s leather, instead wearing expensive fabrics of deep red and yellow; a nobleman’s attire. The fallen lord’s feature had changed as well—becoming youthful, with tresses of chestnut brown falling down around them. Hazel eyes glanced about before taking him around the tree and towards Stormwind’s entrance.

Stormwind hadn’t changed at all, not that Warlund expected anything less from this bastion of Man. The Trade District was crowded with people looking to buy up whatever they needed; foodstuffs, outfits, weapons and armor, even the ocassional flight somewhere else—away from all of this chaos. The fallen nobleman’s gaze wandered about, paying little attention to what laid ahead of him. He felt free underneath Tayela’s bought illusion, able to come and go as he pleased. Perhaps this was his alternative. “No, no,” Warlund uttered, “There’s no other way.”

Wandering the streets brought Warlund before the Cathedral’s steps—his ultimate destination within Stormwind’s high walls. Once he made that climb, there was no going back; there wasn’t anything left for it. The fallen nobleman’s chest raised and lowered, a heavy sigh taken as he took the the first step. Each one felt harder than the last, as if he was walking toward his own doom, which he might’ve been. It turned his hands clammy, and a hint of sweat rested upon Warlund’s forehead. At the top, it felt as if all eyes were suddenly on him, as he was nakedly before all of Stormwind. But as Warlund turned, relief washed over him as not a soul had noticed, or cared, that some youth-bound man had climbed the Cathedral’s stairs.

Forest-green eyes fell the glamour ring, fingers slowly turning it until it popped off. Warlund’s true self was revealed, and at first, no one seemingly noticed. Then, a lone guard crept forth, narrowing his eyes to get a better look from afar. “You!” The guard unsheathed his longsword, which caught another guard’s attention—and another and another. They all came running, the first now starting to climb the steps. Warlund looked to the cloudy grey skies directly overhead, and it reminded him of his dreams, of the precipice he often found himself upon. He fell to both knees, features held high as the fallen nobleman spoke the words:

“I, Warlund of the House Blackfyre, hereby seek Sanctuary within the confines of the Church of Holy Light.”

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See, here’s my reading of Sam’s anger.

He’s an angry man. It’s not the demon blood reasoning he thought back in the early days, it’s merely the fact that he’s such a sympathetic, empathetic man that injustice pisses him off to no end. But he also knows how to deal with his anger in such a way that rarely do people see it manifested.

He can look at Lucifer in the face, FEAR him and LOATHE him, and also tell him he’s wrong. He will criticize and insult the Devil to his face with a falsely calm demeanor, all the while raging and trembling inside.

Just because you don’t see him flailing and screaming about all the wrongs that have been done him, don’t think he isn’t aware or still bothered by them. He did, after all, break down at the end of Season 8 and let it all fly. You know they in there. Don’t doubt just because you don’t see.

The only time you really see Sam violently angry is when it’s for someone else. He’ll scream at John for treating Dean like shit. He’ll tense up because John left Dean at a boy’s home for merely trying to feed them. He’ll tell a mother what a piece of shit she was for letting her daughter die. He’ll stare down Archangel after Archangel for being dicks to humanity.

Never doubt that Sam would stick up for himself, that he wouldn’t tell his torturers, “Fuck you,” over and over again just on principal, but also don’t forget that his wrath is increased tenfold when he thinks someone else will suffer if he doesn’t speak up or act on their behalf.

you’re the softest part of my heart, she tells you, and you can’t bear to look at her for fear of your own heart shattering. it’s true, you know it is, but every time you come together, you always end up pulling back, bruised, tired, broken.

maybe our hearts were meant to be hard, you reply. maybe we were meant to be heartless.

—  an excerpt from a story i’ll never write
Open RP starter

((What happens after, where Credence lives and is detained and Real! Graves comes back, knowing Credence, and hopes to save him.))

Credence didn’t remember much of what happened, but he’d heard the Wizards speak of it. Currently, he was detained, in a small cell, some odd field of magic around him. It must have been there to contain whatever monster they accused him of being. Maybe they were right through…. He had lost control, harmed innocent people, /killed/ people… Maybe Credence was the monster after all. He’d been promised he would be celebrated in the wizarding community, honored among them. But he saw now the way they looked at him, with fear, disgust, and anger. They were repulsed by his very being. They hated him for having broken a sacred rule among wizards that he himself was not even aware of, it was a world he knew nothing about.

Credence was horrified with himself, what had become of him? /Killing/ people, innocent people, his own mother! He had destroyed the city, had killed, and now here he was, curled up In the corner of his cell in fear of what was to come. He’d had no time to mourn the loss of his family, instead he was facing serious charges. What was to become of him? The stress of it all was enough to break anyone, and it was shown in the way he trembled and curled in on himself in the corner of the room.

He was lost in his own little world until he heard footsteps from outside the barrier. Hesitantly, he looked up, eyes going wide.
“Mr. Graves..?”

Is the fear of "tactical looking" firearms racist?

I mean, when presented with two things that are functionally the same, ignorant people will still think the black one looks scarier. 🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔

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There lived a certain man in Atlas long ago He was big and strong, in his eyes a flaming glow Most people looked at him with terror and with fear But to Atlas chicks he was such a lovely dear. He could teach the hunters like a master Full of ecstasy and fire But he also was the kind of teacher Women would desire


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Matt Holt for the character thing??

Send Me a Character
And I will tell you my:

First impression
My first impression of Matt was that I kinda thought he’d be a bigger character, but as Shiro returned by himself I was like, “well he’s a side character.” and I’ve just been waiting (excitedly) for him to come back as a kickass character, memelord or he gets rescued and joins team Voltron.

Impression now
Probably a kickass fighter who starts a rebellion on a planet that’s been made into a prison work camp and becomes the leader to tear down and free other aliens and find a way back home with his father, but he stubbornly won’t leave space and back to earth until Zarkon is taken down for taking away a year of his life.

Favorite moment
That little moment when he’s looking at Shiro in fear after he gets “I WANT BLOOD” yelled at in his face by him. And then the little confused and disbelief look he makes when he’s being helped up by aliens but he’s watching Shiro get dragged away after he hears “take care of your father,” like Shiro expects that he’s not going to live through the fight

Idea for a story
Read the impression now again, now read this. Team Voltron finds out about a rebellion after hearing from some aliens that there’s this mysterious boy going around and bringing hope back into a few planets. They don’t know how he does it, but Pidge and Hunk suspect that he’s taking them out from the inside and moving on like a string of holiday lights. One light goes out one by one without affecting the other, and it’s oddly very effective because they can never track who does it and because they don’t really know it’s happening. Somehow Matt found a way to hack into the droids and makes them keep communicated with Zarkons Central Command, so they don’t come out attacking the planet as a whole. So team Voltron goes through the efforts of looking for the rebellion and finds them several planets away. They think it’s very impressive how one boy can make such a huge difference. So like, they accidentally get caught up with the Galra, accidentally eXPOSING THEM ALL AND MAKING MATT HOLT COME OUT LIKE “COULDN’T YOU HAVE BEEN A LITTLE BIT QUIETER ENTERING THIS PLANET’S ATMOSPHERE AND NOT NOTIFY THE GALRA?” AND PIDGE IS LIKE “HOLY SHIT, IT’S MATT” AND MATT IS LIKE “WHO’S THIS KID?” AND PIDGE IS LIKE “YOU DUMB FUCK, IT’S ME. YOUR LITTLE SISTER.” AND MATT’S LIKE “HOLY SHIT WHO LET MY LITTLE SISTER GO OFF INTO SPACE??” AND LANCE LIKE… SLOWLY RAISES HIS HAND AND GOES, “I WAS TAKING THE LION FOR A TEST RIDE, AND NOW WE’RE HERE.” so yeah, they work together to free yet another planet from Galra control, Matt joins team Voltron and promotes his second in command as leader, and he makes it kinda easier to free some planets from Zarkon while working with the group. The ship could end up being anything. Math, Hatt, Miro/Shatt, Latte or even Mallura, but for this it would mostly be Miro/Shatt, Math or Latte…

Unpopular opinion
Keith and Matt were good friends before the Kerberos mission. I felt kinda attacked by someone when they said “Keith and Matt have never met” and I’m like, “well you never know.” because they obviously went to the same school and they both know Shiro personally… so yeah, this is definitely a thing.

Favorite relationship

(My) Favorite headcanon(s)

  • Matt Holt is an absolute meme lord who can and will fuck you up if you talk shit about Star Wars, Star Trek or any cool Si-fi movies and stuff.
  • Believes in the moon landing and will fight anyone that doesn’t. He’s in a space program ready to go to the Kerberos moon, if he can get that far into space with his dad and teacher (teacher Shiro ftw,) then the moon landing was real, Consider yourself blocked and reported if you think the landing was fake.
  • Matt is the top student in all his classes. One time this kid tried to one up him with knowledge, and Matt shot him tf down because there’s no way in hell that’s he’s going down without a fight, and if he has a clear shot, he’s taking it without mercy.
  • Once got into huge trouble for hacking into computers to read top secret files to prove aliens are real. Shiro told him not too, but Matt hit him with that, “try and stop me” and Shiro knows that he cannot stop him. Matt is too powerful when it comes to finding the truth of aliens

Do you ever just suddenly feel really shitty because you’re not particularly good at anything and you don’t know what you wanna do with your life and like you didn’t ask to be born and have to deal with all of this and yet here you are, confused and anxious and paying to exist on this trash planet