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may 2017. theme: daddy

“Commander Smith?” A timid voice called from behind the office door.
“It’s open,” Levi called back. After a moment of no response, Levi sighed, setting down the papers he was working on and heading to the door.
He opened it to see a cadet, hands full of unopened letters. Her eyes widened in surprise when she realized who was in front of her.
“Oh!” she squeaked, “Captain Levi, Sir!” She reflexively moved her hands, probably trying to salute, but quickly changed her course when the stack of letters began to wobble dangerously. Levi only quirked an eyebrow at her as she righted the papers and herself, growing more flustered by the second.
“These, um - mail! For Commander Smith,” she said nervously.
“Inside,” said Levi, turning to hold the door open for her as she made her way to the desk. Erwin was so involved with his paperwork that he hadn’t looked up the entire time, but when the cadet set her stack down on the incoming mail tray, he made sure to give her a smile and thanks.
Looking flustered, she mumbled something and left the room quickly, no doubt embarrassed by everything that had occurred. Levi shut the door behind her, attention on Erwin. It was only mid-morning but already he looked tired, lethargy in his movements as he reached for the next paper in the pile.
Levi returned to his seat, working in silence to help Erwin finish up his endless paperwork. Frowning as he worked, Levi remembers how foolishly an hour ago he had hoped that they would be finished in time to take a nice break together in the afternoon.
Levi sighs internally, reaching for the next paper in the pile and slicing it open before reading the return address. He unfolded what turned out to be a personal letter from Nile Dawk.
“Oi, Erwin,” Levi said, pulling the commander from his intense focus, “Read this one.” Levi plopped the letter down on top of whatever Erwin was working on, moving himself over Erwin’s shoulder to get a better view.
Erwin read quickly through the letter, smiling softly by the end. “They named their son after me, and Mike,” Erwin said tenderly. He pointed to a spot on the page where Levi saw Erwin Michael Dawk.
“Better than Nile Jr.,” Levi deadpanned and Erwin laughed a little.
“Their eldest is already Nile Jr.,” Erwin smiled up at him, “and they have a daughter, Rosie.”
As Levi took in Erwin’s gentle expression, something occurred to him. “You want children?” he blurted out, surprised.
Erwin’s smile faltered infinitesimally, and he looked back to the letter. Levi spent the next few seconds trying to figure out how to bring the mood back up before Erwin spoke.
“I love children. My father was a school teacher, and he often spoke of how inspiring the kids were. He believed in the promise of a new generation and sought to encourage their success through education. I believe in his dream as well, but instead of teaching children how to read and write, I teach them to fight and to die.”
Levi watched Erwin closely, allowing him a moment of frustration before laying his hand gently on his lover’s shoulder. Erwin placed his hand over Levi’s, much bigger but just as calloused. Erwin squeezed Levi’s hand once before turning to look up at him, a new passion in his eyes.
“In another life, I might have children. But here, now.. protecting the lives of those already living is more important than me personally adding to the population.”
Levi imagined Erwin with a son as beautiful as his father. Looking away, he said softly, “In another life, we still couldn’t get pregnant.”
Erwin called Levi’s name gently, standing to bring himself closer. Erwin placed a hand on Levi’s cheek, guiding his face back to meet eyes. “We can adopt,” Erwin smiled, “I wouldn’t want to raise children with anyone else.”
Levi blushed slightly, wanting to turn away again but deciding to lean up and kiss Erwin on the lips instead. Levi felt Erwin’s smile, and Erwin chased his lips when he pulled away a moment later. Levi rested his head on Erwin’s broad chest, wrapping his arms around his waist and Erwin held him back, a soothing hand running through his hair.
Despite his lack of offspring, Levi thought Erwin seemed happy in this moment. Content, together. Levi allowed himself a tight squeeze before pulling away, moving back to his chair with all the dry paperwork waiting to be unfolded and read. Levi looked over at Erwin from across the desk to find Erwin looking back at him, a tender smile still on his face. Erwin’s eyes were still tired, but lighter now. Levi sent a genuine smile back at him before digging into the work pile.
As he settled into the sounds of gliding pens and shifting papers, Levi promised himself that he would see that smile again later that evening, right before trying very enthusiastically to get Erwin not pregnant.

[Femslash February]: Aquarium

how about a short little AU just to shake things up a bit?

Day 12: Aquarium (Alyanette + AU)

Words: 1797

Link to Archive of Our Own: [AO3]

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She could see her through the aquarium in her office. 

Apparently, all the interns had to take the desk for a couple of hours everyday, never mind how impressive their portfolios were. Marinette could accept that. Today a designing internship. Tomorrow a scholarship to ESMOD. Day after that, her very own label. She could suck up taking desk calls, staring at spreadsheets, sending emails, and following the heels of her idols for the summer. 

Besides. The view wasn’t half bad.

She checked the directory outside two mornings ago and found out that the office across from theirs was an online magazine. If she peeked around all the Rosy Barbs and Angelfish meandering around the long aquarium tank stretching along the wall right across from Marinette’s desk, she occasionally saw people bustling by with manuscripts and cover proofs. But that wasn’t even the best part. 

By far the most interesting about the office was the beautiful girl who worked the front desk. 

They looked to be about the same age, so Marinette assumed she was also an intern. She spent her days staying at her desk – probably sending emails and working on projects – and only leaving to run off to meetings or go to lunch. Marinette honestly didn’t mean to stare, but sometimes there was nothing to do at her desk other than wait for the phone to ring. Her eyes would drift up and see that gorgeous girl, hair piled up charmingly on the top of her head, pushing her glasses up the bridge of her nose every few minutes, and yawning in front of her computer screen while she multitasked on her cellphone. 

Marinette really wanted to ask her out to lunch, but she could never catch her outside the office. She sometimes meandered around the elevator during her lunch hour in the hopes that the girl would come out at the same time so that she could strike up a conversation, but their schedules never melded. Marinette tried to do the same at the end of the work day, but one of them was always staying late and finishing projects. All she had was her view through the aquarium tank. 

One of the models who worked for the label, Adrien, was about the only person who stopped by her desk everyday to have lunch with her and ask her about her day. It didn’t take him long to pick up on Marinette’s little hobby. He stopped by her desk one morning and poked her in the cheek when he caught her staring through the tank again. “You know, you could just make an excuse to go over there and talk to her.”

Marinette snorted. “And say what? ‘Hi, I’m Marinette, I think you’re cute and I’ve been creepily staring at you for the past two weeks. Wanna get coffee?’”

“What’s wrong with that?”

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The Rebound

Description: Lin engages in a brief tryst after her break-up with Tenzin. 

Rating: T+ 

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Author’s Note: I started this to answer the question “who is Lin’s fuck buddy?” and to examine the type of scenario in which she might find herself after her long term relationship has ended. This is dedicated to Amira for keeping me motivated! Thank you!! 


Lin narrowed her eyes at the man standing before her. His name was Kazuo, a potential representative of the Fire Nation in Republic City campaigning for a seat on the Council. He looked every inch a politician; broad shouldered, chiseled jaw, and thick hair that never seemed out of place. He was a charmer in both looks and personality, but his perfect grin wasn’t gaining much traction with Republic City’s Chief of Police. She crossed her arms and looked him over, trying to figure out what this young upstart was playing at. He’d asked her about food. What she liked, what she didn’t. His aim was no doubt political, but he was asking a suspicious amount of personal questions.

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anonymous asked:

prompt: lily and james have a fight so lily goes to marlene's place and james ends up at the front door in the middle of the night

The house was dark. Street lamps buzzed quietly against the autumn chill, tingeing the air around them a dim orange. 

The cement of Marlene’s doorstep was cold too. James sat resolutely with his back to the door, wand twirling idly between his fingers. Some portion of him was keeping track of the time, watching as the moon rose and fell, but he stayed huddled in his spot, eyes closed behind his glasses.

Can’t we go home now, love? he’d ask if Lily were in front of him. Hasn’t this war taken enough away from us already? 

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