look at the difference between them


Hail Hydra!

“Another one of my hand crafted unique specimen is now finished and ready for sale. This is a Hydra in Vienna-Blue. It has a thick flamed Maple top on a Mahogany body. A deep set neck with Purple-Heart fretboard. Multi layer neck with African Black Wenge, flamed maple and Purpleheart. Kammerstein quadrail humbuckers, Wilkinson Roller bridge and roller nut plus Wilkinson locking tuners. It also has illuminated side dots that can change between Red/Off/Blue. Take a look at my new designed poti knobs! I am so happy about my new hardware. It took me around 2 Years until I finally can present this instrument. I built it on my own in my workshop near my hometown in Germany. It´s number #003 but it is totally different to the other two Hydra that I built before. I make that guitars by hand and so none of them is the same than the other. 

 Since I did not build that guitar as an explicit custom order it is free for sale and as always: First come, first serve.  If you are interested, just contact me under sales@zerberus-guitars.de 

 Enjoy the pictures and keep rockin !!! ” - Frank at Zerberus Guitars

Got a guitar, bass, pedal or amp you want to share? Just send it here!

Larry holding hands

If you look at all the pics, look at the gap between Larry and then look at the lack of gap between the rest of the boys with the fans. The only gap is between Harry and Louis. Louis was hesitant to hold Harrys hand but Harry was the one who pulled Louis toward him and grabbed his hand. So Louis was all hesitant and shy about it but then a big smile was brought to his face. Usually when someone is shy, it’s like they really love that person. Liam and Niall just did it without a care cuz they’re just friends so it didn’t mean anything to them. But think about someone asking you to hold hands with the person you have a crush on. You get all blushy and shy and hesitant and you wonder who is going to make the first move. That’s Louis with Harry still after 5 years. So if you look at the body behavior between Larry and Niam, there’s a huge difference. Niam is very platonic while Larry isn’t.

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do you have any tips on colour theory and colouring in general by chance??

umm, color theory’s definitely one of my weak spots haha. no matter how much i read up on it and think i get it, i never can apply it well

when i color i just go by what colors i feel like go well together (which i hear is ill-advised in the long run, learning color theory properly is important). i work with rly simple lighting, so after a while i found color combos i like and just stuck with them. not so great if you’re looking to challenge yourself, but if you’re doing it for fun it works just fine.

general tips:

  • keep in mind the difference between perceived color and actual color, & use that when choosing colors
  • keep ctrl+u (change hue/saturation) handy, use it on whatever colors feel weird or out of place
  • generally avoid pure black or pure white
  • guaranteed way to make colors work together is to mix them together a bit, so that every color has a bit of another color blended in it. a quick way to do this is to use one color set on overlay over everything.

a process pic gif:

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I'm a questionable ISFJ with very high, very unhealthy Fe (I asked this question /post/125607151290) and now I don't know whether I'm ISFJ or ESFJ. I've been reading your answers stating the difference between the two and I'm still not sure. You reblogged a post about mental disorders, and this quote "Social anxiety can make extroverts think they are introverts, and cause Fe to be socially awkward." is making me question myself further. Do you have any advice on how I can figure this out?

Hey! I’m so sorry that I wasn’t able to help you out before and that you ended up more confused than you originally were.

Just a question, have you already looked at inferior functions? I know I talk about them a lot with E/I confusion so I’m sure you have but that’s a much easier way to figure out if you’re ISFJ or ESFJ. However, I’m sure you’ve already read through that so I’ll try to approach this from a different standpoint.

Warning: This is probably going to seem extremely scattered because I’m basically trying to recall everything I know about ESFJs and ISFJs and putting it into a very messy post.

ISFJs find it easier to take a step back and analyze a situation objectively, but it’s always through their Fe (Fe-Ti is not as harsh or oblivious to others as Ti-Fe). They can defend themselves with more confidence than ESFJs and usually enjoy things that stimulate their Ti. ESFJs find it easier to look at different/alternate possibilities without feeling out of their element. They’re much more comfortable envisioning what could happen and preparing for it. They can make decisions despite knowing the various different outcomes, which is something ISFJs may have a harder time with.

During stress, ESFJs might look for someone to blame (often irrationally). ISFJs start thinking about the worst case scenario and become convinced that it’ll happen. I read a really interesting post that said that during stress, ESFJs become TiNe where their Ne gives them ridiculous conclusions and their Ti kind of comes up with logical explanations for why they can’t come true. For ISFJs, however, their Ti almost fuels their Ne - Ti’s logical reasoning is crushed by or undermined by Ne’s endless possibilities. 

ESFJs, contrary to popular belief, are usually very blunt about their feelings and aren’t scared with confrontation. I have an ESFJ cousin and she’s always left me feeling very awed by her - how does she make everyone happy? She knows just what to do to get on everyone’s good side, she’s very good at making everyone feel included and engaging in conversation with what she knows will entertain you. They can be very mothering and pay attention to details, but can get hurt easily (from experience though, a direct talk and a sincere apology usually fixes that). They might have a hard time logically assessing situations, often only doing so when forced.

ISFJs are down to earth, practical, and value past memories/experiences that mean something to them. They like routine - why bother changing something that’s proven to work in the past? Why bother changing myself when I’ve been this way all this time? The value stories and tradition, especially ones that mean something to them. They’re usually (although not always) the ones who remember birthdays and anniversaries (although ESFJs might do this as well). I know an ISFJ (he was my boss at my previous job) and he was very sweet and disliked unnecessary change. He always said to me “the less I have to think, the better my job.” My Ti, of course, found that unimaginable. They are usually the ones that worry over things that may happen in the future that aren’t in their control.

Are you an ESFJ? They’re doers. Constantly busy and like to implement change and improve things. They like to feel accomplished. They won’t hide their emotions from you. They’re genuinely interested in other people and hearing about their experiences, etc. They’re extremely loyal and will go out of their way to defend what and who they believe is right

Are you an ISFJ? They improve steadily through repetition - they may not understand a concept right away like high Ne users tend to, but by the end of the class they’ll probably know more than you. They trust things that have worked before. They have Fe and Ne, which means they often see the best in people and will give you the benefit of the doubt. They trust their own past experience and don’t usually make the same mistake twice. It may take time for an ISFJ to warm up to you, but once they do, they’re unwaveringly loyal. Si-Fe is also a pair with the desire to act and do instead of just sit there and be sad, but probably to a lesser extent compared to ESFJs.

Unhealthy ISFJs tend to be easy to manipulate. They are paranoid and might think their own opinion is the most important. Unhealthy/Inferior Ne makes them worry constantly about everything and make them freak out over “new” or “unknown” things. They might find it hard to express emotions without being rude. They might get stuck in the past and be unwilling to give second chances. They cling to the past despite knowing how it’s hurting them.

Unhealthy ESFJs won’t be able to see the logical explanation of things. They might become emotional and unreasonable when confronted with logic. They might see themselves as the only “right” person in a world full of wrong people. They tend to have a hard time rationalizing. They may try to take control of your life for you: “I know what’s best for you, so let me make your decisions for you.”

If you’re still confused, just message me off anon or send me a fanmail and we can work through it. It’s much easier when you can tell me about yourself and I can ask you questions. Don’t be shy!! 

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But Zayn is not really black, like, maybe a little darker than the rest of the boys.

He’s still a POC and I understand that people didn’t notice the slight difference of skin tones that I gave Zayn and Niall in the drawing. Here’s it:

But it’s no reason to call me racist and send hate in my opinion. If they’d been kinder to me, I wouldn’t have stopped drawing zayn for a long time due to fear. I’m over that already but it was ugly and I was just starting to post my art. People even gave me shit for making Zayn’s hair brown, when I was trying to only use soft colours and avoid using black. But people didn’t know that of course. And I remember trying to get Zayn’s skin tone right, and usinf reference pictures, but all of them where to bright and the drawing ended up looking like this. There is a slight difference between Niall’s and Zayn’s skin tone but I understand that it might have not been enough. I tried.. I really did. And it was never my intention to ‘whitewash’ him. But now I got better with the art thing and make sure that it doesn’t happen again.


starting a new rotation: older and wiser edition

Medicine Sub-I Task #1 was to page attending to get signout so I have patients to read about for tomorrow. 

No response to page x2. 

Difference in reactions between MS3 and MS4:

MS3: “OMG what am I gonna do who do I email should I go in an hour early and find a resident maybe I should go to the hospital now for the nocturnist signout there are expectations and I am already not meeting them I’m scared halp me halp me.”

MS4: “Well. Fuck it. One less morning of my life spent pre-rounding. *shrug* ”

(Edit: Ok, ok, I did log into the hospital EMR, looked at my team’s patient list, and made sure there weren’t any problems that I’m not at least vaguely familiar with. DUE DILIGENCE, people. Due diligence.)

Fur Info & Sources

Buying fur can be an adventure, and when you don’t know what you’re doing it can be a costly one! In this guide I hope to explain the difference between various types of fur as well as where to buy them, and some do’s and don’t s when it comes to using it.

This guide won’t go over absolutely every type of fur, or every place that sells it. But it will give you a good overview so you can have a good idea about what to look for when shopping for it!

Luxury Shag (also called Punky Muppet, Shaggy Faux Fur, DF Shag) - Average cost per yard: $25-$35

Shag fur is pretty much the basic, first thing-to-come-to-mind type of fur. It is made of longish fibers (called the “pile”), which tend to be around 2 inches long, and usually comes in a solid color. It is deep, soft and plush, and can be shaved down very nicely and naturally. Luxury Shag is great because it’s sold on virtually every fur selling website, and comes in a pretty wide variety of color. It’s versatile and can fit a lot of different projects, as well as generally being the cheapest good quality fur on the market. Because of this it’s the ideal fur for beginner suit makers to use.

TIP: Usually, any fur that costs around $25 a yard will be all soft and nice and stuff. HOWEVER beware of false quality shag. Some websites may advertise a certain type of fur as shag, but in reality the fur they sell is some type of low quality Fun Fur.The way to make sure about this is to ask for a swatch. A swatch is a small sample of any fur you request, which will be mailed to you either free or with a little fee. By ordering the swatch, you can ensure that the fur will be the quality you’re looking for. You can also make sure that it’s the color you want. Dif ferent computer monitors will show slightly different colors, and what you see on your screen may not be what you get in real life.

Fun Fur (also called craft fur, don’t use it besides for learning) - Average cost per yard: $10-$25, small amounts can be purchased at craft stores for around $7

Fun Fur is coarse, sparse and kinky. It will be bristly and the backing will show through after shaving. It usually comes with about a 2 inch pile, though fun fur comes in a wide variety of sizes and color. Fun fur is far from the best quality of fur out there, but don’t completely rule it out. It’s sold in a lot of local stores such as Joann’s and Hobby Lobby. So for those on an extremely limited budget, fun fur is a viable alternative for more expensive online fur that you have to pay shipping for.

TIP: You may think that the low quality shag would be better for realistic suits, as the fibers are harsher, but that’s usually not the case. If you’re looking for realistic fur, check out the “Fox” category.

Fox - Average cost per yard: $25-$40

Fox fur does not come from a fox! It’s simply the name given to this type of faux fur. Fox fur often refers to a type of fur made by Monterey Mills, though it can be bought at different places around the Internet.This fur is long pile (around 3 inches) and is of good quality, but doesn’t have the artificial soft and cuddly feel of shag.It’s rough, but in a natural sort of way (like a real animal)! Also, this stuff shaves down quite nicely. Hence it’s great for life-like costumes. However, different colors of Fox fur can be hard to come by. White and black fur can be bought straight from Monterey Mills, and some other fox fur colors such as Rust and Palomino can be found more rarely. But for more exotic colors you will have to dye or airbrush the fur yourself. Fursuitsupplies.com also has a really cool Luxury Fox Fur, which is like a hybrid between Luxury Shag and Fox Fur, and has the best attributes of both!

Seal/Teddy (best for the main part of a ponysuit) - Average cost per yard: $12-$25

There are different types of short pile(around ½ inches or so) furs, and some are literally called “Short Pile Fur”. However, there are two main types I want to talk about here. “Seal” fur refers to furs that have very short, but dense fibers. This stuff is usually very luxurious and smooth, but not great for shaving or a realistic look; it has more of a plush sort of vibe.Teddy fur is also short fibered, but is a little more sparse, thin and realistic looking, making it great for realistic animals with shorter furs. These short pile furs come in a huge variety of colors and color combinations, so are great for fursuits. However, when looking up these short furs, be careful !Many short pile furs (usually called “Minky” fur) come with lines or dots grooved into the fur. This is because this type of fur is used for clothing, like coats and things. However, that is usually NOT what you want for your fursuit! Make sure that any short pile sort of fur you buy is totally plain and flat before you order it online by ordering a swatch first.

TIP: One thing to note is that with short fur, it’s a bit harder to hide seams. The short fibers makes blending two separate pieces of fur a little tough, and it doesn’t look good to have visible seams on your suit. A technique that makes things a little easier is that instead of buying short fur, buy shag and shave it down to the length you want. Also, you can taper the length of fur while shaving down the shag, instead of having an abrupt change in fur length where the short fur and the long fur meet. However, if you are making an animal that has only short fur, then buying shag and having to shave down everything is pretty impractical, so simply buy what works best for the suit you are making!

Mongolian (ideal for wavy manes and tails) - Average cost per yard: $25-$35

Mongolian fur is wavy, long pile fur, about 3 inches long. It comes in a nice variety of colors. This stuff is extremely similar to your regular Shag fur, though it tends to be a bit rougher and wilder looking. It’s good for accents or animals with longer or more ruffled fur. Monkey Shag is also a long pile fur, though it’s not as wavy as the Mongolian, and comes in fewer colors.

Husky and Wolf - Average cost per yard: $30-$40

Husky and Wolf fur are a long pile fur (around 3 inches or so) that takes on the characteristics and colors of, well, a Husky or a Wolf! This fur tends to be two-toned, with a base fur that fades into a different color near the tip, or small patches of alternating colors. Depending on what you get, the colors may go from black to white, brown to cream, etc. Wolf fur may even have long guard hairs dispersed among the normal fur. This type of fur is amazing for a realistic look that you just can’t get from airbrushing!  

Tip: This fur would work great for use on the neck of a mask, or the back on the bodysuit. It may not be so good for detail work! Beware that while this fur is great while it’s long, it may not shave down very well. This is because a lot of these furs have small tufts of a different color dispersed in the main coat; when the fur is shaved, it leaves unnatural spots of color on your fur.

Sparkle Fur (may be used for crystal ponies) - Average cost per yard: $25-$40

Sparkle fur is exactly what it sounds like - fur that’s sparkly! This stuff has got anywhere from 1½ to 3 inch long pile fur, with sparkly tinsel or metallic strands dispersed throughout it.  Though it looks snazzy, sparkly fur may not be the highest quality fur, or the softest.  It may not shave down very well either, due to the tinsel strands. However, it would work great as a fun accent.

Feather Fur - Average cost per yard: $30-$40

Feather fur is patterned in such a way that it looks like feathers instead of regular fur.  It looks really great!  If you were making a griffon or something similar, than this stuff would be exactly what you’d want. Feather fur comes with pile about 3 inches long depending on the type, and can be a variety of colors.

Patterned Fur - Price varies depending on the type, around $25 per yard

Patterned fur refers to any fur with designs being part of it - like spots or stripes. Though this stuff might seem appealing, I would strongly discourage the use of alread patterned furs on a fursuit. The placements of the patterns in the pre-made fur aren’t always where you might want them. When you cut the fur, you cut the designs in awkward ways as well.  Also, there isn’t much spacing in pre-made patterns, which makes the fursuit (especially the head) look too busy and unorganized. Though patterned fur may work in some cases, I advise to use it sparingly. If you need to put very detailed spots or stripes on your fursuit, and don’t want to hand sew them in, then I recommend either hand painting or airbrushing them on.

Where to get:

PLEASE NOTE: A lot of these site may also ship world wide.

North America Sources

Europe Sources

Australia Sources

Asia Sources

From the MLP Fursuiters Facebook Group

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Unpopular opinion:I wish people would focus on the gameplay of fates more than the characters and the touching.

Ok so on one hand, I agree, partially in that I haven’t done a lot of reading up on the particulars of certain gameplay aspects, i.e. Does capturing work like in Thracia? Or differently? Also I’d like confirmation on child build growths before I finish too many of ‘em or I’ll have a LOT of calculations to redo if they’re calculated differently from Awakening.

On the other hand, for me at least, the fact that fire emblem characters are so fleshed out is part of why I still love the games after all this time, so I love seeing people react to them and gauging popularity and stuff (plus, I have the Hinata thirst)

Overall, I slightly agree based on simply the sheer volume of discrepancy between focuses. It’d be nice if people took a break from shipping pineapples and tomatoes to take a look at how the game itself works in greater detail. But I also appreciate the character and plot appreciation since strength in those areas tend to be what keeps me invested in a game in the first place.

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1. Hi! 3 part anon here. Thank you for answering. You are right Larries on Tumblr & Twitter are being extra with their reactions. From what I can see, it's true that blogs and the people are manipulating the picture into creating a Larry moment. I have a question for you I creeped on your blog and from I can see, I think that your perspective has changed ever since the secret blog scandal has happened. Is that correct? While I see that you were never a ''Larrie'' you were open to speculate.

2. What changed? Was that the wake-up call? For me as an outsider, that is when I started to look at the non-larrie blogs to see a different perspective. While I do not agree with either sides, I think both of them have some good arguments. Unfortunately since everyone has to “stay in their lane” you cannot get a whole pictures if you do not know where to look or if there is no civilized debate between the 2 sides.

3. For me, I started creeping on tumblr in November because of Louis’ tweet and that is how I got swept into the “Larry fandom”. While it’s true when I looked at some Youtube videos of Larry moment, there might be something there, my issue with hardcore Larry blogs is that they just state Louis & Harry are in a relationship as a fact. I think that is totally wrong because it’s an assumption and technically we are speculating. I see nothing wrong with speculating. Now sending hate,

4. to the girlfriends, asking family members or their entourage if Larry is real or spamming each of their social media is wrong. Overanalyzing things or thinking everything is a lie is where I cringe. As for non-larries, where I cringe is the argument of forcing, assuming or speculating on someones sexuality is wrong and that thinking the members of 1D might be lying is offensive to them. My advice to both side is this nothing is black or white in showbiz..

Yeah my perspective did change a lot. I was sort of a mild Larrie at the beginning but then I realized how much brainwashing and manipulation fans exert over other fans in the Larrie fandom, and I stepped away from it. It’s like a totally different frame of mind and I don’t think it’s a very healthy one. It just seems to consume people. Theories and interpretations become fact and people’s imaginations run wild. They’re also very invasive trying to push Larry onto the boys’ friends and family. 

I think it’s the behavior of those people that ended up being the wake-up call. I was following that particular group of big Larrie blogs that twisted and edited information. I started trying to look at it all with more perspective, then things started to look very different. I have nothing against Harry and Louis being together if they actually are, but I don’t think Larry is real. But if it is, then I’ll support them - but not in this disrespectful fetishizing way of some Larries. They’ve taken their fanfics too far and it became reality to them. Fans create stories around small things that then turn into some great romantic event in their Larry timeline, but meanwhile it came from their own imaginations. They put meaning to things that don’t necessarily mean anything at all in reality. If you teach yourself not to over-analyze and read into stuff to try and fit everything into your theory, it all looks very different. 

And yes, showbiz isn’t black or white, and at the end of the day we actually don’t know what the truth is at all. Neither side of the fandom is more informed than the other one. I generally just get frustrated when people refuse to look at the bigger picture and see that life doesn’t revolve around 1D and that a very large percentage of the world’s population couldn’t care less. I annoyed when fans treat the boys as objects there for their personal amusement, rather than actual real human beings. And then they get angry when the guys do something that goes against the version of the story playing out in their heads. Xander is an example of that - just leave the guy alone, don’t take it so personally. We don’t need to know what his role is in Harry’s world and we don’t need to fight about it either. It’s their life, not ours, and we don’t get to decide how they should live it. 

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Why is Taylor having Avril come up onstage to sing with her damage control exactly? Sorry just wondering, since you tagged the pics of them together as such.

Cause Taylor liked that post on tumblr having something to do with the difference between her M/G’s and other musicians, and Avril was one of them since she does like the same pose and doesn’t touch the person so then Taylor followed her, and brought her on stage lmao. That looks like damage control to me.

there’s no difference between abusive adults and abusive kids/teens besides the way they look meaning u have just as much of a right to stand up to them then you would to a school bully. saying adults deserve more respect is a lie. that might go without saying but who knows

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Whats the deal with bernstein bears?

basically, everyone all of a sudden came to the realization that they aren’t actually called the Berenstein Bears. they’re the Berenstain Bears according to books and wikipedia and basically all sources anyone can find. but no one remembers them ever being called that/spelled that way. and it looks really strange to most people. so now there are folks going all x-filey and saying this rift between reality and almost everyone remembering differently is proof of parallel universes and perhaps some people from the  Berenstein universe have crossed over into the horrible monstrosity that is the Berenstain universe.

bruce is really quite a mess actually when he has to go on some business trip okay he like forgets that he’s supposed to be batman and have everything under control

“jason please don’t kill your brothers while i’m gone don’t think i won’t know if you’re even so much as irking tim just a little bit because i will be SIGHING and if i don’t know why i’m sighing i WILL CALL”

“damian now be nice to your teachers okay because i will not be around to settle the various differences between you and them and if dick has to do it you’ll never leave the school and for some reason HE will end up getting expelled even though he’s not in the system”

“tim if anything happens to you if you start feeling the least bit sick please please pLEASE TAKE YOUR ANTIBIOTICS OKAY THIS IS NOT A JOKE look at me timothy look at me really i can’t stress this enough because it’s not funny for me to come back from across the atlantic ocean and find you in the hospital”



Orchid bees are famous for their long tongues, which are ideally suited to sipping pollen from the narrow necks of orchids in the neotropical regions of South America, where both are common. The massive mouthparts are just one of many adaptations born out of the partnership between the orchid family and this group of bees, many of which are distinguished by their bright, metallic colorations that make them look like flying green, gold, or blue gemstones. As orchids and bees have evolved close relationships, certain species of bee have come to prefer certain species of orchid, and vice versa. The flowers even have a specialized way of transferring their pollen via bee.

“Orchids transfer pollen in sticky clumps called pollinia,” explains Jerome Rozen, curator in the Museum’s Division of Invertebrate Zoology. Different orchids have evolved shapes that place these pollinia at specific sites on an orchid bee’s body. “Some pollinia will stick to a bee’s head,” Rozen says. “Others will cling farther back on its body.”

These precise placements of pollen increase the chances that the bee will successfully fertilize another flower of the same species. A pollinia that attaches to a bee’s abdomen, for instance, is unlikely to be knocked off until that bee visits another orchid of the same kind that placed it.

Orchid bees also collect scents from flowers. Scraping up aromatic chemicals using brush-like fibers found on their legs, a male orchid bee will transfer the chemical to a pouch in its abdomen. By visiting a variety of blossoms, males create unique bouquets, which scientists think are used to impress females during mating. “It’s thought that creating a combination of smells demonstrates fitness,” says Scientific Assistant Ely Wyman.

The importance of combining scents is also suggested by the absence of females at traps—males show up in force when a single, strong scent is present, but just one aroma is not enough to draw out females of the species. Researchers use this behavior to their advantage when collecting specimens: Wyman says potent essential oils like eucalyptus and wintergreen tend to be the most effective at attracting male orchid bees, though he has also had success with less savory aromas. “I have a jar of artificial feces smell that I’ve used in the past,” says Wyman. “I don’t travel with that anymore, though. I’m too afraid it will break in my luggage.”

See orchid bee specimens on display in Life at the Limits, now on view at the Museum.

Image: AMNH/R.Mickens

Journal entries to you

In English class my teacher asked me to define the difference between love and hate and I swear to god I almost said your fucking name.

Stars never look pretty anymore. I tried looking at them, one night when the loneliness crept through closed doors and loud music. But when I went outside suddenly I was on fire and my wrists were stinging again and I couldn’t stop thinking about the glass I cleaned up that night.

I’m realizing now that I’ve never stopped being lonely. You covered it up. You showed me the stars, but now I know that you were never looking at the stars. You were finding answers in the black holes of my eyes.

I want to shout I love you so loud it’s breaks your ribs. Maybe then you’ll know why I was breathing fast when we met.

I want to punch the letters of your name so hard into a typewriter that they keys jam

6-5-14 (4:46 am)
I recognized your knock on the door. I knew it was you before I saw your sparkly eyeshadow. The way you pulled your sleeves over your hands confused me, but I was so caught up in the freckles on your skin I barely noticed. I wish I had.

I was so close to forgetting. But then you came around and asked for your necklace back. I like to think your breathing stuttered.

I wish your name was poison so all I had to do was call you one more time.

The last time I said your name my voice cracked and someone laughed, so I’m trying not to do that anymore.

Missing you makes me hate myself.

Someone asked me this today: “If you had one wish, what would it be?” And the first thing that came to mind was your name but instead I said true love, because i know they mean the same thing.

You used to tell me that that the bruises on my skin in the shape of your mouth were stars and that I was a universe. I never felt big enough to be one, but now I fill up the space in out bed and nothing hurts more.

You smiled at me today and I couldn’t remember how to breath, but that’s okay because at least you’re smiling. I’m not sure how to.
(At least not for real. Faking it is so easy it’s almost funny)

Don’t you remember the night when I was lonely in a crowded room so you took me out to see the stars? I was lonely again tonight (only now just by myself) so I tried it but it felt like the stars were sparks on my skin.

There’s broken glass everywhere and I think my finger is bleeding but I don’t know where it went wrong. I’m so scared.

She was crying today. I asked of I could help but she yelled at me and now I feel empty again.

Maybe she was always sad and I just couldn’t see it behind the lipstick on her teeth or the sparkly eyeshadow she loved so much. (It was my eyeshadow but I think it looked better on her.)

She seems sadder than when met, and I’m Not sure why. I hope that’s she’s okay because I know sadness can destroy as much as can build.

Everything is easy with her. Romance is so much more fun now. We were dancing today and there wasn’t any music but the house (her house, mine is too boring and small and filled with old sadness) was cold and we were warm.

Her eyes are so beautiful its making my chest hurt because eyes just can’t be that shade of brown.

I got her number and she’s so funny I haven’t smiled this much in years.

I met the most amazing girl today but I remember when I was around her, breathing was a lot harder. I think that’s a good sign.

—  inspired by this 
Ten Art Journal Prompts to Improve Your Creativity.

These journal prompts are designed to train your creative ability. Art is a holistic study with several components. Each of these journal prompts isolates one of those components and explores its contributions to creative development.

1) Cut a photo out of a magazine and paste it on one side of your journal. On the other side, replicate the picture. (can be stylised) then, using sharpie or other bold marker, alter the original picture so it better looks like your drawing. This prompt highlights differences between reality and the way you interpret it.

2) String together nonsense words so that they roll perfectly off the tongue. Think ‘incoherent poetry’. Pay attention to syllables and rhyme. This prompt focuses on what language sounds like rather than what it communicates.

3) Dip various objects in paint and lay them across the page. Elastic bands, erasers, paper clips, combs, etc. This prompt experiments with texture and the effect of mixed media.

4) Draw a self portrait (from a mirror or photograph), and then choose a feature on your face. Draw another portrait from a different angle or with a different expression over top of the original that uses the original drawing of that feature. Can be done with animals if you’re not good at drawing people. This prompt highlights angle, pose, and position.

5) On black paper, use white pencil or pastel to draw something using only highlights. Paste this into your journal. On the opposite white page, draw the same thing using only shadows. This prompt pays attention to contrast and light source.

6) Create a list of the colours you assign to letters, numbers, musical notes, and people. Draw a few of these things in the colours you’ve listed. This prompt draws connections between how something looks and how something feels.

7) Swipe wet paint across the bottom of the page, turn the book and let the paint drip down the page. When it dries, create an image using the lines created by the drips. For example, the lines could be flower stems, could support words or letters, could be fence posts or tree trunks or telephone poles. This prompt asks you to incorporate an obstacle into your work.

8) Create a drawing using a felt-tip pen. Then, using water and a small paint brush, smear the lines of your drawing so that the shading becomes more like water-color. This prompt transforms the original media and requires pre-planning.

9) Using acrylic, paint something using only vertical lines. All forms in this painting must be suggested only by colour, as no outlines are permitted. This prompt teaches the importance colour when representing a form.

10) Cut words out of an old dictionary and paste them into your journal. Then, devise ways in which those words may be used that are not listed in the dictionary. Verbs are easiest. For example, the word 'stumble’ might be used to describe paper fluttering in the wind, or puffins in flight, despite not being defined in the dictionary that way. Write your new sentences beside the words.

To break in my new journal, I will be doing all of these prompts this week. If you do them, tag them 'artjournalprompts’ and I’ll reblog your work!


Otome Visual Vol. 1
Interview with Yokota Akemi, character designer for the Yu-Gi-Oh! Arc-V anime

I was given permission to translate a Chinese translation of the interview into English, but I got lazy so instead I’ve just picked out some points of interest and compiled them under the cut!

This interview mainly talks about the process of designing the characters, as well as the difference between the first drafts and the designs eventually used for the anime.

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I want you. I want your sleepy confused look when you wake up. I want to be the warmth that fills the space in your bed. I want to be the sheets your fingers crave at night; the blanket that wraps around you all night. I want to drink tea with you, share some records we find. I want to talk about everything in the world newspapers. I want to discuss with you, to be stubborn and quick-witted with you. I want to have differences between us. I want your flaws. All of them. I want go into the deepest corners of your mind and never get bored of you. I want to be surprised by the new all the time. I want to look at you like a movie, a living piece of art; always trying to chase what you crave … and capture you.

Elay Neal Moses  


things to think about

  • Bilbo teaching Thorin about different types of plants and how they are cared for
  • Bilbo and Thorin laying out under the stars
  • Thorin telling Bilbo how he used to dream of them when he was inside the mountain as a child
  • Thorin coming up with stories for each constellation
  • Bilbo looking at Thorin as Thorin looks at the night sky
  • Thorin crafting a hammock to hang in between the trees on top of the hill
  • Thorin crafting a new dinning set for the house
  • Bilbo writing out There and Back Again but Thorin is hovering over him the whole time
  • Thorin sending letters to his nephews
  • Thorin complaining that Bilbo wont let him see their story
  • Bilbo attaching packages of baked goods to the letters
  • “You’re going to spoil them.” Thorin says as he gets the packages ready. “Oh like you don’t spoil my nephew.” Bilbo retorts back. “That’s a different situation” Thorin says quietly and under his breath. “Hardly.” Bilbo says as he places a kiss on Thorin’s lips