look at the cute!!

hey i know i don’t have any followers but! you guys should check out this kickstarter for a cute gay film! it’s called “Erin’s Guide to Kissing Girls” and it’s about middle school girls who aren’t straight and it looks like it’s gonna be really great! it has a little more than two days left and a few hundred dollars before it reaches it goal so! go check it out please i want a cute gay film about middle schoolers! 

i live for yoongi destroying the stereotypes some fans have of him. “he isn’t sociable, doesn’t talk much, is cold, lazy, etc” yoongi: has a lot of friends in the industry, is said to be (very) talkative off camera, screams and whines and pouts, loves to hold hands and makes kissy faces at dogs. he gets scared easily and jokes around with jin. and the most recent one: his arms aren’t “sticks” (yes some were surprised by it)