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Do you have any headcanons about what Rukia and Renji's childhood was like in Inuzuri? Personally I think they were little shits who pranked and stole from all the drunks on the street but I want to know what you think.

you came to the right weirdo who thinks way too much about psychoanalyzing my favorite anime characters. 

I think that yes, definitely- Renji and Rukia were devious little shits. They were probably really mean little kids, too. Children are already basically sadists, but the flashback chapter seems to imply that stealing and taking advantage of other people was the only way that kids could survive in the 78th district. 

Using what scant info we have, I feel comfy making some assumptions into headcanons:

1. Renji and Rukia are both very distrustful of adults/authority figures. In the academy chapters, everybody fawns over Aizen and Gin when they coincidentally “rescue” the students from hollows. Renji seems to be the only one of the group who is genuinely afraid of captain-level officers. (He calls them “monsters”, and its implied that Aizen got him booted out of the 5th division because Renji would not be an obedient underling for his schemes.) Adults were probably very scary to tiny, skinny Rukia and Renji and were never to be trusted. 

2. Renji and Rukia were deprived of most basic requirements and experiences of young children. Again in the academy chapters its implied that Renji and Rukia have never been to school before. The entire reason they went to Shin’o is because shinigami get free food and shelter. When Rukia gets adopted, the first thing Renji says to her is that she’ll never have to worry about food again. From the moment Rukia comes into the WotL she is 100% comfortable lying and stealing, even from her friends. The psych student in me goes NUTS about shit like this. 

3. Whatever happened in the Rukongai, it was some HEAVY SHIT. Way more than a kid should have to go through, especially without a guardian. Renji says that they “hated that place and everyone in it”, He described the adults as all criminals and the children as wild animals, which is some LARGE GENERALIZATIONS to make about everyone in an entire district. Rukia and Renji’s three friends died within ten years of each other.

So like… to actually answer your questions;

Rukia and Renji were DEFINITELY little shits. They probably relied on each other every single day and were inseparable to boot.

They were also extremely clever, jaded and angry kids. Slow to trust and quick to run, and at a certain point all they had in the world was each other. It was probably a really huge shock when they came to Shin’o and were exposed to this entire new world that the nobles had been living in this whole time. What? running water???? Freshly cooked food????? INDOOR PLUMBING??????

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Your art is SOOOO nice,have you ever thought of making a webcomic??

THANK YOU !!! <3

I have… many times haha. But my comic making isn’t too solid. I’m training *flexes*

My boyfriend and I have been working on a comic about youngsters who return to a childhood home where they learn that they have to return… further.
it’s also based on this . 
that’s right. it’s omnious >;–) 

and right now i’m working on a short comic i’m hoping to finish about eh
a dream I had while I fas looking for jobs.

Thank you for showing interest, i deeply wish to show my work to you all ! <3

I just watched the scene from episode one of Yuri on Ice again where Yuuri is skating Stay Close to Me while Victor is… i want to cry it’s so good. They put so much detail into the differences between Victor and Yuuri’s expressions.

Victor looks very tired, sad, like his heart isn’t really in it at all. Obviously he’s skating beautifully, but he doesn’t feel what the music is saying, a lover’s plea to stay close.

Meanwhile Yuuri has a little smile on his face as the song reaches its climax. He, who has every right to be sad and depressed after big losses, managed to find joy in skating this song and showing it to his childhood crush. He might not be skating it as flawlessly as Victor, but you can see on his face that he feels what the song means. I absolutely can’t wait to see how they’re going to bring this back around at the end of the series based on how well Victor and Yuuri’s relationship has been developing so far. Yuuri is learning that he’s allowed to ask someone else to stay close to him, while Victor is rediscovering what it was that made him love skating. I still hope we get to learn more about Victor because there’s so much to him that we don’t know, but I have a feeling that everything in the series is going to tie back to this eventually.


Daisy Ridley and Dev Patel backstage at the 2016 Oscars

soft emoji asks

💗  - if you could choose, which time period would you live in? why?

🌿  - what place do you wish you where right now? why?

💫  - what’s the feeling of one emotion that you’ve never been able to label?

🌷  - what are some physical traits you are attracted to?

💐  - what are some personality traits you are attracted to?

📺  - describe a picture you’ve had in your head and wanted to take. 

👼🏼  - what is your ideal friend like?

🌙  - are you more nostalgic or foward-looking? or are you neither?

☁️  - what colour does one of your idols remind you of?

💞  - what does love feel like to you?

🍃  - what’s one thing that you regret never saying?

🐰  - what’s one of your favourite childhood memories?

 - what normally happens in your dreams?

☕️  - who makes you feel warm and cozy?

🌟  - who’s a character that you relate a lot to? why?

Okay but this is so important

FOR ONCE they showed, on TV, what it is like for a lot of people to come out. Not just coming out to other people, but coming out to YOURSELF. 

When you start to notice something, something that feels different, something that feels more right than you have ever felt. When you start to question, and realize “Hey, I might be not straight”. Once you hit that point you can’t stop thinking about it, you try to shut it off but it just bugs you. Then you start to look back “have I ever felt like this before”, you look back at your childhood, at being a teenager, and how you were with your friends and your classmates. You look back at your first crush and realize that maybe maybe that wasn’t even a crush, you just felt like you HAD to like the opposite sex. And maybe you look back at your best friend and realize that you got jealous of their other friends, maybe you realize that you got the tingles when they touched you, or felt special when they talked to you.

Coming out isn’t just saying to a friend “Hey, I’m gay” its analyzing every detail of your life, every relationship, and wondering how you didn’t see it. Did you get scared? Did you know but you didn’t want to be that? Did you repress it? I’m so happy that they finally showed this side of it on a major TV show.

Coming out isn’t waking up one day and suddenly you are gay.

It’s looking back and realizing you were all along.

How Achieving Your Dreams in a Way you Didn’t Envision is Not Always a Bad Thing

Victuuri Week 2017 – Day 3 – Day Prompt, Victor Prompt – Dreams, Hope/Regret

Today for Victuuri Week Day 3, I’d like to talk about Hopes and Dreams and how not achieving what you initially desire in the form you envision isn’t always a bad thing. In this case, we’re going to look at what Yuuri and Victor’s hopes and dreams for their futures may have been pre-series and how they got way more than they bargained for simply by meeting each other.

Let’s start with Yuuri. We know right from the beginning of episode 1, even before we knew the title of the episode, that Yuuri aspired to skate on the same stage as Victor. We’re shown how this dream was formed and nurtured by friends and family through his childhood and teen years and carried by his feelings through to adulthood. He did everything he could to just come close to Victor; whether that be through his skating, having his walls plastered with posters of him, or even getting a dog of similar breed to Victor’s and naming it after him. So Yuuri’s hope for the future was fairly obvious even if it did have a time limit with the nature of the careers of competitive figure skaters.

Now how about Victor? We don’t really have enough information about his childhood to conclusively say anything for certain but, as far as we can tell, he didn’t have as clear of a dream laid out as Yuuri did. Optionally, you could even argue that he had a dream before but had already reached it. This is actually one of the major facets of his characterization and development through the series. He is the polar opposite of Yuuri in that at the start of the series he didn’t have any concrete hopes for his future. All he knew is that he wanted to skate and keep skating because this was just the thing he always did and had no reason to change it. There may have been a time when skating (or even competing) might have been called his dream, but by the start of the series it no longer was. It had just become a thing he did due to his pride as a skater/competitor and his lack of direction in his life overall.

And then, of course, the series truly begins and they meet each other. Now, we could look through the evolution of how their hopes and dreams changed over the course of the season but I think it will be more expedient to look at where they started and ended and compare the two.

Starting with Yuuri, what’s interesting is that through the course of the season you almost forget about the exact form of his initial dream: to skate on the same ice as Victor. He managed to connect with Victor in so many other ways but he had yet to actually compete against him. He may have felt directionless at the start of the series because he felt he had failed at reaching his dream but the reason for that was because he already had achieved his dream. It just wasn’t in the way he envisioned. He then became disillusioned with his dream. That is, until Victor himself came crashing face-first into his life.

Speaking of our favourite platinum-haired Russian, let’s check in with Victor. Victor may not have had a concrete dream before he met Yuuri but then they connected and he slowly rediscovered that he actually did have a dream all along. A dream that probably comes as no surprise but is actually very similar to Yuuri’s own: he wants to skate. And he wants to enjoy it. Yuuri then helped open his eyes to that, he helped him rediscover his love of skating as a whole and through this rediscovered his hope for the future.

But wait, there’s more! Everything that I’ve talked about so far actually only brings us to the end of ep 11. By the time the hotel room scene comes around, Victor has rediscovered his love for skating and his focus, his hope for the future, had become completely centered on Yuuri. So far as he could see, his future was to coach Yuuri until Yuuri eventually retired and then figure things out from there. And Victor was content with that as long as he could do that with Yuuri. He had even shifted his dream that involved enjoying skating to accommodate no longer being a competitor.

Yuuri, however, had other plans (which we as viewers always knew he did). Yuuri misread what Victor’s current hopes were and attempted to sacrifice himself in an attempt to allow those dreams to come true. Yuuri had adjusted his dream from wanting to skate on the same ice as Victor to wanting to make Victor happy and allow him to reach his own dreams. On the flip side, Victor had adjusted his dreams from wanting to skate for himself and find purpose in his life to wanting to make Yuuri happy and achieve his dreams.

So if both are wanting, above anything else, to help the other achieve their dreams then where do they go from there? Yuuri is planning to retire and Victor has basically already done so. The answer comes back to those initial dreams from episode 1. The dream Yuuri has to skate on the same ice and same level as Victor and the incomplete dream Victor had to enjoy skating again and find purpose in his life.

Through a combination of them both working towards helping each other and some outside encouragement, they actually end up achieving so much more. They both manage to achieve their hope of allowing their partner to achieve his dreams and well as achieving their own. Yuuri is finally able to skate on the same ice as Victor, as a competitor and someone that is on the same competitive level as him, and Victor is able to rediscover his passion in skating. And not only that, but they are able to continue their relationship that exists both on and off the ice.

Comparing the place they’re at by the end of the series to where they started at episode 1, we can see that their perceived failure to achieve their initial dreams in the form they had envisioned actually helped them achieve them in a way they hadn’t imagined. Through the willingness to throw away their own dreams, they managed to push each other to higher heights and not only achieve their own dreams but cement in place a firm hope for the future.

In the end, they became the key to not only achieving each others dreams but in doing so also opened a previously hidden door to a new envisioning of their own initial dreams.

do you ever think about how vriska always wanted to be a hero? it’s 3 a.m. and i’m tired and this might not make sense in the morning, but… well…

she grows up killing other kids so that her mother could survive. at first it seems to be merely the trope of “abused kid is a bully who just wants to be loved,” but there’s another layer of complexity there.

she starts killing other kids because she absolutely has to, before she’s old enough to understand right and wrong and the implications of killing another being. and then when she does become old enough, it means that she doesn’t see her childhood circumstances as something horrible that happened to her, she sees it as a collection of horrible things that she did.

and she can’t stop then, can she? that night finally happens, when she looks into the face of a troll she’s about to kill and realizes “this is a person just like me.” but it’s not like she can do anything about it. her lusus still needs to be fed. it’s what she’s done all her life.

she can’t stop now.

it’s awful, and she knows that. she might not know that in the sense that she sits down one day and thinks “what i’m doing is awful,” but she knows it in the uneasiness in her gut, in the tiny hesitation before the final blow.

she knows that. she also knows it’s necessary.

one day, she meets terezi.

all terezi wants to do is find criminals and execute them, and when terezi and vriska work together, terezi will stand over the body that vriska is about to feed to her lusus and announce proudly that their actions were all in the name of JUST1C3!

vriska believes her.

she wants to be a hero.

terezi is the first one to ever tell vriska that she is doing something just, something right. terezi tells vriska that her actions are heroic. that’s what terezi means to her, after a while: she is the first person to make vriska think she is good.

and then there’s doc scratch, and make her pay, and the game, and everything happens all at once and while not all of it is vriska’s fault, so much of it is. and terezi isn’t supporting her anymore, she doesn’t think vriska’s a good person. she goes off to fight noir because, for once, she wants to be the hero.

terezi kills her. she doesn’t get a chance.

terezi spends three years on the meteor alone. everything goes to shit, it’s game over, everyone’s dying, and terezi witnesses the destruction of everything she’s tried to protect, and she thinks, you know who would have fixed this? vriska.

since when is vriska the one who solves problems, who keeps people from killing each other? i mean, vriska? really? i mean, come on. think about it. literally, there is no other character who wouldn’t break out into laughter at the mere idea that vriska could possibly be a viable solution to anything.

but terezi tells john to rewrite the past three years and the entire universe in the process in order to keep vriska alive. because she thinks — no, she knows — that vriska can be a hero.

how does act 7 end? it ends with vriska not making it through the door, with vriska being left behind, because she decides that if she has to die, she’s gonna die fighting and she’s gonna die heroic.

and, of course, terezi goes to find her, because she will always, always always always always, believe that vriska is a hero.

It’s 1952 in Oxford University, and Susan Pevensie is leaving the Lady Margaret Hall library for the last time.

Her classmates will be sorry to see her go - ask any of them “Who’s the young woman with dark hair and a blue coat?” and they’ll say “what, you don’t know Susan Pevensie? You must be new.”

But most of her friends don’t actually know that much about her. They’ll agree that she’s compassionate and charismatic, “and brighter than you’d think she’d have a right to be, with looks like hers - how come she gets beauty and brains?” but nobody knows anything about her childhood. Or her family.

“She’s lost someone,” says a first-year student with a permanent air of exam-induced panic, “she came here on an inheritance from somebody, and I’ll bet anything it’s her parents because she never talks about them, but we’ve all lost someone, you know? From the war or not, it doesn’t matter. Nobody’s going to make her talk.” 

She’s graduating head of her class with a degree in Politics, Philosophy, and Economics; she wants to change the world, but really who expects her to do that? There’s a Queen on the throne and a dozen-odd women in Parliament, and many think that’s enough. She’ll make the perfect wife for some politician or businessman, at least while she’s young and pretty enough to be seen and not heard.

The shadows are chilly and long this time of year, so she almost misses the older woman leaving the Principal’s office, but the other woman steps directly into her path.

“Hello, Miss Pevensie,” she says. “I’m Agent Peggy Carter. How would you feel about a job in America?”

INFJ : Hey INTP. Is something bothering you? You don’t look quite alright.

INTP: Shut up, INFJ. For the last time, I’m perfectly fine.
(5min later)
INTP: Okay so you might be right. Actually I’m not ok

INFJ(an hour later after INTP finishes narrating their dark past and childhood traumas and how something triggered them a while before; sitting with a bag of tissues) : Wow how were you holding up all this while?

INTP: holding up what? I’m perfectly fine.
So, what’s your view on Freudian theory?

Fics revealed on 21.12

If My Yesterday is a Disgrace, Tell Me That You’ll Still Recall My Name    for princeandcheekbones
Words: 16515
Summary: The boy, right now in front of Harry, most definitely has familiar blue eyes and the same thin lips. Those lips. Small, bitten things that are so close to splitting. All he can think of is a chorus of his name. Louis, Louis, Louis, and the name means nothing to him until the boy looks up.
Harry and Louis are childhood friends for only a year when Louis moves out of town. Fast forward to the future and Harry is a used-to-be rich kid who cut off his family’s inheritance to build a life of his own and Louis owns the small cafe that’s hiring. Harry spends three days trying to get Louis to remember him (because he never forgot)

Kiss Me on This Cold December Night    for allwaswell16
Words: 34394
Summary: Louis Tomlinson is a year three football (soccer) player attending a university that fosters international students in Ontario, Canada.   Harry Styles is a year one student living in the same building and is obsessed with the Green Bay Packers.  Louis thinks Harry’s a wanker while Harry can’t figure out why Louis doesn’t like him.  A blizzard keeps them and their mutual mates from flying home for Christmas.  Will Louis ever see Harry for who he really is?  Will they both be able to overcome past heartbreak and open up to someone again? 

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*Looks back at some classic voltron from my childhood cause Lotor is coming*

O-Oh right…the VA work and direction was…hilariously awful. God I love this.

Sometimes I get these bursts of inspiration to write the Epilogue/extra chapter of Here We Are, Two Strangers, and it wavers between snippets of slice-of-life things like Kent trying to make some sort of Russian breakfast for Alexei, and then fast-forwarding to Kent watching Alexei make breakfast for their son and daughter, who both insist that the milk should go first before the cereal (”It’s so the Cheerios float, Papa. Like boats.” “You right.”)

And another scene where Kent has a sort of blue day talking about his childhood and how it was really consumed by hockey, so Alexei insists that they slide down staircases because it’s something he used to do as a kid. (”Mama yell at me always when she find. But is fun! Only break wrist once.”) And then this turns out to be how they pick their first house together, by test-sliding banisters together with the realtor standing off to the side with a look like “These weird-ass rich people….”. Their wedding invitation is a mini flip book of Kent sliding down a staircase and Alexei catching him at the bottom and spinning him around, forehead pressed against Kent’s and nosing at his cheek, and Kent’s smile is just absolutely bright. 

Or a scenario where Kent surprises Alexei by going to one of his games (which Alexei had assumed was near impossible because Kent has games pretty much the same days Alexei has games, but this time he flew in secretly on his one free day off). Alexei’s literally mid-brawl when he lifts his head and sees his mother in a Falconer’s jersey in the family box, and then Kent right next to her, wearing an Aces t-shirt going like “Woooooo!!!! Knock his teeth out, baby!!!!!” 

Alexei gets punched one second later to the ground and he swore he could hear Kent, in that moment go, “That’s my fucking fia–oh shit.” 

The interviewers post-game asked why Kent Parson was in the family box and why he tried to climb onto the ice to deck the guy Alexei was fighting. 

Alexei just shrugs and goes like, “Engagement photoshoot in two week. Maybe he mad that other guy actually knock out teeth, make me look bad.” He turns to the camera, flashing a grin. “Is okay, Kenny. I’m still beautiful, have all my teeth, not turn into Ovechkin. We can still marry.” And the press loses it. 

Buffy one liner starters
  • ❛ Thank god we’re hot chicks with superpowers. ❜
  • ❛ It’s a big rock. I can’t wait to tell my friends. They don’t have a rock this big.  ❜
  • ❛ I’m seventeen. Looking at linoleum makes me wanna have sex.  ❜
  • ❛ Great, now I’m gonna be stuck with serious thoughts all day.  ❜
  • ❛ That’s a weird place for a horn… That’s not a horn. ❜
  • ❛ What is your childhood trauma?  ❜
  • ❛ Excuse me, I have to call everyone I have ever met, right now.  ❜
  • ❛ That’ll put marzipan in your pie plate, Bingo  ❜
  • ❛ What’s the matter, life flash before your eyes? Cuppa tea, cuppa tea, almost got shagged, cuppa tea? ❜
  • ❛ I may be love’s bitch, but at least I’m man enough to admit it.  ❜
  • ❛ Do you like my mask? Isn’t it pretty? It raises the dead! …Americans  ❜
  • ❛ This will give them some time to ponder the geo-political ramifications of BEING MEAN TO ME!  ❜
  • ❛ Tact is just not saying true stuff, I’ll pass.  ❜
  • ❛ Sorry, but I’m an old fashioned gal. I was raised to believe that men dig up the corpses and the women have the babies.  ❜
  • ❛ We saved the world. I say we party.  ❜
  • ❛ Your mouth is open and sound is coming out. This is never good.  ❜
  • ❛ I want my expiration date to be a long time from now… Like a cheeto.  ❜
  • ❛ That probably would have sounded more commanding if I wasn’t wearing my yummy sushi pajamas.“  ❜
  • ❛ I’m afraid we have a slight apocalypse.  ❜
  • ❛ What ever happened to the still-beating heart of a virgin? No one has any standards anymore.  ❜
  • ❛Besides, "I’m here to violate your firstborn” never goes over with parents. Not sure why. ❜
  • ❛ If the Apocalypse comes, beep me.   ❜
  • ❛ What can I tell you baby? I’ve always been bad.  ❜ 
  • ❛ Seize the moment, cause tomorrow you might be dead.  ❜
  • ❛ I may be dead, but i’m still pretty. ❜  
  • ❛ I’m sixteen years old, I don’t wanna die. ❜
  • ❛ There is only one thing on this earth more powerful than evil. and that’s us. ❜
  • ❛ I gotta have a plan? Really? I can’t just be proactive with pep? ❜
  • ❛ You really need to have every square inch of your ass kicked. ❜
  • ❛ I don’t know how to live in this world if these are the choices. ❜ 


Dolan Twins X READER

desc: both twins have unresolved feelings for you

photo creds: pinepizzalove


Your feet slapped against the burning road as you skipped quickly down to the white sand. You took a seat on the bottom stair reaching the sand, and propped your sore feet up. They were scratched and burnt pink from running to the beach barefoot, but it was worth it. You felt the stair shift slightly on your right as somebody took a seat beside you.

“You hurting?” Grayson asked.

You dragged your eyes up to the rolling aqua waves.

“Mm, but it was worth it.”

“Pfft, just so you could beat me here?” Grayson scoffed.

“Exactly,” you smirked, looking over the pearly foam.

“You get used to it eventually,” he replied.

“Well yeah, but unlike you and Ethan, I’m not a jungle child who spent my childhood years climbing trees and, well, running on hot road,” you smiled.

“By the way, where’s E?” you remembered suddenly.

“Oh,” Grayson cleared his throat, “Uh, he’ll be here in a few.”

You sighed and drew patterns in the sand with your toes, “Kay.”

There was a small gathering on the beach that night, which meant new people and social interaction, and you only agreed to come because your two best friends, Ethan and Grayson, would accompany you. People were just starting to light the bonfire as the golden sun began to sink in the sky.

“Come on,” Grayson smiled and stood to move towards the crowd, “Let’s go.”

He brought himself up and blocked out the sun, his outstretched arm coming into view. You took his hand gratefully, and he easily lifted you straight into his arms.

You knocked against his chest from the force, “Oof.”

Grayson’s laugh rippled through his chest, and you could feel the little vibrations through his tee.

“Sorry, (Y/N),” he snorted.

You shook your head with a smile and took his hand as you made your way over to the bonfire.

The amber flames created a halo of warmth, and at once, people swarmed you and delved deep into conversation. You chatted politely, asking more questions than you answered, and holding onto Gray’s hand all the while. Your friendly conversation was interrupted abruptly when people began pulling from the bonfire and racing into the water.

“Why not?” you decided, flinging your clothes onto the sand and trotting towards the sparkling water in your bikini. You stuck your toe into the sea, slightly discouraged by the cold. You winced a little and started running headfirst into the freezing waves, but you’d barely taken a few steps when someone pushed you face-first into the water. You gasped and pulled yourself up, coughing up salt water, and shaking your soppy hair.

“GRAYSON DOLAN,” you spluttered, too shocked to even turn around.

You could hear him chortling delightfully from behind you.

“I. am. never. forgiving. you.”

“Noo, nooo,” Grayson winged, wrapping his arms snugly around you from behind. You tried to shake him off but his grip on you was too strong.

You blinked a few times, squinting from the sunlight, “You think you’re so funny.”

Grayson rested his cheek against yours, “Yeah actually, I do,” he grinned happily into your skin.

You wriggled and squirmed until you’d free yourself, and spun around to face Gray. His bronze skin glowed in the sun, his rippled chest covered in crystal water droplets, his smile irresistible.

“Ethan,” you stated.

“Um, wrong twin?” Grayson said, taken aback.

“No,” you smiled, “Ethan’s here!”

Grayson spun around, looking out to his brother. Ethan walked down the sand, his jaw set in annoyance. He looked at you, taking in a breath before signaling his head towards Grayson.

“Be right back,” Grayson said quietly and heading back.

You raised an eyebrow at Ethan, who flashed you a cheeky smile before promptly stripping down.

Ok, that didn’t answer any questions.

Grayson emerged from the water, and began speaking to his brother. Ethan said something while gesturing towards you, but noticing you were looking, turned away. Grayson shook his head and restlessly ran a hand through his hair. Ethan shoved Grayson and raised his voice, so you caught a few of his words.

“You know how I feel about her.”

Grayson turned to you, making eye contact, but you turned and pretended not to notice.

They went on like that for a few minutes before both joining you in the ocean.

“You guys okay?” you asked.

Ethan flanked your left side, Grayson your right, closing you between their warm bodies.

“Nothing,” Ethan sighed, “Grayson and I just seemed to have a disagreement . You see he conveniently forgot to invite me her-”

“Bro, you can stop,” Grayson warned, his voice low.

“Oookay,” Ethan flashed his brother a fake smile.

“Hey,” you said, looking between the both of them, “let’s just forget about it for now, kay?”

“Alright,” Ethan said, squeezing himself a little closer to you as he said it.

You headed towards a flat sandbar, where everyone was huddling. The group was going to have a chicken fight in the sea.

“Another pair?” Somebody asked.

“W-I’ll go” you volunteered shyly whilst tucking your stray hairs behind your ear.

“Great! Who do you want to go with!?”

“Me,” two voiced answered confidently in sync.

Grayson and Ethan stood behind you, both looking kindly upon you.

“I-I don’t want to pick,” you whispered nervously, flicking your eyes restlessly over them both.

“I’ll make it easy for you then,” E grinned cheekily and stepped forward, taking your palm gently between his.

You gave him a nod, reassured that you weren’t going in this with a stranger.

The game was simple, one person would sit on the other’s shoulders and be faced against another pair of people. The team to first knock down the opposing pair would win.

“I’ll hold you,” Ethan offered, crouching down.

You didn’t protest, since he was way stronger than you.

Ethan bent down, his sun kissed skin warm against your hands. Now you just had to…wrap your legs around his head.

“Um-okay-I’ll- just-” you gulped nervously.

Ethan’s satisfied smile flashed in the sun, but a small boost was all it took to get you up. You rested comfortably on his shoulders, reassured by his hands firmly securing you.

He gave your legs a small squeeze and blinked up at you, one eye closed from the sun, “Everything good up there?”

You gave him a little nod, “Ready.”

The countdown began.


“Hey (Y/N),” Ethan muttered, barely audibly.




“Will you come on a date with me?”


The other pair charged at you, and in the confusion you threw out your arms and gave the girl on the other boy’s shoulder a rough push. The boy supporting her wobbled dangerously before shoving Ethan, who hardly blinked at his weak attack. The blue sea and sky whirred around you in the dizzy confusion, so you didn’t remember much from there. The girl shoved you, you shoved harder. The boy shoved Ethan, Ethan shoved harder. The girl gave out a high pitched yelp as you grabbed her arms and peeled her right off the boy’s shoulders. The crash of waves erupted as two bodies hit the water.

“We did it!” Ethan chortled, his big hazel eyes crinkling as he met your gaze.

“Yes,” you whispered suddenly, in answer to his question.

Ethan tilted his head to the left in wonder, looking you over mischievously before throwing you into the water.

You crashed into the waves, the salt water refreshing as it greeted your skin. You bounced up above the waves, rubbing the water out of your eyes, your vision blurry.

“I can’t see-” you said, wiping your face.

Someone approached you, their two arms sliding gently around your waist and pulling you into their rippled chest. They smelt like the fresh ocean, their dark hair tousled, a big smile visible even through your blurry vision.

You blinked once more, “Ethan.”

Ethan smiled and pushed your wet hair affectionately from your eyes. He squeezed your hips lightly, “Yes? You’ll go on a date wi-”

“Yes,” you laughed out before he could finish.

He smiled with more joy than you had ever seen him muster before.

The last rays of sun sent pink and orange flares across his skin, the cold water lapping around your sides, the noise of the crowd drowned out. Two of Ethan’s fingers crawled under your chin, lifting your face up. He bent down against you, his head tilting, his full lips inviting you in.

“I think I’m going to leave,” somebody said, snapping you from your trance.

“Gray,” you said, blinking out of your daze.

He coughed and gave you a nod, but his eyes were only on Ethan.

“Bye,” he stated softly, before abruptly turning to leave.

“N-” wait,” you called, detaching yourself from Ethan and struggling against the waves as you tried to keep up with Grayson. He pulled ahead of you, ignoring your calls to him. Once you reached the sand, you sped up, your toes sinking in the sand as you made a grab for Grayson’s wrist.

“Grayson,” you panted, “stop.”

“You know, it’s really weird, because I just started feeling really sick to my stomach all of a sudden,” he growled at Ethan, who came in close behind you.

You turned to Ethan, a brow raised.

“Alright, you guys are keeping something from me, so, own up,” you commanded, sick of the charade.

“Grayson,” you said sternly to get his attention.

He looked down on you, his chestnut eyes softening, “It’s complicated.”

“Try me.”

Ethan grabbed your arm and pushed in front of you, holding you close behind his back.

“Actually we’re fine, so maybe you should leave,” he challenged under his breath.

“Ethan,” you hissed, shocked by his hostility. “You know what, if you guys are going to act like children around each other than it’s impossible for me to be with you both at once.”

“Fair enough,” Ethan snarled, “bye bye, Grayson.”

You dug your nails into Ethan’s skin, causing him to finally face you.

“Grayson has done nothing wrong, so drop it,” you warned.

Ethan’s nostrils flared, his eyes flicking up to his brother and back to you. “Fine, you have half an hour,” he said.

And then he was gone.

“Sorry,” Gray sighed a moment later.

“Wanna talk about it?”

“Not really.”


You knew better than to pressure someone into information that was private to them, so you left it at that. The navy sky blinked alive with stars, the wind rolling over your damp skin.

“Let’s go to the bonfire before I freeze to death,” you chattered.

You plopped down on a patch of sand in front of the fire, turning your palms near the light of the flames. Goosebumps sprang to life on your skin, a chill settling over you.

“Here,” Grayson said, pulling a purple hoodie from his bag.

“Thank you,” you said gratefully, sliding the woolen fabric over your head. The sleeves dangled past your hands, the hoodie reaching your legs, you felt like you’d been stuffed into an oversized blanket. You brought your knees up to your chest and wrapped your arms around your legs, breathing in the whiffs of Grayson’s cologne.

“Better?” he asked with concern,

“Much,” you smiled and rested your head against his shoulder.

Grayson slinked an arm around you, pulling you into his bare chest while he used his free hand to grab the bag of marshmallows propped up on the sand. Only a few minutes passed, but in that time you’d quickly dozed off in his arms. You listened to the sounds of the crackling fire, excited when you smelt-

“Marshmallows,” you said, sitting up at once.

“Seriously? That’s what wakes you up?” Gray laughed at you.

“Are you gonna laugh at me or give me food?” you challenged.

“Here,” G said, handing you a burnt and gooey marshmallow on a stick.

“Thanks,” you smiled and ate it in one bite, the warmth and taste making you feel at ease.

“Missed some,” Grayson smiled down at you, quickly using his thumb to sweep at the corner of your mouth.

“Sorry,” you blushed, licking your lips over.

Gray stuck his finger in his mouth to get the marshmallow off.

“Oh, no, Grayson,” you stuck your tongue out, “ew.”

He only smirked and shrugged in response.

Grayson’s eyes flickered over your face for a second, “We have a few minutes left, walk with me?”

“Sure,” you smiled and jumped up.

Grayson and you headed down the beach until the noise of the bonfire chatter was lost to the night. His hand dangled by his side, your hand by yours, but he didn’t take it, he only let his knuckles brush lightly against yours. You felt snug in his big hoodie, safe from the cold.

“I heard what Ethan asked you today,” Grayson said out of nowhere.

“Oh,” you coughed, “Did you also catch my answer?”



This was awkward,

“Looks like my bro finally asked you.”


“Did you not know he’d been in love with you for months?”

You shook your head, your cheeks warming.

Grayson stopped walking and turned to face you, pain written across his face.

“But I’ve been in love with you longer.”

Everything stopped. Your feet. Your heart. Your breathing.

“I know it makes me a horrible person for telling you the way I feel, but I can’t lie to you anymore. And I’m not guilty for wanting what I want, because if I’m going to be guilty about anything, it’s this.”

Suddenly you were in his arms, his hand cupping your face, his lips brushing like a whisper against yours. He kissed you softly, gently, with adoration, and for a second, you kissed him back. And then he was gone, and the silence was shattered.

“WHAT THE FUCK ARE YOU DOING,” Ethan screamed as he shoved Grayson off you.

You stood in shock, coming back to your senses.

Grayson gave his brother a shove back, “what I should’ve done a long time ago.”

Ethan’s jaw clenched, his eyes dark as he threw a punch a Grayson, who merely dodged his fist.

“I love her.”

“I loved her first.”

You couldn’t move.

Ethan grabbed his brother’s arm and pulled forward, both boy’s chest’s heaving as they glared each other down.

“You knew I was going to ask her today, so your idea was to steal her away and do it first?” Ethan snarled.

Grayson didn’t respond.

“Admit it,” Ethan hissed.

Grayson stood his ground.

“But that wasn’t enough for you, was it? So you had to kiss her,” Ethan breathed with rage.

“SHUT UP,” Grayson burst out, pushing his brother.

And in that second where there was a space between them, you jumped in the middle of the two boys.

“STOP IT,” you screamed, your eyes watering.

Ethan and Grayson ignored you, advancing on each other. You stuck your hands out, sandwiched between them as you forced them apart.

“Look what you’re doing to each other,” you sobbed, glancing from one boy to the other.

And with that you collapsed onto the ground and started crying.

There was a second of absolute stillness, and then you felt two sets of hands on your shoulders. They held you lightly before guiding you back to your feet. You wiped your eyes and took in a deep breath as you faced Ethan and Grayson. Ethan gulped nervously, his eyes sad as he swiped away a tear from your cheek. He bent over you, dropping a single fleeting kiss to your forehead.

“It’s not going to have be like this, is it?” you whispered, your voice cracking.

Ethan shook his head, meeting Grayson’s eyes and giving him a nod of understandment.

“I’m so sorry baby, but I can’t do this anymore,” he mumbled, his eyes brimming with tears, “not like this.”

He ran his palm gently down your cheek before dropping it down to his side and taking a step back. The moon set a white light over both boys, their bodies still as stone, their eyes glowing. The silence rang in your ears, the silhouette of two perfect brothers casting shadows on the ground.

“You have to chose.”

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Archie wrote a song for Jughead in 1x06? What song?

i got you (the song he sang with val)… literally so fucking jarchie like 

‘i get a little bit overwhelmed but i find you when i need you most’ literally in episode 1 when he talks to jughead after the betty and veronica drama

‘There’s nobody, no one, no way who gets me like you do
And I know it ain’t gonna change, you always pull me through […] I got you
You got me ’ they are always there to help the other person???

‘We grew tall in the same small town’ them growing up and being childhood friends

‘Late at night looking at the stars’ archie going to jughead’s treehouse 

‘Nothing’s right when you’re gone’ they were miserable without each other and like when they weren’t friends jason died, grundy was there, jughead was homeless,etc. 

like…. archie did that… he wrote a love song for jughead


When Jace was young he longed to see colors. To know what everything looked like. To not just see constant blacks and whites and grays. 

His father had told him it was a silly dream, that seeing the world in black and white, that was what was right. Colors can blind you, make you weak and vulnerable. Just like love. (Love is weakness. Jace refused to be weak.)

Jace believed him. 

He didn’t think about colors anymore. (Not even when he was covered in blood and bruises, no, he didn’t wonder how they looked with color. He didn’t. Not once.)


The first color Jace saw was brown. 

It was after he got back from Valentine, after he got kicked out of the institute. He was staying at Magnus’ apartment, Magnus and Alec had left, mentioning something about ‘alone time in Italy.’ Jace wasn’t really paying attention.  

Jace had crashed on the couch, staring at the tv without really taking anything in when Simon entered the apartment. 

Magnus was mentoring him and must’ve forgotten to mention to Simon that he wasn’t home that day. 

“Oh,” Simon said, after Jace told him Magnus was off with Alec somewhere in Italy. “Well, in that case, I guess I should, um, be going.” 

“Stay?” Jace wasn’t sure why he suggested it. But being alone didn’t sound too great. “I mean, if you want… We could watch one of those star movies you’re always rambling on about?”

“Really?” Simon looked shocked. 

Jace shrugged. “Yeah,”

Simon grinned. “Alright,”

So Simon joined him on the couch after setting up the first Star Wars movie.

Jace didn’t really pay much attention to the movie, instead he watched Simon, as the vampire rambled excitedly about different things that were happening in the movie. 

It was about an hour into the movie that when Jace glanced at Simon, he noticed his eyes. They weren’t black, or gray, but a softer color. Something warmer. Gentle. Like melted chocolate. Jace couldn’t help but stare. (Don’t fall in love. Don’t fall in love.)

He didn’t say anything about it to anyone. 


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Ok so check out the bedroom in our guest house. Pretty sweet, right? Built in bookcase, queen-sized bunk beds, a nice TV and a steamer trunk you can’t see at this angle, and it’s nice and cozy-looking.

But wait, let’s take a closer look at that bookcase.



Yup, it hides a secret room. And in that secret room…

A bunch of my sisters’ childhood toys. 

BUT WAIT. That’s not the only secret room in this bedroom.

If you open the closet…

There’s another secret room. 

Full of… wood, suitcases, and the pair of tennis shoes I thought I lost.

Still, though. Two secret rooms in one bedroom. That’s pretty cool, yeah?

♡  - pretend to be in a relationship (w/ neighbour!taehyung)
@sugababay bc i lied to you, i’m coming after your number one bias instead

As much as you complain about the hassle that you go through with being Taehyung’s… “friend”, you’ll never admit that it’s not so bad to begin with. Here’s the thing: Taehyung was a really nice guy - beyond that, goes to the end of the world to do the right thing. He’s not that bad looking (if anything, you would have to say he’s attractive), he has good grades and his life is pretty much in check.

Until he moved away and comes back five years later. And is now the target of people coming at him because he’s fresh meat.

However, when you recognize those pair of hazel eyes and that timbre tone in his voice, it brings you back to childhood days of when yes, this is the same boy who held your hand whenever you felt afraid and promised to fight anything that would dare harm you. So seeing him in the position of being a human pinball, pushed from one end to another, you tell your circle of friends to give me five minutes and that’s how the rest of the boys got to meet the boy who remained crouching on the floor as the remaining five earlier ends up with a bruise on their faces before scurrying to run off.

Then came a proposition that you agreed to in exchange for your reputation, brought onto the table with Taehyung’s ability to persuade your parents to let you go out with the guys him so what’s there to lose?

“Aw, look at my baby girl,” Taehyung squishes your cheeks, in a teasing yet loving manner when he makes you shake your head left and right. Jungkook and Jimin are dying from laughing too hard, Seokjin can’t help but snicker, Hoseok’s falling off his seat, Yoongi and Namjoon taking pictures for blackmail one day.

Past your smiling face, your hand squeezes Taehyung’s thigh under the table before you let the words seethe through your teeth: “I’m so going to kill you in your sleep.”

Okay, apart from that, things were great. Taehyung never got bullied ever again. On the contrary, people were afraid of him because if anyone dared mess with him, well, it’s an automatic challenge that brought on you, along with the others that sat at that one table in the middle of cafeteria where almost everyone knew not to play a fool with unless you’d want a death wish. You, on the other hand, got to go out without needing to cover up with lies that technically wasn’t if your parents didn’t ask and grades that got better when Taehyung manages to slip in tutoring sessions every now and then.

Ah, except one thing. Sometimes, at night, Taehyung likes to - “Hey, Y/N. Could you come over?”

“…I swear to god, Tae. It’s two in the morning,”

He whines, “But I can’t sleep…”

“Your parents’ room is just down the hall. Their bed is big enough for three,”


“Or jerk off! It’ll get you sleepy and-”


“Fine! Unlatch your damned window!”

You can hear him chuckling with an excited yes! before he hangs up. With a groan, you toss your phone aside and grab onto your pillow before heading over to your window. When you see on the opposite end he’s already ready to catch you when you climb over, you step out and toss him your pillow. He looks confused, holds it, but mindlessly puts it away with a tch before locking his arms around you when you jump.

Taehyung’s able to smile when he has you in his arms, lying in his bed as he hugs you tight and hooks his chin on your shoulder even if you refuse to look at him with your back facing his chest.

“Thank you, Y/N,”

“Yeah yeah yeah, go to sleep. Class starts extra early tomorrow,”

Taehyung already knows he’s screwed, when this is the opposite of what he’s doing if he wants to actually sleep because somewhere between of this being pretend, he knows he doesn’t want any of this to be just pretend.