look at the cat!

  • Well-Known Successful Local Design/Screenprinter: Check out our new CHEETAH sticker interactive art concept!
  • Me: Okay let me stop you there. This is a leopard, not a cheetah. See the shape of the eyes? See how round the head? See how the dots are uniform across the face? It doesn't even have the eye marks of a cheetah. I also know this EXACT photo of a leopard because I did a study of this exact photo of a leopard. Not a cheetah. Please.

“I just wanna watch tv.” I said uninterested in his advances .. He sharply replied with, “I’m not playing with you today.” .. I ignore him as I feel a quick hard smack on my ass. I bite my lip to keep the moan in as I look up at him already in BEAST MODE !! He about to kill this cat ;P

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Meal Planning Week of 3-26-17

Breakfast: I’m doing something a little bit different and totally kind of a copy cat of a delicious-looking breakfast I saw @unfucking post. She made what I’d call a “warm salad” of eggs, cream cheese, and spinach. Since I’m lactose intolerant, I’m also using her suggestion to try a cashew cream “cheese” recipe. So, I picked up eggs, cashews, garlic, lemons, and chives. I’ll put it over some spinach and probably toss it around in the pan to shrink it down a touch and get it coated. Might even give it a drink of wine vinegar, which I was out of. Boo. Oh, well. $2. I found “pomegranate infused,” because why not? The only cashews I could find were lightly salted, so I probably won’t even need to add salt! Maybe a pinch. 

Lunches: Yeah, I’m going with a theme of easing going this week since we’re mostly just clearing out the freezer. I’m giving my boyfriend the “lentil soup” and “superfood chili” (I STILL HAVE SOME LEFT, JESUS) and I’ll be working through the leftover “sweet and spicy red cabbage soup.” That’s more of a side dish so I’ll just make a batch or two of my old stand by “tofu avocado salad sandwiches,” and have more of my delicious pickles from last week. So, no new lunch recipes. All I needed to pick up was an avocado and a package of firm tofu.

Dinners: So, during the work week we’ll finish up the “chicken and quinoa soup” we have left over in the freezer. I picked up some asparagus that was on sale, so I’ll probably roast one bunch up and have that with some of the stock of salmon burgers we have in the freezer. Also, to finish up two hamburger buns that survived “Attack of the Black Bean Burger.” Sunday night I’m going to do something a little fun. I have two cod filets just chilling in the freezer and I think I’m going to try making a crust out of oats and quinoa, something like that. Just gonna kind of BS this. I’ll have to, sigh, sacrifice an egg or two. I’ll write up a report on how this turns out! I’ll probably roast up the other bunch of asparagus, too.

Snacks: Pineapple, strawberries, bananas, protein shakes, and lentil brownies.

So, “lentil brownies” are the only real experiment and you’ll definitely hear about it! It’s going to be sort of a snack/energy bar and macro delivery system since I’ve been falling short on fat lately. It will definitely be delicious, though–I hope! My last attempt was close and I think I know exactly how to recalibrate it. From the pantry, I already have cocoa powder, stevia, coconut oil, vanilla, applesauce, protein powder, salt, and baking soda. All I picked up from the store was a bag of dried lentils and baker’s chocolate.

So, maybe not the most exciting since these are mostly old news to you guys, but I really sort of need my containers back so I can make new stuff. LOL. Oh, God. What will I write this week with so few new recipes? We only spent $45 this week on food and that would have been the whole bill had the boyfriend not “needed” Bacardi to DM last night.

The tipp-i-est tip of his shoe is at it again! See it?!

anonymous asked:

The autistic map sounds like a good idea.. at least it's intentions.. but it might be very harmful if it would get to the wrong hands. People might get targeted and attacked. (Example: Back a bit before the Holocaust,a few countries had a ethnicity/religion list to give people the proper burial according to it.. little did they know that the Nazis used it to target Jewish people once they invaded those countries. Good intentions.. but it backfired.)

I get the sentiment, but as long as people aren’t putting their point directly on their actual houses - and this is Internet 101, folks, never advertise your Real Actual Location - it’s roughly as dangerous as those Statcounter visitor maps some blogs have. If I remember correctly, I put my point on my city’s name, so if anyone manages to find me from that despite not knowing my actual address, my name, or what I look like, I’ll eat all of my hats :P

-Brother Cat