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any winter hoe outfit ideas? I need to be sexy but warm ;)


Okay but for real I love doing a realllllly low-cut shirt + a jacket/blazer combo - you can get away with hella cleavage this way but still be toasty and warm!! Sometimes I just get a bra that makes my boobs look good and do a trenchcoat. A+!!

Tights are your friend. Depending on what look you’re trying to pull off, I like ripped tights too! Then get a nice tight skirt that shows off your ass and depending on how you’re feeling, a loose sweater on top or a cute top and jacket. I like to go by the rule of only showing off one thing at a time (boobs/ass/stomach) when I’m in class, but that’s just me. 

If you don’t already have some, get some cute booties that have some heel and that you can walk in really well. Depending on how stable they are/the material they are made out of, you can wear ‘em through snow. I did last year. 

Leather leggings. Leather leggings. Leather leggings. Tbh it doesn’t even matter what you pair these with lol. I usually do a sweater with mine or a plain long-sleeve shirt. 

Invest in a good, form-fitting trenchcoat. It will make any look come together. I think H&M had some good ones last time I checked.

If you’re going to a party (or if you don’t care what your professors think) fishnets keep you a lot warmer than you’d think.  

Short sweaterdresses are the bomb. Add a statement necklace and a longer trenchcoat (for the walk outside) and just take it off when you get to class. Also this way you really don’t have to coordinate an outfit!!

Uhmmm that’s all I can think of without going through my closet (my roommate is asleep so I can’t) but if any of my followers can think of something, lemme know and I’ll add it!!

And as I like to say, a hoe never gets cold so if you’re going to a party I s2g anything is fair game!

Cosmic Girls as girls you knew growing up


she’s the camp counselor or babysitter who you had a massive crush on, whether you acknowledged it as a crush or not, and were always trying to impress her and get her attention and asked her to help you with things you damn well know you didn’t need help with, you just wanted her attention.

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These hardcore promo pics from Season One that look like edits for an AU fanfic are my new favourite thing omg.