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chris evans x reader (smut)

warnings: smut, dirty talk, tattoo kink? NSFW GIF. 

prompt: small discussion of tattoos leads to smutty goodness.

a small yawn left your lips as your head rested on your boyfriends chest, the curtains were drawn closed leaving you in a dimly lit room, the only noise surrounding you was your breathing and the sound of his steady heartbeat by your ear. you and chris had been dating for two months but having time together or even alone was a rarity considering his line of work, not that you minded, you loved spending time with sebastian and anthony as well as visiting his parents. his mothers cooking was to die for and you couldn’t stop yourself from melting whenever you saw how they interacted, it was no secret that he was an absolute mammy’s boy.

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Keys and Calls

Because I can’t stop this morning… here’s a missing scene from that morning.

Emma hung up the phone and turned to her mother with a sigh.

“That was Regina. We’re needed at the station.” 

Snow nods in understanding, concern crossing her face.

“I’m gonna run upstairs and get dressed, then we can go?” she offers her mother before disappearing to the second level of the house.

Snow places the binder down on the table and catches the scent of burning. She rushes to the stove to switch it off, not daring to touch the abandoned pan that had been left heating with no contents in it.

“Should have called before coming over.” she mutters to herself.

A faint squeal followed by a giggle seeps through the ceiling from above. She shakes her head and ignores it, choosing to wrap the forgotten pancakes in cellophane. They’re probably just joking around. She reassures herself. 

She pours herself a coffee and takes a seat at the table while she waits, idly flipping through the binder. 

A heavy shudder from above and the distinct sound of something smaller hitting the floor has her looking upwards.

Probably just bumped the dresser. She tries to convince herself.

Snow loses herself into the binder, going over lace samples, comparing satin colours, veil options-

A very noticeable moan floats down the stairs, reaching her ears and making her squeeze her eyes shut in discomfort. She slams the binder shut and slams her forehead down on top of it.

“Should have called before coming over.” she mutters once again.

Thankfully, its not long after that the pair finally appear, Emma glowing and Killian in a far better mood than before, that Snow puts on her best ‘ignorance is bliss’ face to try and forget this traumatic morning ever happened. 

By the time they reach the station, all is forgotten, but she does make a point of handing the spare key back.

When Emma gives her a questioning glance, she just shrugs and responds “There’s plenty of windows and doors in your house. I can always break through one if there’s an emergency.”

100 Banging Kinks: Getting Caught

Pairing: readerxbuckybarnes

Word Count: 871 

Warning: Smut, being caught having sex, getting caught kink

This is in celebration of Bucky Barnes reaching 100 years old and in part with @bucky-plums-barnes​ 100 banging kinks which I am so excited to read all of them!, the list of kinks is HERE along with the guide lines HERE! Enjoy little sinners x

You gasped as Bucky slid two fingers into your wet folds; slightly nipping your bottom lip the whole situation was wrong. So wrong, that what made it so arousing.

“Bucky we can’t, someone is gonna walk in any second” you groaned as he sucked under your jaw. Steve had called a meeting early that day; you and Bucky had been the closes to the meeting room. Meaning that you were both the first to arrive, you had no idea what had gotten into your boyfriend. Maybe it was the sexual charged joke you made earlier as you jumped onto of the meeting table. Maybe it was your short skirt you had opted to wear instead of your trusty worn out jeans or maybe it was the oversized shirt of Bucky’s draped over you exposing the top of your breast. Whatever it was you now found yourself perched on the edge of the table, your skirt hitched to your waist. Your panties were discarded across the room as Bucky’s jeans were unbuttoned and pulled down below his ass. His erection stood to full attention rubbing on the inside of your thigh.

“That’s what makes it so much better doll” You tried to pull away from him but your body was betraying you as your hips ground down on his fingers.

“Admit it (Y/N), you like it. The thrill of being caught turns you on don’t it?” Bucky grinned as he curled his fingers up hitting your g-spot. You rewarded him with a low moan throwing you head back.

“Oh god, this shouldn’t be such a turn on” you wined leaning back on your elbows looking up and Bucky, your chest rising up and down as he looked at you with a predatory grin. Slipping his fingers out he moved them up to his mouth sucking on his metal index finger.

“If it helps you taste as sweet as you look right now doll, all splayed out and ready to be fucked moments before the team arrives” you watched as he poisoned himself at your entrance, with one slow push he enters you earning a high pitched sob from you.

“Oh god, Bucky. Mmm yes” you mewled as Bucky pumped in and out lazily. You fell back fully onto the table, spreading out your arms your fingers dug into the wood of the table. Bucky hitched up you knee; leaning down to kiss the inside of it he braced himself over you. His right hand came to rest above your head as he grunted, his thrust becoming more forceful.

“God you’re so tight and wet (Y/N). Such a naughty girl, you really like me fucking you in such and open space. Imagining if someone walked in on us now, catching us fucking like animals” Bucky growled above you, you looked around at the glass walls of the meeting room. He was right any second now someone would catch you and it only made your arousal even more intense.

“Yes, oh god yes” moving your hands to the back on his neck you pulled him down to kiss him firmly, the sound of wood scraping on the floor sounded around you as Bucky’s forceful thrusts moved the solid oak table.
“Oh I’m so close doll, fuck… you feel so good. Are you going to be good and cum for me?” Buck rested his forehead on yours; you bit your bottom lip and wined nodding slightly. You reached down to circle your clit, the extra stimulus made your back arch up, pushing your body into Bucky’s.

“Oh I’m gonna, I’m…oh fuck” Bucky hissed, then three things happened at the same time, you own orgasm loomed over you the familiar coil in your stomach made your legs shake. Bucky spilling his load into you biting down at your neck only made you cry out louder as a third voice cried out in shock.


You looked up to see Steve, red faced with shock and slightly anger. Clutching your underwear in his hands, you brain hardly had time to register that he was watching Bucky still thrusting into you trying to chase your orgasm to its end before it hit you immediately. There was no stopping it as you bucked underneath the ex assassin. You let out a moan that was borderline pornographic as your whole body shook with post orgasm bliss. When you finally came down from your high you felt the embarrassment was over you like a cold shower, you let out a groan as you covered your face with your hands. You could hear Natasha’s low laugh behind Steve, at least she could see the funny side of it as Bucky chuckled above you.

“Next time we’ll have to hose you two down Jesus Christ and I thought Wilson was the kinky fucker around here,” Natasha snorted a she crossed her arms. Bucky looked up at the two of them a broad smile across his mouth, you peeked up at your Captain who was still looking slightly shell shocked about what he had just witnessed.

“Lighten up Steve, at least we didn’t cum late to the meeting” You let out a mortified cry as Bucky plucked your underwear from Steve’s hand.

Date the pale, gangly, fish-eyed goon-thing that lives behind the medicine cabinet. It only slithers out at night to unfold it’s quintuple-jointed limbs after a long day’s cyst-hibernation, but you can never hear it do this. It doesn’t let you hear it’s raspy gasps, it’s dribbling moans. It doesn’t want to freak you out. All it really does once it’s out is rotate your shower soap exactly 90 degrees with all 200 of its dry and cracked micro-phalanges, always seeping some sort of invisible viscous fluid from them. It’s technically everywhere in your bathroom, coating the walls, but you can’t perceive it. It likes to think that it is helping in some way, keeping your soaps in the “correct orientation”, even if you never notice. Sometimes, on special nights, it leaves the bathroom, silently shambling down the hall towards your room, it’s squalid scarecrow body convulsing like a huge overflowing vein as it goes. It comes to your room. It crouches down and looks in through the crack between your door and its frame. It stares at you while you sleep, a complete absence of sound accompanying it. It thinks of you as unfathomably beautiful.
It leaves after precisely 6 and ½ minutes. It squeezes it’s boneless, cartilage-body back behind the medicine cabinet, falling into blissful catatonic hibernation until the next night. It dreams of alien, squamous things, but more than often, it dreams of your face.


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Relationship: Bucky x reader

Word count: 1,625

Tags: Fluff and comfort

Based off my own prompt (wow original); BED SHARING AUS

Hope you enjoy :)

Jumping in her chair, she drew a shaky breath as she took in her surroundings. She was sitting at a desk, her research paper sporting a stain as she must have drooled on it. Sighing, she realized she had fallen asleep. Her heart was still thumping from her nightmare and her room felt a lot colder than it usually was. Groaning at the pain in her neck, she stood up and threw on the sweater that was flung across her chair. Walking out of her room, she planned to get a nice cup of tea to soothe her soul.

“Hey.” A sudden voice made her gasp and groan as her heart picked up speed again. Bucky was leaning against a counter in the kitchen and gave her an apologetic smile. “Sorry.” He mumbled. The moonlight seemed to give him an eerily glow and her stomach threw a fit at the softness in his eyes as he looked at her.

“It’s fine.” She sighed with a smile as she made her way past him towards the cabinets. Opening up one, she turned to see his brows furrowed as he took in the dark circles under her eyes. “What?”

He hesitated before speaking, choosing his words carefully. “You look…tired.” He seemed to already regret his words and she knew why. Her…how to put this, her ‘sleeping pattern’ was a common knowledge between the rest of the Avengers. At first, it was a secret she only shared with Steve. But eventually, Steve had to go on missions and she became dangerously sleep deprived. So, she told Natasha, who surprised her greatly by agreeing to help. But then Natasha went on missions with Steve, so she went to Thor for help. Tony made remarks at first, but then started seeking her out to cuddle. She knew he struggled with nightmares too and was happy to be helping him as well. Eventually, everyone on the team knew, but they still treated her normally and for that she was thankful.

She wasn’t always like this. When she was younger she could sleep just fine by herself. Then…the nightmares began. You’d think having a superpower would improve your life, but it was not so in her case. She had to experience the horrors of other people around the world every time she fell asleep. It was exhausting and most times she would avoid sleeping until she couldn´t anymore.

But, the one good thing she had discovered is that having a cuddle buddy drew out the real-life dreams. Somehow, instead of latching onto someone else in the world, she latched onto the mind of her cuddle buddy as they slept. Finally she was able to dream, even if it was someone else’s dream.

“I’m always tired, aren’t I?” she tried to joke, shrugging her shoulders. Bucky didn’t laugh though, his brows furrowing in concern.

“Have you slept at all this week?” He asked carefully.

This week had been hell, as somehow all the Avengers, except Bucky, hadn’t been at home. Bucky was one of the few teammates she had never cuddled with, both because they didn’t know each other that well and he was way too closed off for that stuff, so she assumed. Not that she was complaining, she’d deny it if ever asked, but she may have a tiny crush on the blue eyed soldier, and may not be able to handle casual cuddling with him.

“Yeah, of course, I just woke up.” She was still trying to sound light to not worry him, but she knew she looked and sounded just as exhausted as she felt.

“Y/N…” he trailed off, seemingly trying to decide something. Don’t say it, don’t say it, don’t say it. “Do you, um…would you like me to cuddle you?” he finished, scratching his neck and hesitantly looking her in the eye.

Crap. There goes her heart, beating fast. She was taken by surprise; it didn’t hurt as much as it did after the nightmares. It was…slightly nice. She was suddenly aware of her gaping face and red cheeks and quickly cleared her throat.

“I mean, if you want to.” Wait, no, those were not the words she intended to say. She tried to blame her tired mind and ignored the small thought that suggested it could be because she wanted this more than she realized.

“You need it, of course I want to…I mean I’m willing to help you.” Of all the time she had known the man, she had never heard him ramble like that. Not that he spoke often enough for it to happen, but still. He was avoiding her eyes now and she had to take a deep breath before speaking.

“Okay…um, follow me.” What was she doing? Follow me? She grabbed his hand and hoped he didn’t feel her shakiness as she led him away from her forgotten tea and towards her bedroom.

They didn’t speak as she closed the door after them and stood there with him in awkward silence. Taking a deep breath and silencing her mind, she crawled under the covers and shuffled to give him space. He seemed unsure of what he was doing, but still didn’t hesitate as slid in next to her. They lay awkwardly beside each other for a moment, debating to themselves how to play this. Eventually she convinced herself this was just like with everyone else and snuggled close to him, draping an arm over his stomach and placing her head under his arm.

After a few moments of even more awkward stiffness, he relaxed slightly and settled his mechanic arm on her waist, before quickly drawing it back. Confused, she looked up to see the slight…fear…on his face.

“What’s wrong?” she asked frowning. Did she do something wrong?

“I…just didn’t realize it was that…one.” Puzzled, she followed his gaze to his metallic arm lying beside her. She looked back at him as she realized why he was afraid.

“Oh Bucky, I don’t care, I really don’t.” she gave him a reassuring smile and grabbed the hand beside her and laid it back on her waist. He went rigid as confusion spread on his face, his eyes raking between her and his hand.

“But…” he trailed off.

“Bucky, seriously, it doesn’t scare me, I trust you.” Her own hand gripped his and she trailed her thumb over the sleek metal. “I actually think it’s pretty cool.” Her smiled widened nervously as he looked to have difficulty believing her. “Bucky, when have I ever been afraid of it?”

She was surprised he was even concerned about this, though she couldn’t blame him. His dark past is directly connected with the mechanic arm from Hydra. But the fact is, she was the only one, besides Steve, that didn’t have an issue with trusting him since he joined the team, and didn’t shy away or narrow her eyes at the super arm attached to the super solider. She didn’t like to judge people without knowing them in and out, which has caused her trouble before, but she still held strong to the belief that there’s always more to people than meets the eye.

He seemed to realize this but still didn’t relax beneath her. He kept staring into her eyes, trying to find something that indicated she was lying but coming up empty.

“Why aren’t you afraid of me?” He whispered, almost as if he didn’t want her to hear him. She gave a small sigh with a fond smile on her face as she sat up slightly to be more level with him.

“Why are you concerned about my well being enough to cuddle with me?” he seemed taken aback and she wasn’t sure through the dark, but she thought she saw him blushing. “Because you care, because in spite of what others think, you are a good person, Bucky. Believe me, I’ve seen enough bad people to know you’re not one of them. You care about me, just like I care about you.” She answered her own question, trying to sound as sincere as possible. His lips parted in shock and he stared at her at loss at words. She couldn’t keep the smile off her face as she brushed a lock of his hair away from his face. She wasn’t sure what had come over her, but the expression his face drew her in and she gave him a small peck on his lips. Drawing back, she felt the rain of realization wash over her. Feeling her heart hammering again, she cleared her throat and looked at everything but him, screaming at herself in her head. Just as she was about to run out of the room, she felt his lips on hers again, and it took a moment for her to understand what was happening. His fingers brushed across her cheek as they slowly started to move their lips against each other. There it was again, that nice, fast beating of her heart and Bucky’s body finally relaxed completely. They tried to make the bliss last as long as they could, but eventually they separated to breathe. A beautiful smile crept its way up his face and she felt her heart skip.

“I don’t deserve you.” He mumbled, and as she opened her mouth to object, he quickly spoke again. “And you’re right, I am concerned about your well being, which is why you should go to sleep now.” He gently pushed her back down and tightened his grip on her. She let her body melt against his, feeling his cool metal fingers brushing up and down her arm, slowly lulling her to sleep. Before she passed out, she let out a content whisper.

“You deserve so much more than you think.”

Animals // Spencer Reid x Reader

Summary: Spencer Reid enjoys the satisfaction that comes with being friends with benefits. 

Warnings: Smut

Playlist: Animals - Alex & Sierra

A/N: I thought I’d do this one a little different. I highly suggest giving the song a listen as it helped fuel this small little number(I provided the link just for you). I hope you enjoy! ;)

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NCT U + Hansol and Johnny when they are receiving an oral. (Quando eles recebem um oral.)

Taeyong: Taeyong would be moaning so much. He would be in total bliss with his head falling back and his mouth wide open. // Taeyong gemeria tanto. Ele ficaria em êxtase total, com a cabeça caindo para trás e a boca aberta.

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Jaehyun: Jaehyun would love it. Slightly holding your hair, watching every move you make. He would smirk everytime you look up to his face. Whatta_Man-IOI.mp3 // Jaehyun iria adorar. Ligeiramente segurando seu cabelo, observando cada movimento que você faz. Ele sorriria malicioso toda vez que você olhasse para o rosto dele. Whatta_Man-IOI.mp3

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Doyoung: Doyoung would blush with just the thought of doing it. So he actually receiving a oral from you would be a suprise for him. He wouldn’t have the guts to look at you, so he just hold your hair, feeling your mouth doing the amazing work. // Doyoung coraria apenas ao pensar em você fazendo isso. Então, ele realmente recebendo uma oral de você seria uma surpresa para ele. Ele não teria coragem de olhar para você, então ele apenas segura seu cabelo, sentindo a sua boca fazendo o trabalho incrível.

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Taeil: Oh my God. Just imagine this boy moaning with that amazing vocals. He would totally ask you to do this more often. The sight of your mouth going down on his dick would make Taeil see stars. // Meu Deus. Apenas imagine esse garoto gemendo com esse vocal incrível que ele tem. Ele totalmente pediria pra você fazer isso mais vezes. A visão de sua boca indo para baixo em seu pênis faria Taeil ver estrelas.

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Ten: Ten would have a silly smile during the whole time. He would bite his lips and say things like “you’re amazing babe”. After you finish he would pull you closer and giggle. // Ten ficaria com um sorriso bobo durante o tempo todo. Ele morderia os lábios e diria coisas como “você é incrível, querida”. Depois que você terminasse, ele te puxaria para perto dele e riria.

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Hansol: Hansol would be quiet, controlling your head with his hand because this boy, oooh this boy would never be a sub, even when receiving an oral. // Hansol ficaria em silêncio, controlando sua cabeça com sua mão porque este garoto, aaah esse garoto nunca seria um sub, mesmo recebendo um oral.

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Johnny: Like Jaehyun, Johnny would fix his eyes in you. He would praise you and give longs sighs, not able to contain his feels. And he would give you something after ;) // Assim como Jaehyun, Johnny fixaria seus olhos em você. Ele iria te elogiar e daria longos suspiros, não sendo capaz de conter o que sente. E ele te daria algo depois ;)

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- Adm Boonon -

it wasn't my fault || stiles stilinski

word count: 3201

warnings: lots of angst. dealing with death.

prompt: “they said it wasn’t my fault.”

author’s note: posted before, but my blog was deleted, so here it is again! Y/D/N means Your Daughter’s Name.

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Bad Girl (M)


Characters: Im Jaebum (JB, GOT7), You (Reader/OC), Other GOT7 members

Genre: Smut, smut, smut, and a bit of fluff.

Warning/s: Daddy JB, Spanking, Use of Toys, Squirting, Cunnilingus, Orgasm Denial, Overstimulation LIKE EVERYTHING BITCH BECAUSE THIS IS JB THAT WE ARE TALKING ABOUT AYT

Length:  2,500 words

Plot:   Just when you thought he had totally forgotten what you did that night, you are totally mistaken.  Tonight, he will show you who is really in charge and how bad girls like you are supposed to be treated.



“AHHH- FUCK!” You moaned as you felt the toy inside your drenched pussy vibrate at its full extent, causing your bounded arms and legs to pull against the restraints and your back arching in full bliss.  As soon as you step in to your high, the vibrator went completely off and your back fell back on the bed, your chest heaving and teeth gritted in frustration.

Your boyfriend, who is standing next to you, has this smug look on his face.  He looks at you with amusement and pure lust masked on his handsome face.  While you are still trying to recover from the denial of your peak, he raised one of your legs and gave your right ass cheek a hard smack, causing you to lurch forward and whine in pain and pleasure.  He looked at you straight in the eyes as he turned the vibrator on again, this time it is at its lowest speed, causing you to press your bounded legs as close to each other as possible.

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I want to request 32 "Make me" + DINO :D -LK Anon [I love your blog~]

32. “Make me.” (DinoxReader)

sleepover drabble

Dropping your keys after many attempts of fumbling to open the door to your apartment, you fall into a fit of giggles, beginning to regret the 7th jaeger bomb. Buried in the scent of his cologne you find yourself leaning against your best friend Dino for support,

“Just open the door already,” He whines, letting out a small hiccup as he leans up against the door frame for support.

“Got it!”

You announce, finally opening the door and with it taking away Dino’s only source of support, sending him tumbling onto the floor.

Smacking your hand against the wall, you hit the lightswitch causing the apartment to light up, revealing the crumpled heap of Chan on the floor.

Seeing your bestfriend rolling on the floor you dissolve into a pool of giggles, and you somehow manage to kick off your heels to allow your feet some sweet relief as you’d spent most of the night dancing like a headless chicken.

“One more drink before bed, come onn…”

Being the bad influence you always are you lean down, grabbing hold of Dino’s hand and beginning to, very slowly, drag him towards the living room.

With each step he begins to slowly drag himself up from the floor until he’s stumbling behind you, still holding your hand tight in his. Soon you feel yourself trip over the corner of your rug and onto the soft second hand couch you bought last summer.

A loud thump signalled that a very tipsy Chan had landed next to you on the couch, soon you could feel his warmth radiating against your skin causing small shivers to trail down your spine. Your mind reached cloud nine as his hand found its way onto your leg, drawing small patterns as he stared up at the ceiling.

Never had you seen someone so beautiful than now.

The look of blissful contentment stilled on his face as he turned to gaze at you, a small dopey smile forming on his lips as the alcohol coursing through your bloodstream caused you to let out another small giggle.

The space between you seemed almost static as he inched closer, small jolts of electricity radiating from your finger tips as you felt yourself trace a delicate pattern on the top of his arm. As time stilled, finally you felt the soft touch of his lips against yours. You moved in sloppy harmony as shivers raced all over your body, setting every nerve on fire.

“Lee chan, how dare you kiss me in this condition!” You announce, pressing a finger into his chest with another drunken laugh.

“I demand you stop this instant!”

Continuing to joke, the warmth of his hand slowly meets your cheek with a gentle caress. Cupping your face to look up at him, eyes fixed on nothing but each other. Leaning in to gently brush his nose against yours, he gives another dopey smile.

“Make me.”

- admin scoops 💫

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Remember Me

PAIRING: reader x Bucky Barnes 



Request from Anon- Hellooo, I want to ask for a Bucky/reader in which Bucky has his mind under the control of HYDRA and reader tries to calm him down and have sex with him to making him recognize her, and Bucky hurt her and then he came to reality and regret what he did.. Thanks really! kisses

This took me so long to write, ugh i don’t know why but this was a tough one. I may have changed things slightly from the prompt! But hopefully it’s ok! Enjoy x 


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You watched him; your eye’s trained on him like a hawk. You should have seen the warning signs; you had experienced them enough to know when the triggers had started. It was a side effect of the treatment, trying to pull out century’s worth of code inside a persons brain could leave them scrambled and disoriented. You stood at the entrance of Bucky’s room Steve blocked your body away from his, trying to protect you from his friend.

“Bucky” Steve voice was hard; you glanced at the back of his head for a second before your eyes snapped back to your boyfriends. His stance was neutral but hard; his chest was squared up to Steve’s. If you didn’t to anything now they would tear the whole placed down.

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Ok so think about Cas being all stoic and whatnot and when he and Dean have sex it's doggy. All the time, so Dean never sees his face and Cas doesn't really make sounds. So Dean gets the idea to change up the position and lays Cas on his back. Dean then realizes not only has Cas been keeping silent by biting his lip, but also Cas has a look of absolute bliss on his face when he gets fucked. From then on Dean only fucks Cas in ways he can see his face and makes sure he moans loud. Poor Sam.

Oh, God, anon, don’t even get me started, like after he fucks him on his back Cas lets out a little noise and he squeezes his eyes shut and bites his lip even harder like he’s trying to hold back but Dean just thumbs over his bottom lip and hushes him saying, “You can make noise for me, baby, I don’t mind, I wanna hear you,” and after that Cas starts getting bolder and bolder with his verbal filter until he babbles when Dean fucks him and he screams Dean’s name when he comes knowing that not only does it feel good to let loose but Dean gets so much satisfaction out of knowing that he’s bringing his little angel so much pleasure (≧ω≦) 

Thank you so much for sending me this!!! <3

okay, so hear me out

writing fic (fanfic or original fiction) is like being in a relationship

minifics, shortfics- those are one-night stands. You drop a snippet of an idea, no strings attached or particular effort expended on them, and you can leave it behind without caring about the reprecussions.

Oneshots are short relationships. You worked on them for awhile until they were polished to perfection, except after that it’s over. They’re complete in one chapter that you worked hard on, but after that there’s nothing else to do with them. The break-up is clean and straightforward. If things dont work out between you two, you can drop it and no one will know because your relationship was so short (you never posted it)

And then there are long multichapter things that take TIME and DEDICATION and sweat and tears. You fall in love with an idea, and you decide to execute it.  The get-to-know-you part of the relationship is easy, setting up ideas and sequences of events. You plan the next several dates, you plan the plot twists and the story crops up with random date ideas that you decide to include or not include - it’s a commitment. 

It starts off easy. Smooth sailing, like many relationships tend to be. Words come out with the power of fresh bliss from your new inspiration, and it’s easy to get out of bed on go on dates with your fic.

But as time goes on, it’s hard. Hard to commit to dates, hard to even look at the fic because guilt weighs down for not interacting with it but writing it is just so hard. The infatuation phase is over, and you have to crack down to face the difficulties of having a long term relationship. 

Sometimes, it works out great! You persevere and make an effort to stay together, and by the time your relationship has run its natural course, you can leave relatively painlessly, and will have the happy memories of the time you wrote it. But sometimes, it doesn’t work out so great, and it’s a bad breakup. One day, you stop communicating because life got in the way, or you fell out of love, and the fic is standing there untethered from you, begging attention but no matter how much you look at it it’s painful to commit. The break-up is messy. People leave comments years later asking why you never got back together with the fic, why haven’t you updated. The guilt eats at you, frayed plot threads float through the wind and sometimes you remember them in a moment of nostalgia. It takes time to let go of it and realize that that relationship wasn’t working for you.

tl;dr, writing and relationships are super similar


Here is another addition for my PolyBingo card!

Summary: Castiel also falls into the cage with Michael and Lucifer at the end of season 5.  They find a nice way to occupy their time.

Warnings: smut: blowjob, hand job, masturbation, rutting. no penetrative sex

word count: ~1000

Castiel felt the energy of the cage around him, a buzzing of energy deep within his grace.  He opened his eyes, but realized that he was no longer in his vessel Jimmy, but was more the physical-and-energy mix of a being he was in heaven.

The cage must have separated vessel from angel as they entered.

Castiel looked around, seeing Jimmy, Sam, and Adam slumped along one wall.  If he had been forced out of Jimmy, Michael and Lucifer must have also been forced out of their vessels.

Castiel moved to another part of the cage (which was much bigger than he thought it would be), seeing a doorway.  He went through it, immediately feeling his brothers’ energies in the room.

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Ok but consider: post!reveal LadyNoir in the future, and that shower gag is still a thing.

Like now that Adrien/Chat are the same person to Marinette, the line between their personalities is completely blurred so we now have flirty!boyfriend Adrien who’s still a shy cinnamon roll underneath it all.

And one day after a particularly difficult Akuma, they crash Adrien’s place but they have no time to spend with each other, because there’s a fashion show is that evening and Adrien’s gotta jump in the shower fast.

And he forgets to tell Mari all of this because Gabriel forced asked him to model at last minute’s notice so he turns on the shower right as Mari wanders in the bathroom to look for him.

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The Beating of Young Hearts

I wrote this, like….three years ago? May as well share it instead of letting it rot in my hardrive.

The ghost was crying. Nothing new; she’d been doing that a lot since Valerie and Phantom first found her. Phantom claimed it was separation anxiety, though how a ghost—young or not—could have such a human response to being lonely was believed to be impossible. They didn’t have feelings. But whatever the reason for the baby’s crying, Phantom was usually able to calm her down.

The problem was, Phantom was out searching for the baby’s parents. He was supposed to be back soon—according to Valerie’s schedule—but in the meantime, the baby was stuck with Valerie. And neither ghost baby nor ghost hunter approved of this arrangement.

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Caught in Crossfire

Fandom: BBC Sherlock

Word count: 1729

Characters: Mycroft x reader, Moriarty, Sherlock, John

Warnings: torture, severe threat to reader, angst

Summary: Being Mycroft’s secretary puts you in a dangerous position.

You twirled your pen between your fingers as you stared blankly at the computer screen. You had spent every day this week sat behind this desk, and now there was a headache building steadily behind your eyes. When you got home, there was a long, hot bath just waiting for you. You could sleep in tomorrow, too, and you were meaning to catch up a new series on Netflix.

Just half an hour to go, you thought longingly as you stared at the clock in the corner of the screen.

“Y/N. Not daydreaming, I hope.” Your boss’s disapproving voice floated down the corridor, and you straightened. The pen dropped to your desk.

“No. Of course not, sir,” you said hurriedly.

Mycroft Holmes walked towards you, eyebrow arched sceptically. You felt a rush of heat in your cheeks at his appraising gaze.

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Here you go!

You shifted uncomfortably against the rock. It’s ridged edges sticking into your back even through your cloak, which you spread carefully over it before taking your watch. This wasn’t normally shift but with Bombur still out of whack after the incident in Mirkwood forest you had no choice. To make matters worse there was a chill in the air and you had to tuck your knees to your chest; trying to get some warmth. Thorin had offered you his blanket but you declined and now you regretted that decision. Bad choice to think about him.
For the last part of the journey you’ve found yourself blushing whenever he looks at you and getting flustered at any contact. It was clear you had feelings for him and you had an inclining that he purposely teased you sometimes. To pass the time you let your mind think up different situations involving you and Thorin, you closed your eyes and wondered what it would feel like to kiss him, to have his hands undress you…a gasp escaped past your lips as you started to clench your thighs. No push those thoughts away! But you couldn’t, it was too late your brain was working overtime as you tried to envision what his fingers would feel like inside of you and before you knew what was happening your hand was slowly sliding down your body, teasing yourself. Your head fell back against the rock as you slipped your hand inside your pants and ran your finger up your slit and shuddering as you pictured it was Thorin doing it. You moved your finger back and forth a couple of times until you were slick. You bucked your hips and whined as you started to massage your clit in small circles. “AHH!!” Your breathing became laboured and you thrusted your hips up so that your finger brushed against your clit repeatedly. Images of Thorin floated through your head and your finger soon travelled to your cunt and you pushed two inside. “Nghh T-Thorin! Yes oh god…” You stroked your walls and started to thrust your fingers at a fairly quick pace. You wanted Thorin to pound into you but for now your fingers had to do, you continued to rub your clit with your thumb and you whispered his name over and over again as you fucked yourself.

“(Y/n)?!” To far gone in pleasure your turned your head slightly and immediately pulled your fingers from inside you as you saw Thorin standing to your left, wide eyes and jaw agape. “Thorin I-”
“I don’t want to hear an excuse” his breathing sounded almost as shaky as yours. He walked over to you and you shied away very aware that your hand was still down your pants. He gently pulls your hand up and inspected your fingers and moaned. “You did this…while thinking about me?”
“You make me so hot and bothered! What was I supposed to do?!” He ran his tongue up and down your fingers before sucking them clean, the heat in your stomach returned and you pulled him down above you. He crashed his lips against yours in a heated kiss and you let his tongue slide into your mouth and your moan was lost into his. Your fingers tangled in his hair and you parted your legs so his body could fit with yours better. “I’ve wanted you for so long…” His lips trailed over your jaw as his hands pulled off your pants. “I think it’s fair to say I can’t make it much more obvious that I want you (y/n).” You whimpered and lifted your hips up. “Anyone could wake up.” He mumbled against your skin as his hands squeezed your thighs. “Nngh..who cares oh god please Thorin touch me!” He chuckled. “I am touching you” he said teasingly and you blushed. “You know what I mean.”
“No. I don’t, tell me love?” His fingers ghosted between your legs and you lost control. “MY CLIT MY CUNT I DON’T CARE WHICH PLEASE TOUCH ME!” He lifted your thighs over his shoulders. “Much better. Gods you’re such a needy slut, all you want is my cock isn’t it?” He started to rub your clit and you screamed out. He clamped his other hand over your mouth. “We can’t be found in such a compromising position now can we? So you better stop making those whore noises you’re driving me insane” you nodded and he removed his hand from over your mouth and replaced it with his lips. He kept one finger playing with your clit while he thrust a finger inside of you. You bit down on his lip to stop yourself from shouting his name. You licked the blood away and he shivered before adding another finger and stretched you. “Better?” He mumbled against your lips and you nodded. “I want you” he smirked and sat back so he could take his own pants off. “Forgive me that this is so unceremonious I promise next time I will be gentle” you didn’t even get the chance to admire him because his lips chased yours for another kiss and his hands slid under your top and his thumbs brushed over your nipples. “Your body reacts so quickly, you’re so desperate for my touch are you not?”
“I imagined it was your cock as I pleasured myself my King.”
“I’m the only one who is allowed to give you pleasure understand?” He asked and you nodded again wrapping your legs around his waist and pulling him close so you could feel his erection against your thigh. “How badly do you want me to fill you? How much do you crave me to pound into you?” You couldn’t even form words at this point so you just rubbed your hips against his. He trailed his length down your slit and pushed the tip inside of you. “Do you want all of me? Can you handle me inside of you like the slut that you are” you pushed your hips down so he was all the way in. “Tho-rin!”
“You’re so beautiful (y/n)” he rested his forehead on yours and started to move his hips. You dug the pads of your fingers into his back and bit down on his shoulder to stifle your moan. He tightened his grip on your hips and pulled you closer as he pounded into you. How could one of your fantasies actually happen in the space of a few minutes? With your previous build up of sexual frustration it didn’t take you long to be on the edge of falling into bliss. “There! Thorin! AHH!” Your body was overcome with pleasure and your eyes stayed open enough to watch Thorin slip into the same state and feel him release inside of you.

Fully sated you collapsed against the rock now thankful for its support. Thorin gently pressed his lips to yours. “Look at what you do to me” he said burying his face in the crook of your neck. You giggled and played with his hair. “Look what you do to me! Don’t forget I was pleasuring myself at the thought of you”
“I’m never going to forget that you have my word”

At this point on stage, Hamilton appears next to Eliza, much to her happiness and amazement, as if this is the moment of her death. In fact, after the final note fades, the last sound heard is Eliza’s gasp—perhaps her last breath, or her joy at her dying vision of Alexander waiting for her—as the theater goes dark.

By the end of the show, the title, Hamilton, refers to Eliza Hamilton as much as Alexander Hamilton. It opened by describing Alexander’s birth, so it’s appropriate for it to end with the death of Eliza, the one who told so much of both of their stories.

As the New Yorker describes it: ‘In the show’s final moment, he motions Eliza to the lip of the stage, where she steps beyond him and takes the light. The last image we see is of her awestruck face, gazing out into some blissful beyond.' I’m not crying, you’re crying.


In this song, Eliza becomes the extradiegetic narrator (lit. narrating from outside the world of the story). So in a way, she is literally looking out into the theater and seeing the crowds of people that have come to see and hear her and her husband’s story in this amazing play that’s being performed for packed audiences and turning the entire world of theater on its head. THEY’RE TELLING YOUR STORY. YOU MADE IT, GIRL, YOU MADE IT.


annotations on the genius.com page for who lives who dies who tells your story 

(i am definitely crying) 

At Bay

Request: You are having too many vivid nightmares that won’t let you sleep. Bucky finds out and steps in to help.

Word Count: 1,718

Warnings: Nightmares.

A/N: Requested by anon, hope you like it, dear. Sorry it took a little longer. 

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They were always worse after a mission. It was the same scene over and over again. You’d wake up with a frantically-beating heart, a sheen of cold sweat on your body, and hurting fingers from gripping on to the sheets too hard. You knew you had been screaming, because multiple times you’d wake Natasha up and she’d be there to soothe you with a hand to your forehead, telling you it’d be alright.

But nothing you did make them leave. Bruce gave you some tea, said it helped calm him down and it would most likely keep the horrible, vivid nightmares away. You eagerly drank it down, wincing at the burn it left behind on your tongue, but earnest to know if it had solved your problem.

It didn’t. Your voice was hoarse the next morning. They had been unrelenting, haunting, and eternal.

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