look at the beak on this loser


Hello! It’s been a while since I posted something here. 

So yesterday, me and my friends went for a hike (it’s my first time!!) . That was about 3 hours of hiking from the starting point (Ternate, Cavite) up to the peak (Mt. Pico De Loro, Maragondon) Good thing the weather cooperated so the hike went well. Reaching the peak was a liberating feeling and after taking a few photos (and selfies, of course) I was inspired to draw the peaks from the campsite. 

The first one’s the well-known Parrot’s Beak monolith (it was called such because from the monolith’s top, it actually looks like  parrot head). I denied myself the chance to climb the monolith (ew, loser) because it started to rain and I was afraid that I might slip off the cliff, so I drew it instead.

The second one was drawn from the campsite. That right there is the monolith and the peak itself. Climbing up the peak was so tiring because the mountain slope was too steep. It’s an unfinished sketch because my friends were rushing me to finish already because they needed to climb up the monolith already. 

The experience was awesome, too awesome, we’re already planning our next hike—Mt. Pulag!!!!