look at the awesome effects omfg!!!

Al Mc-Gaster

danny-trash asked: Hello, Doctor Gaster. I would like to hear of your thoughts about the code. Is it facinating? Can you change it?

*Changes are possible…

*However, making changes to such an intricate language could be devastating to a timeline, or multiple timelines…and even to alternate universes…

*And that is exactly what I intend to do…

Comic dub for @askvoidgaster ~<3 The comics they made are pretty amazing so far! I only read the first few posts and it got me hooked<3
I had a fun with this one. Looking for the effects I wanted to use was pretty iffy, but I think I got it. I need to get my hands on more sound effects. please tell me what you think!<3
The post the dub is based on