look at the animation too *sobs*

I watched the Season 4 finale eps when they aired in Korea first, so I knew what was coming (I saw it coming when we learned what the titles for the finale eps were going to be…let’s be real, the whole fandom saw this coming).

I wasn’t emotionally impacted by the death at the time. Mildly horrified by how brutal it was, yes, but I wasn’t really sad over it. With all the fake out deaths we’ve been given for Splinter in this series (the fight in the S2 finale, the season 3 finale, the first fight with Super Shredder with the two of them tumbling over the edge into the pit…), I felt like they ruined the emotional impact his actual death in this episode was supposed to have on me. I was still looking forward to seeing the episode again with the original English cast though, because I knew they were going to do fantastic with the scenes.

They certainly did.

I was so much more moved by Splinter’s death and the reactions of all of the kids this time around. I was actually in tears this time as I watched it.

Mikey holding Splinter’s limp hand, and tearfully sobbing Papa….that freaking killed me.

The actors all did a phenomenal job, and the animation was stunning (I kinda felt like the Korean broadcast version I saw was…unfinished? The animation looked so much better here to me, and I swear there was more noticable background score too).

My only complaint is that I wish Karai was there for it too, and wish she had been the one to push Super Shredder off the roof after he killed Splinter. After everything that monster has put her through: raising her to hate her biological father and possibly assassinate him for Shredder if Shredder couldn’t do it himself, the emotional manipulation and abuse he put her through when she thought she was his daughter, the brainwashing after she learned the truth and turned on him, hurting people she’s grown to care about and threatening to kill Shinny unless she joined him again, ordering Stockman to perfect the mutation so he could kill Karai without feeling any hesitation or remorse in doing so, coldly referring to her mother’s death just before he tried to kill her, and topping it off by killing the loving father she didn’t get much time to really bond with and get to know….it really should have been her, not April.

I get that Karai’s been trying to kill Shredder since she learned the truth. I get that Splinter thought of April as a surrogate daughter, and that April (and possibly Casey) viewed Splinter as a second father…but, I don’t know, I guess I’m just tired of seeing Karai robbed of being there with her family and for her family in emotional moments like these.

I sincerely hope that in Season 5 we see her spend more time with her brothers, and bond with them. I hope that Season 5 doesn’t sweep this emotionally devastating blow the family has been dealt under the rug, I hope we see the emotional impact it has on all of them (not just Leo) and how they grow from it.

I have faith in Season 5. I’ve had my gripes about this show, how it feels like such wasted potential a lot of the time, but I do still love it dearly. And when the writers up the ante, and really give it their all, they do tell a great story that hits the right heartstrings. I think they will definitely give it their all for the final season. I look forward to seeing where they go with this!

anemeia  asked:

Hello hello !! Hope you are having a wonderful day !! And have you watched hyperventilation the bl animation ??

Hi hi!! You too!!!  💙
I’ve watched 3 episodes I think but I couldn’t find the rest and then there were things happening with the creator? People were threatening her and then she stopped? Something like that. (damn people istg)
That’s why I didn’t look into it any further. But what I saw looked very cute and smexy!


Edit: My proofy Ash let me use her Patreon to watch it  and  I’M IN TEARS OH MY GOD THAT WAS BEAUTIFUL *sob*

Fairy Tail anime 2014

I really dont know why people are so happy about the anime coming back.I mean on Friday 4th i counted the seconds to it but once i saw the episode i cant lie and say im not disappointed .I mean that im glad it returned but id rather wait half a year more so the animators can actually do their work right rather then watch it now.(Though im still waiting for saturday to see if it gets better XD)What i mean is that the new animation is very poor just look at it

Look at my baby Gray T.T what have they done to him ouh and Lucy and Natsu too.Just look at them T.T Mashima deserves much more.Its his anime with his charcters his story and the anime is screwing them up T.T Mashima does so much for us and every chapter of his has AMAZING art but the anime…i have no words to describe my disappointment.

A-And look at Juvia *sobs in a corner*How could they mess her up this bad ?Gray too .They dont deserve this and neither does Mashima or we .Everyone in this fandom has been looking forward to this squeeling in happiness,counting the days ,getting all excited and it turns out to be not even close to what i expected.     

Lyons face here looks like mine when i saw the new episodes (and hes not drawn very good either here)  Okay i admit it sting is cute but this is not the reason i added this to the things i dont like about the new animation ,its the tears.I just dont know they just look strange*shrugs*And dontr get me wrong i still like the anime i am just a bit disappointed and hope the animators pick up their game and do much better with this weeks episode!^^

Now on the good side we’ve got this <3 :

Gray’s and Natsu’s booties  lol and badass erza                 <- let me take a moment to admire those abs

This awesome Gruvia in the opening !^^

Gray-sama looking hot as hell

And again Gray <3

we finally got around to buying a scanner!! SO GUESS WHAT IM GONNA BE SCANNING FIRST 8) 8)

the stand up guide is a thin lil book on aspects of the animation – specifically stardust crusaders, but they also have stuff on parts 1 and 2 too! half the guide is made up of interviews from part 3’s seiyuus, and ppl im assuming worked on the anime. there’s also character sheets for the five part 3 protags, some kind of speedwagon interview (??), sketches of key animation frames (WHICH LOOK RLLY COOL), and a short comic of the seiyuus voice acting!!

IN SHORT ITS RLLY AWESOME.. its all in japanese so i cant read a thing BUT IM GONNA TRY TO UPLOAD THEM ANYWAYS LATER FOR EVERYONE TO ENJOY! stay tuned ;*