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Harvey Dent on Gotham Tonight (TDK Special Features)

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whoops — p.p.

wc: 1.8k
summary: “i’ll see you around, parker.” sequel to oops. (requested)
tags: @thatisstilltheterm @devilsdaughter1225

(Name)’s mouth was still tingling when she walked into the cafeteria and took a seat across from Makenzie at their signature lunch table.

“What the hell have you been doing?” Kenzie asked, her eyebrows furrowed together as she took in her friend’s slightly swollen lips and somewhat messy hair.

“You wouldn’t believe me if I told you,” she said, snagging a fry from Makenzie’s tray.

“It honestly can’t be that bizarre, (Nickname). Now tell me,” she said, reaching a hand across the table and shaking her best friend’s arm.

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“take me to bed” just a little something before i start on all the requests!

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it was getting harder and harder to ignore your fathers death glaring stare from across the room now. you felt that if you were sitting any closer to him, he’d have killed you with his bare hands.

it wasn’t like this before….

before kattegat…..

before him.

you couldn’t deny the strong attraction you had felt for the oldest son of ragnar lothbrok. he was smart, cunning, strong, brave, and so handsome.

and most of all, he was hated by your father.

you didn’t exactly know why your father hated the lothbrok family so much, but every time he had to converse with any of them, he had an ugly grimance upon his face.

but you, you loved them. and they loved you.

you got on so well with the lothbroks, and that made your father very, very angry with you, so much so that you two hadn’t spoken a word to each other since you had gotten to kattegat.

your father was trying desperately to get more land from them, this made you slightly annoyed since your family has almost more land than the lothbroks.

but honestly, it allowed you to see them, so you didn’t mind. you knew they wouldn’t give in anyway.

and as time went on, you and him had gotten closer, and closer, and closer.

you both were drawn to each other. call it attraction, call it whatever you want, but you both knew you needed each other.

and one night, you both had given in to those urges.

you had made passionate, wild, lustful, wet, hot love to one another. you both never wanted to stop, and you both hadn’t until the fourth round was done.

but hours later you two went again.

it was the best night of your life, to be touching him, kissing him, crying out his name and giving everything to him.

and even after that night, you two never left each others sides.

you weren’t together though, just short, silent kisses and lust-filled nights were shared.

and the more you two got alone time together, the more you loved him.

and the more your father got suspicious.

then, one night, after a long session of love making, your father had requested your presence.

he knew, he fucking knew.

he screamed, yelled, waved his arms like a mad man for hours on end. scoffing disgustingly at your disgruntled appearance.

he forbid you from ever seeing him again.

long passionate stares were shared now between you and your in the dark lover. he’d lick his lips when your father wasn’t looking, giving you a tiny promising wink, but when your father looked, he’d glare at him and shake his head angrily.

and now, as you sat here alone at a table in the hall, ‘celebrating’ your fathers presence annoyed you even more.

you suddenly felt someone come up behind you, their shadow hovering over you.

“what’s he pissed about this time?”. it was him, it was him.


you bit back your smile and slid over more, allowing him to sit beside you. he sat down with you and took a long sip of ale from his horn.

you finally willed yourself to look at him, you could tell he was seeing your pain through your eyes.

in his were a longing, a want, a need…for you.

you tried as hard as you could not to reach over and touch him as he looked at you like this.

“what’s he pissed about this time?” he repeated, but in a more soft tone. you sighed heavily and shook your head.

“the usual…me.” you muttered, taking a long and large gulp of ale, trying to drown your sadness.

bjron watched you as you drank, his finger slowly rubbing over the rim of his cup.

“i miss you” he said, eyes not looking at you a he said this. you bit at your lip, trying to prevent yourself from pouncing on him right then and there.

“i miss you, too” you whisper. you sighed out when his hand gripped yours under the table.

his fingers lovingly stroked over your knuckles. he leaned down and kissed your hand, his lips lingering more than they should have.

“i have something to ask of you” he said, eyes staring at your father as he said this. you nodded and listened intently, worry lacing your nerves.

“when your father leaves here…..i want you to stay…with me” he said, his voice the softest you’d ever heard it.

you stared at him in shock for a moment, not knowing how to respond.thankfully, he continued.

“i want you to be with me. be my woman, and my wife. i want you for as long as you’ll have me”.

this  made you want to smile and scream out joyfully at your father. but, how would he take this?.

“bjorn…my father hates you”.

bjorn nodded thoughtfully, trying to figure up his words.

“i know. but this isn’t about him, this is about you and your decision”. you slowly closed your eyes, which were filling with tears. you wanted to be with bjorn, but you wanted to make your father proud.

“he thinks you’re dangerous” you said. bjorn gave you a look that shook you to your very core.

“perhaps he is right” he said, pausing to tuck a stray hair behind your ear.

“but that will not stop me from having you. loving you. i want to care for you like you deserve, if you’ll allow me to”. he then suddenly stood, and went to walk away from your table.

but your hand shot out and gripped his, not wanting him to go.

“bjorn, where are you going?”.

“ you make your father proud. settle down with a well to do farmer and bear his children and become his little wife. or stay with me, stand by me and become mine. in the end i know you’ll make the right choice”.

he leaned down and kissed your cheek, teasing you by kissing so close to your lips, then left the hall, giving you a very seductive look over his shoulder just before he walked out the door.

you pondered over this for a moment. you loved bjorn, you loved the idea of being by his side as he searched for new lands. but your father… how could you disobey him so openly?.

you stood and took a hug gulp of breath through your mouth and headed straight for your father.

this was your choice.

you took a left right then and walked out the door. running to catch up to bjorn.

but you couldn’t find him. you froze where you stood and searched all around.

until two very large arms wrapped themselves around your waist.

“i take it you’re staying” he mused cockily, lips pressed to your neck. you scoffed but couldn’t help laughing at your lover.

you wrapped your hands over his and squeezed his fingers.

“shut up ironside” you whispered turning your head and catching his lips in a bruising kiss. he hummed, his tongue gently lapping at the roof of your mouth. his hands reaching up and stroking over your breasts.

you moaned and pulled away, just enough to breathlessly say.

“take me to bed and prove to me i’m yours”.

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betty & jughead get married in high school without telling anyone and they find out in school

Ooohhh this ones tricky!

“Bets? You ready to go?” Jughead called from the kitchenette, picking up his abandoned beanie and leaning against the bar with a smile as his wife came scrambling out of their tiny bedroom, righting her ponytail and tripping over her little pink flats.

“Never let me sleep in again! I’m pretty much the definition of frazzled right now!” She groaned, picking up her backpack and throwing Jughead the keys to his pickup. Other than his wife and his beanie, that truck was his prized possession, he had saved up money from working at the drive in and it had been his very first purchase, sure working for Fred Andrews definitely payed better but the drive in would always hold a special place in his heart.

Walking out of the trailer the two shared on the southside of town, Betty made sure to double lock the door, all of their neighbors loved the young Newlyweds but it was better to be safe than sorry. Taking her hand in his, she turned him to stare at their home, this was something she always did before they left for the day. Betty always said
“I never want to forget where we came from, you’re dad bought this for us. It’s the best present I could have ever asked for, a home of our very own.”

F.p Jones had delivered them the paperwork the day before they went and got married by the justice of the peace. He owned a few of the trailers, being leader of a prominent gang had its perks I suppose, and he went and picked out the one furthest away from the southside he could, not that Betty minded, she had befriended most of the gang, often inviting the wife’s and their children over for dinner. Jughead had been hesitant to accept the trailer, he wanted to build his own life, at first he didn’t even want his father to be a part of it, but after a long talk with his estranged father, he knew it was for the best and his dad genuinely just wanted to help. F.p and Jugheads relationship was slowly growing stronger and Betty was always right by his side, dubbing F.P her honorary fill in dad, wiggling her eyebrows and smirking. She had a weird crush on the older man

“I don’t have a crush on him Juggie, I just think he’s very attractive. It just means I have something to look forward to when you get older.” She would wink.

The tiny hand on his arm shook him out of his memories and she smiled, tugging him towards the truck, the tiny diamond on her ring finger sparkling. As soon as he got in he wrapped his free hand around his wifes, toying with the tiny ring, he knew she deserved bigger, sparklier, brighter but everytime he brought this up to her she simply shook her hand and grabbed her hand away clutching it to her chest and claimed it was perfect, exactly what she wanted. His wife was crazy. He caught himself smiling as he drove through Riverdale, Betty singing along to the radio and studying her history notes.

Maybe they were too young to be married, maybe they could have waited, but looking over at the love of his life he knew what they had was forever and their was no reason to delay the inevitable, she was everything to him and he never had to wonder if she was going to leave him, she was happy and together they made each other better. It was the definition of unity, sure they had fights, just like every couple but they knew how to solve them, knew how to talk, communicate, it was one of their biggest strong suits.

Pulling into the Riverdale parking lot, Betty sighed, staring at her ring before pocketing the piece of jewelry. She hated hiding something this big from her friends but she knew that once it got out it wouldn’t end well for either of the teens, this town was the epitome of
Judgemental and it was just easier not to talk about.

“You ready Mrs.Jones?” Jughead asked, running a hand over her soft blonde ponytail and kissing her forehead. Betty smiled “you got it Mr.Jones, so I’m working at the flower shop today right after school, you’ll pick me up? Ronnies working at the boutique right next door, she said Smithers would drop me off.” She hopped out of the tall truck and walked beside him as they headed into Riverdale.

“7:00?” He asked as they headed to their lockers.

“Yep.” She beamed at him, God how her smile still made his heart skip was beyond him.

“Well if it isn’t our favorite lovebirds.”
The melodic voice of Veronica Lodge came from behind them as they both turned around to find Kevin, Archie and Veronica headed towards them.

“Hi Ronnie, Kev, Arch” Betty giggled, closing her locker and elbowing Jughead who just grunted and nodded his head before punching fists with Archie.

“What a barbaric show of male masculinity” Kevin rolled his eyes smirking, “we need to borrow your girlfriend, new cheerleading uniforms are in and I want first peeks.” Kevin finished, pulling the pretty blonde from Jughead arm.

Betty rolled her eyes and waved at Jughead and Archie.

Jughead smiled goofily at her, turning to his left he saw Archie eyeing him suspiciously.

“What?” Jughead asked

Archie shrugged his shoulders
“I don’t know, you’re different, ever since you moved back in with your dad you’ve been.. different. Happier? Everything’s going okay?” He could sense the concern In his best friends voice so he clapped a hand to Archie’s shoulder

“Everything’s really good pal.”

The day went by without a hitch until second to last period, Veronica came running into the blue and gold office, her eyes frantic as she sought out Jughead who was fooling around, throwing pretzels at Archie, he sat up right

“Veronica? What’s the matter?”

“It’s Betty, she’s… she’s freaking out.. something about an engagement ring.” Veronica panted, her hands on her knees.

Jughead hopped up, sprinting out of the office and Into the girls locker room, ignoring the gasps of the other cheerleaders, he found his wife on her hands and knees, searching on the ground for what he assumed was her engagement ring.

“Betty…” he stared, bending down to sit beside her, placing a hand on her shoulder, she quickly whipped around, her eyes filled with tears

“It’s gone! Juggie I can’t find it.” She whimpered.

Veronica stepped forward with Archie who looked concerned as Kevin covered his eyes
“I can help” she started “ what are we looking for?”

Betty scrambled
“My engagement ring! We haven’t even gotten our wedding bands yet and I’ve already lost my ring, I was changing into the new uniform and it must have fallen out, why did you marry me juggie? I’m so irresponsible.” She cried onto his chest.

“Married? You’re married?!” Kevin said, his jaw practically on the floor as both Archie and Veronica stared speechless

Jughead pulled Betty against his chest
“It’s just a ring love, it’s okay. We’ll find it, and if we don’t, we’ll get a new one. I love you, that ring doesn’t make you my wife. You’re my wife nonetheless.” He pressed a kiss to the top of her head and rocked her gently, she sniffled and looked up at him with watery eyes
“I love you.” She whispered.

Suddenly Cheryl stepped forward and cleared her throat
“Is this what you’re looking for?” She held out the tiny ring in between her two fingers almost As if it had germs
“I put it in the lost and found earlier today, you really should have looked there first.” She said gently putting it in Betty’s hand and actually smiling gently before whispering
“Your secret is safe with me.”

Betty looked at gratefully, before standing up and brushing her skirt off, and pressing a kiss to Jughead lips, slowly turning to their friends as the three of them stared with their hands on their hips, the interrogation started before either of the newlyweds had a chance to speak

“For how long?”
“When did this happen? Why wasn’t I invited to the wedding?!”
“So this is why you moved out?!”

Jughead and Betty stayed quiet as their friends bombarded them with questions, finally tiring themselves out.

Jughead wrapped an arm around Betty’s waist and smiled down at her

“I know it’s surprising and we have a lot to explain, come to our place for dinner tonight and we’ll talk about it all.” Betty said gently placing the ring firmly on her finger as her husband brought his lips to her fingers and pressed a butterfly kiss.

Maybe they were too young, and maybe they could’ve waited, but holding his wife and looking at the shocked faces of his friends, he decided once again, why delay the inevitable?

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Joshua friend date where you're also american (or just foreigner if that's too specific) and you just compares your hometowns and just speak english? Maybe even teasing the boys with fake american facts lol

A Date with Svt: Joshua Friend Date

  • hearing Mingyu’s and some other screams in the back, you laugh and sigh leaning back into the couch
  • “and we decided to hang here because?” 
  • Joshua chuckles nervously, eyes darting to the kitchen
  • sipping on your drink, you nudge him
  • “anyways, i’m just saying I would totally grow up in L.A. if i could” 
  • you and Joshua, while hanging out, ended up reminiscing on your hometowns
  • “well, I’d want to know what it’s like to grow up in an smaller city” 
  • tilting your head back into the couch you smile
  • “well it was kinda nice I guess” 
  • but you grab his forearm widening your eyes, 
  • “but the FOOD in L.A. though” 
  • he nods, agreeing, “you can’t beat it” 
  • “dang it’s a wonder how you stayed so thin it’s unfair”
  • he hums,”i’m not really sure,” 
  • “by walking?” he jokes
  • pursing your lips, “funny” you deadpan
  • “what’s so funny” Vernon come’s over to the other couch,
  • bopping his head to some song he’s listening too with one headphone over his ear
  • “nothing nothing” Joshua waves him off, 
  • having Vernon shrug and going back to his phone calmly 
  • and you and Joshua thought you guys avoided a crisis
  • not
  • “whats going on??” Seungkwan comes over to you grinning
  • glancing back at Joshua, you wink
  • then turning back to Seungkwan
  • “just talking about how in the U.S.” you pause for the dramatic effect
  • “your allowed to drive when your 13″ 
  • Seungkwan’s taken aback while you see Joshua trying to stop the corners of his lips from twitching upwards
  • scoffing Seungkwan shakes his head, “AYEEEE no wayyy!!!” 
  • his voice bringing the others over 
  • “what’s going on?” Seungcheol chuckles as him and the others are  crowded around you and Joshua now
  • “y/n noona’s trying to tell me you can drive when your 13 in some states!” 
  • “what?” 
  • “no way” 
  • “you’re kidding” 
  • “listening i am not kimbap kidding!” you exclaim laughing
  • they all burst into chuckles at your joke
  • you continue, “it’s like, in some states you can” 
  • Seokmin, being gullible, oohs eagerly, 
  • “why??” 
  • you shrug, “some places there’s like, cities, then there’s country…” 
  • you drag the sentence on, trying to make it sound more interesting
  • “y/n noona come on” Chan shakes his head,
  • then hides his mouth form the other members with a hand, whispering, “so who actually believes you” 
  • “WHAT?” 
  • “sssh i don’t know you’re tallking about” 
  • standing up, you pretend to dust your shirt off innocently
  • “now where’s that food I heard you guys trying to make earlier” 
  • Joshua also stands, looking at you
  • completely amused by your tiny prank on them,  and ruffles your hair 
  • winking at you he turns back to the members 
  • “y/n’s not lying for real Channie,” Joshua exaggeratedly gasps
  • “you think my friend would lie like that?” 
  • and while leaving some amused or gaping in disbelief 
  • the two of you walk into the kitchen snickering, and high fiving

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MASTERLIST (where the other dates scenarios can be found)

Lightening In Their Eyes

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Could you please do a smutty fic where Thor and the reader are in an established relationship but haven’t had sex yet? And at one of Tony’s parties she shows up in a short, backless dress and is being really touchy feely all night and she leaves a bit early but when he goes back to his room she’s waiting for him. Thanks!

I’m so sorry this took me so long and I’m sorry if you don’t like it but I did my best. 

Word Count: 1863

Originally posted by thordaily


    You sighed for the fifteenth time as you wiped away another black line, of all the nights your eyeliner could have a mind of its own tonight was not the night. Growling you threw the tube behind you and waited for it to hit the wall behind you, only to see a slender hand catch it in mid air.    

       You scowled but it gave way to a chuckle as Natasha stepped in the room dressed to the nines with a smirk on her face. God she looks perfect. Her red hair was curled elegantly and pinned back, her makeup was basic yet striking. And to top it off she wore a sexy emerald green cocktail dress that made you even regret looking at chocolate cake.

     “For godsake Nat I’m an assassin. I can kill a man with my bare hands and de-arm a bomb. I should be able to draw a fucking line.” Natasha smiled and sat beside you, pulling you closer she opened the devil tube and in less than a minute you had perfect winged eyes. 

     “You know I still beat your highscore in the new training simulator.” Yet your subtle jab at humor went unnoticed as Natasha’s eyes hardened and serious.     

 “Okay hotshot what’s going on? It’s just eyeliner, what’s got you so worked up?” You sighed and tousled your straightened hair. Tonight needed to be perfect.

       “Oh my god tonight’s the night isn’t it, you and the god of thunder are finally gonna…?” She wiggled her eyebrows at you, growling you dropped your head into your hands. You felt like a complete idiot as you played with the fringe on the hem of your dress. You had seen it the window of a shop in manhattan and you had to have it. The dress looked like something out of the great gatsby with the fringe and swarovski crystals. You didn’t normally spend a lot of money on such trivial things but you figured what the hell.

     “I know it’s been a long time but you haven’t forgotten how-”

     “Dammit Natasha that’s not the point he’s a god! And I’m me and I’m human and I’m gonna disappoint him!” Sighing you fell back onto your unmade bed and stared up at the ceiling as the silence roared in your ears. Looking up you couldn’t believe your eyes Natasha was fuming you nearly jumped out of your skin when she pulled you off your bed.

      “When the hell did you turn into a fucking teenage girl? You are the Blue Lotus you’ve helped take down hydra, an egomaniacal god, and you work with Tony Stark on a daily basis, a feat might I add that I can’t even manage. You cannot disappointed it’s not in you.” With that she pushed you out the door.

      “Now go down there and get some asgardian tail.” You laughed but she was right. You are a goddess in your own right and you needed to start acting like it.  Standing a little straighter you walked down the stairs and were surprised by the lack of people. Tony was known for his lavish parties yet the living room held only the team, Nick Fury, and a few other S.H.I.E.L.D agents.

      Some soft swing music was playing over the surround sound as everyone chatted. You headed over to the bar where Bruce was serving drinks. He had popped back up on the radar a couple months back, nobody really knew what had happened while he was gone. He refused to talk about but he seemed happier.

       “Have I stepped into an alternate dimension?” You asked while Bruce just smiled and set your usual Jack and Coke in front of you.

     “It’s crazy right but Tony said it was just family tonight, said he had some big news.” Big news with Tony had a fifty-fifty chance of being disastrous. Before you could ask anything else Bruce’s face lit up and you knew that you had just lost him to Natasha for the rest of the night. Shaking your head you sipped your drink and leaned you back against the bar so you could watch your family, a family you never thought you would have. Bruce, Tony, Natasha and Pepper were talking while Sam and Scott were making fun of Steve and Bucky’s taste in music. You could see the way everyone tensed when Tony caught sight of Bucky but it quickly turned into an unsettling feeling.  Everyone was still trying to figure out how to handle Bucky’s history with the Starks.  

    “You look beautiful tonight my elska.” Goosebumps covered your skin at the sound of Thor’s deep voice and his hot breath on your cool skin. Taking a breath to try and calm your rapid heart you moved so your back was pressed against his chest while his arms formed a vice around your waist. 

    “Well it’s a special occasion.” You purred seductively, you could feel the confusion emanating from him.

      “And what is today drottningin min?” He pressed a gentle kiss to your bare shoulder as his hands slid to your hips. You had no idea what he was saying but anytime Thor spoke asgardian it turned you on, yet you fought through the lust driven haze, you were in the mood to play tonight. Freeing yourself from him you took a few steps away to fully clear your brain, you looked over your shoulder at him and smiled.   

  “You’ll just have to wait and see after Tony’s announcement.” You gave a sly wink before taking a seat next to Natasha who was drinking with Clint, both were grinning ear to ear after witnessing the encounter . You smiled and squeezed her hand a silent promise that you would tell all later.

     The next few hours passed by agonizingly slow with heated looks and feather light touches that left trails of fire on each others skin. Not a word was said but his eyes never seemed to leave you. His intense stare was starting to break your resolve, you sent up a silent prayer when Tony and Pepper finally took their place at the makeshift stage.

      “Thank you all for coming tonight, I know you’re all very busy, but I pay for all the cool toys so you owe me.” You couldn’t help but chuckle as Steve glared at Tony.

     “But I wanted my family here tonight and no matter how screwed up we all are I consider every person in this room family…” Smiling at Pepper Tony took her hand and placed a kiss on her palm.

    “So I am very proud to announce a new addition to our crazy family.” As the words left his mouth a huge picture of an ultrasound blew up behind the too. The room erupted with cheers and applause as they crowded to get a better look at the tiny stark. Taking this opportunity you sent a very unsubtle wink at Thor and made an escape to Thor’s room knowing he was hot on your heels. 

    When you finally reached the room you kicked off your heels, then stripped off the little black dress. You did this until you had a nice little trail from the door to the massive bed in the middle of the room. As soon as you had settled yourself under the silk sheets you could feel electricity sizzle in the air. Your heart started to race as Thor’s bronze chest was illuminated by the moonlight from the floor to ceiling windows. Biting your lip you let the sheet fall from your hands and your nipples hardened when your hot skin was exposed to the air. Within a second Thor was on the bed with his lips against yours. You moaned when you got a taste of him, he didn’t really like human alcohol so he kept a flask of asgardian liquor with him, the taste was a mixture of mint and something sweet yet you could never figure out what it was.

     Lacking oxygen Thor broke the kiss and tangled his hand in your hair until he had a good grip then he pulled back exposing your neck. He trailed kisses from your jawline to your collarbone. Untangling his hand from your hair he trailed his kisses lower settling at your breasts. Now it was your turn to pull hair as his lip latched onto your nipple. With a loud pop he released your breast and smiled up at you before moving to your other breast. You ground your hips into the bed to try and alleviate the pressure building within you.

     “God Thor please I nee-.” Replacing his mouth with his hand his lips silenced you while his other hand moved to the inside of your thigh. Your body trembled as his fingers traced patterns in your thigh and his tongue explored your mouth. When his fingers moved up and grazed your clit your body jerked against him. Sensing your need he went back to tracing patterns but you were to your limit with games. Snaking your arms around his waist you used his weight against himself and flipped him onto his back. You could feel his erection against your thigh and you couldn’t help but groan you needed this man and you needed him now. With one hand tangled in his hair you used the other to grip his cock his body tensed and he pulled back his blue eyes burning holes into your Y/C/E eyes. 

   “Are you sure you want this my elska?” You smiled wickedly as you lifted yourself up and took all of his cock. You both moaned as you adjusted to each other after a few minutes you began to wiggle a little letting him know you were ready. His hands settled on your hips for leverage as he began pumping into you. You met him stroke for stroke but his stamina was far greater than yours. Within minutes you were screaming Thor’s name you didn’t care if all of New York heard you. Taking charge Thor flipped you onto your stomach and continued to thrust into you only increasing your pleasure when his hands tightened on your hips you knew he was close. 

      “Thor please fuck me please!” Dirty talk was one of Thor’s favorite things and with one final thrust he screamed your name and lightning crashed outside the windows. And from what you could tell it had blacked out most of the upper east side. Falling onto the bed you were both panting as the sweat dried on your bodies. Thor’s arms had loosened some so you were able to turn and face him. His blue eyes were soft as he pushed a piece of hair away from your face.   

   “I love you.” You almost whispered he placed a gentle kiss on your forehead before mutter something in asgardian. Settling into his arms you yawned.    

    “What does that mean?” Your eyes were heavy and his scent was so calming. You couldn’t stay awake anymore.Thor looked down at the woman in his arms and smiled. Placing another kiss on her head he pulled her closer.    

 “It means will you marry me?”    


elska= love

drottningin min= my queen

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Dare: Companions must wear sole's underwear (only); for the entire game😜you're lit

Companions wear Sole’s underwear (only) for the rest of the game

Hey and thank you! I wrote for opposite gender sole for each companion, hope that’s okay!

Cait: She was just fine being in regular white boxers, but she would still call people out for staring at her body and scold them, while lowkey covering her chest.

Codsworth: He would end up having her panties hanging from one of his eyes, and the bra on another one. He didn’t mind though; he even washed them for her!

Curie: Her hands were constantly busy… One covering her chest as best as a single arm possibly can; and the other one keeping the boxers from sliding off her thin waist. She had no hands left to hide her blushing!

Danse: Her bra would not hook at all on his torso, and neither would the bra cover any of his chest. The panties, did fit, but they revealed so much…outline, that he had to cover his crotch. And we are left with a half-naked, embarrassed soldier, complaining about a wedgie…

Deacon: “Hey, just like Sunday nights!” he would joke while rocking them undies.

Dogmeat: He tilted to head when Sole place her panties on his head and his ears through the holes. It took him a couple of tries to take them off with his paws, before grabbing it with his teeth and running away with it! Sole had to chase after him to her them back.

Hancock: Surprisingly, he fit in her underwear! After wearing them, he would make a humiliating long turn around himself before moving on with the game.

Macready: It was obvious how embarrassed he was. He did stand there and faced the challenge like a man despite that. When the companions started teasing him about how “sexy” he looked, he told them off and made attempts to cover himself.

Nick: Good thing for him, he had nothing to hide or be embarrassed about. He just had to put up with not looking cool as shit for an entire game…

Piper: She would not stop covering her chest, and constantly looking at everyone with the paranoid look of “Don’t peek!”; she didn’t even think of getting up, just to avoid having her butt stared at as well!

Preston: It was pretty tight on him, but like always, he laughed it off with a blush. Maybe he would use his hat to hide any not covered areas, with a tiny wink, just to look sexy!

Strong: It was out of the question if it fit him. He tore them before he even made an attempt to put them on!

X6-88: He would constantly refuse, but like always, he ended up doing it. The bra would barely even hook, and the panties would barely cover anything. He stood awkwardly for a couple of seconds before facepalming and sitting somewhere where they couldn’t look at him as much.

Maxson: He tore the panties while he was trying it on… He had to hold them together around his hips as he stood before everyone, with a humiliating look on his face. He shook his head and sat while constantly thinking “What am I doing…”

Gage: “This is stupid!” He would not even last a minute in her tight underwear; but he was able to do it; Just show up to show that he did it, and then he would immediately sit and start trying to feel comfy.

Ada: She did look weird with a piece of clothing around her crotch area; but it was not big of a deal for her “Did I do well?”


Unfinished Business.

The usual morning meeting isn’t of any importance to me today. Besides, I heard every bit of it last night when Joe and I ran over the points of said meeting last night. Being his assistant has its perks, I’ll admit. Such as, not having to sit and listen to the mindless drool of the rest of the office and their usual dribble on what they think would make the company better.. their shitty ideas. 

God, these people are boring!
From my office, I can see through the double panel glass into the boardroom that overlooks the city skyline behind Joe. I have every word of the points he reviews memorized so well that I can read his lips, from over 10 feet away and know exactly what he is saying and when, when he takes a pause for purpose, and when he throws in a “just kidding” to the slump faced lumps sitting around the oval desk.
He takes one glimpse at me that screams save me, but to anyone else it would look like tough crowd. But I know him better. Best. I can’t help but giggle.

He catches me midway, and i can tell it throws him off. He “coughs” into his hand to hide the smirk and gain some control over himself. I know I have an effect on him, but how deep that runs, I have yet to figure out. 
I think about our run through of the meeting, how I joked about the only way I would attend is if I can tell everyone they should start looking for another job sooner rather than later, even knowing it wasn’t so much of a joke, Joe laughed deeply. Through the receiver, I could feel the bass in his throat and how deep the laugh ran through him…
Watching him, in semi-control in his best made suit that clings to him the way I would love to now… all I can imagine is what his throaty groans and moans would sound like spilling into my ear just as his laugh did… how they would feel against my neck, as his warm lips found their place on my sensitized skin… how his hot, wide tongue would feel as he licked at my throat, up my chin, diving into my mouth as he–

A long, drawn out, “Hello,” snaps me out of my daydream. I look up to find Joe sitting in the seat directly across my desk, and I have to force myself to clear my now dry throat to speak. “Penny for your thoughts?”
It’s hard to not see Joe, from a mile away, through bushes, in the dark. How I didn’t notice his large frame glide into my office and take up space in what is usually a pretty large space escapes me, but the pressure between my thighs from how hard they are pressed together reminds me I’m practically salivating at the thought of him. “Get real. Even you don’t make enough money to know my deepest darkest secrets.” I flash him a small grin and throw the notepad and pen that were settled, or not so very settled, on my lap onto the desk.
“Believe me, I know more than you think I do.”
“How sway?” I challenge him. He knows me well, but I know him better. Like I said, best.
He leans forward, placing his elbows on his knees, his fingers bridging the gap between his legs. Effectively covering what I imagine is a hard on. For what other reason do you hide your bulge, not flaunt it? Licking his lips, he takes a pause at the sound of heels clicking against marble.
Both our heads turn towards the doorway to one of our kiss-ass interns knocking on the glass of my door.

“Mr. Anoa’i, there’s a man in the lobby who is pressed on speaking with you. He says it’s an emergency. His name is–”
“Same shit, different day. Pardon my French. I’ll be right there.” Joe looks back at me as he rises from the tufted seat, which now looks tiny with him showcased in front of it, winking so subtly I think for a second that I must’ve imagined it. But, I know I didn’t. “We will continue this conversation later. Business calls.”
He licks his lips once more before he spins on his heel, casually unbuttoning his blazer and shrugging his large hands into his pockets. Only now do I realize my thighs remained pressed tight together, because of the cry of relief my muscles scream from loosening.. and now barely catching my breath watching him stride into his office through the boardroom.

Widowtracer Highschool AU! Featuring volleyball player Tracer

This AU was requested, I just added the volleyball part. 

  • Tracer is part of the volleyball team
  • (Because I’m going to be real, all gay girls are either on the volleyball team or color guard) 
  • And her team is really good 
  • Like you would think that people care more about football or basketball 
  • Nah 
  • She also looks super cute in her volleyball uniform 
  • Wink wink tiny volleyball shorts ;) 
  • And she’s crushing super hard on the girl that sits behind her in literature 
  • Aka Widow
  • Widow somehow manages to look amazing in a first period class
  • She always looks elegant and put together and Tracer is just mesmerized 
  • She also wants to kiss Widow so bad it hurts 
  • Widowmaker is dramatic AF and a member of the theatre squad 
  • She works really well with Gabriel, another drama kid 
  • Everyone thinks that they’re a couple but they aren’t 
  • Anyway
  •  Tracer keeps trying to get Widow to come to her games 
  • Because she puts on booty shorts for every game and someone should appreciate them 
  • Widow politely declines because she thinks that Tracer is cute, but personally, she isn’t into sports.
  • Tracer feels more and more put out every time Widow refuses, but she keeps trying because she’s clinging onto hope.
  • Finally it’s the state championships 
  • Tracer’s team gets to go and compete 
  • The school lets everyone take the day off because so many people are going 
  • Reaper is going because his crush, Morrison, is going, but he wants Widow to come just so that he doesn’t feel out of place 
  • Widow reluctantly agrees since she doesn’t have much else to do anyway 
  • Reaper drives her to the game 
  • She gets there and sits at the top of the stands 
  • And quickly realizes the appeal of women’s volleyball 
  • Because oh my god those booty shorts should be cherished 
  • And she watches Tracer the whole time because she’s hot and sweaty and adorable 
  • They win the state championship 
  • Widow tries to find Tracer afterwards to congratulate her but she can’t find her anywhere 
  • Then she checks her phone and finds out that Tracer is already on the bus, heading home 
  • And that she invited Widow to the afterparty 
  • Widow feels a bit flustered because parties definitely aren’t her thing but she agrees anyway 
  • Since they don’t have enough time to get home, Reaper becomes the Ultimate Wingman and lets her borrow a nice, spare shirt from the back of his car, then touches up her makeup.
  • He drives her to the party and wishes her good luck 
  • It’s surprisingly super chill for a party 
  • It’s at the team captain’s house 
  • Everyone sits around and just talks 
  • Tracer greets Widow and gets her a drink
  • After a while, Widow starts to feel comfortable, because everyone is chill and relaxed
  • No one bats an eye at her because they all assume that she’s Tracer’s girlfriend 
  • Finally the team captain (who is totally ripped and named Pharah) asks Widow how long she’s been dating Tracer 
  • Widow and Tracer both turn bright red 
  • Widow quickly excuses herself to go get another drink
  • When Widow is out of earshot, Tracer explains that they aren’t dating, but she’s been crushing on her since the beginning of the year. 
  • And Pharah is like, “Listen, man. I don’t want to seem like I’m an adult and I know everything, but I’m technically an adult and I know everything. I waited around for Mercy, because I wasn’t sure if she liked me, and she was the one to pull the first move. Widow’s crushing on you hard, and she’s too shy to do anything about it. Maybe you should do something.” 
  • Tracer just nods, gathers up her nerves, and goes into the kitchen
  • Widow is leaning up against the counter, sipping on some water while she tries to get her emotions under control. 
  • “Hey.”
  • Widow jumps, and then flushes when she realizes who’s speaking to her 
  • “Bonjour.” 
  • “I, uh, wanted to see if you were okay. You were pretty flustered just now.” 
  • That just makes Widow blush even harder. 
  • “I’m fine, cherie. Just a bit nervous.” 
  • “About what?” 
  • “About what Pharah said.” 
  • “Oh. Why? I’m not that ugly, am I?” 
  • Widow wants to die because she realizes that she’s dug herself into a hole that she can’t crawl out of.
  • “No, you’re not ugly, but I, um, like someone.” 
  • Tracer does her best not to look dejected. “Oh. Is it that Gabriel kid?” 
  • “What? Haha, no. He’s my friend. No, it’s a girl, actually.” 
  • “Oh.”
  • Oh
  • “What’s her name?” Tracer tries to seem normal. “Do I know her?” 
  • “You should. She’s on the volleyball team.”
  • Tracer automatically feels even more dejected because she wouldn’t be able to stand being around the teammate that Widow was crushing on, especially when Widow and that teammate are together. 
  • “What does she look like?” 
  • “She’s short.” 
  • “That’s, like, half of the team. I’m going to need a bit more information than that.” 
  • “Fine. She’s got brown hair, and she’s in our literature class.”
  • Tracer thought for a minute. Surely it couldn’t be her, right? Maybe Pharah was wrong about Widow. “Hana Song? No offense, but I don’t think she’s interested in dating, or at least girls-” 
  • “It’s you.”
  • Oh. 
  • Oh.
  • “I, uh,” suddenly Tracer is the one who’s nervous. “I…I’ve been crushing on you too.” 
  • “Really?” Widow can barely believe it. 
  • “Yeah. Since the beginning of the year.” 
  • “Oh.” Widow forces herself to take a deep breath, and smooths her hand over her hair. “Well, I have practice Monday, but we can go out for ice cream after that.” 
  • Tracer whips around to stare at her. “Are you serious?” 
  • “Yeah. Unless you don’t want to go out-”
  • “No! I mean yes. Hell yes. I would like that, love. “ 
  • Widow gives her a relieved smile. “It’s a date, then.” 
  • Tracer grins like an idiot for the rest of the night. 
Not in the mood : harry styles smut

You were sitting on the couch & harry walked up behind you & put his hands over your eyes. “Guess who” he says softly. “Uh, harry" round to the couch & sits next to you, puts his hands on your bare legs
& moves his hand up your leg.

“harry, stop” you say pushing his hand off your leg “come on, please” harry said giving you that puppy dog face you couldn’t say no to, but you didn’t feel like having sex, so you firmly told him no. “NO harry,” I said scooting away from him.

He scooted closer to me & smiles at me & winked. He took my hair & moved it away from my neck & started to kiss my neck gently, I wanted to say no.. but I couldn’t resist him. I bite my lip as his warm tongue kissed my neck gently.

“Your going to enjoy this Y/N ” harry said slowly removing my top, he throws it on the floor & take his hands & feels my chest… he takes my bra & unhooks it at the back.. he smiles at me & stares at my boobs, I could feel my heart beating.. but In a good way, he winked at me & started to suck on my boob, gently biting it. I moaned just a little & bit onto my bottom lip a tiny bit.

He stopped, looked at me & winked.. he took his hands & started to unbutton my skirt, he slid it off.. he bite his lip & ripped off my panties.. he started to touch my vag gently feeling it.. he layed me down on the couch & lifted my legs up.. he bent down & started to lick my vag softly.. he swirled his tongue around, he started to lick faster with more speed, I gasped & bit onto my lip as it felt so good. I started to play with my boobs[; I closed my eyes & put my head back in pleasure..

he picked up his pace & licked me out like never before.. “OMG. HARRY” I moaned loudly at him.He bit my vag very gently which made me gasp again. He stopped & looked at me.. He smiled, I then whispered to him “It’s my turn” & winked., I got up & took his jeans off, I slowly slid off his boxers. I could see he had a boner.

I took his dick & felt the bigness of it. I bit my lip once again & bent my head down, I started to lick the tip of his dick “Uh” he moaned softly. I licked his dick up & down, swirling my tongue around it. I finally stuck it in my mouth.. I started to suck on it slowly.. gradually getting faster & faster.. by that time I had Justin moaning. “OH BABY” He shouted at me. He took my head & started moving it in time with me. I pushed his dick hard & fast in and out of my mouth, “Im about to cum” He said letting a little grunt out. “You do that baby” I said stopping.. he took his dick & shook the cum off every were. I had a little bit on my mouth. He winked at me & wiped it off with his thumb & stuck it in my mouth for me to lick off.. I licked all the cum off, he stood up off the couch & picked me up.. he carried me upstairs & put me down, we walked to the bedroom, I slammed the door shut & harry sat down on the end of the bed, “come here sexy” he said winking at me.. I did what he said & sat down next to him.. I went to get ontop of him.. he stopped me. “Nuh uh baby we need a condom first”[; he said getting a condom of out the drawer.. I stopped him & smiled at him “we don’t need that” I said getting on top of him as his hard dick went in my vag, “Oh-My-God” I moaned as it went in me.. “You like that baby” He said smiling at me.. I started to bounce up & down on him making the bed move against the wall.

“baby go Faster” he moaned at me.. “anything for you” i winked & bounced up & down faster.. “OH HARRY, OH YES” I screamed at him, He grunted & moaned too. My eyes rolled back & I put my head back in pleasure.. “FUCK YEAH” I shouted, gripping onto his shoulders.. He stopped & got slower & slower.. we slowed down & harry layed me on the bed, as he slowly slid his dick my wet vag. “Ohhhh” I said gasping as It went in me.. “Get ready baby” he said pushing his dick in me hard making me moan.. I took my hands & placed them on his sweaty back, I scratched his back gently with my finger nails. “OHH HARRY. OHH” I screamed at him.. Yes screamed.

He started thrusting his dick in me & going faster & harder. He started to kiss me passionately on the lips.. he stared deep into my eyes & I couldn’t help but close them.. “Uhhh” harry grunted, “HARRY” I screamed from the top of my voice.. My legs started shaking, My lips started to tremble & I started to sweat even more. He started to slow down a bit, biting my lip softly, He moved my hair away from my neck & kissed my neck, he started to bite on my boob„ putting my nipple in his mouth.. he started to suck on my nipple.. he started to fuck me again.. even harder & faster this time, i was starting to tremble even more, this feeling was just too good. I gripped onto the bed sheets & bit on my lip very hard leaning my head back on the pillow.. “harry harry harry” I moaned loud.. He pushed his dick in me hard one last time, he stopped took my nipple out of his mouth & looked at me, I opened my eyes & looked at him.. we started to kiss softly & gently..

I love you he said up against my lips.. I looked at him as he rolled off me. “& I love you, more than anything” I said resting my head on his pounding chest, he stroked my cheek & played with my hair. He put the blankets over us & we cuddled.. “Happppy anniversary Y/N” he whispered to me quietly.. I just smiled & closed my eyes[:

theenglishblossom  asked:

Can you please do a headcanon where the KBTBB guys would react if MC's ex asked her to get back together with him?




Eisuke Ichinomiya: Eisuke is so angry he can feel the emotion burning in his eyes as he stalks quickly over to you where you stand with your ex-boyfriend. Your ex has taken your hand to your surprise, and was just begging you to get back together with him. Taken aback, you don’t know exactly what to say. So Eisuke decides for you. Snaking his arms around your waist, he pulls you close to him and immediately searches for your lips, giving you an extremely passionate kiss—right in front of your ex. When you pull away gasping for air with swollen lips, Eisuke turns to face your ex with smirking eyes. “I don’t mean to be rude, sir,” Eisuke says mockingly with a winning smile at your ex. “But ____ here is already taken—by me. And there’s no way in hell she’s ever getting back together with you.” Leaving you ex standing there with an open mouth, Eisuke laces his fingers with yours before pulling you away to go home.

Soryu Oh: Soryu’s eyes flash dangerously when he sees your ex slinging his arms around your shoulders and pulling you close to him to whisper something that seems to make you turn pink in the face. Striding over to where the two of you stand, his arm wraps itself around your waist before pulling you sharply to him and wrenching you away from your ex’s grasp. “I would strongly advise you to not touch my girlfriend here like that again.” Soryu says in a threateningly quiet voice to your ex, his eyes staring defiantly into your ex’s. “Or something rather unfortunate could happen to you, sir.” You shiver lightly at the coldness in Soryu’s voice and stare as he fixes his eyes upon your ex. Throwing you one last look of either sorrow or regret, your ex turns away reluctantly and walks away, glancing every so often back at you. When your ex finally disappears, Soryu pulls you close for a sweet kiss, entwining his fingers through your hair to pull you as close to him as he could.

Ota Kisaki: When Ota spots you standing to the side, watching the live interview, his smile brightens as he shoots you a blinding smile from his seat. Of course, when he blinks and suddenly sees another man standing next to you, the smile fades slightly. But when he sees the man reach for your hand, Ota’s eyes turn stormy and his angelic smile completely fades away into a dark frown. The host of the interview captures his attention with a question, “So, Ota! Your fans would like to know, and so would I: How are your romantic relationships going? Is all well in your love life?” The question brings a sudden light to Ota’s eyes and his lips quirk into a devilish smirk. “Oh, yes. Everything is going perfectly well with the love of my life. In fact,” His eyes search for yours just as you look away from your ex in a panic to meet Ota’s eyes. “She’s right here, watching this interview.” Ota finishes before standing up and quickly stalking over to you. Ignoring your confused whisper, he drags you onstage (but not before sending a triumphant glare to your ex) where the two of you face the camera together. Pulling you close, he kisses you (much to your shock) on live television, causing lots of wolf-whistles and cheers from the audience. When he pulls away, he stares at you, winking quickly before turning to the camera once more. “Everything is just perfect with _____ here.”

Mitsunari Baba: Baba feels his stomach flip and turn when he sees your ex standing next to you. He can’t hear what he’s saying, but Baba can infer from seeing you cover your mouth in shock and blush at something your ex says to you. Dashing over to your side, he grabs your hand to make you look at him. Your ex stares at your entwined hands, and Baba only ignores him. “Oh, looks like I’ve finally found you, ______. I’ve been looking everywhere for my princess,” Baba says with emphasis, pulling you close to him. Pulling you in front of him and placing his hands protectively on your waist, he starts to push you towards the restaurant’s exit. He turns to finally acknowledge your ex with a dangerous smile and a dark look in his eyes. “Let’s go home, shall we, my pretty lady? I seem to smell a filthy ex-boyfriend somewhere in this restaurant.” Baba says loudly as you blush at his words, turning to catch a glimpse of your ex’s look of shock. Leaving the restaurant, the two of you begin walking towards your home. The tinkling of the restaurant door sounds and your ex comes out of the restaurant, staring after you two. Baba turns to look at him with a cold gaze and a smirk. His eyes send an extremely clear message to your ex: She’s mine now. You had your chance, now it’s mine.

Mamoru Kishi: Mamoru clenches his jaw and his hands into fists when he sees your ex approach you and take your hand. His body seems to move of its own accord as his legs propel him forward to stand himself next to you and your ex. Placing himself right in front of you, he glares defiantly at your ex. “Mister, I’d suggest you get out of here before I arrest you for harassing my girlfriend.” Mamoru says in his low and gravelly voice. Your ex looks past Mamoru’s shoulder to look at you, and Mamoru raises an eyebrow when he still doesn’t budge. Standing straighter, he stares directly at your ex while addressing his question to you. “Sweetheart? I think we should head home now.” Mamoru turns to look at you with a tiny wink before he continues loudly, “We still have unfinished business to do at home, ______.” Pulling you close to his hips, Mamoru throws a smirk over his shoulder. Your ex seems to get the hint and his face flushes dark red, which only causes you to blush as well. Unable to get the smirk off his face, Mamoru pulls you along with him as he heads back to the car. When both of you are seated, he glances quickly in the rearview mirror to see your ex still staring at you. Widening his smirk, Mamoru reaches over to pull your face close to his for a bruising and passionate kiss as you gasp loudly in the car. By the time the two of you pull away from each other, breathing hard, your ex has already vanished.





okay jkjk

Hope you enjoyed these cutie patooties being jealous and protective of you ;)))))

-Tiffy <3

Preference: First Christmas with the Baby

Harry: “Look how pretty you are!” You say with a huge smile as you examine your baby girl, all dressed up in a pretty little red Christmas dress. “Look how pretty you are,” Harry says as he nods toward the green dress you’re wearing. You glance down at your dress and then look up at Harry with a tiny smile. He winks before picking up your baby and cradling her in his arms. He looks down at her and takes her tiny hand in his. “This is going to be the best Christmas I’ve ever had,” Harry says quietly before looking up at you. He continues, “Because I’m spending it with my two favorite girls.”

Liam: Liam smiles as he gently digs his fingers into your baby’s stomach, watching as your baby squeals and giggles, wiggling around in his car seat as Liam tickles him. “We have the cutest kid on the planet,” Liam says as you take your spot in the driver’s seat of your car. “Yes, I know,” You say, shutting your door and placing the key into the ignition. Liam waves at his little boy before shutting that door and moving around to the passenger’s side of the car. Once Liam is situated next to you, you put the car in reverse and carefully back out of the driveway. “You excited, little guy?” You say to your son, “We’re going to grandma’s house. Between daddy and grandma, you’re going to be spoiled like crazy this Christmas.”

Niall: Your baby squeals with excitement and claps her hands together, watching with wide eyes as Niall kneels down in front of her, holding a very energetic puppy in his arms. “Look what daddy has!” You exclaim, bouncing your daughter on your knee as she reaches for the puppy.  Niall smiles and leans forward so that the puppy is in your daughter’s reach, and she immediately places her hand on the puppy’s head, absolutely fascinated by the animal. “I think we made a good choice with the puppy,” Niall says with a chuckle while your baby gently pats the puppy’s head. “I think so too,” You agree. “Merry Christmas,” Niall whispers to his daughter, and she smiles at him. He looks up at you and says, “Merry Christmas to you, too, my dear.”

Louis: You walk into the room with a tray of cookies to see Louis twirling around and obnoxiously singing as your baby boy watches and giggles at his silly dad. “All I want for Christmas…” Louis pauses and points at his son before continuing his song, “Is you!” A smile tugs at your lips and you clear your throat to gain Louis’ attention. He turns and waves at you, and you laugh before saying, “I don’t mean to interrupt your wonderful little concert here, but I have cookies.” Louis grabs your son and crosses the room to you, holding his baby in his arms as he reaches for a cookie. “Thanks, sweetheart,” He mumbles and pecks the side of your face before taking a bite of his cookie.

Zayn: “Where’s grandma’s little angel?” Zayn’s mom asks as soon as she steps foot into your house and shrugs her coat off. You chuckle and enter the room with your baby girl in your arms. “Here she is!” You announce, before handing her off to Zayn’s mom. “Merry Christmas, Mom,” You say to her and she smiles. “Merry Christmas to you too, love,” She tells you before turning her attention to her granddaughter. While she keeps your baby busy, you sneak into the kitchen with Zayn, where you say, “I don’t know if we’ll ever be able to get her back again! Once she’s in your mom’s arms, she tends to stay there.”

I hope you enjoyed this! Happy Holidays!

10. Thank God

Said they’d never leave, oh how they’ve lied
Gave up my loyalty and paid the price

Got me asking why these people wrong you,
but you done them right
- Big TC


I hopped down the stairs to keep my weight off of my right ankle that I twisted while getting jumped back in. These niggas made me go through an entire week of initiation like I was a rookie nigga, but I expected this shit. I came back prepared for whatever. I knew damn well if the shoe was on the other foot I wouldn’t hesitate to go just as hard if not harder then what they did to me.

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