look at that swerve

I HAD THE COOLEST DREAM RELATED TO UNDERTALE LAST NIGHT: so basically, so this makes more sense, I have a downtown shopping center in my town, and this intersection in the middle of it that’s kind of on a hill. So I was with the UT, UF, US, and SF skeles downtown, and we were driving through the downtown area, and right after the intersection, whoever was driving took a really sharp turn to the right, swerving off the street. And when we looked back up, everything looked different, there were tons of blood splatters and stuff from where we took the sharp turn, and an abandoned building right next to us now had an eerie light coming from it, and it was in use as a laundromat. We drove back in the direction we came, and everything went back to normal. So we figured out that there was some sort of portal to different AU’s at the intersection. We went to the gas station up the street and tried to figure out what was going on, what the significance of the abandoned building was, all of that stuff. Anyways, we tried swerving again, and each time we entered a new AU we would see a different color flash of light when we swerved. So this time it was kind of brown-ish, and we were in a midwestern cowboy type of AU (I’m not sure if that’s an actual thing??) and me and all of the punny skele’s immediate thought was (of course) to say “wot in tarnation?” Anyways, I don’t remember much else, I just thought it was cool. (And possibly a cool idea for the start of a fanfic?)


anonymous asked: Who’s style do you like more? Niall or Harry’s?

I mean…. Is there actually a difference?

Kitten pt 15

Warnings: SMUT!!


“How did he find me!?” you mutter to yourself. You switch lanes and he does the same pulling up next to you, a small grin crosses your face.

“Bring it on Daddy,” you giggle.

You let off the gas slightly and pull into the right lane again. He gets into the left and slows to match your speed. You see an exit coming up and say fuck it, you slam on the brake and merge into the turning lane as Joker continues straight, you catch a glimpse and he looks pissed. You laugh and play leap frog with the other cars until you reach the intersection. You look down from the over pass and Jokers driving the wrong way on the highway. Your jaw drops and you stare dumbfounded as he takes the off ramp up to the intersection you’re at. You two stare at each other and wait, you make the first move, turning left cutting someone off, forcing them to swerve in front of Joker.

You look in your rear view mirror and see him laughing as he floors it towards you, you take a sharp turn left onto the off ramp heading back towards Gotham and he does the same, you roll your eyes and swerve through cars as he follows you. The chase continues for about five more minutes when you see the Batmobile on the other side of the interstate, he notices you being followed by the Joker in his purple Lamborghini and slams the brakes, he cuts across and speeds up, cutting Joker off and driving behind you.

“Dammit dad,” you huff and shake your head. Joker pulls up beside the BatMobile and pulls out his gun, shooting at the bullet proof glass. He laughs and you roll your eyes, ‘wow,’ you think to yourself. You pull to the left slightly, driving in the middle of the road so neither of them can pull up next to you. You get a sudden thought, pushing a button, the convertible top retreats and you steady the wheel with your knee, you then proceed to raise both of your arms up and flip them both off.

You can practically hear your dad telling you to put your hands back on the wheel. You laugh as you see Joker gawking at your sudden actions in the rear-view mirror. Joker then laughs wickedly and looks over to the Batmobile. You notice Bruce roll one of the windows down and mimic your gesture to Joker, raising an armored hand and extending his middle finger to the Clown Prince of Crime.

Joker’s smile fades and he grabs a gun different to his usual. He points it at Batman and you watch in horror thinking you’re about to watch your father be murdered by Joker.

Joker pulls the trigger with his middle finger and a stick with a small flag pop out. Joker laughs and turns the gun sideways to show the image on the flag. It’s a picture of a middle finger, “Of course you’d have something like that. What the hell,” you can’t help but laugh a little. You swerve back into the right lane and before you can do anything Joker pulls up next to you again, he looks at you and wags his finger at you, a terrifying yet attractive grin plastered on his face.

Joker throws something out of his car and hits the windshield of the Batmobile, green and purple paint cover the glass and blind Bruce, you take the next exit and Joker follows, Batman hits the brakes and loses sight of you while he trying to get the paint off.

You give up when you notice Joker pointing a gun at your tires. You are not about to let him run this beautiful car. You raise your hands in defeat and drive back to Joker’s mansion with him following you to make sure you don’t try anything stupid.

Once you return you get out of your car and stand by it, looking down at your feet. Joker parks his car next to yours and gets out, walking over to you. You continue to stare at the ground as he steps in front of you. You hear a low growl escape his throat, you cower slightly.

“Kitten,” he growls, his voice dominant and low. You look up slowly and smile sheepishly at him. His piercing blue eyes cut through yours and you squeak.

“Now kitten, was it a good idea to disobey daddy like that? Hm? I told you to stay put, and yet again you ran away. Do I have to start chaining you to the bed when I leave?” he circles you, growling softly. “You didn’t stop when daddy found you, oh no, instead you gave me the finger. That makes daddy very angry. I think you should be punished.” He laughs.

“D-Daddy please.. I’m s-sorry, I was being stupid..” he cuts you off.

“Blah, Blah Blah, Blah Blah,” he grabs your face. “All that chit chat’s gonna getcha hurt.. or laid,” He grins sadistically.

You blush and try to find words but you don’t know how to respond. He laughs and looks at you, his expression turning somewhat serious.

“So, why’d ya pick such a snazzy car? As far as I know, Brucey’s the only one who’s got one of these. Makes it kinda easy to spot doll.” He steps closer.

“I-I needed a fast car that could at least match the Lamborghini.. I just didn’t think your catch up to me so fast..” you look down again and twiddle your thumbs.

“Doll, you should know better than to run from Daddy, he’ll find you and when he does there will be hell to pay.” He growls.

You look up shyly and smile innocently, “It was kinda fun though.. my car would totally beat yours.” You giggle and run your hand over the sleek paint.

He growls and grabs you by your chin. “Careful,” he say in a low voice, he picks you up and throws you over his shoulder. You squeal when he slaps your ass. He carries you upstairs to his bedroom and tosses you on the bed, you notice a few things when you look up, “HAHA” is written everywhere, the floor, the wall, and the ceiling. And that there are chains and shackles connected to the bed post. Your eyes widen as he stalks towards you, he roughly removes your clothes and begins to cuff your ankles and wrists.

“There. That’s better, now you can’t run off anymore. So depending on my mood, you might stay here locked up, you could just be locked in here, or you’ll be coming out with me. Just behave so I don’t have to put a collar and leash on you.” he laughs.

“Let me go,” you giggle.

He stares at your body and his breathing picks up, his chest rising and falling with every breath. A low, sexy growl escapes his throat as he comes closer, you wiggle around and giggle. He smirks and begins to strip off his clothes.

“You know kitten, I was just gonna leave you here for a few hours, but, you look so good right now, all chained up and defenseless.” He whispers in your ear. He runs his fingers down your chest slowly working down to your wet core. He presses his palm against your clit as he slowly inserts his middle finger into your slick center. You buck your hips and moan softly. He purrs and uses his free hand to wrap around your throat. He leans down and kisses you roughly, his tongue invading your mouth. You moan against his lips as he fingers you, he adds more pressure onto your clit with his palm. He tightens his grip around your throat and you gasp for air.

Joker laughs and gets on the bed, positioning himself between your legs. He lines himself up and thrusts into you in one hard movement. You moan loudly and pull against the chains. He laughs and leans close.

“What’s wrong kitten? Wanna touch daddy?” he purrs. You nod and bite your lip. “Too bad,” he chuckles. He slams into you and you moan his name, he grabs your exposed breasts and squeezes them tightly. He pinches your nipples a bit hard and pulls a bit; you let out a sweet moan and arch your back. Joker continues to thrust into you, hitting that sweet, sweet spot every time. You feel yourself getting closer to the edge and you moan softly.

“Mm, daddy please, more,” you moan softly. He grabs your hips roughly and squeezes as he slams into you harder. You scream his name as he pushes you over the edge, you pull against your restraints as you’re body is consumed by pleasure. He finds his release soon after, once he finishes he gets up and gets dressed.

“Daddy’s got some business to take care of, so be a good girl and stay put okay?” he laughs.

“Wait! You can’t just leave me here!” you call out.

“Oh baby, yes I can.” He laughs again and exits the room, locking it when he shuts the door.

“Not okay! I have to pee!” you yell. You can hear him laughing as you struggle to get free.

“Dammit!” you groan, and give up. You sigh and close your eyes, might as well take a nap while you wait.

There’s never enough Latino!Lance so here we go:

  • Back at the Garrison Hunk and Lance spoke to each other in their native tongues bc it helps them feel closer and less homesick.
    • Pidge got so fed up with them speaking spanish/ Polynesian that she demanded that they teach her
    • They were more than happy to oblige (but she could only barely understand, but it’s the effort that counted 

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John Laurens Imagine: Drunk

User Who Requested: @keepingtimewithmycuckooclock

Prompt(s):  “Are you drunk?” “Be my wife.”

Loud banging erupted into the dark house, and you scrunched your eyebrows, confused on the fact that someone had come for a visit during such late hours. The pounding on the door eventually stopped and the only sound was the impact of your heels hitting the floor. You slowly open the door a bit, and relief floods over you when you see it’s simply Mr. John Laurens.

 “John, you gave me quite a scare!” You let out a soft giggle and open the door wider, so you could lean against the door frame. John looked around and scanned the area surrounding the two of you. He swerved suddenly, facing you again, and a grin broke out on his freckled face.

 “(Y/N)! What are the chances of seeing you here?” His speech was slurred, and his eyes had a glossy appearance. You raised your eyebrow and crossed your arms over your chest.

 “John this is my house.” John looked past you and slowly began nodding.

 “Ah. Yes,” his face contorted as if he was in deep thought, “of course. Of course.” You leaned closer, and the smell of whiskey flooded your nostrils. You let out a sigh, and John stood there thinking about god knows what.

 “Laurens, are you drunk?” You rest your hand on John’s shoulder, and he let out a snicker. The snicker turned into chuckles, and the chuckles turned into loud laughter. He nodded furiously as if he couldn’t contain his happiness, and his arms wrapped around you. John walked in holding on to you, and he shut the door behind him. Before you could question what he was doing, John led you to your living room and began twirling you around.

 “What in world are we doing?”

 “Dancing.” John grinned once more, and he rested one hand on your hip. John took your hand with his free one and held it in the air. You wrap your free arm around his shoulders, and the two of you began swaying to the nonexistent music.

 Your (E/C) eyes stayed locked with his green ones the whole time, and John licked his lips. His mouth formed into a small smirk, and he began humming. He began creating music to fill the silence in the air.

 A giggle escaped from your lips, and you began humming along softly to the tune. John and you swayed, time no longer became relevant. Your laughter echoed throughout the house, and John made sure to do anything so that the laughter never stopped.

 “Your laughter is music to my ears,” John mused. You blushed uncontrollably and his hand rested on your right cheek. His thumb lightly grazed the side of your face, and he bit his bottom lip. His hair was tied back like usual, so you were able to examine his facial features without a problem. John’s face suddenly became serious, and he leans down so his mouth was right next to your ear.

 “Be my wife,” he whispered.


Prompt: helping Han fix the millennium falcon, then it takes a turn 🙃
Pairing: Han x reader

You walked down the narrow hallway with Chewie in tow. Taking a turn to the left, you see Han lifting the grate to get to work.
“hold on and I’ll help you, Han.”
“I don’t need help (y/n)!”
“Okay fine” you turn around, about to leave when you hear Han yell “Ow!!”
You swerve around with a cocky look on your face “still don’t need my help?”
“Well… Fine. Get down here and help me pick up these tools.” Wanting your help, wanting to be with you.
“Alright, captain,” You say sarcastically. Chewie  helps you down and you begin picking up tools. “What did you do Han?” You say, annoyed. You get no response so you look up to see what’s got him so quiet.
He’s staring at you. Han tries to play it off by pointing behind you, at a wrench.
“Um… Missed one,” he laughs, playing it off. You’re not buying it.
“Han, if you tell me now I won’t bother you with it later. I don’t know about you, but that sounds like a pretty good deal.” He smiles at the ground. "Nothing. I just… You’re… We’re um… Wasting time. Let’s get this show on the road.”
What’s up with Han? He’s acting distracted. You think, confused as to why he would be distracted. Does he… Nah. We argue the way to much for him to like me in that way. Right?
“(Y/N) focus. We don’t have much time to fix this.” He says turning around. You realize he was staring at you while you were lost in thought.
You nod still kind of dazed. You decide to ask him, and be frank about it. “Han, why are you getting so distracted lately?”
He looks at you but quickly turns around pretending to be working. “It was just that once, don’t get excited.”
You huff, frustrated with his stubborn answer. Picking up after his mishap, you think to yourself maybe he’ll open up when he calms down. I bet he’s just aggravated with all these repairs that need to be done.
A while after fixing up the ship, you relax by playing    with Chewie. “What do you mean that wasn’t a fair game? It was completely fair!” Chewie sounds off to you and you start arguing. You remember what Han said about an angry Wookie. “You can break my arms? I can slice you in half.” You deliver sternly, with a confident tone. Han enters the room and glances at you. You look up to meet his gaze, but he quickly turns to go back. You faintly hear Chewie say something, but you can’t understand him because you’re focused on figuring out what the hell is going on.
“Yeah ok Chewie… Yeah, I’ll um… Be right back.” You get up attracting Luke’s attention.
“You okay (Y/N)? You’ve been acting weird.” He tilts his head slightly, something that makes your heart skip a beat. Leia notices and becomes concerned. “Yeah, do you feel ok? Are you sick?” Both of them express genuine concern. It makes you feel loved, but somehow that feeling and your consciousness just aren’t connecting. “I’m fine, thanks. I just need to um… Go lie down for awhile.” Excuse taken. You rush to the back of the ship, where Han disappeared to.
“Han?” You say, looking around to no sign of Han. “Are you in here..? Come on stop hiding,” You say, slightly irritated. You hear a familiar voice mumbling something in another room. You follow it to see Han pacing back and forth in his room. “Han what the hell are you doing? Have you gone insane?!” You fold your arms in a brave stance.
He looks up, acknowledging your presence. “Why are you so damn worried about me all of the sudden?!” He stands up. You can’t tell if he’s angry or sad… A common occurrence with Han.
“Because I care about you, Han. You should know that by now. I make it completely obvious!” You huff.
“Oh, you do, huh? Well, i care about you to but that ain’t the reason for all this.” His voice gets quiet. You step closer to him. He’s facing away from you, so you put your hand on his shoulder. He turns around, but can’t bring himself to look you in the eyes. You’re just a bit shorter than Han, so you manage to tilt his head up by slightly lifting his chin.
“Han,” your voice comes out a soft whisper. “Just tell me. Please?” You look him right in the eyes. There’s silence for a few moments… Then he does something that shocks you. He tilts your head up and kisses you. A long, passionate kiss. His hands cup your face. You can’t help but just stand in shock. When he pulls away, you manage to look at him and smirk “So you gonna tell me or no?” He shakes his head and laughs.
“Let me spell it out for you. I,” he points at himself, “love,” he takes your hand in his and places it on his heart, “you.” He puts his hands  on your hips and gives you another great kiss. You can just feel the genuine compassion. You smile and say, “I don’t think I understand quite yet.” He chuckles and says, “I can demonstrate again if you like.”
“Hmm… Yeah, I think that would help.” Another kiss later you hear Chewie say something about taking off from the cockpit. Han smiles and says, “we can go over this another time.” You nod and follow him to the cockpit.
Little did you two know, Luke heard the “I love you” exchange while passing by the crew quarters.

[V LIVE] GOT7(갓세븐) “Never Ever” M/V
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