look at that stupid face pls


Let’s start off easy * rolls up sleeves*

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The picture might be blurry but the first thing that caught your attentiont is probably that veiny forearm

When he flexes while cooking asfdghjk 

His veins are just effortlessly showing as if it was normal shit to look that sexy

His manly forearms *nosebleed*

That manliness showcased through them , like : “ Baby girl * grabs your waist*” # you all thought of this # don’t deny me ppl

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Meet me in London

Simon meets Baz online and they become best friends.

Based on the prompt: Baz and Simon meet online and become internet friends and skype everyday and end up in love

As always a very big thank you to @eroticgropefest for being an amazing beta!

I met Baz three years ago on tumblr. One day I saw an edit of his on my dash and I went to check his blog. The guy made black and white aesthetics that looked awesome in a dark sort of way. So I started to follow him. After he reblogged a video of a guy playing violin, I decided to send him a message.

Dragonwings61: for a disturbed guy, you really have an interesting choice in music

Disturbed-pitch: So because I’m disturbed you feel like I’m not allowed to like classical music?

Dragonwings61: Shit sorry didn’t mean it like that.

Dragonwings61: What I meant to say was

Dragonwings61: I’ve never really heard classic music before but I really liked the song :)

Disturbed-pitch: It’s one of my favourites, you should try to listen to more :)

It started there and we haven’t stopped talking since. We became so close that last year I really wanted to see what he looked like. He’d become my best friend and I wanted to see his face.

Dragonwings61: Baaaaz

Dragonwings61: I wanna ask you something

Disturbed-pitch: Hey. What is it?

Dragonwings61: I’ve been thinking about this a lot

Dragonwings61: And I really don’t want you to freak out ok?

Disturbed-pitch: Go on.

Dragonwings61: I just

Dragonwings61: I really wanna see what you look like

Dragonwings61: pls don’t freak out, If you’re not comfortable with this pls forget I ever asked

Disturbed-pitch: It’s fine Simon… I thought about it myself quite a few times lately.

Dragonwings61: Ohhh

Dragonwings61: so is that a yes?

Disturbed-pitch: Yes I’d like to see your stupid face too :)

Dragonwings61: I bet your face looks more stupid than mine

Disturbed-pitch: We shall see

We exchanged photos and one day, I was having trouble with my homework–I’d never cared for math–and he wanted to help me out so we skyped. And I’m glad we did. Baz is beautiful. He rolls his eyes a lot at me and fucking sneers but… I just really like looking at him. I like Baz a lot.

After that we became even closer. We talked almost everyday, first only for a few minutes then for hours on end. We would just turn skype on and do our own thing, like studying, or reading. Baz even played violin a few times for me to see and it was so fucking beautiful. Everything he does is perfect.

Now it’s the end of the summer and I’m going to university in a few days. I haven’t figured out what I want to major in but I’ll try a few different classes and see what sticks.

I told Baz my plan of moving to London months ago–I live in Manchester and Baz leaves in Hampshire–and he hasn’t said a word as to where he’s going. I’d love to meet him one day… I’ve just never had the courage to ask him. But I really want to touch him, make sure he’s real. I mean, of course he’s real, but I’ve never seen him outside of my screen before.

I’m at my laptop scrolling through tumblr when Baz asks to skype. I accept.


“Hey Baz.” I smile at him. I’m always happy to see him.

“Listen… I’ve been meaning to tell you something for awhile.”

I stare at him through the screen. Why is he nervous? He’s making me feel nervous “Okay.”

“I just…” he sighs and runs a hand through his hair “You know that I’m going to university.”

I look at him expectantly. Is he finally telling me where he’s going? It’s not like him to keep things a secret; not from me anyway.

“This doesn’t have to mean anything but–” he continues, and he’s blushing right now and I feel like blushing myself just by the way he’s looking at me. “I’m going to London.”

“What?” Wait, what? Did he really just say–

“London. I’m going to fucking London, Simon.”

“Why?” I ask stupidly. But I start grinning at him like an idiot. We’re going to be in the same city. Fuck, I’m gonna be able to hang out with him and actually see his face.

“Well there’s a really good school there… Besides, there’s someone I was really hoping to meet in person.” I feel my cheeks burning as he says this.

Holy shit this is really happening. I’m going to finally meet Baz. “When are you moving to London?”

“I’m already here. I just arrived at my aunt’s flat a few hours ago.” Then he grabs his laptop and turns it around so that I can see his new room.

“Baz?” I call him, and he puts his laptop on the desk again.


“I’m gonna be in London in a few days.”

“I know–”

“Let’s meet?” I say unsure, interrupting him.

“I’d like that.” he tells me, half smiling.

And there’s nothing to lose now, so I might as well try my luck. “As in, a date.”

“Oh?” He looks surprised.

“Is that cool?”

“Fuck, of course it is, Simon.”


We agreed to meet at Kings Cross, Baz said he would pick me up when I arrived (everything that I own fits into a bag) and then we would go on our date. I can’t believe this is happening, that he actually said yes to go out with me.

I’ve been so nervous the last couple of days because of this, of finally going to meet him. But as the train arrives at the station and I exit the platform all that anxiety melts away when I notice him staring right at me.

Once I reach him I let my bag drop to the floor. I put my arms around him to pull him closer into a tight hug and he does the same. He feels so good this close to me, and smells incredible, I don’t know how to describe it other than that he smells posh and it really fits him.

“Baz.” I say, grinning into his neck. I still can’t believe that he’s actually here in front of me.

“Hello, Simon,” he says, and it’s muffled by my hair. He holds me tight against him longer than necessary before letting me go.

When I step back all I can focus on are his lips. They were so close to mine. And I just really want to kiss him.

I put my hand on his neck and make slow movements with my thumb. “I want to kiss you…” I start,“but we haven’t even been on a date yet.” That gets me a eye roll from him.

“We’re not exactly strangers,” he says, leaning into me.

He’s so close now; if I just leaned a bit forward, we’d be kissing. “I know, but I still want to take you on a–”

And then he kisses me.

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What are your fave pics of Sid? Pls include as may as possible!!

This is like,,, probably the best ask I’ve ever received. I have so many faves. SO MANY.



i just ?? really enjoy these sunglasses

the asg was top notch for sidney photos

sidney and flower is always good

he just looks great when he laughs his face gets all stupid and scrunchy i love it

the fucken NERD asleep with the cup

no comment


and because this is getting long im gonna wrap it up with this

i just like when he wears long sleeved black tees

Special Instructions (1/?)

Summary: Drunk Emma really likes pizza. She also really happens to like the cute delivery guy who seems content to carry out all of her wishes via the “Special Instructions” box on the website.  (AO3)
Rating: M (eventually)
Word Count: ~1700

This has been burning a hole on my desktop for a couple months now and I just really felt like if I didn’t start posting it would probably never get finished… I’m a couple chapters in with the writing but I think this is going to end up being like between 10 and 15 chapters, all roughly the same length if I can pull it. We’ll see how that goes. Anyway, this was gonna just be like a cheesy smut fic originally but I apparently like to overthink things and it became slightly cuter of an idea…

@stubble-sandwich THANKS FOR LETTING ME GUSH ABOUT THIS STUPID IDEA WITH YOU. Look at me, finally posting the fuckin pizza guy au… christ…

Special instructions: pls make smiley face with pepperoni, i could use something happy right now

She’d typically have left the box blank but Emma was currently full of self-pity and a little too drunk to really care how she appeared to the rest of the world.

Two years she’d spent with Walsh. Two years of warm embraces and whispered I love you’s and sweet kisses and integrating him into her close-knit group of friends despite some heavy resistance – especially from David; she reminded herself to give her brother a hug later for trying – and for what? 

For him to just “reconnect” with his ex at what was supposed to be their engagement party?

“I’m so sorry, Em. I never meant to hurt you like this. It just… happened. I can’t help how I feel.”

She scoffed in disgust. What an asshole. A total prick.

She finished off her fifth – sixth? – bottle of beer and popped open another. Maybe after another few she’d forget the sight of him with his tongue down that other woman’s throat. Maybe she’d forget the shock and guilt on his face when she’d dropped her glass of champagne at seeing them together, stunned to see her betrothed blatantly cheating on her by the bathrooms while their party guests mulled about in the main room, completely clueless.

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‘i told you i wasn’t a bottom’ (archie andrews au)

sos this was so much fun! I’m gonna post this the way I did my valentine/galentine aus bc I’m making these college aus a small series as well! pls enjoy and let me know what you think

(gifs aren’t mine!!!!!!)

‘i got a bottom bunk and you’re the person who has the bunk above mine, now you only refer to me as “bottom” even though I’ve repeatedly told you i most certainly am not’ (@thesadlookonyourface​)

ps the ending gets hot and heavy!!!

“Andrews, stop calling me that! I swear to GOD if you call me that one more time–!”

“What’re you gonna do, huh, BOTTOM?” He makes a face at you, taunting you almost.

“I’m going to punch that look off your stupid face!” You jump up and try to punch his face as he laughs and holds your head down with one hand.

“You can’t even reach me!” He laughs and pulls you into his arms, spinning you around as you continuously curse at him.

You and Archie Andrews had been roommates for a little over six months. It’s your third semester in college and thanks to your unisex name, you got stick with this idiot. You were late to move-in day and had a bottom bunk assigned to you. Why this university insisted on making you feel like you were at camp, you’d never know.

Archie walked into your shared room soon after you got settled in, and a smile made its way onto his face. “Well, well, well. What do we have here?” He smirks and you turn around, groaning as your eyes land on the handsome oaf.

“Please tell me this is some sort of joke! You’re not actually my roommate, are you?” You glared at him and he held a hand against his chest in faux pain.

“Aw come on, little Chandler! Don’t do this to me,” he laughed and walked over to you, slinging an arm over your shoulder. “This’ll be fun.”

You and Archie have always had a love-hate relationship. He loved to annoy you and you hated him for it. You didn’t even want to think what it’d be like living with him. You two needed some ground rules, but first you needed some–

“So what do you say, bottom?” He looks at you proudly, happy with his new nickname.

“Excuse me?” You raised your brows at him and pushed his arm off your shoulder, proceeding to cross your own arms over your chest and he quickly mimicked your actions.

“You heard me. You’re the bottom bunk, you must be a bottom,” he shrugged and smirked, waiting for your answer.

“I am most certainly not a bottom, Andrews!” You turned your back to him, letting him get a good look at your ass as you fixed your comforter.

“Come to think of it, you wouldn’t be a bad top either. I’d want you on top of me,” he clapped his hands and you turned around, determined to give him a piece of your mind.

“You’re a fucking perv, Archibald. Stay away from me,” you walked away, half hoping he’d keep watching you and half hoping he’d fall off a cliff. Archie did the former.

“This is gonna be a fun year bottom!” He yelled after you and you swore you’d kill him if he ever called you that again.

Only he did call you that again (every damn day) and you still haven’t killed him.

“Archibald put me down!” You move your hand to the side of his head and pull his ear, like you would a child’s.

“Owowowowowowowwwwwwwwww!” Archie screams in pain but refuses to put you down.

“Put me down and I’ll stop hurting you!” You pull harder and his screams get louder. “Archibald, I swear to–”

“Woah, get a room!” Jughead yells over the two of you and you finally stop, surprised to see him in your room.

“A, you’re literally in our room. And B, when did you get in here?” Archie finally puts you down and you straighten yourself out, glaring at him as he massages his ear.

“I got in here 30 seconds ago, you were too into your pain kink to notice me,” Jughead scoffs dramatically, glaring at the two of you.

“It wasn’t a pain kink, you jackass. Your friend here won’t stop calling me ‘bottom’ and I am tired of it!” You glare at Archie as Jughead rolls his eyes at the two of you.

“Why don’t you to just kiss and make out already? Oh my god!” Jughead groans loudly and rests against the doorframe. “He’s clearly into you and you’re clearly into him, just do it. We all know it’s gonna happen!”

Archie opens his mouth to speak and you cut him off for the millionth time in your wierd roommate/friendship thing.

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“We are most certainly not into each other! And who is ‘we all’? Because you’re all wrong!” You cross your arms over your chest as it’s now Archie’s turn to give you incredulous looks.

“Kevin, Betty, Veronica, Cheryl, Josie, Reggie, my dad, Hermio–” Jughead ticks everyone off with a finger and you cut him off before he can go further.

“You told your dad about this wierd bet you guys have going on?” You groan and plop down on your bottom bunk. “But he’s so sexy.”

“Ew, Y/N that’s enough. You have your little Archibald, you don’t need my father,” Jughead shudders and Archie opens his mouth to speak, only for you to cut him off once again.

“I don’t have–”

“Oh for the love of all that is holy, shut up and let me speak!” Archie’s eyes grow dark as he turns to look at you, having had enough of you cutting him off.

“Oh, what. So you can call me bottom despite my countless grievances but I can’t cut you off sometimes?” You sit up and glare back at him, your eyes growing darker as you feel the atmosphere change.

“I speak the truth, you keep annoying me,” Archie grits out, squaring his shoulders as you take a step closer to him.

“What truth? You annoy me as much as, if not more than, I annoy you!” You clench your jaw as Archie takes a step closer, leaving little to no room between the two of you.

“Okay, guys,” Jughead chuckles nervously and clears his throat, trying his best to ease the tension that he couldn’t yet place. “Get back to your pain kink, kids.”

“I tease you, but it’s like you really want to get under my skin. You really want to make me mad,” Archie’s eyes bore into yours as Jughead’s words fall onto deaf ears.

“Maybe I do want to get under your pasty skin, Archibald. So what? It’s to get back at you!”

“Get back at me for what? Calling you a bottom?” He raises his voice and lifts his hands in frustration as Jugheads eyes grow wide.

“Yes! For calling me a bottom when you know damn well I’m a top,” you press a finger against his chest and push him back against the wall as Archie’s glare deepens. “You keep calling me a bottom because you’re scared I won’t top you.”

“That’s fucking absurd, Y/N. There’s no fucking way I want you to–”

And once again, you cut him off by placing your lips over his. A growl leaves Archie’s mouth and he knows what you’re doing, but at this point he doesn’t care. His hands wrap around your thighs and he pulls away for a moment to whisper “jump” and you follow his instructions. Your fingers grip onto his auburn locks and tug, forcing a gravelly moan out of Archie.

“I-I’m gonna go,” Jughead gulps and you and Archie couldn’t care less as Jughead leaves and locks the door behind him but not before he heard an article of clothing rip.

“Archie, that’s my favorite fucking top,” you hiss as Archie’s lips skillfully move down your throat and to your chest, marking it every couple seconds almost so he doesn’t lose his way back up.

“Trust me, love, I’ll more than make it up to you,” he bites your collarbone and you moan his name, arching your back and pushing your breasts up towards him.

He flips you two around and it’s your back pressing against the wall as he rips off your bra, hungrily taking one nipple into his mouth and teasing the other one with his fingers. You curse and tug his hair, pulling him back up and desperately pressing your lips against his. His hands grip your ass and pull you against him, forcing you to feel his hardened length. You moan into his mouth and he smirks, quickly tugging on your bottom lip.

“Floor. Now,” you breathed out, desperate to feel more of him but also to prove yourself right.

Archie quickly obeyed, laying you gently on the floor before quickly pulling his shirt off. Your nails rake up and down his sides and Archie growls, reattaching his mouth to your neck as he starts to leave more marks. He presses himself down against you and you gasp, feeling his fully erect cock against your thigh. Before things can go further, you quickly flip the two of you around so that you’re on top.

“What–?” His cock twitches under you as your breasts brush against his chest before you sit up.

“Come on, baby. I told you I wasn’t a bottom.”


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Genre: Fluff

Warning: Mild, like really mild, like this is 5th grade bad words mostly

Author’s note: I just have a really soft spot for Wonwoo okay. Like look at his dumb duck face. pls stop being cute pls

#guess who didn’t proof read again bc she’s lazy and had this idea at 1am. 

“What do I text her?” Wonwoo stares at his phone, his fingers hover over the keyboard in hesitation. He writes ‘Hi’ before changing his mind and backspacing.

Mingyu on the other hand was beginning to grow bored of this typing and backspacing routine, “Just ask her out for coffee or something.”

Wonwoo hesitates once more, “I don’t know. Here.” Wonwoo pushes his phone into Mingyu’s hands, “You write something and don’t make it stupid.”

Mingyu grins widely. His fingers begin typing away, when he finishes, Mingyu reads it happily, “Dear Lovely Y/N. Its Wonwoo and I spent 2 hours debating what to text you because I really really like you and want to date you but I’m too scared to do anything. Also Mingyu is the best person in the entire world. He’s my best best friend.”

Wonwoo shot up from his seat attempting to get his cell phone back only to have Mingyu giggle as he runs out the door, waving the cell teasingly.

“Kim Mingyu I swear to god if you send that I’m locking your ass out.”

Mingyu slows down his pace, laughing loudly, “Oh come on. You know I wouldn’t send it.” Mingyu holds the phone, getting ready to backspace the entire paragraph, only, his finger brushes against the sent button and the text flies out to be sent, “Uh oh.”

“Uh oh what?” Wonwoo stands with his hands on his hips, as he breathes heavily from the chase.

“I may have sent the text by accident.”


Mingyu uneasily laughs, “Maybe she’ll find it funny.”

“Or maybe she’ll find me a creep and never talk to me again!!”

“Oh!” Mingyu jumps quickly to Wonwoo, “Look, she hasn’t read it yet.”

Wonwoo grabs his phone, hope filling in his voice, “That’s right! She’s in class. She never looks at her phone in class. Okay Okay. You know what, Seungkwan is in her class, I’ll just tell him to get her phone and delete the text.”

Seungkwan idly taps his finger on the table. He was growing bored and the many attempts to distract you weren’t working anymore. His eyes perk up when he sees his phone come to life.

Wonwoo: Get Y/N’s phone and delete the last text I sent her

Seungkwan remains puzzled for a moment.

Seungkwan: why?

Wonwoo: Just do it before I tell Jihoon you’re the one who broke his guitar

Seungkwan jumps immediately in his seat. His actions gaining your attention. You give him a concerned look only to receive a very nervous expression from him.

“Hey Y/N. Can I borrow your phone?”

A skeptical look appears on your face, “why? You have yours right there.”

“I…..I wanna play a game.” Seungkwan whispers.

“No!” You protest, “We’re in class Seungkwan. Pay attention.”

Seungkwan sits nervously for the rest of the class period. His eyes dart continuously towards you, his nerves becoming more agitated. Once the teacher announced the end of class, Seungkwan was quick to his feet.

“Hey why don’t we go to lunch together.”

You smiled, “Sure why not.” You casually pulled out your phone, turning it on to check for notifications, “Oh Wonwoo texted me.”

Seungkwan panics. His hands wrap itself around your phone, ripping it from your grasp before he darts towards the door.

“What the. BOO SEUNGKWAN!” You quickly move after him.

“I’m sorry Y/N but I can’t die by Jihoon’s hands today.”

Seungkwan begins to run out of breath until his last line of hope steps out of a class room.

“Hansol!” Seungkwan slams into the boy, he places your cell phone into Hansol’s hand, “Run!”


Seungkwan breathes heavily, hardly getting the words out, “Go find Wonwoo. Give him the phone. Quick! Before she kills me.” Seungkwan shoves Hansol’s back when he hears you shout once more, “GO!”

You ran out of breath as you caught up to Seungkwan, you watched as Hansol dart away with your cell phone, “HANSOL IM GOING TO KILL YOU THE NEXT TIME I SEE YOU!” You turned to Seungkwan, grabbing him my the neck of his shirt, “You better have a really good reason for this or else you’ll be seeing Hansol in hell.”

Wonwoo sits biting his finger, it had been almost an hour and he hadn’t heard back from Seungkwan nor had he heard from you. Just as he was about to call Seungkwan for an update, the pounding on the door shook him.

Upon opening the door, an exhausted and out of breath Hansol trudged in, slapping your phone into Wonwoo’s hand before crawling onto the nearby couch.

“I never want to run again.” Hansol mutters before his face slams into the cushions.

“Isn’t this Y/N’s phone?” Wonwoo earns himself a grunt and a wave from Hansol, “What the hell. I told Seungkwan to delete the text not commit a crime.”

Hansol waves once more and Wonwoo realizes he won’t be receiving a respond from the boy for a while.

Wonwoo activates your cell and immediately a smile crosses his face. Your home screen displayed a picture he distinctly remembers Jihoon capturing for his photography project. Your lips spread out into a large smile, your body leans closely to Wonwoo, his eyes focused soley onto you as you laughed. Wonwoo’s heart swelled at the imagine.

“JEON WONWOO!!” Your voice boomed in the apartment, a whining seungkwan cried out as you dragged him by the ear. You noticed Hansol sprawled on the couch, “I’ll deal with you later. Where’s Wonwoo.”

“Here.” Wonwoo states as he exits his room.

You let go of Seungkwan and he rubs his ear to lessen the pain, “what the hell. Did you really send Seungkwan and Hansol to steal my phone.”

“I wasn’t in on this.” Hansol shouts from his laid spot.

“What’s so important about this text.”

Wonwoo rubs the back of his head sheepishly, “It’s…..” Wonwoo hands you your phone slowly, “It’s better if you read it.“ 

You’re cautious as you grab your phone, unlocking it, you pull open Wonwoo’s text message. A few seconds pass before laughter erupts from your mouth. Wonwoo’s cheeks heat up tremendously with your cackle.

You hold your stomach, containing the laughter, "this is it? Mingyu used your phone to send me a text. What’s so wrong with that that you had these two idiots run around with my phone.”

Wonwoo begins to play with his fingers nervously, “It’s more than that. I really did spend 2 hours wondering what to text you.” Wonwoo watches as you stop laughing completely, “I….I like you. Go on a date with me sometime. Maybe?”

Your heart flutters and you smile widely, “O-Of course.”

“That’s it!?!” Seungkwan screamed, “I was threatened, ran like a mile, and got my ear dragged over here just so you could get a date.” Seungkwan dramatically falls next to Hansol, “I hate everyone.”

from dusk till dawn; 

Carmilla wants to be free of her mothers chains she simply can’t escape.
Laura wants an adventure and discover the world to get away from her dad.
When they meet, two very different worlds collide. 

Or: A Hollstein Pirate AU

chapter 1

These are what people believe about Carmilla Karnstein:
- Her name is Carmilla Karnstein and she has no heart
- The sea has always been her home
- Once she offered her soul to the most powerful sea god, but he refused to take it
- She would never sacrifice herself for another human being 

These are what people believe about Laura Hollis:
- Her name is Laura Hollis and she lost herself
- The sea destroyed her 
- Once she challenged the most powerful sea god, and won
- She killed the daughter of the most powerful pirate 

And this is their story.

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  • you guys were out on some sort of cute date Yoosung arranged on your birthday.
  • actually, he definitely took you out to an adorable ice cream parlor.
  • you were enjoying your favorite ice cream flavor
  • but you caught Yoosung eyeing your cone like it was a powerup in LOLOL
  • when you offered to let him try some of yours he blushed not realizing that he was being so obvious
  • but agreed regardless
  • he really wanted that ice cream
  • you held your cone out towards him and as he went to taste it
  • you booped the ice cream onto his face so he had ice cream covering his nose and mouth
    • “MC!” he whined but you could still tell that he had found your prank funny
    • “What?” you said innocently “you said you wanted a taste.”
    • “Not like that!”
  • you couldn’t hold back your giant grin
  • he was just so darn cute
  • i love you
  • wait did you say that aloud
  • it was quiet for a second as Yoosung thought he was imagining things
    • “You do?”
    • “Well yeah you dork”
  • Yoosung kissed you excitedly
  • and forgot the ice cream all over his face
    • “I love you too MC”
  • you picked up a napkin and wiped the ice cream off his face
  • he blushed again that cutie



  • Zen had gotten a really big acting role that he didn’t think he was going to get
  • so he was pretty excited
  • you were the first person he called when he got the news
  • and you were so proud of him
  • he asks you if you’d like to go see him
  • you said yes of course
  • so it was finally opening night
  • and you were so excited as you sat in the front seat
  • but also anxious because Zen had told you earlier how nervous he was
  • you assured him he would do amazing
  • anyways
  • the curtains opened and you watched your boyfriend in awe
  • he did amazing
  • as expected
  • when the curtains closed the whole theater erupted into applause
  • i told you so you thought with a smile
  • you made your way backstage so excited to see Zen
  • when you found his dressing room you jumped onto him in a hug
  • he was so happy that you were proud of him
    • “What did you think jagi?”
    • “Zen you were amazing I knew you could do it!”
  • he was smiling so big you couldn’t help it
    • “I love you so much Zen.”
  • there was no hesitation to his response
    • “I love you MC, you mean so much to me.”
  • he pulled you closer to kiss you
  • if that was even possible
  • you guys were already practically attached to each other



  • totally low key movie night
  • classic romance movies, popcorn, pjs
  • really cozy and cute all around
  • lots of cuddles
  • you guys were probably watching The Notebook
  • and Jaehee was tearing up almost as much as she did when Zen sent a selfie in the messenger
  • she leaned her body into you and you began to play with her hair
  • the credits of the movie rolled down the screen
  • you glanced down at Jaehee and
  • she was fast asleep
  • you couldn’t blame her
  • considering how much she’s overworked
  • you couldn’t help but say it under your breath as the tv screen went black
  • you were both completely surrounded in darkness
  • i love you…



this HC takes place after the party, but MC and Jumin aren’t married yet <3

  • C&R was hosting a charity event
  • which was entirely Jumin’s doing after you had mentioned to him about an animal charity you had really liked
  • he was all over the idea
  • partially because he wanted to make you happy
  • but mostly because cats
  • you hadn’t seen much of Jumin this evening
  • you were sitting at your table sipping your champagne
  • totally content as you watched your boyfriend in his element
  • talking to clients and donors and employees
  • Jaehee made her way over to the table to join you
  • the two of you made conversation while waiting for Jumin’s speech
  • suddenly his voice filled the room and your grin couldn’t have gotten bigger
  • the room filled with applause and when he finished
  • Jumin made his way over to you
  • he wrapped an arm around your waist as Jaehee excused herself from the table
    • “You were wonderful.” you pulled him closer into a hug
  • because he was so much taller than you he rested his chin on the top of your head and hummed in appreciation
    • “Thank you, MC. I really appreciate you being here.”
  • you pulled apart from him, but clasped your hands in between you two
    • “This is one of the million things I love about you, Jumin.”
  • you didn’t realize what you had said at first
  • until you looked up at his face and saw his wide eyes and intense blush
    • “You… love me?” he asked like he couldn’t believe it
  • you had never seen Jumin so blushy and flustered
    • “I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to- I mean, I know it’s probably too soon and-”
  • he cut off your ramblings by kissing you
    • “Never apologize MC.
      • I love you too.”



this one is really kind of stupid, but i was having a lot of trouble figuring out something for saeyoung pls forgive me

  • you guys weren’t in a relationship
  • (yet wink wink)
  • but you guys were practically best friends
  • you pranked everyone in the messenger together
  • you were both edgy meme lords
  • so as expected, Seven was pretty infatuated with you
  • but i’m not safe to be around blah blah blah
  • just let MC love you meme queen
  • you were aware of Seven keeping an eye on you on the CCTV
  • so you decided to write down a bunch of bad jokes and puns
  • and held them up for Seven to see
    • did you hear about the restaurant on the moon?

    • i heard the food was great
  • MC please don’t
    • but it had no atmosphere
  • ba dum tssssss
  • Seven was in love
  • after telling a few more awful jokes you decided to follow your instincts
  • you held up your last set of signs
    • knock knock
  • who’s there MC
    • pauline
  • … pauline who
    • i think i’m pauline in love with you heh
  • besides the fact that it was the worst joke Seven had ever heard
  • he was blushing at his monitor and wasn’t quite sure what to do
  • to tell you that he’s been in love with you for so long

it’s the big day! Going for the causal yet classy look. Let’s hope I don’t do anything stupid. Send me good vibes and luck! pls ignore the mess in this room, it’s not my room but still.

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What the egos do to get the s/o attention? (All the egos even yandereplier)

Darkiplier gets rid of whatever his s/o is doing and makes himself the center of attention. When he wants attention he gets it.

Wilford gets in the way of any task his s/o might be doing to the point when they simply can’t ignore him any longer. He’s the guy who’ll keep poking your shoulder until you answer and just say hi.

The googles would take care of whatever was keeping them occupied and then demand their attention. 

Host tries to be subtle about it, but he’ll hang around and keep dropping hints about it until they pay attention to him.

Author would be really in their face face and demand attention and be super cocky and flirty in general and if they refused he’d write them into a situation where they desperately needed him and be super fuckin smug about it.

Bing would stay around like a lost puppy and just look lost until his s/o gives them attention and love, pls the poor boi needs it.

Dr.Iplier will come in and make a silly comment or a stupid joke for no reason, or come in and ask a random sort of question and continue these interruptions until his s/o gives up and gives them their attention.

Bim will hang around awkwardly and keep making comments on the side about whatever it is his s/o is doing until they give him attention.

yandere would blow up their phone with text and calls or just come by and refuse to let them do anything else.

King of the squirrels would be loud and ask them for attention quite similarly to how Wilford would, but cuter than Wilford and he’d get really disappointed if they didn’t pay them mind.

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Hello! First thing first, I love your answers! I recently started following you, and I haven't bit disappointed one bit! Now, for the reaction request! Could I have a "damsel in distress" situation with the companions? But for minor things like.. Danse having his foot stuck in some wireing and can't get free because of giant suit, or killing a spider because someone is afraid! Just small, cute, and fluffy gestures uwu Love you!!

Of course you can anon and thank you so much I’m so glad you enjoy them! Love you too anon! ^-^ 

This is also the 1000 celebration post! A bit of fluff for this one :D

Cait: Cait was having trouble with a particularly tricky bottle that refused to open and almost broke it in frustration. Sole came in to the rescue and wrapped their hands around hers which were subsequently round the bottle. As Sole popped off the top with a gentle nod to indicate a job well done, Cait gave a them quick peck on the cheek to show her gratitude, followed by a playful punch to the arm and a goofy face, she was already smiling again.

Codsworth: Codsy was trying to keep the house clean when he struck a paint can that engaged a domino effect that led to the whole shelf rack falling down. Codsworth was the only thing stopping it from collapsing entirely. Sole rushed in to scout out the commotion and couldn’t help but giggle a little at the sight of Codsworth almost trying to juggle all of these miscellaneous objects. “Uhh Sir/Mum… a little assistance? Please?” Sole gladly helped Codsworth and to make him feel better broke out the polish and buffer. They made Codsworth look as good as new again.

Curie:  She was not used to feeling pain so when she pricked her thumb on a thorn, while out picking flowers, she was certain she was going to die. Sole came running to the sound of screams to find Curie curled up in a ball holding her thumb and whimpering, Sole rolled their eyes with a gentle smile and picked up their big baby Curie. Sole patched her up and gave her thumb a little kiss to make it better. Later on Sole returned with the flowers, except now all tied into a bunch with a little ribbon and presented it, with a big cheese-ball smile, to Curie. She blushed and on her tippy toes she gave sole a quick but loving kiss to Sole’s lips, showing her love for her gift

Danse: In his bulky power armour Danse had gotten himself caught on some torn barbed wire ;). Danse riggled his leg feverishly to get himself free but alas could not. When Sole walked over with thier “Danse what the fuck are you doing? look” Danse in despair replied to Sole’s expression “It’s hopeless soldier… I’m… I’m done for… I’m stuck and cannot get free… go on without me and complete the mission” Sole was in such a trauma from Danse’s dumb ass antics, they sighed all the way over to him and sighed even more when the say it was a stray, ragged strand of old wire that inhibited him. They pulled away and held it to his face, with their own look of “Really Danse?” Danse had gone an unusual bright red “Well, er…. L-lets er…carry on” Sole just thinking to themselves “Big doofus…”

Deacon: “SHIT, WHERE ARE MY GLASSES?!?!” Deacon ran scrambling about trying to find them, Sole simply sat with their head in their hands as Deacon ran about relentlessy “I CAN’T DO MY DISGUISE WITHOUT THEM!” Sole walked over and stopped Deacon in his tracks, holding him as he panted from his frantic searching. Like with Danse Sole donned a “Really Deacon?” look on their face as they reached up to Deacon’s pompadour, then pulled back shading his eyes. Deacon sheepishly reached out to his face, “Ah, er… there they are… err…” They were on his head the whole time…Deacon had turned a bright red from his senior moment.

Dogmeat: Whimpering an awful lot and struggling to walk, Dogmeat eventually curled up in his bed with his head hidden. Sole came over as the sight of Dogmeat in pain weighed heavy on them. Sole gave him the once over and found it was actually a thorn that had stabbed into Dogmeat’s paw. With a quick jolt the thorn was gone and Dogmeat was full of life again, thanking Sole with a barrage of wet dog kisses to the face.

Hancock: He’d got wasted the night before, barely knew what was going on when he tried to get dressed, tripping over as he did so. Suddenly everything was dark. No sound, void of light. Hancock cried out for Sole “HELP! HELP ME LOVE! I CAN’T SEE!” Sole footsteps were heard shooting up the stairs, but they couldn’t see Hancock? They heard his cries coming from the other side of a door, upon opening and flooding Hancock’s eyes with light he flopped out on the floor “Thank god you came… I… I was in some place…. darkness all around me…” “Hancock” Sole replied sternly but with a laugh starting to creep through “You were in the closet…” Sole internally dying at Hancock’s drunken antics, they thought to themselves “For christs sake Hancock” trying not to laugh out loud as they did so.

MacCready: The night before he had a couple nightmares about getting hurt in combat and when he woke in a cold sweat the fear became very real. There was no sensation on his legs?!? “Oh my god… Oh my god… OH MY GOD I CAN’T FEEL MY LEGS!!!” Sole woke in a flustered haze, muttering “Huh… wha..” When Mac explained in tears to Sole that he couldn’t feel his legs, Sole looked down in horror. Then looked at Mac, then back at his legs, then back at Mac. “Mac… you do know right that… those are my legs…” “Oh er… really? oh thank god…” He replied, Sole flopping back down onto their pillow, exhausted from the day and from the mad antics that had just taken place.

Nick: Nick and Sole were exploring an old department store when Sole accidentally set off something. A horrifying whaling filled the room and made Nick jump out of his synthetic, falling apart, skin. “IT’S THE INSTITUTE! THEY’RE HERE!” Nick almost started to unload his revolver at moving shadows when Sole flicked on the lights. “Nick… it was a hair dryer, calm your synthetic ass down metal man :3″ Sole stood by the light switch, watching Nick fumble as he tried to compose himself “Could’ve been the Institute you know…” Nick’s voice turned a little sheepish after his outburst at a wild imagination.

Piper: Sole could hear her screaming and immediately bolted to her aid, when they got out they saw Piper covered in ink trying to stop the printer from squirting more all over the place. As it quickly stopped mere seconds later, Pipers frustration almost brought on slight tears. Luckily Blue was there to help, they took Piper in their arms and handed her a towel to wipe away the ink and creeping tears. Sole quickly left and then returned as quick as they’d gone, they sent Piper up for a hot bath and to relax her trembling anxiety. About an hour or so later Piper came down with a towel wrapped around her precariously. She was in complete shock “Blue… you… you… the printer? It’s fixed!” Sole had scrapped an old set of power armour, used it to fix and rebuild Piper’s printer, fully loaded with ink and polished to a high shine. Piper’s world had lit up as she jumped at Blue to thank them with a rapid succession of kisses all over their surprised face. 

Preston: While traversing the wealth, Preston felt his coat get grabbed by something. In his mind “OH God…. they got me… I’m already dead I know it” Whereas out loud “GENERAL… H-HELP ME!!!” Sole sprinted to assist but when they got their, they just simply put their hand to their face following a sighed laugh. A certain “Preston pls” look as they strolled to Preston’s coat. “Preston… no one’s got you” They said reassuringly “Your coat is snagged on this branch ya big doofus” Preston’s cheeks grew a warm red, as the blood rushed to his face, he felt a tiny bit stupid about the whole thing. He gave his general a quick peck on the cheek as a thank you.

Strong: Somehow Strong had managed to get his head wedged in an old cat flap after chasing one of the strays that sometimes passed through sanctuary hills. With Sole’s handy work and a trusty screwdriver Strong was free of the door in no time, although the flap was still stuck. Strong considered it a gift from Sole “Strong thank human for… helping strong with stuck head. Human never saw did they?” To humour Strong, Sole of course played along, they still think of it every time they strong, or any household pet.

X6-88: Like Curie X6 was new to pain, being so highly skilled in combat meant he never got hit. When X6 caught himself of a shard of glass and saw the blood come fourth “Sir/ma’am… I think… I think I might be dying. Yes… I’m sure I’m dying” Sole gave him a bit of a puzzled look at X6′s dramatics and carried on to wrap his cut in a bandage. Giving X6 a soft jab to his arm to show Sole both cared and thought he was a tiny bit dramatic. When X6′s cut got a little better it graduated to a hug for the big synth cinnamon hunk.

A special fluff post for breaking 1000 followers, I wanted to get this one done to celebrate and it is a very late 2 am here xD. But thank you guys so much for everything, this blog would be nothing without your support so thank you! I love all you guys <3 ^-^

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“You asked who I had a crush on and so I described you to a tee but apparently you’re the most oblivious person in the world because you just got kinda sad and nodded and HOW DO YOU NOT GET THIS.” sasusaku pls

rating: T
a/n: i have a soft spot for college AU’s bye. also i couldn’t imagine sasuke just asking sakura who she liked, so i changed the prompt a little but w/e enjoy!

“Ne, Sakura-chan,” Naruto said, a cheeky smile on his face. "I heard a little rumor.”

Said girl raised an eyebrow, looking up from the limp, sad excuse of greens the dining hall referred to as a salad to cast her friend a look of amusement across their booth. “Did you?”

“I heard from Hinata,” he listed, placing his elbow onto the table and cupping his chin in his hand. “Who heard from Kiba, who heard from Shikamaru, who heard from Ino—”

Sasuke sighed loudly. “Just get on with it, idiot.”

“Don’t rush me,” he whined, frowning. 

He glared in return. “Don’t be stupid.”

“Don’t be a bas—”

“Can we please get on with it?” Sakura interrupted. 

“Oh right, sorry, Sakura-chan.” He grinned a sheepish grin, hand scratching the back of his head in embarrassment. “Anyway, like I was saying, I heard—” 

She leaned in a little closer.

“—that you have a crush on somebody.” He finished, then leaned in closer. “Is that true?”

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Prompt: Steve and Bucky driving home to Brooklyn on that truck after they have blasted their last buck to try to win a teddy bear (and Steve is totally an ass because he is happy Bucky did not win it but he doesn’t tell but Bucky maybe has a clue after all?)

This sucks. This really fucking sucks. Steve thinks to himself. There they were, sitting in the back of this cold ass truck, bumping and flopping around every time the driver hits a bump. Their asses hurt, Steve’s on the boarder of a migraine, and it’s cold as fucking balls.

Steve sat across from Bucky in the back of the truck. His arms were crossed against his chest, knees up to his chin, trying his best to pull in all the heat his skinny body had. Even though he was fuming with anger on the inside, his whole body still shook and shivered. “Come on Stevie. Get over here.” Bucky lifted his arm to gesture for Steve to cuddle up against him.

“Fuck you.” Steve mumbled into his hands, using the weak breath from his lungs to attempt to warm his frozen fingers.

“Don’t be like that, Stevie.” Bucky had his puppy dog eyes on. That asshole. “ ‘M sorry that I blew our last buck. ‘Just wanted to get that bear for that girl.” Steve smirked to himself because Ha. At least he feels stupid for it. Spends all their fuckin’ money for a goddamn teddy bear for that dame. Steve knew he was being petty about it. He knew he shouldn’t have been jealous in the first place but, like- would it have been so terrible if Steve wanted Bucky to win the bear for him and not the dame.

“You’re fuckin’ stupid.” Steve kept his head down against his knees to mask the smile creeping up on his face. Yes, he was mad. But he really could never stay that mad at Bucky.

“I know I am. But you’re freezing.” Steve could hear Bucky shuffling around. He peaked up for a second to see Bucky shedding his coat off. Oh no he better not. And then Bucky is scooting himself closer to Steve. Don’t you dare. Steve felt the coat drape over him but Steve instantly pushed it off. Fucking asshole.

“ ‘M fine Buck.” He huffed. Bucky groaned and let his head hit the aluminum lining of the truck as he leaned back.

“Steve I said I was sorry!”

“And I said fuck you.” Steve could feel the heat radiating off of Bucky. It took over ounce of strength he had not to curl into him. Bucky sighed and leaned in close to Steve. I swear to god, Bucky don’t.

“Steeviee.” Bucky was now using his deep, flirty voice he used to impress dames. But Steve was not just any dame, he was not going to let Bucky woo him. “What can I do to make up for this? I don’t want you to get sick. The last thing I need is my Stevie getting’ all sick and dying on me.” Steve could feel his friend’s breath on his neck. It made him shiver but not from the cold this time.

Steve was in the middle of trying to shuffle away from Bucky, mumbling about how he was fine and not going to get sick (which he probably would anyways), when the driver hit a ridiculously big bump. Both boys nearly flew from the spots they were sitting, but Steve oh so conveniently ended up halfway in Bucky’s lap in the process. Steve tried to wiggle away but Bucky wrapped his arms him and pulled the smaller boy tight against his warm chest. He’s like a fucking radiator. Steve could feel the heat from Bucky seeping into his clothes. “See? Isn’t this better?” Bucky teased, running him hands up and down Steve cold, skinny arms to warm them.

“I hate you. Let go of me.” Steve really didn’t want to move away from Bucky, but he also really didn’t want Bucky to see the redness Steve could feel in his cheeks. Bucky replied with a ‘nope,’ popping the P at the end. Steve just huffed in response.

“Tell me what I can do to make it up to ya’.” Bucky nuzzled his face into Steve’s neck, warming the cold boy with his breath. This fucking asshole, I swear to god. The best idea suddenly came to Steve.

“You know what?” Steve narrowed his eyes as he looked at Bucky whose face was just a little too close for comfort. His eyes flickered down to his lips for a second before going back up to his eyes. “I want one. A bear. Since you just love blowing all our money on them. And you’re just so good at getting them.” Steve smirked. Take that you asshole.

Bucky’s eyes narrowed and a smile played on his lips. “Fine. Next weekend. Me ‘n’ you at Coney Island. I’ll get you whatever damn teddy bear you want, Rogers.” Steve smiled at his own little victory. “Are you gonna stop bein’ mad at me now, punk?” Bucky’s face was perched on Steve’s shoulder, who couldn’t even look him in the eyes right now because he’d smile stupid if he did.

“Jerk.” Was all he mumbled in response. It was a yes of course. Bucky placed a quick kiss to the smaller boy’s cheek and wrapped his arms around him a little tighter.