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Hi, I don't know if anyone has asked before, but who do you prefers to be top, Hinata or Komaeda?

Aha, no, I wasn’t asked that question before ^///^

I, uhm, personally mind you, prefer Hinata as top. Not sure if that’s what would potentially hold up in canon, but I think Top Hinata is just more, I dunno, natural?
Though I can see them switch once in a while…

*looks at my hidden doujinshi stash*
(Don’t tell my parents)

I supported Bernie more passionately than anything i’ve ever supported in this country. I voted for him, wore his merchandise, his bumper sticker still sits proudly on my car, but I will not be writing him in next week.

Immediately after his loss I looked for hope in the green party, joined jill steins meme dank stash, did research on her policies and though I was skeptic about a few things I had hope. But as time went on just like the rest of the candidates she too proved to be just not enough. Her failure to run an effective campaign and her anti-science pandering was too much for me and I found myself staring dreadfully at our only two real choices.

Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton.

God knows I do not want to vote for either of these two vile, corrupted, insane individuals. One is a clown and the other a robot, both interested in their own agendas and not the well being of the people they wish to lead. I’m tired of the news, i’m tired of the drama, I’m tired of cringe worthy arguments on facebook. So I went back to the last thing I believed in, and listened to Bernie. He believed in us, and so I am choosing to believe in him. He had an idea for the future and an idea for what it meant to be free and be great, and i know he hasn’t given up on those ideas, so I will listen to him and vote for Hillary because a protest vote won’t help anyone, or anything, a protest vote won’t help him or the ideologies that I stand for. And voting for Trump would be voting for everything he fought for, so I will vote for Hillary. Not because I’m a shill, or a hillbot, because God I despise that human being. But because the alternative is the exact opposite of what I stand for, so I have to make a sacrifice and vote for the lesser evil because my future and the future of my daughter depends on it.

Fool’s Gold

I have this image of Joel Heyman, one of the most widely recognized founders of the notorious RT Crew,  meeting lil Gavin Free for the first time.

Like, imagine, Gavin was over in the US for a bit, helping Gus with some hacking and following Burnie and Geoff around like a lost puppy, and Joel stumbles upon him.

Maybe Joel was away, overseas maybe, talking to some fences about the Monet paintings stashed in the warehouse (and maybe looking into a gold heist on the side) and he finally comes home, to find a kid (a literal kid, Jesus Christ Burnie) lounging around the penthouse.

Joel knows about Gavin, there’s no way he couldn’t with how often Burnie and Geoff, and even Gus, praised the “dumbass little genius,” but he had never seen his face before.

Gavin notices him, and nearly breaks his laptop in his haste to stand up. Joel stares at him for a moment before gesturing him to follow. Gavin scrambles after him.

“So…” Joel drawls as he leads the other through the maze-like halls of the penthouse. “What’s your schtick, kid.”

“Hacker,” Gavin states instantly. “Burnie brought me to—“

Joel waved that away. “Yeah, yeah, yeah, I meant what else.”

Gavin shot him a look of confusion. Joel groaned obnoxiously.

“Y’knoooow, what else did he bring you for? There’s no way he brought you here just to hack, I mean, we already have Gus, and Jason, and Burnie’s no slouch in the technical division himself. So, why’d he bring you all the way here?” Joel stops in the hallway, Gavin nearly slamming into his back. Joel turns and stares intently at the younger man. “What did he see in you?”

Gavin looks mildly affronted, and Joel wonders if he should backtrack when Gavin speaks again.

“I ran a crew, back in England. It was small, pretty damn small for all that we accomplished, but it worked. I spent most of my time hacking, or planning, but I was a frontman too.” Here, he hesitates, averting his eyes, before he looks back at Joel.

“Geoff has some plans…and he’s teaching me to be a frontman. New identity and everything.”

Joel scrutinizes him for a second before he continues walking.

“Have you thought of one yet? An identity?”

Gavin shrugs sheepishly. “All the ones I’ve come up with are rubbish. I think Geoff’s beginning to think I’m a lost cause.”

Joel hums before stopping abruptly in front of a door. He digs the key out of his pocket and unlocks it, gesturing Gavin in.

“Uh…Joel?” Gavin asks while Joel rummages through his drawers. “What exactly am I doing here?”

Joel ignores him, muttering to himself. He finally finds what he’s looking for and exclaims, slamming the drawer closed. He holds up something to Gavin’s face.

“Do you know what this is?”

“Uh yeah, gold?” Gavin reaches for it, but Joel snatches it away.

“Nope,” Joel says, popping the ‘p.’ “This, kid, is pyrite. Also known as ‘Fool’s Gold.’ To the untrained eye, it looks identical to gold, but its not. Just sulfur and iron fused together.”


“Hey!” Joel snaps, glaring. “I’m giving you a lesson here, shut the fuck up.”

Gavin puts his hands up in surrender, and Joel huffs once before continuing.

“This, this is your identity. The point of the frontman is to be the face of the crew, while also gaining information. You have to make it easy for people to trust you, while also fearing you. You pick a role and that’s the role everyone will know you as. Does that make sense?”

Gavin nods.

“You have to be like Fool’s Gold. You have to look shiny and expensive. You’re forcing people to look at the crew like a precious metal, you understand? But you have to be more than that. Fool’s Gold has edges, like a crystal, and it’s stronger than regular gold. It may not be actual gold, and you—“ he pokes Gavin in the chest “—may be playing a role, hiding behind smoke and mirrors, but you can’t ever let anyone else know that. The crew depends on no one ever finding out. That’s the point of a frontman.”

Gavin looks at him, equal parts awed and overwhelmed.

“I—“ Gavin clears his throat. “I think I understand. Thank—”

Joel waves away the appreciation, tossing the piece of pyrite to the other.

“Get outta here, I’m exhausted. Who just got off a long ass flight? This guy! All you fuckers don’t even know what it feels like to be Joel. And where’s my appreciation? ‘Oh Joel can you do this, can you do that?’ No! Everyone can just go fuck themselves!” Joel ends his tirade, smiling a little when Gavin laughs.

“Get outta here, kid.“

“See you, J-Roll.”

A few months later, Joel hears about Geoff’s crew out in Los Santos, wrecking havoc all along the shore. He hears about his second-in-command, his brawlers, his sniper, and his mercenary. But, mainly, he hears about Ramsey’s Golden Boy, and Joel can’t help but laugh.

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I'm looking at houses and I'm imagining dnp's commentary on the photos on the realty website like 'oh my gosh there's so much space for the dog' 'but that kitchen... rip baking videos' 'oh that looks like our lounge! i can see our furniture in there' 'good size but that color scheme... we'd have to renovate' 'that office is too small for gaming videos, it wouldn't work' 'this house has an extra room' 'but what if we turned that into the gaming room' 'oh my god look there's a dog in the photo'

“where can we put the koi pond”


Happy Holidays, you guys! 

Who is ready to be rid of 2016 once and for all? I know I am. Bring on 2017, already!

And now, for today’s #100Hiatus Pic… 

Look what I found stashed haphazardly behind one of our sets! It’s Van Gogh’s The Starry Night from Clarke’s Mount Weather quarantine cell.  

Do you think anyone would notice if I took it?

Taking photos with Torao.

I’ve done nothing but be sick most of the day so I decided to look at “my stash of doodles that I’m going to keep for archaeologists to find”. And found this little animation. I can’t remember why this never got past draft. Not sure if it ever will. I even had to draw in Law’s tattoos the last minute before I uploaded this.



“Who’s acting weird? You or me?” Cisco asked with a shrug before holding out his hands and looking at you with an awkward expression. He was rambling… “Do we really know? I was actually thinking you were acting weird. You’ve been extra hot lately… No-Nope… I meant-”

“Francisco Ramon.” You snapped through clenched teeth before lightly jabbing him in the shoulder with your fist. “You tell me why you’re acting weird or so help me, I will hide your candy stash.”

Cisco bit his lip and looked at you with impossibly large eyes… “I vibed.”

“Oh…” You blinked. “Well, is everything okay? Do you need to-”

“No. I vibed.” He said again. “It was you. We um… We kissed.”

Oh.” You frowned and tried very hard to stifle the blush making it’s way up your neck… “That’s… That’s new.”

New, yes… But not entirely unpleasant.

(X) (X) (~♫♪~) Read One Shot Based on This Imagine Here (Written by @writings-andstuff)

Request: Cisco acting all weird around you and when you ask him why it’s because he vibed the both of you kissing?

My first time, I call it Rainey's Choice - Just once!

It began innocent enough, the typical story, I found a stash of porn( my brothers) and one movie stood out, it was called “Black Stuff” it had a black man and a white women on the cover and she looked happy!!! It was the only movie I “borrowed” from the stash, I don’t know if you can wear out a DVD but I tried, that wasn’t the only thing I almost wore out that year.

The scenes were mixed black man/white girl or black girl/white man but I was watching for the black men, they were just so sexy. The white women were in ecstasy with the black men, I knew some of it was acting but I still loved it. I was really liking the oral scenes in particular, watching those girls please those huge black men with their mouths was so hot! It was on my mind a lot, it was all I could think of.
I had a boyfriend, sex was good I thought (just ok) but that movie made me doubt that. I never did anything with him like in that movie, I never wanted to, He wasn’t big or as sexual, or sexy as those black men. I was starting to watch porn more and more, I was going BBC crazy!

One day after maybe a year after the discovery of “Black Stuff” give or take a month, I decided to take the matter into my own hands, I wanted sex like that! I had always noticed this dive bar on my way home from work and decided that was the place. I dressed up as sexy as I could, see I wasn’t a “ goody two shoes” but I wasn’t very experienced or sexual. I did the best I could and I walked into that dirty dive bar. I was just going to suck one, a black one. I was just going to get it out of my system as they say, Just once.

It wasn’t busy, it was quiet, I was the only girl. I was so nervous, I walked into the bar and ordered a beer, I was barely past drinking age and didn’t drink much, I ordered the beer in the green bottle because I had seen my dad drink it. I was nervous but a drink should help I thought, but it didn’t. Nervously I turned and looked around the room, there were about seven men and one guy was black, I stared, I didn’t mean to, I got caught looking. I did that thing people do when they make eye contact but didn’t want to, I quickly look down then away, I turned around in my seat. The drink wasn’t helping at all, what am I doing! I’m not like this, I don’t have casual sex with random men I meet in dive bars. I almost left but then he came over said hello.

He was tall, we’ll tall for me, 5'9 or so is how I recall it, young,lean, and dark skin, and handsome. He was very nice and had confidence but not arrogance or at least not too much arrogance because honestly a lil bit of it is sexy. He was sexy, he didn’t hit on me, he just talked but he had this smile, like he knew. He was right because after maybe five minutes I asked him to take me somewhere… “ do you have a place we could go and talk” I heard a girl say that to a guy at a party once, so o tried it. I finished my beer and we left. I can’t believe I asked him, but just this once right?

We ended up in my car behind some buildings near the bar. It was dark and hidden so I felt ok, I don’t remember the how but I ended up in the back of the car on my knees. I was on the floor rubbing his hard cock through his jeans, he played with my hair. He loved my hair he said, he told me to pull it out and so I did as told and out popped the biggest cock I had seen in my life that wasn’t in a movie. I just stared at it, it was dark and stood up and out and so dark, did I mention I love them dark? I was kind of in shock and awe, “Touch it” he said, I snapped out of it and I reached out and held it and wow! My boyfriend was Arron’s 5 inches and thin, so thin compared to this man.

It was so hard and beautiful I began to stroke it and play with it. I just wanted to suck it, like in those movies. I remembered what I saw and I asked if I could spit on it, he said yes so I spit on it and began to stroke it harder. it looked so good that I finally kissed the tip and worked my way down to his balls, I had never done oral before, I never wanted to but those movies had driven me crazy and for the first time ever I wanted to do oral to suck his cock, his big black cock. So after kissing his balls I licked up to the tip sliding my tongue on the underside of his cock all the way and opened up my mouth and swallowed the head of his cock. It felt dirty, slutty and I got into it.

I began to work my way up and down the shaft of his cock, he played with my hair and guided me up and down, gentle but firmly. Soon I developed a good pace and I was rubbing myself between my legs, I was becoming a lust filled slut for him and I liked it, it felt good in my mouth, his hands on my head, I heard him moan, I loved making him moan. Finally I stopped to catch my breath and I looked and saw that I had only sucked less than half of it. I was upset because I was struggling and had pushed passed it and though I had sucked a lot of it but it was barely half of it. I could tell because of the line of demarcation left by my spit. His cock was only barely half shiny. I decided there and then that I was going to get it all, I was now a cock sucker and I was going to be good at it! It was an epiphany!

He had a different idea though, I don’t know how to this day I swear I don’t know how but I ended up on the back seat of the car, my ass up, on all fours, panties and jeans down.
He rubbed himself against me, I was so wet. I felt how big and thick he was, so hard for me. I wasn’t ready though, all I had wanted was to suck him. I felt so vulnerable, I envisioned it. Me, ass up ready to take a strangers big black cock in a car like a slut, a total dirty BBC slut. I wasn’t ready, I hadn’t even sucked or kissed one an hour ago. It got to me, then he began to push it in and I whimpered, I began to cry. It was too much too fast. I cried and he stopped and we talked.

I told him how I felt and he was kind and understanding. I told him I just wanted to suck him, to be back on the on my knees where no one could see until he came. He understood and I was so grateful that I decided to give him the best blow job I could, so I did! I was determined to make it great for him. I remembered the movies and did the things I could recall…spit, suck, stroke. I sucked him hard, I used my tongue on the tip and licked under the head. Spit, suck, stroke. I listened for his moans to determine what worked and would do those things even more. Spit, suck, stroke!

I worked up and down the shaft determined to please him, to be his bitch. His cock sucking bitch. I felt my throat stretch and at times I felt like I couldn’t possibly take any more but I would back up and inch and hold him in my throat, then I’d moan and use my throat like a muscle to massage his cock. I would then take time and work all the way up to the tip and back down to that point where I had struggled and push for more and more every trip up and down.

I had changed for him, for his cock, for his big black cock. I wanted it all, I wanted to feel the bottom. I wasn’t an expert of course but I had energy and desire to please, desire like I’d never had before. I twirled my head, I made it noisy and sloppy. I massaged his balls. I’ve become a lover of balls since then his were the first I touched. I gently held them and played with them, tickled them. I built the pace up and he moaned and groaned as he lay back in the seat.

Finally after fifteen or twenty minutes, he pulled his cock out of my mouth and shot streams of cum in my hair and face. Hot cum as he told me how good I was. He breathed so hard and so did I. I did it! I sucked a big black cock, like a slut.

After calming down we talked, I got his phone number and promised to call. I dropped him off at the train station. I never called, I tried to go back to my boyfriend and be happy that I had got it out of my system. I had done it just once.

FYI: I did hit the bottom and in retrospect it wasn’t that big compared to some of the big cocks I’ve had since. He was a gentleman and that why he got to be my first, I sometimes wish h would of fucked me but at the time that would of been forced. I’m glad he didn’t. I made BJ’s my thing, I practiced on toys and people. I read up on how to and watched the pros for technique. I’m fucking good at it now. I didn’t go strictly black after this experience but I’m glad I’m BBC only now.

Proposition for an new type of Overwatch match

“Mercy Hunt”

Each team has one Mercy. Whichever team kills the enemy Mercy first wins.

Hide yo healer hide yo waifu

But seriously, this would be very cathartic for all the Mercy mains out there. All your teammates would be freaking out trying to keep track of you AND the enemy (finally!!), looking for The Safest Place to stash you with a ton of bodyguards and screaming at the lone wolf players for leaving you alone.

What The Signs Bedrooms Look Like

Aries: Always a mess. What’s the point in cleaning if its just going to get dirty again? There are posters from their favorite tv shows everywhere, and old t-shirts from theme parks they’ve been to. Lots of things that hold sentimental value. 

Taurus: Dreamy. The walls are a light shade of blue and there’s always a million pillows on the bed. Their beds are so inviting and look super comfortable. They have all their favorite treats stashed and their favorite stuffed animal near. 

Gemini: Loud. Just like their personality. There’s bright colors and quotes all over the wall. They have pictures tacked up with all of their friends and a spot for them all to write funny notes. They are a lover of candles and things that smell really good too.

Cancer: Simple but inviting. There’s not much in a Cancers room because they spend very little time there alone, but people always want to be in this room even though it lacks anything super special when you look at it, there are lots of memories that coat the walls. 

Leo: Fun. This is your dream room. Leo’s have the coolest comforters and paintings that you haven’t seen anywhere else and while they were all bought separate they still seem to flow together perfectly. They have the largest VHS collection. 

Virgo: Perfect. The bedspread matches the walls and the walls match the paintings and the paintings match the accessories. Everything matches, you can tell this bedroom was set up all at the same time with the same thing in mind and their taste is excellent!

Scorpio: Mysterious. There’s always some crazy thing going on in a Scorpio’s room and they’re always anxious to show you. They change up their rooms a lot. There’s blacklights everywhere one day, complete with posters and then there’s ouija boards and tarot cards spread all over the room the next. You’ll never know what you’re walking into when you approach a Scorpio’s room. 

Libra: Typical Room. This room has everything you’re used to seeing and you don’t have to ask where things are because its always so organized. Old CD’s in one section, old ribbons from school on the wall, floor length mirror in the other, wall of photos on the left and the dry erase board with messages from when you all were in middle school. A Libras room is sentimental. 

Sagittarius: Crazy. There’s bound to be marker all over the Sagittarius room, because their parents never let them draw on the wall when they were younger. So they had a bunch of friends come over and draw on it now. There’s probably a painting they did them-selves in the corner and loads of music all over the room. Just a lot of cool little knick-knacks. 

Capricorn: Organized. Capricorns can’t stand messes. They know where everything is at all times. Their music is alphabetized, their clothes are color coordinated. Capricorns have to be the most aesthetically pleasing signs out of the zodiac. 

Aquarius: Special. No one really knows what an Aquarius has in their room because they don’t show their rooms to very many people. They like to keep them private, and treat them as a place to escape. 

Pisces: The bed is the main focus here because its where they spend most of their time. Its likely to have a huge comforter and lots of blankets. A Pisces spends the majority of their time locked away in their room, so this is one room you would never get tired of. There’s all kinds of interesting books and movies, records everywhere and paintings all over the wall. Its all miscellaneous but it flows together really nicely.