look at that spoiler


There’s a bit at the end of the series where the two of them are just alone in an elevator together and they’re looking at each other and we didn’t know what it was gonna be, we didn’t know what was gonna happen, we didn’t know what it was gonna mean, but it definitely means something -Jon Bernthal 


christmas is almost upon us


Murata stream update: Genos is doing amazing! :’D Look at him go!

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Finally got my hands on Hana to Yume and could read chapter 150, and can I just say…

LADY INTERACTIONS! (*•̀ᴗ•́*)و ̑̑

Last night I dreamed that by the time Todd was dragging Dirk out of the hospital by the hand, Dirk had taken off his red jacket and swapped it for a grey hoodie because he was so defeated and upset over losing the Boy that he felt he didn’t deserve to wear colour.