look at that spoiler


One of the moments that make me ship RyuAnn so hard, is that at Shido Palace, I mean, this scene is so beautiful, epic, sad…
The way of who they look each other once that Ryuji made it to the top, how Ann was too shocked about “Ryuji’s dead”, how she start to screaming and panicking… for him

Dude, I’m such a RyuAnn trash, but I really love all the feelings on this part

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I love your sarcastic ass 😂❤️


if the show doesn’t even care to remember that rebecca has mechanic experience than i don’t see why i should care to treat her like anything other than a plot device to get aaron and robert to suffer a bit and then eventually deal with their problems

which actually genuinely offends me but hey ho

(in fairness probably we should all ignore the salt bc i am basing this off assumptions rather than actual concrete spoilers sorry @ show i’m being the thing i most hate)

and potentially to give some extra oomph to an inevitable “who inherits lawrence’s money” storyline

if rebecca dies it might be robert (as parent of the baby) which is quite literally the most hilarious thing i have ever heard in my entire l i f e and the fact that we wouldn’t be able to see larry’s reaction to this actually breaks my heart I WANT HIM TO RISE FROM HIS GRAVE AND YELL “NOOOOOOO” ah but alas this is but a pipe dream

what if all this is just manipulating simons min- i don’t know where i’m going with this, try to stick with me lol, like come on the queen wanted simon too see the truth that shadowhunters are shitty,.

so she manipulated that so simon would come to the dark side and blow up the death star.

what if all this is just manipulating their thoughts 🤔

like manipulating jace and simons thoughts.

how one min jace is like “simons pretty face” *heart eyes*

then the queen does her *juju mind tricks* and fuck shit up.


That DLC was wonderful and soooo worth it I am so so proud of Prompto, prouder than I expected. AND ARANEA!!! She was wonderful too and she played such a huge role in it I love how they included her I love her even more now. That scene with Prompto confronting his child self and finding out what he wants though I think was the best though and the determined music after when you infiltrate the base these guest composers are doing god’s work 💗 And that scene after the credits with Noctis and Prompto hit me hard knowing that Noct had so much good planned already for the future of all the different regions but wouldn’t be able to fulfill it himself but I’d like to think that Prompto would be the one to work especially hard on uniting Niflheim and Lucis after the dawn is brought back. It’d be so cool if a final conclusion could be added after all dlc and extra content is released that could tie in the bits and pieces from each character into what they do now to redevelop Lucis/the World again .