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I was looking through recent Nomura interviews and this line about KHUX jumped out at me:

- Little by little, we’re getting to see Ephemer. Will his role be more important?

Nomura: Ephemer and Skuld are becoming considerably more important in the second season of KH Unchained X. Although the story of KHX (PC) has concluded, the story of Unchained Chi exists in another dimension. The relationship around that will be told in the second season, so please wait for the next report.

BARRING THE FACT that I follow the global version so I could be missing some critical info and be way off in my thinking here–

“another dimension.”

Rewind to Ava talking about Ephemer in mission 425: “He’s fallen into an unchained state and now finds himself in a different realm. From that realm, I believe he tried reaching out to [the player].” He was in our dream. He tried to reach us through sleep.

Fast forward to when we meet Skuld. She also said that Ephemer reached out to her in a dream.

Fast forward to Union X. Ven is somehow present, with Ephemer and Skuld, hundreds if not a thousand+ years before he’s living in the present KH timeline. What is Ven associated with? Sleep. He suffers from two comas that we know of, one of which was around the age that he appears to be in KHUX. What did we learn from the Terra+Namine dialogue from the concert? There’s a possibility that memory can transcend time, allowing a person in the present to speak with a person in the past through memory.


Whitewashing in Samurai Jack

So I was watching Samurai Jack’s fifth season for the first time, after busy work at grad school and I noticed something a little strange. 

I noticed that Jack looked a little more white, even whiter than his parents, he didn’t look the same as he did in the previous season. But then I realized…



Hyosung Ryder; reckon specialist; pathfinder; biotic; one minute older twin.

I find it kind of hilarious that Marsh got promoted quickly in the Steel Ministry because he vastly overestimated the competence of a junior Obligator.

What do they learn in their five year training? Not as much as Marsh could learn illegally, apparently.

Sounds about right.