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Exo Meeting An International Fan At A Fansign in Korea

Xiumin: *notice how different you looked and bombards you with questions like a 5 year old.*

“Your a foreigner, right? Wow. You came here all the way from America! Just to see us! How much did the flight cost? It must’ve costed a lot, right?”

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Luhan: *you tell him you came all the way from Europe*

“Thats cool.”    just like him

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Kris: *Draws Japanese flag*

“Its pretty good, right? How about this crocodile?”

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Suho: *You tell him you came from China*

“Did you hear about the party in the Chinese zoo?” … “It was Panda-monium” 

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Lay: * He would love meeting you and interacting with you at a fan sign and would thank you for supporting him and all of Exo.”

“Thank you for coming.”

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Baekhyun: *cute little cinnamon bun*

“Was the plane ride fun? How have the people been treating you? Come back again, yeah? I would love to show you around.”

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Chen: *tease*

“You should come to Korea again. I hope I get to see your pretty little face again.” 

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Chanyeol: *smiley as always*

“Thank you for coming from such a faraway place. It must’ve been a lot of money. Just for that I’ll give you a smile.” 

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Kyungsoo: *lowers head to look at the table. Grateful you came*

“Thank you.”

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Tao: *excited af*

“omg! Thankyou so much” *chokes on air from excitement*

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Kai: *Shy smol bean*

“Oh, really?”

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Sehun: *smug af*

“Thank you for coming all the way to Korea. It must’ve been expensive but we’re worth every penny.” 

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Fic: Where you are, I will be (and anywhere in between) (The Vampire Diaries; Stefan/Caroline)

Fandom: The Vampire Diaries

Rating: PG-13

Pairing: Caroline Forbes/Stefan Salvatore

Summary: “Is that a yes?” she asks, breathless when she finally pulls away. “Yes, Caroline,” he grins, “That’s a yes.”

Author’s Note: Like what? What is this? Me coming out of Steroline hibernation after nine months all because of a glimpse of a #JuneWeddingInParis? Yeah, apparently that’s all it took. I haven’t written in ages. Clearly. But here, have a fic full of fluff to make up for it. Enjoy! (Title from Zella Day’s Compass)


He’s half asleep when she says it.

With the morning sun slipping through the gap in the curtains, casting a soft, hazy glow about the room, warming the parts of his skin not entwined with hers, he can’t be blamed for wanting to linger in the moment a little longer.

But Caroline. Oh Caroline.

She never could rest idly, let a perfectly good day waste away.

“You know I’ve been thinking …” she starts off.

His lips curve into a smile, inching into his pillow, “Mmm, about?”


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Jaune Arc //
- Super super super blushy whenever his s/o teases him. Literally matches a tomato and only gets worse when his s/o points it out.
- Will be the kind of guy to say stop it but he really just wants them to continue because he loves it more than he should.
- Kind of like ???? what is this??? someone loves me???? what??? nonsense!!!!1!!1!

Nora Valkyrie //
- When they try to be smooth about it too, she’ll just tug them in and get the closest person to them and be all: hey hey hey HEYYYYY. look at us!!!! CUTEST COUPLE RIGHT HERE!!!!
- Her s/o learns quickly to wait until they’re alone because they’ll be the one teased if they’re in public.

Pyrrha Nikos //
- Blushes pretty badly too but not tomato bad. Just a shade darker; like her hair maybe. :)))
- She’s all cute little smiles and turning away with that blush and omg she’s so adorable please treat with care.
- She has a habit of grabbing their hand and thanking and complimenting them for it because how can she not. “Thank you.” “You look very beautiful/handsome today, ___.”

Lie Ren //
- Mr. Smug right here. He might now seem like it, but he likes it a lot. Those smiles he has say so.
- If his s/o acts like this a lot, he just casually goes about it while saying some stupid or cheesy joke/pick up line to get back at them.
- Althooough if it’s something that happens rarely he’s mindset is more of I need to cuddle the hell out of this person right now. why are they so cute.

Imagine you’re having a bad hair day and everything you want to do is to make a bun, but for some reason is not working (is too tight, or there still some strands falling out, etc.). Raph watches silently and amused at you struggling to do your hair for some more time before he gets up and offers to make the bun for you.

You stare at him a little confused by how he will make it any better than you but you still sit down as he asked. He starts the job, incredibly gentle with it and his hands on your hair are so soothing you barely notice he’s already finished by the time. He taps on your shoulder, a smug smile on his face, “go look and learn from the best.”

You go check on the mirror. Is still a little messy, but better than you were doing before. You turn to him, amused and a little ticked off by how he managed it so easily, “you don’t even have hair to practice with!”

“It’s pure talent, babe.” He smirks and walks off, leaving you and you good-enough-messy bun alone.