look at that smug little bastard

when he flirted with a girl right in front of you over 70yrs ago and you gonna make damn sure he knows youre still steaming

When Junoflo introduced himself as “representing good looks and native souls”

I was like “well look at this smug little bastard who knows he’s handsome but still appreciates his culture”

Then I realized he said “Good Loox and Native Souls” which are companies (or groups of some sort) he’s affiliated with.

Dream self

“Dream you is a big idiot,” Kagome grumbled at Inuyasha suddenly. The dog demon raised a dark eyebrow at the miko and cautiously replied with “Oh yeah? What did he do?” Being extra careful to distinguish himself from the dream version of himself that was evidently owed a sit.

She scowled.

“I was stuck chasing a whole bunch of tiny demons trying to catch them all by myself and through the whole stupid dream you were just- ”

“He.” Inuyasha interrupted.

“Right, HE was just lounging around acting like a smug jerk and laughing his head off every time one of the stupid things escaped.”

“Did you sit him?” Inuyasha asked wryly.

“Apparently dream you is immune to the beads.” She grumbled.

Inuyasha sighed quietly in envy. ‘lucky bastard.’

“You didn’t sound so angry at dream Inuyasha two nights ago,” Shippo said from her shoulder flicking his tail in confusion.

Kagome gave the little kitsune a confused look of her own and opened her mouth to ask what he meant, and then she remembered the hot springs dream featuring a certain hanyou two nights ago and her face turned red while her mouth snapped closed.

Inuyasha noticed the look of embarrassment but didn’t understand it.

“What? Was she talkin in her sleep again or somethin?” Inuyasha asked the kitsune.

“Not really, she was mostly-”

Kagome’s hands instantly pressed themselves to Shippo’s mouth putting a stop to the humiliating explanation.

“l-lets just forget I said anything!” She squeaked casting an overly cheerful smile in Inuyasha’s direction.

His eyes narrowed in suspicion.

“Or you could tell me what your tryin to hide from me and just get it over with.” He replied stonily.

“It’s nothing! Shippo must have been hearing things!”

The kitsune opened his mouth to counter her denial but she shot him a look of pleading and he hesitated before saying. “Yeah, I was probably half asleep anyway.”

Inuyasha frowned and opened his mouth to scold the two of them but Kagome brushed past him jogging to escape the mortifying interview.

“Hey!” He growled starting after her but he felt a hand on his shoulder that stopped him.

“I’m a little busy here bouzo!” Inuyasha snapped looking back at the monk who had caught up to them impatiently.

“Ah, but I believe I know what Shippo was talking about.” He replied smoothly.

Kagome jerked to a halt to look back at the pair in horror.

Inuyasha caught the look and turned more fully to the monk. “So what was it?” He asked with a look of irritation.

Miroku smiled and drew the half demon off to the side of the path whispering to him while Kagome stood there frozen.

But before she could snap out of it, Inuyasha pulled away from the huddle and gave a loud sputtered sound of incredulance. Instantly Kagome blushed and turned back to the road redoubling her pace.

“But that’s not FAIR!” Inuyasha complained a little too loudly in something close to a whine.

And even though she was embarrassed, Kagome couldn’t help but stifle a small laugh at that reaction. Maybe if she saw the dream Inuyasha again tonight she’d have to tell him how lucky he was.


Authors note:

This isn’t from any of my other fics. It’s just something little I did for fun. :P  

The Crazy Cat Lady Next Door

Fandom: Big Hero 6
Pairings: Hidashi (non related AU)
Genre: Humor, romance
Summary: Tadashi is in love with Hiro and Hiro loves cats.

Tadashi normally tried to see the best in everyone, but he was already drawing near the end of his patience.

He twitched as the cat lying on his couch gave him a look. It meowed - the smug, arrogant little bastard.

For the record, that was not his cat.

Another cat jumped through the window (how did that keep getting open?!) and landed softly on the ground, knocking over his plant. Apparently it wasn’t satisfied with that, because it proceeded to knock over his precious collection of glass robotic figurines. It made a chirruping noise, like it was laughing.

That was also not his cat.

A large Russian blue rubbed against his legs, purring, and looked up at him, sweetly.

That could be his cat but it was not.

Because Tadashi Hamada did not own any cats.

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