look at that smexy man

The Best Spirk Fic

It was a smexy night. Pointy-ear man looked to Not-Chris-Pratt. “Wow, I love you.” The elven dude said. “Even though I don’t have emotions or whatever, I’m sure of one thing. I love you, James T. Cock.”

“That’s not my name.” William Shatner said. “I prefer ‘dick.’”

“I know you are but what am I.” Spook said, removing his ding dong from his pants.

“Oh shit dude, Hostess.” Man-in-the-yellow-shirt said, also removing his dong.

“I prefer zingers.” Angry-eyebrow-man said. “It’s easier to say you’re ace, pal.”

~*~*~* THE END *~*~*~

P.S. I’ve seen one movie like 4 years ago and had to rely on Google for the original.
P.P.S. The original was longer and way more thought out, but my laptop fucked up and deleted it.
P.P.P.S. Now you get this ???? actual crap with no effort put into it when I had like /1k/ of memery for you. (I got too Frustrated to recreate but I can try in the future when I’m not Angry at my laptop.)
P.P.P.P.S. I’ll make it up to you I swear. :’(
P.P.P.P.P.S. Hap Birth 💕ily and I’m sorry

///I’m not even stressed abt it I’m sorry your computer fucked up on you but i laughed for a solid 10 minutes just now so thANK YOU LMAO

I look at Naruto and can’t help but smile thinking, wow Just wow….Look at him!

Just how many women in Konoha are hating Hinata Uzumaki right now? Just how many of them are cursing themselves wishing that they could go back?

Wishing that he was their man, instead of Hinata’s? Wondering how Naruto managed to become such a good looking man? He is smexy and he knows it.

Hinata on the other hand is laughing thinking, I have a very hot husband and you know what he is mine, all mine. 

And you know why he is smiling? Because while everyone is wondering how Hinata gotten so lucky, Naruto knows that he is the one who is blessed. As people should not be asking how Hinata managed to get him, but how he managed to get her.

Naruto is thinking all those fools have no idea, I have a beautiful and wonderful wife waiting for me and they are too busy asking themselves how they could not see me become so hot, while I am the blind one who could not see how wonderful Hinata was.

LOL….Enjoy Naruto as Hokage and please ignore my insane ramblings :)