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Fandom Veteran Gothic
  • One of your favorite old fics has been taken down. You can find it on Wayback Machine, but it’s only the original Geocities site. The font is Comic Sans and there’s a tiled repeating background of stars obscuring the cyan text.
  • You read a fic at some point in a fandom you no longer participate in. You want to re-read the fic, but the title and pen name of the author keep escaping you. You don’t even know where it was posted. You can find dozens of other fics with a similar concept but not that one.
  • An author you used to follow moved their work from their personal website to their friends-locked blog. You sent them a request three months ago. It is still marked “pending.” You wonder if you will ever get to read their work again.
  • You get a follower out of nowhere. Their screen name is familiar. It’s the person you RPed explicit chat logs with when you were sixteen. You’ve changed screen names four times since then and don’t know how they found you.
  • You forgot the password to your old FanFiction.net account. There are terrible relics of your past as a writer archived there. They must be destroyed. You can’t recover the password because the email account no longer exists, and the site isn’t answering your emails.
  • You were in this fandom when it was small and just getting started. Now there’s a whole expanded universe of new material, and you just want to read fics in your original fandom. Only the new characters are popular.
  • Three fandoms later, you run into someone you had fandom drama with five years ago. You wonder if they ever forgave you for your part in what happened. You’re too shy to ask. Interactions are tense and you go your separate ways. You travel the same fandom circles for a while, but never speak.
  • You have WIPs on your hard drive from years and fandoms ago. You want to finish them, but the fandoms are no longer active. You wonder if anyone would read them if they were done. You sometimes open them and wistfully read their partially-finished stories.

top image: *”Something There” plays softly in the background* winter skin ideas for Gabe ‘n’ Jack (…I didn’t originally intend a Beauty and the Beast ref, but my initial dea for Gabe’s wound up reminding me of Belle’s outfit from that scene and it wasn’t hard to make a winter outfit that looked both v. Jack and reminiscent of Beast’s outfit and gently drift further in Belle’s outfit’s direction for Gabe ssooooo) (maybe should have given Jack a little capelet though)

bottom image: revived/whatever Overwatch Blackwatch commanders Genji ‘n’ Jesse skin ideas

to do: revived/whatever Overwatch Strike Commander Fareeha + 2iC??? Winston?? hm


Just practicing drawing expressions.  

This is what I imagine Marinette and Adrien might look like as young adults in college.  Reminiscent of her two pigtails, Marinette wears her hair mostly down with a ribbon on either side. 

Adrien’s hair is a bit longer and shaggier, and wears it more pushed back, the way it would naturally fall if he were to run his hand down the length of his hair. 

I’ve been wondering about Chris and Victor’s relationship because I still can’t work it out. I don’t think that they’re actually that close, compared to say, Phichit and Yuri, for instance – and I think it’s because Victor is so closed off. 

I mean, look at how Chris views Victor in the screenshot above, when he’s reminiscing about having shared so many podiums with him in the past. Victor looks regal and handsome and perfect in Chris’s recollections, but we know that from a different point of view (a more objective one – the news footage) that Victor is actually putting on a plastic smile that doesn’t reach his tired, sad eyes:

We find out that Victor is miserable by that point in his life, but Chris genuinely has no idea. He’s baffled by why Victor would drop everything to go coach Yuri. And since Chris is the only friend we hear about Victor having, that’s really sad. 

Poor Victor. How did such a silly, warm, loving guy end up so isolated???

okay but can we talk about 13:13 in the london day in the life video, where dan says, “does it offend you or make you sad that today’s kids won’t even know what word art was?” followed by the fondest little grin?

like i feel like they have these moments all the time. moments of shared reminiscence, of times when they look back on their lives and moments of childhood that they may not have shared but were still connected by popular culture and the things that all children seem to know about. it happens in little bursts just like this, fond domestic conversations that remind them of just how grateful they are to have each other. they probably talk about things like this all the time and we’ll never know. we’ll never know so many domestic anecdotes, like dan making phil cereal when he wakes up late or phil bringing up some weird childhood story that dan uses as new fuel for teasing. we only know a tiny, minuscule part of their lives and that honestly kills me sometimes. don’t get me wrong, i of course respect their privacy, but i think we all wish we could be a fly on the wall of their london flat for just one day to see all the simple domestic things they get up to. i know i do.

In my opinion, Spring Day is to show fans how much Bangtan really does love each other. While it looks like the members are alone in one shot, they really aren’t because the other boys come into frame. It looks like the boys are just reminiscing about the past and can’t wait to see each other again so they can have more fun together. “You know it all, you’re my best friend, the morning will come again.” 

The message is sort of like, whenever you feel alone, remember that you never are. Your friends, family, Bangtan will always be there waiting for you. You never walk alone.


when the love of your life is hurting and you can’t do anything about it


Hide us from the wrath of the lamb.

Childhood Memories (Task Force X x Reader)

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“Ok, team. Split up. I, GQ and (Y/N) will go right.” Rick began giving orders to the Squad.

You were childhood friends with Rick and you had both joined the army. Always side by side either in combat or in life. You were always there for each other much like siblings.

You had dropped out of the army and became a vigilante in the streets, keeping people safe and villains dead but your sidekick proved to be a snitch and so there you were in Belle Reeve, a member of a Suicide Squad who had as leader Rick.

The “I fell from my bicycle cause a leaf scared me” Rick.

“Oh, ‘split up’. Ricky, do you remember that time you bought a Banana Split for the pretty girl next door but you dropped in on yourself when you knocked at her door and then tried to run but you slipped and fell?” you reminisced the fun times.

The Squad was looking at you and Rick, trying not to laugh until Harley burst into laughter and soon everyone followed.

“(Y/N)! Not now!” Rick reminded you behind his teeth.

“Oh, yes sorry.” You said shrugging and you all moved on with the mission.

“It’s just that he acts all serious and army-like now, that I can’t really take his seriously.” You explained to June who was laughing at one of your stories.

Rick entered the room and immediately understood what was going on.

“Which one?” he asked knowing he would regret it.

“The one you set your underwear on fire.” You said keeping up a straight face, something that June admired you for.

“And then he jumped into the pool only to remember that we had filled it with ice cubes for a prank.” You finished your story and everyone was laughing, even Amanda herself.

Rick growled under his breath and gulped down his drink as he felt the heat rising in his cheeks.

“Hey, Ricky. Are you alright?” you joined your friend to the bar.

“No, not at all.” He snapped.


“Because you go around and tell the shit I did as a kid. I have a reputation and an image to maintain. No one will respect me if they know that I reenacted Winnie the Pooh scenes in your yard.” He said as he gulped down another shot.

“Actually, I haven’t told them that sto-”

“Oof, save it.” Rick snapped and got up heading for the door.

“Rick.” You caught his arm and forced him to turn around.

“They don’t see you as someone less than the man you are. They see you more like a human. Flawed and funny. Not a stone-faced army man who is yelling all the time.” You explained and his expression mellowed instantly.

“I am sorry.” He said as he buried you in his arms.

“No problem, bro.” you hugged him back.

“Oh, you know what I remembered?” you tried to escape his hug to tell the others the memory that had just popped into your mind.

“That you need to keep on hugging me.” Rick smiled as he held you tight. You complied and hugged him again.

Oh, how you missed the good old days.

Tina & Queenie's sister marrying Newt

I don’t think I can explain how much I love these two ladies.

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Newt asked Tina and Queenie’s permission before he proposed, he also asked a photograph of your parents

Having the best hen/Bachelorette party 

Queenie making your dress as well as hers and Tina’s bridesmaid dresses

Queenie making you all hot chocolate the night before, along with a rose face mask.

You spend the night chatting, giggling,  and reminiscing, looking through old photo albums.

Asking them both to walk you down the aisle.

When you get to newt, they kiss your cheeks at the same time.

They would be in floods of tears of happiness

They are the best sisters and friends that you could ever ask for

Jacob and Queenie making the food for the reception

Queenie doing your make up, while Tina does your hair and makes sure that everything is organized.

Jacob making the wedding cake

Dancing together at the reception

When you dance with Newt’s father, he dances with Tina. only to be tapped on the shoulder and given an jokingly indignant look from Queenie half way through.

Tina making sure that you and newt can get away without too much fuss, when it gets a bit too much


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