look at that quality background

did a warm up with victor in my outfit (well, almost). That sure is a fun thing to do, recommend everyone ХЪ

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no hq for your phone?! how about your computer background?

Ahhh yes! Right now my laptop background is some fantastic merman au drawn by @amalasdraws and it’s so distractingly beautiful!!


“I’d have to say like many food enthusiasts, the love of food started at a young age at home. Both of my parents were foodies before there was a term for it. The “what” is by virtue of my dad’s career in the Army. We traveled so much and experienced food in several different regions and countries through out my youth. Therefore, that partnered with my natural curiosity to try new things has really influenced the kinds of foods I eat and prepare.” - Sunny Anderson

Sunny Anderson grew up travelling the world with her family, as her father was in the Army. After graduating high school, she enrolled in the Air Force and became a military radio host until she was honorably discharged. 

After being discharged from the Air Force, Sunny became a radio host in New York, until she opened her own catering company, Sunny’s Delicious Dishes, in New Jersey. She appeared on the Food Network in 2005 as a guest on Emeril Live, and began hosting shows such as How’d That Get on My Plate, and more recently, The Kitchen.



from my au in which victorian era!allen meets ancient china!lenalee 

i already wrote some ideas on it on my twitter but i’ve been thinking abt it during the summer, so if you wanna know more abt it, click the read more!

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reboot rewatch: 1x08 enzo the smart

↳time, huh! little kid, hmph! i don’t wanna be smart later, i wanna be smart now!


Greek Chorus strikes again!

Let’s just say that’s my version of how Wing gets to have that pretty shells craft on his head.

Ye, I just looove that piece of art full-autopsy made.

HEY, I DREW SOMETHING, finally! But sorry it’s so crapy… tried to make it as cute as possible; having doubts if succeeded. I TRIED. At least the whole idea is cute, OK? ok.


You are my quinque.