look at that poodle hair

Summary of GOT7 Jackson Show feat 2jae
  • JB just woke up from napping
  • Jackson said to him JB was actually closest to him but everyone thinks that JB is close with Youngjae.
  • JB said he close with all the members
  • Jackson kept pushing JB to say him as the closest member with JB
  • At the end, JB said he wasn’t close with Jackson
  • Light suddenly off and both Jackson & Youngjae sing Happy Birthday, Youngjae in English while Jackson in Korean
  • Jackson: Why am I singing in Korean and you (to YJ) in English? LLOL
  • Youngjae has no interest in acting but will act if he is being told to act
  • Youngjae acting in Dream Knight got a lot of attention according to Jackson
  • Jackson learned how to act from Youtube video ‘How to act’ kekeke
  • Youngjae wanted to act in a sitcom like ‘High Kick’
  • To JB & Youngjae, music is first
  • Youngjae & JB played a compliment relay where both give compliment each other and respond with ‘Yes, I love you’ and they need to face each other
  • JB to Youngjae: You’re handsome
  • YJ to JB: JB is more handsome but JB misheard him saying ‘less’
  • Youngjae got hit by toy hammer
  • YJ to JB: JB is handsome, good at composing music, good at singing, have big eyes
  • JB: Yes, I love you
  • YJ stuck out his tongue , JB: your tongue is long, YJ: Yes, I love you
  • JB complimented Youngjae for having big eyes but Jackson said it was a diss then hit JB (to JB, YJ did have big eyes)  
  • Youngjae liked when JB said his eyes were big and even said ‘Why can’t I have big eyes? ‘
  • YJ said thank you when JB said complimented him about his music is nice and ended up got hit
  • JB asked YJ to do properly which YJ replied, ‘Yes, I love you’
  • YJ to JB: Your hair look nice, pretty like poodle (JB: Yes, I love you) Your eyeliner is nice (JB: Yes, I love you) Your pillow mark looks nice (JB: Yes, I love you)
  • YJ stuck his tongue for the third / fourth time
  • JB to YJ: your pimples look unique today
  • YJ: Of course
  • In the end, he got hit again. Kekeke
Poodle- Andre Burakovsky

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Omg thankfully it’s gone. That boy has TERRIBLE big hair. I love him but no! Anyway… google English sheepdog poodle and tell me it’s not Andre! Anyway… Enjoy!

Warning: None

Anon Request: Can you do an Andre one where you tease him about his hair


              “It’s like you have a poodle on your head” you said, giggling. Andre pat the top of his head, trying to smush the curls back into place.

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Connor murphy in a choker tho, opinions

i am 100% here for It

Dog Catching 101

idk why I wrote this, nobody knows why I wrote this, but here it is

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Length: 4.5k~; Rating: all ages

Summary: When Victor and Yurio find a homeless dog on the street, they decide to take him to an animal shelter. Then, Victor finds an unconventional way to impress the cute employee.

“But look at his eyes.

Yurio looks into the dog eyes. In fact, he looks into them so long that Victor wonders if they’ve having a silent, exclusive conversation. “Victor, you can’t keep the dog.”

Victor pouts. He’s not sure why he’s listening to the advice of a fifteen-year-old, and the more and more he pets the poodle’s soft fur, the more and more blurry the reasons become. “But he’s so cute.”

“We’ll take him to a shelter,” Yurio suggests. “They’ll find him a nice family.”

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Portugal Ficlet: Under the blue sun

Welcome back to the Portugal project! 2010 Dan and Phil say hello! Here’s a little scene for you, inspired by the tweet posted at the end.

[Masterlist of all pieces of the Portugal fic project]

They’d brought their towels out to the beach today. Since the sun beds were full of spiders, they’d decided they would rather just lie on the sand. So they’d splashed around in the water long enough to make Dan’s hair look like the head of a bedraggled poodle before just collapsing onto their towels to enjoy the sun for a while. It wasn’t particularly hot today, but the sun was bright and warm. With the breeze off the ocean, it was incredibly pleasant. Dan lay there beside Phil with his eyes closed and listened to the other holiday-makers around them. The beach below their hotel was a popular one, with crystal clear water and white sand surrounded by attractive cliffs. Dan would have preferred a less crowded beach, but it was difficult to resist the convenience of just walking out of their hotel room and being here within a matter of minutes.

With his eyes closed, he could still see light through his eyelids. It was as if Portugal’s sun simply refused to allow him to sink into his habitual darkness. The thought made him smile a little. Maybe Portugal was a bit like Phil in that way. They both shone light into his life even when he tried to cloak himself in dark. Sometimes he needed that dark quiet in order to gather the scattered parts of himself together, as if he might permanently fly to bits if he didn’t have that time of silence and privacy to just be himself without the rest of the world peeking in. But other times, it was nice to have rays of sunlight—whether literal or metaphorical—shine in to help guide him out of that private space that could sometimes become a pit of loneliness if he wasn’t careful.

He turned his head toward Phil and opened his eyes. Phil’s eyes were closed, and Dan wondered if he was asleep. Phil could fall asleep anywhere and certainly wouldn’t be deterred by the noisy children running around nearby or the couple arguing only a few feet away. Dan indulged himself, just gazing at Phil’s profile for a while. Watching Phil without Phil being aware of it reminded him of all those years that he watched his videos, one unknown viewer among thousands. And now here he lay by Phil’s side, on holiday together, with the memory of Phil’s hands still lingering on his skin, with the knowledge that Phil loved him … really loved him. He closed his eyes for a moment, just holding that thought close, but then opened them again to keep watching Phil. Phil’s lips were parted slightly, and Dan was tempted to climb over there and kiss him, but knew it probably wasn’t a good idea on a public beach.

After a while, he started to worry that Phil’s fair skin might burn if they lay here much longer, so he called Phil’s name softly. Phil blinked several times, slow and reluctant, then turned to look at him with that blurry, dazed look he always had when he first woke up but wasn’t fully alert yet. Phil smiled beatifically and said, “You look so pretty. Your skin looks nice under the blue sun.”

Dan giggled. “The blue sun?” he repeated, delighted in this sleepily incoherent Phil.

Phil frowned in confusion. “You know. The…” and he gestured weakly.

“The … sky?” Dan guessed, still grinning.

“Yeah,” Phil smiled happily, still obviously not fully awake. “The sky. You look so pretty under the sunshine sky.” He yawned and stretched, then looked back at Dan, his eyes clearing a bit. “I just want to look at you all day.” His lips curved and Dan found himself wanting to kiss them again.

“I’ve been watching you while you slept,” Dan admitted with a smirk.

“Did I drool?” Phil asked, not seeming too worried.

“Nope. But you’re going to burn if you aren’t careful, so I thought I should wake you before you went up in flames like a vampire.”

“I think I’ll just turn over,” Phil suggested lazily. “Put sun cream on my back?” Dan nodded and moved closer to run lotion-slick hands over Phil’s pale skin. Phil let out a little “mmmm” sound of pleasure and Dan found himself wishing they had a bit more privacy. The kids ran past them again and Dan carefully set aside any improper thoughts and just focused on protecting Phil from sunburn.

“There you go,” Dan said when he thought Phil was sufficiently covered.

Phil had closed his eyes again, his face turned toward Dan, and he murmured, “Okay. Thanks. You can go back to watching me sleep now.”

Instead, Dan pulled his phone out of his bag and composed a tweet quoting Phil’s funny, sleep-addled compliment. When he was done, he put his phone back away and decided that he too would flip onto his stomach, his face turned toward Phil. He closed his eyes, but the image of the man beside him still lingered in his mind. Instead of the darkness he normally found behind his closed eyelids, he found only light and happiness.

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I'm a pale white person with very curly hair. White salons leave me looking like a poodle had an unnatural union with a Christmas tree. Black owned "natural curls" salons make my hair look great. When I told a black friend, she joked that we white people have to take over everything. She was joking, but there is a valid point there. Am I racistly appropriating black spaces? Or just getting great hair?

I mean, look, I joke around on this site, but the answer is, it’s complex, obviously. But try, I don’t know, not “taking over” the space, through constant vigilance and self-reflection???

Bed Time

Hey guys! I have come to the conclusion that, if I’m gay for anyone, it would be Hermione Granger. Hope you enjoy it! 

Pairing: Hermione Granger x Reader 

Requested: No

Warnings: Fluff 

Smiling softly, you watched Hermione from across the common room. Sometimes you had to remind yourself that she really was your girlfriend. You didn’t feel like you deserve someone as incredibly talented and intelligent. The longer you looked at her, the more you came to realize that she was dozing off. Her head, which rested on of her fists, drooped forward and her eyes were fighting to stay open. You chuckled to yourself, making your way towards her. 

“You know,” You said, pushing her book down to get her attention, “It’s normal for someone to go to bed where they’re tired, love.” 

“I just have to get through this next chapter,” She said, pulling her book against your hand. You took it from her, putting a bookmark in it, and closing it. She grabbed at it and you held it away from her, tutting softly. It was times like these that you really appreciated being taller than her. 

“Come on, ‘Mione. You can read the next chapter later. You need to get some sleep,” You said, holding the book well out of her reach. 

“(Y/N) (L/N), you give me that book right now,” Hermione demanded, placing her hands on her hips. You snorted, raising an eyebrow at her. 

“You’re not my mother,” You said, giving her a lopsided smile. 

“No, I’m not, but I am your girlfriend. Give me my book, I need to read the next chapter,” She said. You giggled, shaking your head. The dark circles under her eyes told you that, what she really needed, was a good night’s sleep. 

Standing on her toes, Hermione reached for the book that you held over your head. Laughing, you wrapped an arm around her waist. She fixed her dark brown eyes on your (E/C) ones with a stern stare. The effect would have been absolutely terrifying if her frizzy brown hair didn’t make her look like a poodle. It was hard to take her seriously. 

“Hermione, love, you’re tired,” You said, calmly as you kept her hugged to you. 

“I’m not tired,” She yawned. You raised an eyebrow, setting your lips into an ‘oh really’ tilt.  

“I see that,” You sniggered. She blushed lightly and you set her book on the table next to her chair. 

“Perhaps I could use a little sleep,” She admitted. Shaking your head, you picked her up bridal style. 

You made your way up the stairs to the girls dorm, bumping the door open with your hip. Hermione’s arms hooked around your neck; her head lolled against your shoulder. Softly placing her in bed, you pulled the covers over her. As you began to walk away, she reached out and took your hand. 

“If I have to go to bed, so do you. It’s only fair,” She said, smirking in that infuriating little way she always did. You chuckled and shucked off your clothing, putting your pj’s on. Eventually, you slipped under the blankets with her. She tucked her head under your chin; fluffy hair tickled your nose in an oddly pleasant way. She looked up at you with a sleepy smile. 

“What?” You asked, brushing her hair from her eyes. 

“I love you,” She mumbled. You kissed the tip of her nose. 

“I love you too. Now go to sleep, Merlin knows you need to,” You whispered, pulling her closer. With a chaste peck on the lips, both of you drifted off. 

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19 + mark?

Mark + #19: “I want to turn back the clock to before…

“I’m sorry but this is so funny!” You couldn’t fight the laughter, despite being given the dirtiest glare imaginable from Mark.
“It’s not funny!” Mark whined pitifully, not even trying to be tough anymore and went back to looking in the mirror, a clear look of discontent on his face as he examined his new hair.
“I look like a damn poodle…I look like one of Kai’s dogs…”
“It’s really not that bad, Marky Mark.” You said, reclining back on the couch in his dressing room, propping your feet up on the table.
“Really?” His hopeful eyes met yours in the mirror while his fingers continued to toy with his newly dyed blonde hair. “It looks okay?”
“Nah you look like a bowl of ramen noodles!” You howled with laughter again as soon as Mark’s scowl returned.
“Shut up.”
“Is it the Wicked Witch of the West’s flying broom stick or Mark Lee? Scientists can’t tell!”
“It’s not funny! It feels like freaking straw!” Mark whined again.
“Aw, don’t get upset Draco, I still love you.”
I want to turn back the clock to before I let them touch my hair…“ Mark groaned pathetically.
“Oh c,mon scarecrow, it’s a good look!”
“I’m going to break up with you, I swear…” He grumbled and flopped down beside you, wiggling to rest his head on your lap.
“I’m just messing with you,” You cooed mockingly, brushing the hair out of his face. “Honestly, it’s not that bad. Might kill your hair, kinda feels like it’s going to break off in my hand, but c'mon, think of the bright side. It won’t stick for long, right? You guys change hair colors so much, you’ll be fine.”
“I hope you’re right.” Mark sighed. “I just hope it’s soon…”

[NCT Drabble Game]

A Cute Guy Helped Me // A Phan One-Shot

Genre: fluff, high school AU
Words: 2.3k
Relationship status: it’s kinda friendstolovers, but it’s really not (does that even make sense?)
Warnings: swearing
Summary: “Did you find everything you were looking for?” / “Yeah, a cute guy helped me.” / “Is there anything else, or will that be all?” / “Well, said cute guy and I have been talking for about a year now, but I never got his number.”

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Yo ya think you could draw some syndisparklez sharing a milkshake? y'know the cheesy thing with the two straws while they stare lovingly into each others eyes? Ye, that stuff, thank you in advance <3

you know, when i saw the notification for this, i almost died from how cute it sounded

Solangelo One-Shot: Shower Fight

Written by: @the-mockingjay-hufflepuff

He showed up at the door of Will’s cabin, soaking wet, covered in sparkles and his hair dyed pink. Will let out a laugh.

“What happened. Trying out a new look?” Will snorted.

“Yes, I chose to get doused in glitter and have my hair colored magenta,” Nico growled.

“Come on, no one can be grumpy when they look like a fairy princess,” Will teased.

“Solace, fix me or my fist will meet your face.”

“Okay, okay. Get in here, Sunshine.”

Nico trudged into the Apollo cabin, leaving a trail of sparkles behind him, “Where is everyone?”

“They’re all at dinner. And may I ask why you look like a rainbow unicorn?”

“The Stolls brother.”

“Ahhhhh,” Will said with realization, “Say no more.” Will walked around Nico, looking at the predicament, “It’s the only way… Nico, strip.”

“Excuse me?”

“Take off all the clothes down to your underwear, I’m gonna hose you off.”

“I don’t think so.”

“Are you self conscious Nico?”


“Then strip, darlin’.”

Nico only obeyed because his boyfriend’s accent was so freakin’ cute. He quickly changed out of everything except his boxers as Will pulled him into the bathroom.

“Get in the shower.”

Will grabbed the shower head, pulling it off the wall along with the short hose and began running the water over Nico. He used soap and scrubbed all the glitter off as Nico stood there, silently gazing at Will while he worked. It seemed to take Will longer to get the glitter off of Nico’s biceps and his chest. His hands would linger in these places for a moment to long, then he would glance up at a smirking Nico, blush, and move on.

“Okay, all the glitter should be gone. Let’s get your hair next.”

Will washed and washed and washed, but the dye wouldn’t come out. Or lessen. It seemed to get brighter the more he washed it until it was hot pink.

“Nico…” Will started, wondering how Nico was going to handle pink hair.

“Hmmm?” Nico looked up at Will from where he was sitting in the tub.

Will lost the ability to use words, seeing as his and Nico’s faces were so close that Will could smell the shadows radiating off Nico’s skin. Nico smiled seductively, which was completely out of character, but Will didn’t care. He bent over, smashing his lips to Nico’s. Will was throughly enjoying himself until Nico grabbed his shirt, pulling Will into the tub with him and causing bubbles to fly up around them,

“Hello there,” Nico laughed, throwing foam in Will’s face. Will ended up stripping down to his boxers too. Both boys ran around the bathroom, splashing each other with water and pouring shampoo in the other’s hair, coming up with crazy hair styles.

Will stopped putting Nico’s hair in a mullet. He had completely forgotten.

“Nico…” Nico opened his eyes and peeked at Will, who hesitated, “Your hair is still pink.”

Nico dropped his rare smile, “What?”

“I couldn’t get it out. No matter how hard I rubbed.”

“Oh, I thought you just liked touching my hair,” Nico smirked.

“Are you mad?” Will looked at Nico suspiciously.

“Nah, we were having a such a good time. I don’t want to ruin it.”

Will smiled, “And just to be clear. I love touching your hair.”

Nico chuckled and stood up, “Want to dry off?”


Both boys hopped out of the bathtub and dried off. Will found a hair dryer that was one of his sister’s. He first dried Nico’s hair. When he was finished, Nico’s hair was almost as messy as Percy’s. But nothing rivaled Will’s hair. He looked like a blond poodle, with his natural spiral curls and frizziness.

“What is this?” Nico asked, touching the tips of Will’s hair.

“I usually wear gel,” Will confessed.

“I love it,” Nico whispered in his ear, making Will dizzy and red.

Nico knew that he could distract Will when he whispered in his ear or they had some sort of physical contact. Nico got flustered when Will hugged him or played with his hair. Will grabbed Nico’s hand and led him to his bed. They laid down and snuggles, both worn out from the bathroom war.

Nico kissed from the bottom of Will’s chest to his ear then said softly, “Goodnight, William.”

Will, being tired and dizzy from the affection, looked down at Nico, wrapped his arms around the other boy’s small frame and said sleepily, “Goodnight, sunshine. I love you.”

Nico froze, “What did you say?”

But Will was already asleep, his soft breath tickling Nico’s neck. Nico leaned up and kissed Will’s lips, “I… I love you too.” With the comfort of Will’s arms and the thought of love, Nico drifted into a dreamless sleep. And that is how we find Will Solace the poodle and a pink-haired Nico Di Angelo cuddling in only their underwear, both of the boys looking happier then they have in a long time. :)

Aoba Johsai Insecurities!

Oikawa: His bed head, it’s super flat compared to when he styles it. Also, he thinks that his shoulders are too narrow. 

Iwaizumi: His anger. He knows it’s nothing seriously major, but he has a habit of smacking someone when he gets annoyed. He also has a hard time keeping his abdomen well toned. 

Hanamaki: The list goes on and on. He hates how pale his skin is and how he burns in the sun, His eyebrows are almost worth just shaving off and drawing on everyday, he only looks decent with the one hairstyle (not to mention he feels like his hairline is shrinking), and he feels that he can get pretty annoying.

Matsukawa: Ever since elementary, he’s been picked on for his thick eyebrows. Not only that, he’s pretty hairy for his age. (He’s thought about getting his body waxed before.) His voice is very raspy and it’s dreadful when he gets thirsty. For the most part, he pretty expressionless and stoic, so he’s afraid he comes off as an apathetic asshole. Worst of all, he sometimes feels like he’s not good enough to play on the court at all. There have been a few occasions in which he would not show up to practice for weeks. 

Watari: He was a chubby child and doesn’t want to return back to it. He’s been told that he’s a bit scrawny, but refuses to gain any fat. So, he’s decided to try and build up on muscle again. He’s also been called weird because he likes hard boiled eggs.

Yahaba: This boy looks like a fancy poodle when he doesn’t straighten his hair. Even then, he still has a few curls. His hips are also very wide and he’s been told by a few classmates that he looks super girly. Not to mention, since the day Oikawa became captain, he’s felt that he’s been compared to him since then. 

Kyoutani: Surprisingly, he doesn’t really care all that much. If you asked him, he’d shrug you off, but in all reality, he hates how he gets when he’s stressed. He knows it upsets everyone else, but it really tears him up inside. Kyou hates any kind of violence in general and usually tries to refrain from raising his voice. 

Kindaichi: Anything about middle school will bring up bad feelings. He hated everything about then and refuses to even talk about it. He also hates how easy he cries. (He thinks he’s too manly looking for it.) He hates looking at himself in the mirror if he has his top off. He really has began to notice that maybe he is more lanky than tall. 

Kunimi: He feels that he doesn’t look tired, but rather really irritable. He really doesn’t like his forehead, but his hair only parts decently down the middle. 

seventeen as bad pickup lines

s.coups: do you know what my shirt is made out of………boyfriend material

jeonghan: did it hurt? when you fell from heaven? (b/c it hurt when i did)

joshua: is it hot in here or is it just the holy spirit burning inside of you? 

jun: your body is 65% water and i’m thirsty (asf)

hoshi: do you live in tennessee? b/c you’re the only ten i see 

wonwoo: are you a parking ticket? ‘cause you’ve got fine written all over you…bro (mingyu: bro) 

woozi: i’m not actually this tall…i’m sitting on my wallet

dk: do you have a map????? i’m getting lost in your eyes!!!!!!!!!

mingyu: if yOU WERE A BOOGER I’D PICK YOU FIRST!!!111 

the8: are you a fruit, b/c honeydew you look fine right now…hahaha sorry, i’m an innocent badass with poodle hair, jun taught that to me, hahaha

seungkwan: there are people who say that disneyland is the happiest place on earth…but they’ve obviously (lol) never been in your arms (but like, …it’s obviously jeju island)

vernon: smoking is hazardous to your health…and damn, you’re killing me (but actually, do u wanna live to b 100)

dino: i thought happiness started with an H!!! but why does mine start with U??? hehe



Before the concert, you had drank Harry’s last bottle of water. He came back on the tour bus thirsty as ever, since he had just finished playing a game of football with the boys. He was a little grumpy after finding out you drank his water, and you couldn’t help but notice the cheeky smirk he had on his face. He gave you a strip of mint chewing gum, knowing that gum always dried your mouth out. 

So now, you were thirsty. Your mouth felt like a desert. You were stuck in a concert that was going to last for another hour or so. Harry had just taken a sip of water, and glanced over at you. You pouted and pointed to his water, mouthing ‘I’m thirsty..’ He smirked and shook his head, taking another sip of water. You whined and stomped your foot, crossing your arms and huffing. He couldn’t help but laugh at your adorableness. 

“Could you pass this to Y/N please?” Harry asked one of the security guards, and soon enough, you weren’t thirsty anymore, and you had learnt to never tease your boyfriend again.