look at that poodle hair

graphic battle vs. oshsoo | round 6: favorite hairstyle of your bias 
seventeen as bad pickup lines

s.coups: do you know what my shirt is made out of………boyfriend material

jeonghan: did it hurt? when you fell from heaven? (b/c it hurt when i did)

joshua: is it hot in here or is it just the holy spirit burning inside of you? 

jun: your body is 65% water and i’m thirsty (asf)

hoshi: do you live in tennessee? b/c you’re the only ten i see 

wonwoo: are you a parking ticket? ‘cause you’ve got fine written all over you…bro (mingyu: bro) 

woozi: i’m not actually this tall…i’m sitting on my wallet

dk: do you have a map????? i’m getting lost in your eyes!!!!!!!!!

mingyu: if yOU WERE A BOOGER I’D PICK YOU FIRST!!!111 

the8: are you a fruit, b/c honeydew you look fine right now…hahaha sorry, i’m an innocent badass with poodle hair, jun taught that to me, hahaha

seungkwan: there are people who say that disneyland is the happiest place on earth…but they’ve obviously (lol) never been in your arms (but like, …it’s obviously jeju island)

vernon: smoking is hazardous to your health…and damn, you’re killing me (but actually, do u wanna live to b 100)

dino: i thought happiness started with an H!!! but why does mine start with U??? hehe

Dorcas giggled as she twirled her hair around her finger, leaning against the wall as she flirted with a Ravenclaw boy. Anybody who knew who she was, knew she was completely terrible at flirting with anyone at all. It was going okay until she told him his hair looked as soft as a poodle puppy she saw outside of her window back home. And then she went into a story of how she cried when she saw that puppy then actually started tearing up while telling it as she pet his head like a dog, and obviously the flirting wasn’t working because he walked away before she could finish the story.

Doe groaned as she hid her face in her hands and leaned back against the wall. “Was that as bad as I thought it was? That felt pretty bad. I think I scared him away with my fake crying- actually it was real. Very real crying. That poodle was so cute.”

Minghao the fuck does he look so cute even in terrible permed hair is it bc he looks like a poodle is it bc he looks like the animals he is obsessed with probably god i can’t handle this he isnt even my bias 

Call Me Baby Era Memories

- The hip thrusts
- Kai’s pants
- Xiumin’s abs
- “Call Me Daddy”
- Blonde Lay
- “He looks like Justin Bieber!”
- Chen’s poodle hair
- “…Kia?”
- Barefoot Sehun
- Fucking turtlenecks.
- Wet Kai and Sehun
- EXO Next Door~
- Sebaek moment *cries*

Birthday Date - (Nick & April)

April was excited, she got to spend her 28th birthday with the love of her life, her first birthday with him officially. Pulling on a dark blue dress with silver clouds adorning it, she took a pair of matching heels as well. She wasn’t a master in them, and they weren’t stilettos, but tonight was special. Curling her hair and applying some lip stain and liner, she thanked her sister mentally for teaching her how to do this on her own. Debating on whether or not to wear her glasses, she decided it would be fine as he thought them cute. She was always shy about her glasses, but was too nervous to bother getting the surgery as her case wasn’t very severe. But the ability to read a menu without squinting would be kind of nice for once. Getting on her coat, she walked back into their bedroom, waiting to see if he was ready yet. “Hey babe, you almost done?” He was a perfectionist, but she loved how he looked even when he was her fluffy haired poodle.

imagine working as a waitress in a local 50′s themed diner where patron ashton always asked to be served by you because he can’t help but admire how cute you look in a poodle skirt and beehive hair and one day you didn’t have time to do your hair so it’s left in its usual state and when ashton comes in you ask what he wanted to order and when he doesn’t answer you, you look at him to see his jaw dropped slightly and his eyes staring right back at you and when you snap him out of his daydream, he simply says “s-sorry, you just look so pretty with your hair like that” and throughout the entire day you couldn’t help but think of the curly haired boy who made you blush