look at that poodle hair

“im sorry, the old david can’t come to the phone right now. why? oh, cause he’s dead!”

Summary of GOT7 Jackson Show feat 2jae
  • JB just woke up from napping
  • Jackson said to him JB was actually closest to him but everyone thinks that JB is close with Youngjae.
  • JB said he close with all the members
  • Jackson kept pushing JB to say him as the closest member with JB
  • At the end, JB said he wasn’t close with Jackson
  • Light suddenly off and both Jackson & Youngjae sing Happy Birthday, Youngjae in English while Jackson in Korean
  • Jackson: Why am I singing in Korean and you (to YJ) in English? LLOL
  • Youngjae has no interest in acting but will act if he is being told to act
  • Youngjae acting in Dream Knight got a lot of attention according to Jackson
  • Jackson learned how to act from Youtube video ‘How to act’ kekeke
  • Youngjae wanted to act in a sitcom like ‘High Kick’
  • To JB & Youngjae, music is first
  • Youngjae & JB played a compliment relay where both give compliment each other and respond with ‘Yes, I love you’ and they need to face each other
  • JB to Youngjae: You’re handsome
  • YJ to JB: JB is more handsome but JB misheard him saying ‘less’
  • Youngjae got hit by toy hammer
  • YJ to JB: JB is handsome, good at composing music, good at singing, have big eyes
  • JB: Yes, I love you
  • YJ stuck out his tongue , JB: your tongue is long, YJ: Yes, I love you
  • JB complimented Youngjae for having big eyes but Jackson said it was a diss then hit JB (to JB, YJ did have big eyes)  
  • Youngjae liked when JB said his eyes were big and even said ‘Why can’t I have big eyes? ‘
  • YJ said thank you when JB said complimented him about his music is nice and ended up got hit
  • JB asked YJ to do properly which YJ replied, ‘Yes, I love you’
  • YJ to JB: Your hair look nice, pretty like poodle (JB: Yes, I love you) Your eyeliner is nice (JB: Yes, I love you) Your pillow mark looks nice (JB: Yes, I love you)
  • YJ stuck his tongue for the third / fourth time
  • JB to YJ: your pimples look unique today
  • YJ: Of course
  • In the end, he got hit again. Kekeke
Poodle- Andre Burakovsky

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Omg thankfully it’s gone. That boy has TERRIBLE big hair. I love him but no! Anyway… google English sheepdog poodle and tell me it’s not Andre! Anyway… Enjoy!

Warning: None

Anon Request: Can you do an Andre one where you tease him about his hair


              “It’s like you have a poodle on your head” you said, giggling. Andre pat the top of his head, trying to smush the curls back into place.

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Dog Catching 101

idk why I wrote this, nobody knows why I wrote this, but here it is

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Length: 4.5k~; Rating: all ages

Summary: When Victor and Yurio find a homeless dog on the street, they decide to take him to an animal shelter. Then, Victor finds an unconventional way to impress the cute employee.

“But look at his eyes.

Yurio looks into the dog eyes. In fact, he looks into them so long that Victor wonders if they’ve having a silent, exclusive conversation. “Victor, you can’t keep the dog.”

Victor pouts. He’s not sure why he’s listening to the advice of a fifteen-year-old, and the more and more he pets the poodle’s soft fur, the more and more blurry the reasons become. “But he’s so cute.”

“We’ll take him to a shelter,” Yurio suggests. “They’ll find him a nice family.”

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Maybe betty trying to convince jughead to do a couples costume, they can be whatever you want :)

Here you go anon! I’m not too sure about how this ended up, but I hope you like it anyway…

Dress to Impress

‘So you guys, I have had one of my totally fabulous ideas.’ Veronica Lodge announced as she joined the group sitting in the canteen. Like always, she had shunned the cafeteria’s food in favour of takeout coffee, which she was sipping delicately before revealing her big idea.

‘I’m going to throw a Halloween party!’ she grinned at the group, as if expecting a round of applause.

‘Cool’ Archie replied, non committally - once Betty had nudged him in the ribs. Jughead looked like he’d rather poke his own eyes out - or spend an evening in the Whyte Wyrm. Betty was smiling, but then she always did. Kevin was the only one who looked genuinely excited.

‘Oh come on!’ Veronica chivved the group, fortunate enough not to be someone who took offence quickly. ‘I just thought since there’s been so much ghoulishness going on, it might be fun to let our hair down.’

‘I think it’s an excellent idea. Thanks Ronnie. Who were you going to invite?’ Betty could always be relied upon to leap in and be supportive, where others might not.

‘I thought I’d leave it fairly open. Daddy’s away on business this weekend and what he doesn’t know won’t hurt him.’ Veronica giggled.

‘Am I expected to attend this thing?’ Jughead interjected, hoping for a get out clause.

‘Of course! You’re Betty’s boyfriend so…’ Betty and Jughead eyed each other. That wasn’t a conversation that’d come up yet, although they’d been doing whatever they were doing for a couple of months now. ‘Oh my god you guys. It’s just a word, beginning with B. Annnd it means you can totally do a couple’s costume.’

‘What fresh hell is this?’ Jughead complained, but winked at Betty as he did so. Veronica chose to ignore him.

‘So Archiekins, what do you say? Be the Mickey to my Minnie?’

‘I’m in!

‘Don’t mind me Ronnie. I’ll just have the best costume there.’ Kevin smirked.

Once the others had all left, Jughead sidled closer to Betty.

‘I hope you didn’t think my lack of enthusiasm about the party was because of you.’ Jughead started a little awkwardly, acutely aware of the small and tentative steps they’d taken so far in their relationship. ‘The only reason I’d go is you.’

Betty grinned. ‘That’s sweet of you Juggie. But if you really don’t want to you don’t have to. Ronnie will understand.’

‘And make you go alone? I don’t think so.’ he slung one arm around her shoulders. ‘But I do draw the line at dressing up.’

Betty’s frame sagged. ‘Juggggie!’ Jughead stopped, and removed his arm from around her,

‘No, no, no. You’re about to do the eyes aren’t you? And you know I can’t say no to those eyes. And I really don’t want to dress up. So I’m going to look at the wall. Or my coffee. Or anywhere but your face. And you know how much it pains me to not look at your face.’

‘Jugggggie. Please? It’ll be fun?’ Betty linked her arm through his and pleaded with him, doe-eyed.

‘Aw damnit Betty. Why can’t we just go as Jughead and Betty, a couple of normal kids in the crazy town of Riverdale.’

‘Because we’re Betty and Jughead everyday. C’mon, just once. And you can have the power of veto over any outfit you don’t want to wear.’

Jughead sighed. ‘Fine. Full veto though. None of your devious persuasion techniques.’

Betty squeezed his arm. ‘I don’t know what you mean. I got to get to class. You think about what you want to go as.’ She kissed him lightly on the cheek, and rushed off to class.

She’d only been gone a minute or two when his phone began to buzz.

B: Waldo and Wenda?

J: Horizontal stripes do not flatter my figure.

B: Beauty and the Beast?

J: Charming Betts. Vetoed.

B: Pity. I’m all about the beast within.

J: Are you flirting with me?

B: Is it working?

J: I can neither confirm nor deny.

B: Barbie and Ken?

J: Now I know you’re just winding me up.

B: ;)

Betty had actually thought of the perfect costume for her and Jughead a while ago. Longer ago than she cared to admit to. In fact, she might have been the one to first suggest to Veronica that a halloween party might be fun. Not that she would ever, ever, ever let that slip to Jughead. She knew him well enough to know that there was a certain element of game playing if she was to get him to agree to the costume. It would also involve sweetening in the form of milkshakes, so she took him to Pop’s after school.

‘Why does this feel like I’m about to have my arm twisted into something?’ Jughead pretended to be grumpy as he sat down in their favourite booth.

‘Shhhh. Don’t think about that just enjoy your milkshake.’ Betty smiled sweetly and curled herself under his arm, resting her head on his shoulder. He pulled her even closer, his hand resting firmly on her hip. She sighed contentedly and he kissed the top of her head.

‘This.’ he said simply. ‘This is why I want to go as just Jughead and Betty. Nothing can improve on this.’

‘I know Juggie. But it’s just a little fun.’

‘I have a reputation to uphold you know.’

‘That went out of the window the moment you started dating a cheerleader.’

‘My ego. My delicate, delicate ego.’ he wailed, dramatically.

Betty smiled at her boyfriend, and pushed herself up slightly to kiss him. She only meant to brush his lips lightly, but Jughead had other ideas, that involved a much longer and more passionate kiss.  

When he finally and reluctantly broke away he said. ‘Go on then. What part do I need to play?’

‘Danny Zuko.’ Betty giggled and took a sip of her milkshake.

‘Okay. That’s not entirely horrible.’

‘You have the hair for it.’

‘I do have the hair for it. And you’ll look cute in a poodle skirt.’

‘See! I told you it’d be fun.’

‘Anything with you is fun.’ Jughead kissed her again.

Betty decided that she wouldn’t mention that she was going as final-scene Sandy. That was going to be her little surprise.

A Cute Guy Helped Me // A Phan One-Shot

Genre: fluff, high school AU
Words: 2.3k
Relationship status: it’s kinda friendstolovers, but it’s really not (does that even make sense?)
Warnings: swearing
Summary: “Did you find everything you were looking for?” / “Yeah, a cute guy helped me.” / “Is there anything else, or will that be all?” / “Well, said cute guy and I have been talking for about a year now, but I never got his number.”

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Portugal Ficlet: Under the blue sun

Welcome back to the Portugal project! 2010 Dan and Phil say hello! Here’s a little scene for you, inspired by the tweet posted at the end.

[Masterlist of all pieces of the Portugal fic project]

They’d brought their towels out to the beach today. Since the sun beds were full of spiders, they’d decided they would rather just lie on the sand. So they’d splashed around in the water long enough to make Dan’s hair look like the head of a bedraggled poodle before just collapsing onto their towels to enjoy the sun for a while. It wasn’t particularly hot today, but the sun was bright and warm. With the breeze off the ocean, it was incredibly pleasant. Dan lay there beside Phil with his eyes closed and listened to the other holiday-makers around them. The beach below their hotel was a popular one, with crystal clear water and white sand surrounded by attractive cliffs. Dan would have preferred a less crowded beach, but it was difficult to resist the convenience of just walking out of their hotel room and being here within a matter of minutes.

With his eyes closed, he could still see light through his eyelids. It was as if Portugal’s sun simply refused to allow him to sink into his habitual darkness. The thought made him smile a little. Maybe Portugal was a bit like Phil in that way. They both shone light into his life even when he tried to cloak himself in dark. Sometimes he needed that dark quiet in order to gather the scattered parts of himself together, as if he might permanently fly to bits if he didn’t have that time of silence and privacy to just be himself without the rest of the world peeking in. But other times, it was nice to have rays of sunlight—whether literal or metaphorical—shine in to help guide him out of that private space that could sometimes become a pit of loneliness if he wasn’t careful.

He turned his head toward Phil and opened his eyes. Phil’s eyes were closed, and Dan wondered if he was asleep. Phil could fall asleep anywhere and certainly wouldn’t be deterred by the noisy children running around nearby or the couple arguing only a few feet away. Dan indulged himself, just gazing at Phil’s profile for a while. Watching Phil without Phil being aware of it reminded him of all those years that he watched his videos, one unknown viewer among thousands. And now here he lay by Phil’s side, on holiday together, with the memory of Phil’s hands still lingering on his skin, with the knowledge that Phil loved him … really loved him. He closed his eyes for a moment, just holding that thought close, but then opened them again to keep watching Phil. Phil’s lips were parted slightly, and Dan was tempted to climb over there and kiss him, but knew it probably wasn’t a good idea on a public beach.

After a while, he started to worry that Phil’s fair skin might burn if they lay here much longer, so he called Phil’s name softly. Phil blinked several times, slow and reluctant, then turned to look at him with that blurry, dazed look he always had when he first woke up but wasn’t fully alert yet. Phil smiled beatifically and said, “You look so pretty. Your skin looks nice under the blue sun.”

Dan giggled. “The blue sun?” he repeated, delighted in this sleepily incoherent Phil.

Phil frowned in confusion. “You know. The…” and he gestured weakly.

“The … sky?” Dan guessed, still grinning.

“Yeah,” Phil smiled happily, still obviously not fully awake. “The sky. You look so pretty under the sunshine sky.” He yawned and stretched, then looked back at Dan, his eyes clearing a bit. “I just want to look at you all day.” His lips curved and Dan found himself wanting to kiss them again.

“I’ve been watching you while you slept,” Dan admitted with a smirk.

“Did I drool?” Phil asked, not seeming too worried.

“Nope. But you’re going to burn if you aren’t careful, so I thought I should wake you before you went up in flames like a vampire.”

“I think I’ll just turn over,” Phil suggested lazily. “Put sun cream on my back?” Dan nodded and moved closer to run lotion-slick hands over Phil’s pale skin. Phil let out a little “mmmm” sound of pleasure and Dan found himself wishing they had a bit more privacy. The kids ran past them again and Dan carefully set aside any improper thoughts and just focused on protecting Phil from sunburn.

“There you go,” Dan said when he thought Phil was sufficiently covered.

Phil had closed his eyes again, his face turned toward Dan, and he murmured, “Okay. Thanks. You can go back to watching me sleep now.”

Instead, Dan pulled his phone out of his bag and composed a tweet quoting Phil’s funny, sleep-addled compliment. When he was done, he put his phone back away and decided that he too would flip onto his stomach, his face turned toward Phil. He closed his eyes, but the image of the man beside him still lingered in his mind. Instead of the darkness he normally found behind his closed eyelids, he found only light and happiness.

Bed Time

Hey guys! I have come to the conclusion that, if I’m gay for anyone, it would be Hermione Granger. Hope you enjoy it! 

Pairing: Hermione Granger x Reader 

Requested: No

Warnings: Fluff 

Smiling softly, you watched Hermione from across the common room. Sometimes you had to remind yourself that she really was your girlfriend. You didn’t feel like you deserve someone as incredibly talented and intelligent. The longer you looked at her, the more you came to realize that she was dozing off. Her head, which rested on of her fists, drooped forward and her eyes were fighting to stay open. You chuckled to yourself, making your way towards her. 

“You know,” You said, pushing her book down to get her attention, “It’s normal for someone to go to bed where they’re tired, love.” 

“I just have to get through this next chapter,” She said, pulling her book against your hand. You took it from her, putting a bookmark in it, and closing it. She grabbed at it and you held it away from her, tutting softly. It was times like these that you really appreciated being taller than her. 

“Come on, ‘Mione. You can read the next chapter later. You need to get some sleep,” You said, holding the book well out of her reach. 

“(Y/N) (L/N), you give me that book right now,” Hermione demanded, placing her hands on her hips. You snorted, raising an eyebrow at her. 

“You’re not my mother,” You said, giving her a lopsided smile. 

“No, I’m not, but I am your girlfriend. Give me my book, I need to read the next chapter,” She said. You giggled, shaking your head. The dark circles under her eyes told you that, what she really needed, was a good night’s sleep. 

Standing on her toes, Hermione reached for the book that you held over your head. Laughing, you wrapped an arm around her waist. She fixed her dark brown eyes on your (E/C) ones with a stern stare. The effect would have been absolutely terrifying if her frizzy brown hair didn’t make her look like a poodle. It was hard to take her seriously. 

“Hermione, love, you’re tired,” You said, calmly as you kept her hugged to you. 

“I’m not tired,” She yawned. You raised an eyebrow, setting your lips into an ‘oh really’ tilt.  

“I see that,” You sniggered. She blushed lightly and you set her book on the table next to her chair. 

“Perhaps I could use a little sleep,” She admitted. Shaking your head, you picked her up bridal style. 

You made your way up the stairs to the girls dorm, bumping the door open with your hip. Hermione’s arms hooked around your neck; her head lolled against your shoulder. Softly placing her in bed, you pulled the covers over her. As you began to walk away, she reached out and took your hand. 

“If I have to go to bed, so do you. It’s only fair,” She said, smirking in that infuriating little way she always did. You chuckled and shucked off your clothing, putting your pj’s on. Eventually, you slipped under the blankets with her. She tucked her head under your chin; fluffy hair tickled your nose in an oddly pleasant way. She looked up at you with a sleepy smile. 

“What?” You asked, brushing her hair from her eyes. 

“I love you,” She mumbled. You kissed the tip of her nose. 

“I love you too. Now go to sleep, Merlin knows you need to,” You whispered, pulling her closer. With a chaste peck on the lips, both of you drifted off. 

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I'm a pale white person with very curly hair. White salons leave me looking like a poodle had an unnatural union with a Christmas tree. Black owned "natural curls" salons make my hair look great. When I told a black friend, she joked that we white people have to take over everything. She was joking, but there is a valid point there. Am I racistly appropriating black spaces? Or just getting great hair?

I mean, look, I joke around on this site, but the answer is, it’s complex, obviously. But try, I don’t know, not “taking over” the space, through constant vigilance and self-reflection???


W25 Weeks OOR Challenge
Week 02: How did you become a fan?

I kinda said how I got into oor in the week 1 post (oops) but I guess I could do a more thorough explanation here. I discovered Hiro through his collab with Nano on Savior of Song when the MV for it was released. Found out that he was in My First Story and then a little later, found out about Taka’s existance lol. I think my first impression of him was like, who is this scruffy looking guy with his poodle hair HAHA but yeah, still love them both ❤️ 

(Gifset is FCR bc WAYWAW tour happened around when I joined!)

A lovely Ending

Warning: Swearing. 

Authors Note: I would love some feed back.

Days during the summer, were the worst. Having thick curly locks was hard enough, when you can’t even tie it up without a couple of elastics breaking. There was a couple of positive things about having hair like mine, which was standing out from all of the flat ironed girls. I hated having ironed hair. It always smelled funny and boy, did my boyfriend always complain.

I loved when he would play with my hair. Stan, kind of had the same hair. His was shorter and more tamable. But anyway, when we were just friends I could remember all the times in which he would just run his finger through it and just play with it.

Stan and I having only been friends before I noticed the way he was acting towards me.

He would always hold open the door for me, or walk me home after a very long adventurous day. But he didn’t directly ask me out. He had told Richie and Richie wanted to tell me. It was very entertaining.

*Flash Back*

“Y/N”!!! someone yelled.

I looked up, and I saw Richie running towards me, with a very angry looking Stan behind him. When he made it to me, I stopped what I was doing in my locker to give him my full attention..

“Yes, Richie! What has made you bless me with your mighty presence”? I knew once that was out my mouth, I was in for it from trash mouth tozier.

“Y/N, not funny. I have some exciting news to tell you! But before I doO-

Stan all of a sudden tackled Richie to the ground. He seemed very upset, and boy did they both make a scene.

“Richie I swear, if you said anything I will kick your ass”!

“What would Richie say to me” I asked.

They both looked up, and before anything else can be comprehensible, Richie said something to me before Stan covered his mouth.


I was shocked. Stan liked me back. This was the best thing to ever happen! I could not wait to tell him that I feel the same way.

“Stan”? “STAN”? I yelled a bit louder.

I pulled the two arguing boys apart, and held Stans face in my hand. “Stan, I like you too”.

*Flashback ended*

I am just excited because today is our month anniversary. I was on my way to his house, when all of a sudden, I heard a car horn beeping behind me.


I stood frozen in my place for a quick second,that voice seemed familiar. Henry! I needed to run, before he can catch me. I started to run as fast as I could. And let me tell you, it was hard to keep away from them.

I thought if I could turn right here, than I could take the short cut to Stan’s house and be safe, but I didn’t remember it was a dead end. As I came to a halt, I could hear Henry and his gangs footsteps behind me.

“Oh look at what we have here boys! Awe why is little you alone”?

Before I could even register what was going to happen, Patrick and Vic grabbed me and was holding me still.

“LET ME GO”!! I kept repeating it.

“Can someone shut her the fuck up? Patrick, hold her fucking mouth shut”!

I couldn’t move or speak. I was struggling to get free. Oh god, all I could think about was Stan. He is going to think I ditched him.

“Hmm looky here boys, we got sweet ole’ little Y/N. What should we do”?

Henry said.

But the one thing that terrified me the most was when patrick spoke.

“We should cut her hair”!

No! They could not do that. My hair is who I am. What will people think of me. What will Stan think of me. I started to let out little whimpers, when I saw Henry pull out his switchblade. I was scared.

“Good idea”.

All of a sudden I could feel my hair getting cut through inch by inch. It hurt like hell, because it was a switchblade, and I feel as though he did slice the back of my neck a couple times.

“Awe! Look at the poor bitch crying”.

“HA-Ha! She looks like a deranged poodle”.

They were all laughing at me. My hair on the ground. Nothing left but a couple of strands.

“ Hey! Get away from her”!

Looking up I saw Stan, and the rest of the loser club.

“What are you going to do about it”?

“Probably cry to your mommy”?

“You are all just losers”!

Bowers gang kept terrorizing the boys, and I felt bad.

“Stop fucking with y/n and pick on someone your own fucking size”.

I could not believe it. They were trying to protect me.

“What the fuck did you just say”? Henry said.

“I believed he said, and I quote “ Stop fucking with y/n and pick on someone your own size”, Richie said.

I was shocked. Richie and Stan were standing up for me, with the rest of the losers club. And all I cared about was getting them out of here. I kicked Patrick’s leg that was closest to me, and I elbowed Vic in the stomach. When they both let go, I ran up behind Henry and pushed him down.

“Fuck you Bowers” I said.

I ran to Stan, and grabbed his hand. I jerked him away from everyone and ran. I heard footsteps behind us, and hoped it was the rest of our friends. After a couple blocks, we started to slow down. I looked at Stan, and I couldn’t help but to whisper in shock.

“He cut my hair”…

When the rest of our friends caught up with us, they stood around me and Stan, and just watched us.

“Y/N, I think you still look as beautiful as the day I met you”.

graphic battle vs. oshsoo | round 6: favorite hairstyle of your bias