look at that mouse

I think about this image from Sonic CD a lot. there’s so much going on here and it’s not even the weirdest bonus art in the game

johnpedant  asked:

I ran out of space, but one more point. Isn't this supposed to go in a slashy direction? If so, they could sue you arguing that you are tarnishing their brand; that some fans might come to associate their product with deviant sexuality. Disney is notoriously intolerant of sexualisation of their products. Look up Ellison's line, "Don't fuck with the mouse." They may be pretty queer positive now, but I am not optimistic about the future, and things can go sideways fast.

Well, we can’t exactly spoil the future of the comic can we? ;)

Here’s the thing, Star vs The forces of Evil is already associated with that kinda stuff, remember, first gay kiss in a cartoon. Heck, it was banned in Kenya recently for being a LGBT+ show.

Aside from the fact Brian is hinting at more of that content in season 3, the show is well-known for this stuff now, and it’s not going away anytime soon. The crew is VERY supportive of this kinda content in the show, and does their hardest to push for more.

If we get in trouble with Disney, it’s highly unlikely to be due to a potential M/M relationship associated with a show that is already associated highly with that content.

You seem to implying that M/M and F/F content is inherently sexual, which isn’t true. Those relationships are entirely normal and healthy things and should not be treated as adult content. I know that, and Disney knows that. Anything and everything they’ve done for the LGBT+ community is not sexualized at all.

Not to mention, without spoiling our comic we can easily tell you we have no intention to doing anything remotely like that in this comic (Anything sexual, we mean). This is an All-Ages comic, it’s meant for everyone.



Originally first in line to be crowned King of Disney Castle, Oswald the Lucky Rabbit disappeared many years ago under mysterious circumstances. (Read more under the cut if you like! Sorry if I get stuff wrong about anything.)

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  • Fave thing learned about characters and any difficulties with voicing
    • Josh learned in season 2 that Shiro can loose his cool, loved finding that out about him. With 2 young kids, that voice kinda comes naturally. Loves Shiro’s dark sense of humour when he’s poking fun at his grave injuries
    • Jeremy: for Lance usually lines are kinda there to lighten mood or make people laugh and Jeremy just tries making people in booth laugh and if he’s done that he knows he’s good, like playing off people around
    • Kim: for Allura, didn’t have an accent before and added it to differentiate her from earthlings. trying to find different sound for Allura. Struggles a little, especially with big paragraphs
  • What goes through mind when playing off inner demons like Allura and Keith with Galra, Lance being 7th wheel, Shiro trying to be civil with Slav
    • Jeremy: trying to make it as real as possible, think of something similar that’s happened to you but usually it’s there in the script how characters are feeling. A lot of them are still teenagers so still trying to find place and what is my thing and where I fit. 
    • Kim: for Allura, it can get pretty boring to be a princess, but it’s great she has this mission but also this struggle, love that not just typical princess like in last ep where she’s fighting haggar, has a lot of duality
    • Josh: basically just try to make it real for myself, has to take himself to certain people he knows who are like that. Has a lot in common with Shiro and for the rest just rely on writing and what else he’s seen in show
  • For Allura, bigger arc in second season, internal motivation, conflict
    • Kim: when recorded it, she’s ignoring Keith, acting like a teenager, has moment off screen where she realizes it and that she hasn’t been being better self. Kim was surprised to see comments online about people upset she forgave Keith because “she has right to feel that way” because she never saw it that way
    • Josh: how cool though that an animated show can take an issue like that and make discussions happen
  • What are you excited to see with characters and explore in future
    • Everyone: want Shiro back
    • Jeremy: most excited for Lance to step up into leadership role and be more serious and responsible (at times, cause he’ll always also be Lance). Fun to see people get opportunities to be more mature. Pleasantly surprised when certain characters get to step up and be more serious
  • Fave s2 scenes
    • Josh: chase on cow
    • Kim: Hunk’s slow mo run away from Vrepit Sal’s, Pidge learning Altean with the bear, Coran looking for a mouse for no reason, little precious moments
    • Jeremy: Coran deaging
    • Kim: a lot of good fight scenes, like BoM
  • Kim gets scripts and cannot stop reading, says it’s so fun to be a part of