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‘Don’t,’ said Laurent, ‘toy with me. I—have not the means to—defend against this.’

‘I don’t toy with you.’

;3; my sons. More fan art to come i can’t help it


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Hi, I have a prompt, S19, Val & Z meeting up in his trailer after Val & Janel’s elimination, Val is in his feels about losin, Z comforting him, them headin over to a dinner held for the contestants by the DWTS show, Janel getting jealous/hurt over Val & Z relationship them never leavin eachother’s sides, though she’s very passive/aggressive in her actions w/ them. Would U or would U know another Fic writer who would B willin 2 write this?

Babe I hope this is what you were looking for I tried sticking to the prompt, but my mind just took over. :)

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People! I’ve found these pictures in one group devoted to SnK fandom. However, I don’t know if it’s actually true. So, you can see young Grisha and Carla. We probably will see a flashback about Eren’s family. 

The child in the picture was used for an experiment, I suppose. But… stop. Is it corporal Levi in the lower right corner? Is he afraid?

And look at the third picture. Bert and Annie are talking to each other? Flashback or the reality?

Does anybody have some information about 53 chapter? 

I just can’t wait awwwww

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Onho, this prompt: "Imagine your OTP moving in together. They’re unpacking each other’s boxes when they find, ah, interesting things they didn’t know the other person owned." Thanks unnie ^^

“You know…when people move into together, they are supposed to condense. It makes no sense for two people to carry everything they own into a new space,” Kibum said as he leaned over a box. “Where are you going to put all this crap?”

“I’m master of organizing. I’ll figure it out,” Jinki murmured as he went over his moving checklist again.

“That means he’s going to stuff half of it into the panty and the other half into the outside storage unit out of the way so no one can see,” Minho said.

Jinki looked up. “Say what?”

Minho blew a kiss at his boyfriend. “I said you complete me.”

Jinki smirked and placed his checklist down. “I’m not going to shove it in the storage unit, smart ass. Well, not yet. We still have to go through this to see what we can actually keep.”

“Exactly. Condensing,” Kibum said as he folded down a box. “You two do that. I’m going to go pick up Jonghyun and Taemin so we can go get the rest of Minho’s stuff from his old place. I swear if I catch Jonghyun sniffling again crying about missing his roommate, I’ll castrate him.”

 “You two are the paradigm of romance,” Jinki muttered as he rubbed his throat, cautiously.

Kibum smiled brightly. “Oh, I know!” Kibum stood up and kissed Jinki on the top of his head. “See you two in a couple of hours.” He waved over his shoulder before closing the door behind him.

“That man is the most peculiar person I’ve ever met,” Minho said as he took a seat against a wall in their new living room. He looked around and inhaled. “But I’m not going to complain too much since all of his meddling got us this great place.”

Jinki took a seat beside him, dragging a box labeled “Caution” with him. He looked around. It was a nice place.  An off the street three level house with a high front gate for privacy, but a balcony on the third floor that looked out over the lower city. It was expensive and the wait list for it was longer than Minho’s legs, but whatever strings Kibum pulled to get them to the top worked. Now they were first time homeowners.

Together. Considering that purchasing a house was such a huge step, for anyone, let alone a couple, for Jinki, at least, it felt right. There was no anxiety about starting a life, investing so much money, and moving in together with the other man. To him there was no other option in his life but Minho. Any decision after that came easy.

The two had met in an online forum for Sagittarius’s. Jinki wasn’t big on zodiacs, like at all. He thought most of the horoscopes he read in the paper were written by a four year old and her cat best friend.  However, he’d drifted into the forum to make sure his birth stone was still…well he never found out. While searching for his answer, he’d run across a profile named “FireDragon” and the name had piqued his interest. After the man, a construction foreman by the name of Choi Minho, had reminded him that the Sagittarius element was fire, it’s sparked a night full of private messaging back and forth. Jinki wasn’t big on horoscopes, but he was big on intuition and that night he felt the freedom to tell Minho any and everything he wanted. There was no stopping the fire after that. Three months later they were meeting for the first time, six months after that…they were dating.

Seven years since that first night, they were now sitting on the floor of their house, relaxing for the first time after a long day of moving. Jinki thought about the future, thought about what the house could bring and thought about what they could bring to the house. He felt warm all over, sitting next to his FireDragon.

Jinki rested his head on Minho’s shoulder and sighed. “I would say I was hungry and that I should cook but I don’t think I know which box is the plates.

Minho pointed in some vague direction by their bedroom. “I think it’s one of those boxes but don’t quote me on that.”   

Jinki shrugged and looked at the box in front of him. “Well, we’ve got to start somewhere.” He reached for a flap and began to pull it back but a tanned hand rushed out and stopped him in his tracks.

“WHOA! Uh…not that box.”

Jinki frowned. “And why not?”

“Because…I uhm…”

Jinki tried to tug his hand way but Minho’s grip remained firm. “Minho…the boxes have to get unpacked.”

“Yeah but…that one doesn’t need to be–”

“You got a dead body in here or something?” Jinki asked before he could finish pulling an excuse out of his ass? “I can’t be something I haven’t seen before, babe.” Jinki shrugged the hand off, pecked Minho on the nose as a reassurance and pulled the flaps back. He peered into the box. “It’s not like I–“ Jinki paused, looking into the box, maybe thinking that light was playing tricks on him–it was a low wattage bulb–or maybe thinking the exhaustion had gotten to him. But no. He was sure he was seeing things correctly. He blinked. Then he blinked again.

“Minho?” he said as he leaned closer to the contents of the box.

Minho panicked and rushed to sit up, clutching the flaps of the box in a death grip. “I can explain…”

“Well. Of course you can.” Jinki grabbed his hands and gently removed them from the flaps. “Is this …is–is this a sex swing?”

There was a long beat of silence. “Yes?” Minho finally said, his voice edging on hysteria.

“A sex swing?”

“A sex swing.”

“Oh.” Jinki titled his head, his eyes still locked on the black fabric. “How long have you had this exactly?”

Minho winced and slumped against the wall. “It’s brand new. I bought a few weeks ago…as a housewarming gift. ”

“A sex swing?”

“A sex swing.”

Minho looked like he was about to cry. “I can take it back…I just thought…we could…”

Jinki looked at the…swing. Black, just like he’d always imagined one to be. The stirrups had soft velvet coverings over them and the straps were doubled up for durability. He’d never seen one up close and personal, always on the internet. He’d never been brave enough to actually purchase one, although now seeing the one in front of him, he probably should have bought one years ago. He glanced at his boyfriend and fought the smile warming across his lips. In actuality, it was the perfect housewarming gift.

“How long does it take to install?” Jinki asked nonchalantly. He ran his fingers over the spring and the clip.

Minho eyed his boyfriend out of the corner of his eye. “Like fifteen minutes. All I have to do is find a beam and screw it into the ceiling…why?”

Jinki glanced down at his watch. He’d known Kibum for a very long time. Almost his entire life. So when Kibum said a couple of hours, he generally meant like half a day. Plenty of time.

Jinki pushed the box away and braced a hand on the floor so he could slide in his boyfriend’s lap. Minho looked surprised by the sudden move but Jinki used that to his advantage. Slowly, he slid his hands under Minho’s thermal top, caressing the smooth skin there, feeling his boyfriend inhale sharply as he did so.

“J–Jinki…what are you doing?”

His hands traveled further north, across peaks and valleys, enjoying the way Minho felt under his hands. “What do you think I’m doing?”

Minho gulped as a thumb ran across a nipple. “You’re…” he started to say but trailed off when he felt Jinki pinch and roll the nipple between his fingers.

“–getting warm,” Jinki whispered. “Keep trying…I know you can do it.”

“…thinking I should go set the swing up?”

Jinki smiled as he leaned down and began placing open mouth kisses on Minho’s neck, giggling when the younger man shuddered. “You’re so smart.”


That could have gotten really dirty.

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