look at that jpeg artifact


were entering a new age boys

i can finally incorporate my finely aged memes, fermentated in the deepest and shittiest caves of my subconscious brain, into this final school project

a creation only so divine and abstract for this entry-level irony tier teacher to understand

nobody in this fucking class will be able to decipher the inside jokes that are the actual foundation of the meme
merely gazing upon it and looking for the meaning of how vaguely it relates to the topic of the project

theyll be looking at it like the fucking da vinci code and scrambling to find the most probable meaning behind it
when in reality there are multiple yet none all at the same time

whenever they look at each individual jpeg artifact their perception will change
exactly like how hp lovecraft described the eldritch beasts in his novels as warping and maddening to the archaic human eye

its funny
its fucking funny if you get it

rev up those goddamn fryers because i have all my shit queued and ready to soak in bubbling white hot jpeg grease

anonymous asked:

aaa how do you make ur art look — er, it's hard to explain, but almost blurry or pale looking? i hope you get what i mean ^^; like in ur header!!

noise removal photoshop! sometimes the noise removal makes the image look super jpeg-artifact-y so i’ll put just a teeeeeeeny tiny amount of graussian blur on the image and then put the noise removal on. in some drawings i also keep the saturation low and the contrast high yes yes 

reasons why sebastian claude is canon: 

a very nice lovely wee spider rub from claude here aww look at that 

aww look they’re smiling at each other and letting their silverware touch!!! not only is this a sweet moment but it is also loaded with sexual tension as Claude’s knife is even bent to look like it has head! 

look claude got a mouth bleed instead of a nose bleed!!!!!!! awww cute thats got to be true love. and look how sebastian is looking at him!!! look at the jpeg artifacts or whatever the fuck that is making it look like he’s blushing!!! haha coincidence? i think not 

aww look at sebastian plunging claudes own sword into him!!! if that isnt a metaphor idk what is! look at claudes face as well! he’s clearly at orgasm central 

in conclusion!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

i really want to wank over some demon butlers but there is like very little art/fic of them 2gether please do more thanks because they are OBVS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! IN A VERY DEEP LOVE WITH EACH OTHER