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If you have anymore, you should post more voltron headcanons! Yours are really great and I'd love to know more 💕💕💕

thank you!! i do have a few more actually :P

  • allura and pidge are the nightowls of the crew. they can go days and days without sleep and the others are lowkey freaked out
  • keith named the mice and sometimes he lets them take naps in his gloves (when no one’s looking ofc)
  • hunk and pidge tell techy jokes to each other at the dinner table and everyone groans bc they wont stop
  • lance is deathly afraid of the dark and sleeps with the light on
  • allura is literally THE STRONG. she works out whenever she can and she can bench shiro no sweat
  • whenever shiro gets exasperated with the kids he runs his hand thru his hair and now his tuft wont stay down all the way
  • pidge doodles on everything
  • hunk has the most incredible singing voice and once allura hears him singing while hes repairing smth she begs him to sing for the group. he does. everyone cries
  • sadly tho keith cant sing for shit
  • lance and hunk play miss mary mack and so far their record is 48 minutes straight
  • allura is always for team bonding so once every few weeks they all have a sleepover in the control room with snacks and ghost stories
  • coran set up a chore chart and put lance’s name in every slot
  • its like an unspoken rule to always carry pidge to bed whenever they inevitably pass out while working: shiro does it most often bc he checks on them all the time
  • keith is allergic to peanut butter
  • lance and keith argue over which things are the best. planets? lance says neptune and keith says mars. theres shouting. headbutting. name calling. its relentless
  • allura likes to hear about earth but only really from hunk… he describes things so incredibly its surreal
  • shiro hates spiders with his entire existence

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*throws sakura petals* How would the paladins react if their crush confessed to them?

Kiss kiss fall in love


  • The first thing out of his mouth was, “Are you sure?”
  • He’s ready to punch himself in the face and cry happy tears. He’s so glad he doesn’t have to be the one to confess, because he’d have no idea how to do it.


  • He’d be so pumped.
  • “Of course! I mean, I’m the best looking, smartest, and all around best.”


  • Excited squealing and bear hugs!
  • You two would go to the movies that night as a celebration of finally gettng together.


  • They’re so flustered, but very excited and happy.
  • They’d hug them and tell them they liked them too, then quickly change the subject to something not gushy and lovey-dovey because they’re embarrassed. 


  • He can’t handle this. He’s so excited but also v flustered so he just kind of stands there blushing and he’s like “Yes.”
  • Which is confusing, but they’re like “…. Do you want to go out some time?”, to which he also responds with “Yes.”
  • He’s trying his best.
Voltron Head Canon

Pidge gets sick and everyone does things to help her get better!

Coran: trying to help, he makes her an Altean remedy food but, much like the paladin lunch, looks unappetizing.

Hunk: makes her the closest thing to chicken noodle soup possible out in space. He likes to keep her company since Shiro won’t let her leave her room except to go to the bathroom.

Lance: always has a tissue at the ready for when she needs one. Sometimes he sings her lullabies.

Keith: takes her on a walk around the ship to make sure her legs don’t get fatigued from staying in bed for so long.

Allura: tells her Altean bedtime stories to help her sleep.

Shiro: in typical space dad fashion, he makes sure she gets plenty of rest and that she is well taken care of.

Pidge continually asks for her laptop but everyone refuses saying she needs to rest not research. She tries to sneak away to her lab so Shiro makes sure there’s always someone with her.

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Hello! I would love to see Hunk being his adorable self cooking or with a super dorky grin! I love your art style! (⌒▽⌒) Its alright if you don't have the time! If anything I just wanna tell you how cute hunk looks in your style.

ahh thank you!! glad to hear you like my art ;; here’s a hunk for u … i have a lot of fun drawing him, he’s great ! 

Whatever you do don’t think about how devastated Lance and Hunk’s families must be about their disappearance. Don’t think about Mrs. Holt whose entire family is gone and who now has no one left. And WHATEVER you do, don’t think about how no one probably noticed or cared when Keith disappeared because he was completely alone.

…Don’t think about those things because they’ll make you feel as sad as I felt while drawing this.


ok but i imagine hunk going to shiro whenever he stresses about lance!


hunk and lance friendship hcs
  • Hunk and Lance knew each other before the Garrison and have been bffs since childhood
  • Hunk and Lance didn’t meet in the same preschool nor did they ever go to the same school (until the garrison) but met each other in a nearby playground where they continued to meet up for the next 8-11 years of their life, they usually let off steam about the shit that goes down in their schools.
  • “Like, if you’re going to steal something from the mall -” “Don’t wear your uniform?” “EXACTLY. God, that guy was so stupid.” “Agreed.”
  • “Then… then he KICKED the guy’s nose!!! He was bleeding, Lance! He needed to be taken to the hospital!!” “Oh my God, and then what?” “A girl was crying the whole entire time and -” the stories they share go on and on.
  • Lance’s mom and Hunk’s mom are interested in the same things so their sons r bffs and so r they and their moms drag them off sometimes to do grocery shopping but Hunk and Lance are aways ‘can’t we just stay at hoooommmmeeee?’ ‘no you’re going to help me and hunk’s mom buy groceries for our party’ ‘what party????’ ‘a joint family party!!!!’ ‘??????? !!!! A JOINT FAMILY PARTY ????’
  • Hunk’s family and Lance’s family are really close buds now
  • It’s almost surreal how much the two families are alike to interests???
  • Hunk and Lance meet up after graduating middle school and decide to finally enrol in the same school. Both of them couldn’t have been anymore excited and happy.
  • Hunk is Lance’s only tether to Earth because Hunk is childhood and playground days, fighting off bullies and staying up at night under covers and pillow forts, charting stars while laying on muddy grass after rain, stealing cookies when their mothers aren’t looking, and making stupid jokes together as the sun went down – all of their world, quiet and soft and sound.
  • Lance loves Hunk and Hunk loves Lance. They’re best friends, because water breathes life on Earth and what is water without it’s Earth?