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Yoongi Scenario: Until There Was You.

Request: Hi, can I get a scenario when Yoongi and the OC are in a relationship but they don’t have to much skinship, but then he saw pictures and videos of his girlfriend with her ex and they were so close, so he try to be like him but he’s nervous? Sorry about my english, lot of love from Perú!

Genre: Fluff / Romance.

“With the arise of the social media and internet resources it is a common trend for lovers to take a step ahead and find information about their partners without actually speaking to them”

-Are they serious?- Yoongi asked himself, turning the volume up a little bit.

“It appears that social media is one of the biggest sources to gather information about someone, the activities they do, the people they meet, the past relationships and even their food taste!”

Yoongi snorted at the TV show he was caught up watching, he thought they were going to give him useful information but instead all they talked was rubbish. He reflected about the conversation held on TV, about going on internet and the different social networks to find out things about his girlfriend, it was ridiculous, if he wanted to know anything about his girl he would just ask her, no need to go around the bush, going through social media. He stretched a little, he was lying in bed with all lights off, only the TV lighted the room. 

Why would someone do that? He knew his relationship wasn’t perfect but he was happy the way he was, seeing what you had on your social networks wouldn’t make a difference, he knew you pretty well too. Yoongi bit his lip, he was happy, or wasn’t he? and he knew you enough, or didn’t he? Shaking his head he changed channels, that stupid show had placed retarded thoughts on his head, it was best if he just saw other shows to distract himself, a documental about some war or ridiculousness, either would do.

But then another thought crossed his mind and this time he couldn’t shake off that easily. But he could never do that, he wasn’t the boyfriend going around and about finding anything out about his girl, or about anyone for that account, but still; the thought had crossed his mind and now he couldn’t get rid of it.

 What if he checked your Facebook out? Would he find out something new about you? would he find funny pictures? The perspective of seeing ugly pictures of you made him smile, he could blackmail you for those later, he could imagine a thing or two to ask you for them, all of them involving you and very little clothing. 

But as he smiled devilishly thinking of that, another thought came to him, what if he found something about your past he hadn’t seen? That would be normal, he didn’t know absolutely everything about you but… He shook his head again, it was best to rest still and keep with his plan of doing nothing for the day, he definitely wasn’t going to look for anything, he was tired as hell and all he wanted was sleep.
But then… a little peek wouldn’t hurt anyone.

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anonymous asked:

I have an interview coming up and I have to dress business professional for the interview, and business casual for the job. Can you please tell me the difference? Outfit ideas?

I wouldn’t buy any new clothes specifically for your job until you know the dress code/have seen how other employees dress. Every job is different and defines professional and casual differently. Now, it is good to have 2-3 business professional outfits, and 2-3 business casual outfits for interviews or just in case, so you can’t go wrong with that. But don’t go out and spend hundreds on a new wardrobe for your new job before your first day.  For work, my dad dresses casual and wears dress pants with a shirt everyday (without a tie). My mom dresses casual for work and wears jeans with nice tops. I also dress casual for work and wear athletic clothes/athleisure. However, here are some good guidelines to follow if you don’t know where to start. 

Typically, worldwide, business casual and professional are very generic and similar (my mind is blanking on the correct word for this, but you know what I mean…it’s generally pretty similar and standard wherever you go). I would ask about the dress code at the interview (not flat out, but if the conversation goes in that direction), but if your job has a business casual dress code, and you show up on the first day in nice pants with a blouse, and everyone else is in jeans and blouses, you won’t look that out of place. It’s better to be overdressed than underdressed, especially if you want to make a good first impression. 

Also, let me know if you need some interview tips/questions to ask afterwards/what employers are typically looking for. 

Business casual: 

  • Dress pants or khaki pants; they can hit at the ankle or all the way down
  • Skirt that hits just above the knee 
  • Casual blouse
  • Sweater, or jacket
  • Flats or 1-2 inch heels
  • No open toed shoes 
  • For this you may wear brighter colors. Not neon or hot pink/bright yellow, but shades of blue, green, red, pastels, or muted-bright colors
  • May wear a casual dress that is more flowy 
  • May wear boots or booties; not at the job interview! But when you actually get the job and know the dress code. Nowadays most jobs have a casual dress code, or at least ‘casual Friday’s’

Business Professional:

  • Neutral colors only 
  • Full length dress pants; not cropped 
  • Blouse; white or light blue is preferred; make sure it’s buttoned all the way up
  • Knee length skirt with tights or panty hose 
  • 1-2 inch heels
  • Blazer or suit jacket
  • Can wear form fitting dress that reaches the knee 

Business casual outfits:






Business professional outfits: 






Personally, at all of my business casual interviews I  wore a blouse and skirt with flats/heels. It’s nice to be a bit dressed up to make a good first impression. However, I’ve had a few interviews at daycares and university office jobs where I wore jeans, flats, and a very nice blouse. It honestly depends where you’re interviewing/working at. For graduate school interviews I’ll show up in a full suit with a briefcase (that’s what girls wore when I helped interview the clinical doctoral applicants this year)!

iconic trans girl gansey looks:

-(from the notes of last post) a hot pink sports bra, an old crew tank, and preppy athletic shorts for a lazy summer day

-a fuckening khaki skort and a fluorescent orange polo. adidas sandals and nike socks.

-one of her mom’s campaign t-shirts that has been given The Blue Treatment, skinny jeans, and boat shoes

-a cute sundress with a distressed denim belonging to her gf

-her bf’s madonna t-shirt with a flirty black skirt ronan decided didn’t look good on him and fila sneakers

The Signs Aesthetics  (@virghoez)

Aries: red converse, bruised knuckles, boyfriend jeans, going on a swing set, campfires, sunburns 

 Taurus: huge sweaters, messy buns, lazy mornings, small plants, bruised knees 

 Gemini: soda cans, Adidas tennis shoes, overalls, oil pastels, soft smiles, distressed jeans 

 Cancer: libraries, soft blankets, wavy hair, Polaroid cameras, beanies, ice cream

Leo: festivals, crop tops, going to the beach at night, fireworks and sparklers, big smiles, yellow converse

Virgo: new sketchbooks, short hair, roses, cold hands, green tea, rainy afternoons

Libra: vintage furniture, blowing bubbles, iced coffee, pink pastel, flowers beginning to bloom, choker necklaces

Scorpio: thunderstorms, black vans (tennis shoes), birthday balloons, dark red lipstick, braids

Sagittarius: fairy lights, hiking, combat boots, flower crowns, climbing high fences, braces

Capricorn: handwritten letters, hot coffee, dark makeup, sunsets, scented candles, black Nikes

Aquarius: going to a swimming pool late at night, jean jackets, milkshakes, dandelion fields, Ferris wheels, bright lipsticks

Pisces: kittens, biting your lip, looking at the night sky, paintings, expensive chocolates, baseball caps

(Created by: @virghoez )

got7 as things

Im Jaebum: The loud roar of thunder. Abstract piercings on each ear. Knuckle brass rings. Worn out boxer gloves. The cackle of a flame when it’s first lit. Black and white grids. The smell of spices in curry and the heavy aroma of cooked steak. Black coffee in a white mug. The bitter aftertaste of dark chocolate in your mouth.

Mark Tuan: Powdered sugar donuts. A clear, blue sky. Fluffy clouds shaped as animals. The silence of a library room. Shadows as the sun sets. The mutual feeling of silent understanding between friends. Quick and shy glances. Pulling your sleeves over your hands. The feeling of the wind hitting you as you ride a bicycle downhill. 

Jackson Wang: Heavy breathing after a morning run. Grey, oversized hoodies and Adidas sneakers. A fast heartbeat. The smell of dew on freshly cut green grass. The satisfaction of winning a close game. Taste of rich chocolate cake with nuts as a surprise. Early dusk when the sun slowly sets and colors in the sky in orange hues.

Park Jinyoung: The smell and feel of yellowing, old books. Steaming hot coffee on a winter’s day. Bundling up in fluffy blankets and socks. The sizzling of food meeting a heated pan. The first brisk and refreshing sip of carbonated soda. Soft, faded vintage blue jeans. Old treasure maps. Quiet car rides with the low hum of the radio. 

Choi Youngjae: Bright rays of light. Sunflowers swaying with the wind. Dawn. Spirals of pink, orange, and yellow in the sky as you drive home. Melodious chirps of birds in the morning. Hot, warm showers in the winter. The drips from a melting popsicle on a hot summer’s day. White picket fenced house. Barks of a dog when you return home.

Bambam: The clean look of new lipstick. Black Italian shoes. Wearing a white outfit with no stains. A new Prada bag. The feeling of leather car seats. Hitting the ‘Snooze’ button on an alarm clock. The first chew of mint gum. Multi-colored hair. Emojis for contact names. Relaxing at a pool on a hot day. 

Kim Yugyeom: The adrenaline high of club dancing. The feeling of sitting after a long day of work. Tilting your head back as you laugh over a good joke. Remembering a fond memory with friends. Dancing in the living room when no one is home. Trying to reach things on the top shelf and getting it. Freshly baked cookies.