look at that handsome fella

Preference #3: He’s on your kill list? Nice.


#3, requested by anonymous with Calum.

We were minding our own business sat outside the cafe drinking something refreshing on the summery day. I sipped at my drink just having a casual conversation with Calum until I heard my name being called. Whipping my head around I instantly felt irritated but put on a polite smile as someone I wished to see burn in hell stood before me.

“Y/n? Hi!” He put the same fake enthusiasm that I remembered, but I was more mature now, there’s no need to undermine him, especially in public.

Trying to maintain my fake smile I let out a shocked gasp at him, “Matthew! Look at you, you look great!” I squealed as I stood up and gave him a quick hug, feeling like I needed a shower as soon as I pulled away. Glancing over to Cal who looked incredibly confused I sent him a pleading look.

“Who’s this handsome fella?” Matthew nodded to Calum who stood up and held out his hand to him.

“Calum.” He remained blunt but shook his hand nonetheless. Once Calum retracted his hand he placed it on my waist, trying to stop me from pouncing.

“My you did well for yourself Y/n, how are things for you now anyway? What line of work are you in now?” He asked as he indiscreetly looked me up and down before flashing a smile back to me.

“Oh I tour now with Calums band, pretty big. You must’ve heard of them.” I joked as I lent closer to Calum, taking a deep breath. “Yeah I get to see the world for months at a time, it’s a lot of fun. Best job I’ve ever had actually.” I spoke now through gritted teeth as I saw Matthew ponder before looking behind us.

“Well, sounds wonderful. Must love you and leave you, catch up soon Y/n.” He said waving as he began to walk off.

“Yeah, definitely!” I raised my voice so he could hear as he quickly walked off. “You dick.” I muttered under my breath as I let out an irritated sigh before sitting back down opposite Cal.

“Okay,” He started as I glanced up from my drink to see him with a confused expression and his eyebrow raised to me. “What did that guy do to deserve the death glare?” A chuckle escaped me as I connected my lips to my straw, taking my time before answering.

“That,” I scoffed, “was Matthew.” Even saying his name made me feel uncomfortable but that wasn’t enough to convince Cal. “Matthew worked with me at my old job, the one I loved so much when we started dating. Matthew was jealous of my position and basically drove me out of my job. Ever since then all he does is undermine me when he sees me, smirks in my direction when he wears his uniform.” Pausing I sipped my drink, trying not to think so hard about the amount of strain he put me under in the space of two months. 

“So that guy is the reason you were so stressed out? Why you did overtime and barely slept?” I could see the glaze over his eyes as he thought back to that rough period of time we both went through, it was probably the most difficult time we endured but he came through, he helped me with it all. 

I simply nodded as I sipped my drink. “Yep, and he earned a highly respectable place on my kill list.” Looking over to Calum who had a blank expression on his face. “What’s up?” I asked, and he seemed to snap out of a deep thought. 

He’s on your kill list?” I nodded and saw a smile form on his face, “Nice.” He laughed and I joined in, he raised his drink to me, “To that dick, may he remain a respectable number on yours and now my kill list.” A laugh came through as I clinked my drink with his before relaxing back into my seat and moving on with our conversation, removing the thought of Matthew from my mind entirely.


Everyone meet Chinook! I adopted Chinook about two weeks ago and have been waiting to introduce him until I could think of a name. Not sure what he is mixed with, but we’re thinking maybe Aussie and Husky? According to his rescue, he was dumped on the side of the road and stayed there a week before being rescued. He is super sweet, talkative, and just weird enough to fit in. :)

Look forward to future updates on this handsome fella!


Kit Harington, aka Jon Snow, knows the pains of being super duper hot.

Also, there’s new research finding when handsomeness might hurt fellas looking for a job.

In other news, an orchestra of a thousand tiny violins putting on a free concert inside of average-faced people everywhere.