look at that goof


‘Phil is not on fire 2’ Phan screenshots

We’ve got the obvious lion branding

Some smiley goofs

Phil being a nuisance

After phil made a horrible your mum joke

More smiley goofs

Looks like some badly written fanfic to me

And here you see a college drop out trying to tell an English and Linguistics major that microwave is, in fact, an onomatopoeia.


Look, Kimmy, I know you took a test or whatever, but you don’t have to be a crossing guard. You could be a unicorn, if you want.


because of the palette you wished for I went for a kinda 90′s look. Bokuto the motorbike-riding nightowl tho.

thank you :-o

Good monster factory things:

- Freaking out over what one slider can do

- “euuuuuugh. uuuuuuuuuuugh. euch it’s bad”

- Griffin provides monster noises

- “Oh yeah absolutely are you kidding me”

- Justin provides monster voices

- “It looks like *adjective* *celebrity*!”

- Good amount of dog goofs

- When Griffin or Justin say something then the other loses it


The final shot should’ve been Scott and Stiles and Lydia with their arms around each other, a single moment, because they are the originals, they’ve been together the longest, then Lydia walks out of the frame, Scott and Stiles have a moment where they just look at each other and grin like the goofs they are and then Lydia tugs on Stiles’ hand, because they are most definitely holding hands, and Stiles does one of his spastic moves as he falls out of the shot, and then it’s Scott, just our Alpha, smiling at his friends.