look at that girly baby face


The song of the ocean breeze fills the air around you and Shawn as you lazily swing back and forth in that old hammock on the front porch of the house you’re renting, the one with ropes that looked about ready to snap. Shawn spent the day yesterday repairing it while you watched him, iced tea in hand, sunglasses perched on your nose and encouragements falling from your lips. (“Babe, your back looks so good like that”; “Stop wiggling your ass at me dipshit”; “Can you take your pants off too?”)

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BTS React to S/O being tall

@sidedrugs :  Could I have a reaction to their girlfriend being tall? Like basically their height or almost their height? Thank you so much! You’re writing is amazing by the way💖💖💖

Thanks for the wait sweetie, and the compliment :) 

Sorry it’s a bit late, but I hope you like it. 

I used a fansite to find out their heights, so I’m not 100% sure how accurate they are, so don’t murder me if I got one of them wrong. 

Jimin (Height - 5′8):

He is such a smol bean himself, so the fact that you’re the same height is understandable. He’s honestly just so relieved you’re not taller than he is, even though he knows height doesn’t affect someones personality etc, it would still make him feel a little insecure if you were any taller. 

Because you’re the same height, he would kindly, ask you to not wear heels around him/when you go out. 

“You know I think you look great in them babe, but it makes you so much taller than me!”

“I have to look up at you when you wear them, and it makes me feel weak. I know it’s stupid, but could you please not wear them? For me?”

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J Hope (Height - 5′10):

You being tall is one of the first things he noticed about you, that and the fact that your height makes you legs seem like they go on for daysssss. 

He really likes that part ;)

“I love that you’re so tall, it makes you look like a model.”

“Maybe you should go to some auditions? Your legs alone would get you signed.”

“…. You know what? Never mind. Don’t go. Your legs are for me, just for me, okay? Don’t be letting strange men ogle you.”

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Yoongi (Height - 5′8):

He wouldn’t care about your height. He does like that you’re similar in height to him, because it makes you match well as a couple. 

But it’s not something he thinks about or really considers in your relationship. 

“I know you’re tall, I get it. You don’t have to tell me a million times.”

“I know we can’t do cute tip toe kisses. But why are you complaining? Are my kisses lacking? Do you not like them?”

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Jin (Height - 5′10):

He loves how tall you are, and is all of the time talking about how it’s going to affect your offspring. 

“Can you imagine how our children are going to be? With my good looks and our heights they’re going to be the supermodels of the next generation.”

“Wait, your good looks? Are you saying I’m ugly? Huh?”

“No no– jagiya don’t hit me!–” *runs away from your fists of fury* 

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Namjoon (Height - 5′11):

He is grateful for how tall you are, because it helped him notice you and want to get to know you. 

“When I first met you, the only reason I turned around and saw you is because I could hear people whispering ‘She’s a giant. Look at how big she is.”

“It was hilarious. People had looks of awe on their faces, seriously.”

P.S. He totally calls you his ‘little bamboo shoot.’, ‘giantess’, etc. as pet names. 

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Jungkook (Height - 5′10):

You being a couple of inches shorter than him is perfect in his opinion. 

It means he has to tilt his head down slightly when looking at you to meet your eyes, and he finds that really attractive. 

Kookie likes the girly girl/ feminine types and that includes having a s/o that is smaller than him. 

“I love how tall you are baby, tall enough to find you easily in a crowd but short enough to still be super cute.”

“Are you saying I wouldn’t be cute if I was taller than you?”

“No No, You’ll always be cute no matter what, that’s just science. BUT being shorter than me gets you extra cuteness points.”

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Taehyung (Height - 5′10):

He thinks it’s super cute, and loves that you have identical heights. He would also be that really cheesy boyfriend that buys you all kinds of couple accessories and outfits so you can match in other ways as well. 

“What do you think about this jacket? It’s cute right? I’m gonna get us both one.”

“Tae… sweetie… I have no more room in my closet.”

“So? You can just keep it in mine. tada! just ordered it. Ahhh we’re going to be so cute, we’re gonna make everyone jealous.”

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  • Tyler: No offense, Ethan, but you're not exactly Manly Mannington!
  • Ethan: I am too Manly... Manny, or whatever it is you said.
  • Mark: Face the music, kid. You got no muscles, you smell like baby wipes, and let's not forget last Tuesday's... incident.
  • [Flashback: Ethan is in the bathroom, in a towel, looking into the mirror and singing into his comb like a microphone]
  • Ethan: Disco girl... comin' through... that girl is you! [Mark opens the bathroom door.] DON'T COME IN, DON'T COME IN! [End flashback]
  • Tyler: [grinning] You were listening to girly Icelandic pop sensation BABBA?!
  • Ethan: No, I wasn't-- It's not important!
BTS reaction to having to watch your baby sister

Sorry for not posting in so long, it’s essay week and my mother was visiting so I’ve been busy :( -Admin RJ


He would try his best to entertain your sister, playing pretend games with her and taking everything very seriously. You listened to the baby’s mumbles as she giggled in amusement at Seokjin’s fake pirate beard before running away from him so he would chase her around the apartment (if you could call it a chase, your sister was still slow with her steps). 

“If I catch you, I will give the famous Captain’s fatal kiss.”

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He agreed since he thought that babies sleep a lot so he imagined that babysitting will be easy. Much to his surprise, your sister was awake and full of energy, wanting Yoongi to entertain her with plushies and pretending to be a horse and letting her ride on his back. You decided to help Yoongi and read for your sister, finally making her stay into one place for 5 minutes.

“Y/N, when it’s her nap time? H-e-l-l, when It’s MY nap time??”

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Hoseok didn’t mind babysitting, he found babies cute and it was a good chance to see how the both of you would be around babies. He liked holding the baby into his arms, jumping up and down or spinning to make her laugh. He even tried to explain her the concept of ‘Hide & Seek’ but your sister was too excited about this strange man so she followed immediately after him, not giving him time to hide.

“No, you have to wait and count and then find me. Wait, does she know how to count??”

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He would watch as you tried to teach your sister to do aegyo, doing all kind of cute poses and hoping that your sister would copy you. He laughed as the baby only stared at you with an unimpressed expression. You cried in defeat and seeing that your boyfriend was laughing, you asked him to try it. Namjoon walked to your sister, smiling to show his dimples and do aegyo and your sister immediately reached to poke at his dimples, curious about it.

“See? This means I’m so much cuter than you are.”

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Your baby sister was on the floor, playing with some of the few toys you had around the apartment and ignoring you two in favour of the toys. Jimin was pouting, wanting to play with the baby so he slid on the floor, next to her and asked if he could play with her. Your sister happily gave a doll to Jimin and he started talking in a girly voice, playing Princess with your sister.

“ HIIIIIIIIIIIII~~~! What are you doing there?”

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It was not news to you that Taehyung loved children so you were not surprised when he gladly accepted to help you babysit your sister. He looked at your sister with adoration in his eyes as he fed her, making different noises or funny faces to convience her to eat. His reactions were adorable as he smiled from being succesful in feeding her and bouncing your sister gently, to help her fall asleep, her head on his shoulder and his hands supporting her.

“She looks just like you! I want our own babies to be so cute!”

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He was pouting as the baby kept reaching for the Playstation controller so he couldn’t play anymore without smashing his virtual car into a wall. He gave up, reaching with his hand to stop the baby from putting the controller into her mouth, which made the baby giggle and try again. Jungkook told her ‘No’ and continued to stop her to only have her try again, transforming this into a game and making Jungkook laugh. 

“It’s not that bad, she’s actually quite funny!”

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He Goes by the Name H. One [part 2]

Author: b0blegum

Pairing: DJ!Chae Hyungwon x Reader

Rating: G (still…)

Genre: Romance


Part: Part 1 - Part 2 - Part 3 - end 

Today was almost the same as yesterday and even the day before yesterday. You woke up alone, washed your face, watch some morning news and headed to the bathroom to let the warm water cleaned every inch of your bare skin. What differed was only your best friend isn’t home yet, but that didn’t bother you much because you knew, she probably stayed at her one night stand-er, which she met at the after party last night.

You heard something vibrated as you dried off your hair. It was your phone and it was a kakao phone call from your childhood friend who had to move miles away due to his father’s work.

“Changkyun?” You called his name after both of you exchanged hello for formality. “Oh my God, it is really you! I haven’t heard from you in ages!” You left your towel just anywhere and sat at the edge of your bed. “You’re in Seoul? Really? Why didn’t you tell me you’re coming?” Smile wouldn’t leave your face during the phone calls with your childhood friend. “Yes, i’m totally free… Okay… Okay, sure! I know the place, don’t worry. Oh my God, i can’t believe i finally am gonna meet you! Okay, see you, Changkyun!”

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What I Never Knew I Wanted (1/?)

Pairing: Bucky Barnes x Reader

Warning: Umm so far nothing?

Bucky’s wife is pregnant, it’s everything he could have ever wanted. But being an Avenger and a new father is one hell of an act to juggle. When panic sets in he can turn to Steve and his wife, but why did it look so easy with their twins? The late nights, the days gone, something are just worth it right? But like hell will Bucky let anything come between him and his family let alone let anything harm them in any way.

A/N: There is Blue Stick Crossover in this Series, so if you haven’t read The Blue Stick highly recommend it!!

@fandomobsessivee  @zxcorra  @killjoycametofuck  @sebbaevans @humanandangel @allthingsmarvell  @yumna97 @chrisevansthedoritobastard   @holahellohialoha  @almightyunnie @imamotherfuckingstar-lord  @iwillbeinmynest @letsgetfuckingsuperwholocked @goodnightwife @irepeldirt  @yourtropegirl  @bellejeunefillesansmerci @buckyb-avengers  @winterboobaer  @mrhowardstark @rileyloves5 @ria132love 

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BonRin Week Day 2: Secrets


It had been difficult to sneak out of the dorm. It had been nearly impossible to get past the teachers and leave the campus. Yet Bon had managed to find the bus stop and lean against a street lamp, waiting to be picked up. His heart was racing and his chest was tight with guilt as he watched the scene around him. He had never left campus without permission before.  It wasn’t as if he snuck out to do anything wrong, though; he just needed to buy some supplies. Then he would return immediately and no one would be the wiser.

Bon’s internal turmoil was interrupted by the bus pulling up, brakes squealing. The doors opened and he climbed aboard. Finding a comfortable seat near the back, Bon settled in for the ride. His thoughts began to gather once more.

This is stupid. I should have ordered it online. Leaving campus could get me a detention, Bon thought. What if someone saw me? They might tell Okumura-sensei. He would put me on probation. Or what if they told Rin? God, if Rin found out, he’d be pissed. Well, maybe not pissed, but definitely worried.

Bon shook his head. No one was going to find out. He’d make sure of that. No one would know he left and if they did, they wouldn’t know why. He was safe.

The bus came to a stop and Bon made his way to the front, walking down the steps. He began heading down the street, hands in his pockets and his head low. His destination was only a few minutes away. It was already in view, with its rich purple awnings and its racks of bright colors and patterns. His heart flutter with anticipation instead of nervousness and guilt.

Finally, Bon stood in front of the store, staring at all the new items in the window display. His lips curled up slightly as he walked in.

“Welcome to Fabric Palace! Can I - oh, Ryuuchan, it’s you. I haven’t seen you in here lately! You always order online.” A feminine voice said.

Bon scratched the back of his neck. “Yeah. Been busy with school. How you been, Katsuka?”

The woman, Katsuka, beamed. “I’ve been great! The shop is doing well. We even have a few classes now. Any chance you’ll come teach beginner’s sewing?”

“Nah. I got too much going on. I’m not even that good.”

“My daughter’s wedding gown begs to differ! You made it look so beautiful, Ryuuji. The beadwork was as stunning as the stitching, too!”

Bon looked to the ground, cheeks pink. “It wasn’t much. Just wanted to help. You made all those robes for the temple.”

“Enough about me, Ryuuchan! What are you doing lately? Do you like high school? Are you working on any new pieces?”

“School’s good. I’ve got straight A’s. I ain’t working on anything, but I want to make an apron.”

“You’re a good boy, Ryuuji. Let me show you some patterns. Who are you making it for?”

“Just some idiot. He likes to cook and he drops stuff in my dorm. Figured I should at least repay him.”

Katsuka smirked. She knew this ‘idiot’ was probably more than that, but she would keep it to herself. Bon would admit it when he was ready. She pulled a few patterns out of a filing cabinet and spread them on the counter for Bon to see. He cringed slightly.

“Katsuka, you got anything a little less…girly?” Bon asked.

Katsuka gave him a look. “What do you mean?”

“I like the patterns, but they’re kinda all ruffles and ribbon. I just want something a little more masculine. Rin’s kind of weird about that stuff sometimes. Plus the moron is prone to catching things on fire. I’m not putting that much effort into something that’ll end up destroyed.”

“Ah, so his name is Rin. I guess I could give you the pattern for a plain one. It won’t be as fun, though.”

Bon looked over the patterns once more. Maybe something a bit feminine wouldn’t be so awful. After all, Rin would probably look good in something frilly, maybe a baby blue apron with some pretty ribbon piping. Bon picked up a pattern for a simple apron with a ruffled edge. It would look nice.

“Good choice. I’m sure Rin will like it.” Katsuka said.

“Maybe. He gets defensive about people thinking he’s feminine.” Bon said.

“Sounds like a boy I know. About sixteen, looks like a delinquent, hates people knowing that he can sew because he thinks people will make fun of him for being girly. Let me tell you something: boy and girl activities don’t exist. Sure, you’ve got masculine and feminine, but that’s preferences. Anyone can do anything.”

Bon frowned and chose to ignore her. “Okay. I need baby blue fabric for this piece and maybe a white patterned piece for the pockets. Have anything that looks like toile? And lace piping.”

“And the genius is back. Follow me.”

Bon followed Katsuka through the aisles, picking out his materials. He couldn’t wait to see Rin’s face when he saw it.


“Nii-san, I will be back late tonight. Please stay in the dorm.” Yukio said.

Rin nodded as he watched Yukio shut his briefcase. His brother had nothing to worry about; Rin planned on staying in all night. He had his own plans, plans so shameful that he couldn’t even tell Yukio. Rin felt hot just thinking about them.

“No problem, Four-Eyes! I’ll make bentos for tomorrow!” Rin babbled happily.

Yukio offered a soft smile. “That sounds nice. Have fun.”

“Be careful, okay, Yukio?”

“Of course, Rin. I promise.”

With that, Yukio left for his mission, closing the door behind him. Rin rushed to the window. He watched, waiting for Yukio to leave the dorm entirely. Yukio turned back to wave at him and went on his way.

With his twin gone, Rin could finally do it.

Reaching under the bed, Rin pulled out a plain cardboard box and lifted the top. He began pulling out its contents, spreading them across the bed. Careful fingers ran over each item, enjoying the feel of soft fabric on his skin.

“Blue or yellow?” Rin asked himself, looking between his choices.

Before him were two simple dresses, one in blue and one in yellow. The blue one was Rin’s favorite; it had capped sleeves and the skirt fell to his knees, the mesh-like fabric swishing freely. The yellow one had its merits, too, though. It was sleeveless and the skirt was bowed out slightly, giving it a more formal look. It had a bit of glitter, which always made Rin feel pretty.

Rin’s hand hovered over both for a few moments before picking up the blue one. It would be the best one to cook in; Shiro had always called it his housewife dress.

The memory made Rin smile. The old man had found out about his hobby only a year after he had started it. He never teased Rin for liking feminine clothes. In fact, he had bought Rin a few dresses and skirts when he had the money to.

Pushing away the sadness swelling within his heart, Rin began to undress. He pulled on a pair of appropriate underwear - a pair Shiro had gotten him after he had caught Rin wearing boxers with a skirt - settling them on his hips before pulling the dress over his head. He smoothed out the skirt, twirling a bit.

Not bad. Wonder if I could find some cheap heels to go with it. It would probably make my ass look great, Rin thought, laughing to himself. He reached into the box and pulled out a pair of white flats, slipping them onto his feet. They would do for now.

Before he left for the kitchen, Rin stood in front of the mirror and grabbed the clip Bon had given him. He pinned his bangs back, wondering what Bon would think of his outfit. He’d probably get upset and say ‘what the hell are you wearing? Don’t you have any decency,’ Rin thought.

Rin headed to the kitchen, set on making rice balls for tomorrow’s bentos. He began taking out ingredients and placing them on the counter, ignoring Ukobach’s questioning eyes. Kuro hopped onto the counter and nuzzled Rin’s arm.

“You look pretty, Rin!” Kuro exclaimed.

Rin blushed. “Aw, thanks, Kuro.”

“Are you gonna make chicken rice balls? Can I have some?”

“You little jerk! You called me pretty for food!”

“Nuh-uh! I called you pretty because I meant it. Food was an afterthought.”

“Fine. I’ll save you some, okay?”

“Yay! Thanks, Rin!”

Rin smiled, stroking the demon’s fur before shooing him out of the kitchen. He began his work, humming happily and swaying his hips to make his dress swish around his legs.


It had taken some time to find a place to work on the apron in peace. The dorm had been out of the question; Konekomaru and Shima could barge in at any moment and catch Bon in the act. The library didn’t make the cut, either. Bon’s machine would be too loud and it also had the added risk of being full of people that could see him sewing. So, he searched high and low and finally found a fairly rundown classroom that he could use and have total privacy. He set up shop in the back corner and started his project.

“Tch, how tall is Okumura? He’s one of the shortest guys in the class. Screw it, I’ll just make it a large. If he doesn’t like it, he can kiss my ass.” Bon muttered to himself, cutting out the pattern carefully.

He began pinning the thin paper to the fabric, a frown of concentration on his face. Maybe he could make the bottom half of the apron flare out a little. It would only require adding onto the pattern slightly, so Bon pulled out a measuring tape and began drawing. He put a large curve on the bottom of the apron, giving it a dress-like appearance. Bon smirked. Wouldn’t Rin look cute, making his cookies and octopus hotdogs in his pretty apron?

When the hell did I start thinking Okumura would be cute ever? He looks like a monkey, Bon thought.

A small voice in the back of Bon’s mind seemed to laugh at him. Bon ignored it in favor of cutting the fabric. Once he had it cut and displayed, he fired up the machine and began the task of sewing it together.


“You made three bentos. Are going to eat extra tomorrow?” Kuro asked, nibbling at a rice ball.

“Huh? Nah. I made one for Bon.” Rin said absently, sprinkling some salt in the pot in front of him.

“For Bon? Why?”

Rin shrugged. “I wanted to. As a thank you for the hair clip.”

“But you made him cookies already. And sushi. And omelettes that time he came to see Yukio and he wasn’t here.”

“Look, Kuro, are you complaining about leftovers?”

Kuro shook his head. “No! But Shiro told me people cook for people they like. So do you like Bon?”

“That stupid rooster head? Hell no.”

“But you cook for him a lot. Are you sure?”

“I’m positive. Besides, Yukio would kill Bon if he ever thought I liked him.”

“Yukio wouldn’t be mad, I think, if you liked him.”

Rim smiled softly. “Probably not. But I don’t have to worry about it anyway. Since I don’t like anyone. Besides, I’m not into guys.”

“Liar! You have all those mangas with the boys kissing and holding hands!”

“Shut up and don’t go through my things, you rotten little cat!”

Kuro laughed as Rin pouted. Rin was so silly; why couldn’t he just admit that he had a crush? If he did, Bon would be able to see him in all of his dresses and skirts and then Bon could tell Rin how pretty he was. Actually, now that Kuro thought about it, he had never seen Rin wear these clothes near other people, not even Yukio. It was unfortunate. Rin always looked happy in his dresses.


Two days later, Bon’s masterpiece was complete. It had taken six hours, using a chair as a mannequin, and pricking his fingers so much that he bled, but it looked beautiful. He took a picture and sent it to Katsuka. She had sent back a winky face and the words ‘I bet Rin will love it. Might even get you a kiss.’ Bon grit his teeth and shoved his phone in his pocket. Sometimes Katsuka could be annoying as hell.

He put the apron in a plain cardboard box despite wanting to wrap it nicely. He didn’t want Rin thinking he actually put effort into it. That could give him away, and then the little hellspawn might think Bon actually liked him. That would be mortifying.

Alright, time to drop it off. That bastard better like it. I should make him wear it everywhere with how much time it took, Bon thought as he headed towards the Okumura dorm. The box tucked beneath his arm felt heavier than it should have been. Maybe it was due to the anxiousness Bon was feeling over someone finding out he had sewn the garment. Or, perhaps more likely, it was Katsuka’s words that had him worried. Did he like Rin? Is that why he had put so much effort into the apron?


Music blared from Rin’s phone, filling the kitchen with obnoxious bubble gum pop and techno beats. His black skirt swayed as he danced through the room, mixing ingredients and chopping vegetables. Ukobach was manning the oven, stirring simmering pots of sauce and porridge. Kuro was sitting on the counter watching them work, enjoying his job as taste tester.

“Yo, Ukobach, can you add some cinnamon to that pudding? Yukio likes it to be really strong.” Rin said.

Ukoback nodded and grabbed the spice, dumping in a healthy amount before mixing it in. Rin smiled in thanks and returned to chopping celery. Yasai no nikumaki was on the menu for tomorrow’s bentos and they were as time consuming as they were delicious. He was glad he had Ukobach’s help; he’d never get done otherwise.

“You’re making three again?” Kuro asked.

“Yeah, why?” Rin asked.

“Because you’ve been making three all week. Who’s this one for?”

Rin looked away from the cat, hiding his face. “Just someone.”

“Oh! For Bon!”

Rin groaned. “Yes, okay? It’s not because I like him or anything, though! He just helped me with some homework!”

“Whatever you say.”

Rin sighed, frustrated. Kuro was so fixated on him liking Bon. So what if he made the guy food? Rin liked cooking. Sometimes he had extra. It wasn’t some conspiracy. Rin pulled at his skirt a bit before bending down to grab another chopping board. The last thing he wanted was anyone seeing his panties, even if the only people around him were people that knew that he wore them.

Pulling out a package of beef from the refrigerator, Rin began slicing it into thin sheets to make the rolls. He threw a slice to Kuro, laughing as the cat scarfed it down.

“Yum! Your food is so good, Rin. I bet everyone loves it!” Kuro praised.

“I hope so. I used to make this for Dad all the time. He’d laugh because I made the carrots look like hearts. He said it was literally putting love into the food. I think he was crazy. Like I’d do that for him.” Rin said.

“You miss him a lot. I do, too.”

Rin smiled softly. “I guess we need to eat these in his honor, then, huh?”


Silence fell over the kitchen for a moment before Rin decided it was too much.

“Hey, being sad in the kitchen is not allowed! I’m going to crank up the Girl’s Generation!” He exclaimed.


Bon knocked on the door to the dorm no less than twenty times before giving up. He looked up to Rin’s window, hoping to see the other boy. Normally, Rin would be at his desk, twirling a pencil, chin resting in his hand. Whenever Bon saw him, he would flip him off, and Rin would respond with a stupid face. However, the curtains were closed. Bon huffed. He knew Rin was there, so what the hell was he doing that was so important that he couldn’t answer the door?

“Okumura! Come open the door, you moron!” Bon yelled, banging on the door.

No response came. He grabbed the doorknob and twisted, finding it open. Bon sighed, shaking his head. Rin really was an idiot, keeping his door unlocked when he was home alone. Bon stepped inside and toed off his shoes before making his way up the stairs.

He find Rin and Yukio’s room and knocked on the door. Again, there was no answer. Bon tried once more, receiving the same response.

“Damn it, Okumura! I’m not gonna wait around for you all night!” Bon snapped.

Bon stomped back down the stairs to continue his search. If Rin wasn’t in his room, the next possible place he could be was the kitchen. Bon walked down the hall, smirking when he heard music. He had found Rin. He quickened his pace, stepping into the kitchen only a minute later.

When he caught sight of Rin, he froze.

The black haired boy was dancing at the counter, his back to Bon. A knee-length black skirt was settled on his hips, swaying as Rin shook and shimmied. Black patent leather flats covered his feet, giving them an almost dainty look. A baseball shirt covered his top half, but it was about two sizes too big, causing it to fall off his shoulder. Bon gulped. What the hell had he walked into?

“Kuro, what’s wrong? I can’t understand you when you talk like that, it sounds like hissing.” Rin said.

Bon’s eyes flitted to the cat on the counter. He seemed to glare at Bon, as if he was personally offended by his presence. The cat let out a loud meow, finally causing Rin to turn around.

“Oh my God, Kuro, you can have some when -” Rin began.

His words trailed off as his blue eyes met Bon’s brown. Rin felt his cheeks heat up and he tried to pull down his skirt more, but the damage was done. Bon was staring at him, eyes fixated on his skirt, face unreadable.

“What the hell, Okumura?” Bon asked after a few minutes.

“Look, it’s not what you think - you know what? I don’t have to explain anything to you. Get out.” Rin said.

“Wait, I-”

“I said get out!”

“Shut up for a second! I don’t give a shit what you wear! Why didn’t you answer the goddamn door when I knocked?”

Rin’s eyes widened. “You - you aren’t mad? Not even a tiny bit?”

“I’m mad that you didn’t open the door.”

“But you aren’t mad about the skirt. You aren’t going to make fun of me.”

Bon snorted. “Like this is the weirdest thing you’ve done.”

Rin let out a sigh of relief. “Please don’t tell anyone. Not even Yukio knows, okay? You can’t tell.”

“Whatever. Here. This is for you. Thanks for the food.”

Bon tossed the box in his hands to Rin and shoved his hands in his pockets. Blue eyes looked at him curiously before opening the gift. Rin grinned as he pulled out the apron.

“Wow! This is so cool! Thanks, Bon!” Rin exclaimed.

Bon grimaced. “Don’t call me that. We aren’t friends.”

“Did you make it? I’ve never seen an apron like this.”

“What? Do I look like I know how to sew, Okumura? God, you’re a damn moron.”

Rin watched Bon’s eyes dart around, avoiding his eyes, and his smile widened. So Bon had made it. Rin didn’t see what he was embarrassed about; the apron looked awesome. Rin put the garment on, tying it around his waist.

“You’re pretty good. Who knew your big mitts could handle a needle?” Rin asked.

“I already told you I didn’t make it! And who knew your hairy damn monkey legs could look good in a skirt?” Bon shot back.

“You think I look good?”

Bon spluttered for a moment before crossing his arms. “No way in hell. Shut up.”

The two were silent for a moment, not looking at each other.

“Hey, uh, thanks. For the apron. And for promising not to tell.” Rin said quietly.

“Thanks for the food. You better keep your mouth shut about me being able to sew.” Bon said gruffly.

Rin simply nodded, taking what he could get. He smoothed out his apron and got back to work. Bon stood awkwardly in the doorway, contemplating what to do.

“Grab a knife, stupid. The cucumbers won’t cut themselves.” Rin said.

Bon grumbled as he followed Rin’s orders. He supposed he could do what the guy wanted just this once. It would be their secret.

Joe Sugg x Reader - I Missed You

“Joe Sugg.” I glare my sparkly lined eyes to my boyfriend that I’m (steamily) livid at. Joe had been away on work and then to his dad’s up north but I had to stay. He finally came back today but it was one of his mates’ birthday and so we obliged to going to a club in London. Honestly, I just missed my boyfriend and now I was feeling a bit neglected. I missed his scent and running my hands over his shoulders, giving massages and his little smiles that somehow were the grandest things. Not that I would let him know that, I’d spent all night in a damn tight dress showing off my body (because I had so much time I actually worked out when Joe was gone) and playing with Joe just the right amount.
Now it was 2AM, we rolled back to his flat and Joe was sipping some water to cool off.

“You shouldn’t really be using that tone with me after tonight missy.” Joe eyed me back as I looked to his chest all down up in his suit and tie. How somebody could look sexy yet boyish at the same damn time was beyond me.
“Excuse me?” I tilted my head prancing away from him towards the couch, but he grabbed me by the waist faster than I could anticipate.
“You know exactly what I’m talking about. Tonight in the club, practically flirting with everyone then sitting back in my lap like a pretty little girl, placing my hands in loads of places. Not to mention the scene at the restaurant.” Joe snarled as I giggled.
“That’s what you get. Leaving me all week, then going to your dad’s and when you finally come back, you edit all day long before we have to go out with your friends clubbing til the early morning,” I took a breath after listing everything and blinked my eyes at him, getting rid of my built up frustration. I was just a girl who missed her boyfriend and was feeling neglected. As he came over to wrap his arms around me, I rolled my eyes pulling away and he chuckled.
“Oh baby missed me did she?” Joe asked smirking a little while I pouted. Joe Sugg became the sun for me in cloudy London and I missed him like hell.
“Yes.” I batted my eyes just a little baby, knowing full well how much he liked that.
“When then I guess I can help that…” Joe said pulling me close to him as I grind-ed my body even closer into him.

He grabbed me by the hips lifting me up on the marble countertop of his kitchen. I grab hold of his strong jaw as Joe re-familiarized himself with my breast area leaving kisses all around. I grin out in pleasure as Joe moves down my body and I’m pretty sure he leaving all the marks that he’s mine. But this is far too mild and not enough for him going away so long, so when I touch his hair my hands bring his head closer to me mouth.

“Bedroom,” I whisper in between and out of breath as he nods. Carrying me towards the stairs I try to hold myself back urging to get on Joe’s bed. He holds me in his arms and as we make it around the corner Joe says, “Patience y/n.”
“I’ve been patient all week.” I run my hands all over his chest and rapidly unbutton his shirt after taking off his blazer. Joe unzips his pants and takes my dress off, sighing in awe. It’s a pure tragedy how long I’ve been away from the the person who knows how to treat me best.
“Pretty little thing.” Joe says out of breath and I feel him after so long.
“F**k I missed you.” I moan out close to screaming as Joe continues with himself.
“Same,” Joe chuckles in his thick sweet accent as we run through each other.
“y/n! Oh–” I grab onto his lips and kiss them shut.
“Shut up. Just do it.” I grin menacingly, growing impatient. Oh how I craved for his feeling.
“Ooh demanding,” he raises his eyebrows up at me, “As you wish.”

Before I even have time to comprehend my already dreamlike state, Joe follows my command exactly and better than I could’ve ever.
“Joe!” My voice shouts probably waking up the neighbors. He smirks at getting me in this state and position, “Shhh love. It’s only 3 in the morning. We have to be quiet.” I nod my head but my eyes are eager his continuing. The climax is pretty but exciting leaving me perplexed all around. Him as well.

When all is done and everything has come, I lay back excruciatingly satisfied and Joe is happily exhausted after I did my part.
“I freaking love you y/n.” Joe smiles with his perfect blue eyes and messy blonde quiff. I scoot closer into his bare oddly tanned chest and gaze into the beautiful face above mine.
“I love you too baby,” I say before Joe cups my face kissing me gently.
“But now…” I murmur playfully and Joe looks at me with the softest look in the entire world that melted me in a split second.
“Yes my dear?” His voice was a sweet kind of ecstasy that left you craving more while hid it held you in the delicate and most loving way possible.
“I do want to just cuddle you please.” I chirp in the girly-est baby voice ever.
Joe does a quiet laugh and kisses my cheek while I mindlessly stroke his gorgeous face. He takes a long satisfied sigh and pulls me into him, both of us in spooning condition. He intertwines our hands together and twists his leg with mine, beginning to play with my hair as my head rests on him.
“Anything for you.” His voice says sweet as honey whilst I’m held in his strong arms. A feeling of gratitude and butterflies swarm through me and Joe leaving kisses all along my neck making his way downs. I lay more relaxed than ever watching the person I love with his dorky grin and baby blue eyes looking at me in absolute admiration. I loved him and he loved me. There wasn’t a doubt in the entire world of our love. Everything in this moment was ethereal and ideal perfection. With my fingers running through his perfect blonde hair and his kisses all around me, I smile and hold off on the morning to allow myself a few more hours of a pure haven.

Flashes of the Future (Part 6)

Summary: Time and age have turned James into doting family man.  

Pairing: James Buchanan Barnes x Reader

Words: 1834

Warnings: Just a bit of fluff. Loads of kissing. James seems to like kissing everyone he loves, haha. Not sure why I added this as a warning. 

A/N: Only 3 more chapters to go… See the Masterlist and/or Series Masterlist for more information.

Originally posted by theimpossibleg1rl

Chapter 6: A Flash of Adulthood

The weekends were usually filled with the laughters and joyful screams of their children as they ran around in the house, followed by the not-so-joyful screams of their mother, then often the sounds faded as the children hurried off to do some more damage in the communal backyard. Today was not like that though. Both Alex and Steven had been outside for a big part of the day, playing with their friends, and James really missed their sounds and attention. Was this what an empty nest would feel like later on? Even [Y/N] had made plans with friends, and he was left to his own devices. Before he had started his own family, he really needed a lot of alone time, but now he could not imagine a day that was not spent with the people he held closest in his heart. However, today he would have to weather the storm. He turned on the radio and listened to the news, then the ballgame. It brought back some good memories of his childhood. He cleaned up the small messes the children had made in the family room, and examined their little toys and books. Those brought back happy memories from not so long ago. When the silence became overbearing, James grabbed his jacket and went outside for a while to enjoy the sun. He met up with the crew from the neighborhood to shoot the breeze. He caught up on all the dirt and played a round of cards. After a couple of hours of being social with his community, he decided he had enough of it and he went back home to his familiar couch with a newspaper under his arm to read up on the current local news while he would wait for his family to come home.

“Sweetheart, whatcha been doing all day?” James asked Alex gravely when she walked into the family room from the bedrooms. He put away his newspaper and gestured her to come closer. She happily skipped towards him.

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Little one

For the first time in a while the house is thoroughly clean, there’s no spills, no sticky patches, no random crackers on the floor, nothing. The house is entirely clean and full of festivity as your son waddles around trying to find something to get himself into. You hear the front door open and your sons eyes at once peek over at you, “ah, is daddy home?” You coo, watching as the little boy keeps a neutral expression before turning back to watching the Christmas lights on the tree. “Hi, my two favourite people.” Harry blissfully, yet tiredly greets coming into view just as he leans down and kisses your cheek. “Hi, it’s about time you come home.” You smile up at him, a sigh escaping his lips.
“I know, I know. I’m two days over due, I’ll make it up to you.” He cracks a smile, “now where is my lil fella?” He chimes, turning around to see his child twiddling with the Christmas balls on the tree. “Whatcha doin’ baby?” He coos, grabbing his sons attention and scooping him up in his arms. “Ah you’re getting big.” He bounces the boy on his hip, gently poking at his little stomach. “Y/N why is my son dressed as a reindeer?” Harry questions, placing a small kiss to his sons chubby cheek.
“Because it’s cute.” You wear a smile,
“Darlin’ we brought your niece this exact onesie.” He comments,
“It was cute, he doesn’t know the difference.”
“Can we possibly refrain from dressing our son as a reindeer with pretty pink bows?”
“Would you prefer me to dress him as a baby elf?”
“Yes, I don’t like the bows.”
“So, are you saying only girls can wear bows?”
“No, no, no. I’m just saying- damnit. Okay, I don’t the bows.” Harry groans, bouncing his son on his hip.
“Fine, but I heard no complaints from him.” You gesture to your baby boy as he coos and giggles at Harry.
“Honey, that’s because he can’t talk.” Harry chuckles,
“I suppose.” You sigh, “if you’d give me a girl I wouldn’t have to dress our son with pretty bows.” You smile with a sneering smile, watching as he rolls his eyes.
“We can discuss that later. How about some daddy cuddles? Hmm?” Harry coos as he places yet another kiss to his sons forehead. “Cuddles, I like that.” Harry continues, falling beside you on the couch and playing with the little one. “Can you say daddy? Da-dd-y” harry a bit slowly enunciates, hoping to convince his son to verbalise Daddy.

All that you both have managed to get from him is casual babbling and occasionally he says “Da.” There’s no doubt in your mind that your son will utter daddy long before mummy, unfortunately he doesn’t even babble “Mu/Ma”
“Daddy.” Harry continues to voice, your sons hazel eyes glancing up at Harry with slight confusion. “Da” your son points to you, giggling to himself, “that’s mummy.” Harry smiles, “mummy, daddy.” He gestures between the two of you.
“Da.” Your son holds his arms to you, squeezing his hands open and shut, “aw, but daddy wants to love on you.” Harry sighs with a small pout,
“Daddy wants to play.” You coo to your son, poking his cute cheeks and placing a small kiss to his nose.
“We still need to take him to see Santa.” Harry comments,
“I don’t know if that’s a good idea, I think he will cry.”
“All kids do, it’s part of the fun.”
“Are you going to stand in the hour Long line with me and then spend an hour settling our son after seeing Santa?” You question, knowing very well that your son will shed tears like every other toddler tends to do.
“Yes, I’ll be there.” Harry nods,
“Uh huh, just like you came Christmas shopping?” You raise a brow, watching as he rolls his eyes,
“I was drunk when I agreed to that. You know I hate Christmas shopping and the damn crowds.”
“Oi, language!” You scold,
“Babe, he’s not going to repeat me when I say damn. He doesn’t repeat daddy. He won’t say damn.” Harry comments taking absolutely no care to the little ears.
“If he says damn, I’m blaming you.” You nudge Harry gently,
“You just said it, it’s your fault too.” Harry chuckles, “isn’t that right? Hmm. Isn’t mummy to blame too?” Harry tickles the little boy, watching as his eyes light up and he giggles louder.

After constant giggles and babbles your little boy is quietly curled up on Harry, nestled comfortably into him as he becomes sleepy. “I’ve missed this.” Harry reveals, distracting you from the Christmas movie on the television.
“Yeah, but work is work.” You yawn, looking over and smiling at how cutely your son is cuddled up. Picture perfect moment.
“Mhm, so you want another one of these little guys, huh?” Harry gestures to the sleepy toddler,
“I want a girl.” You nod, moving closer and cuddling into Harry’s side,
“What, are us men not good enough for ya?” He jokes, an arm draping around you as the other continues to stay securely around the boy.
“More than enough, but you won’t let me dress our son in cute girly things.” You pucker your face,
“Sorry, baby. You know, if we try again we could end up with another boy.” He winks, “I wouldn’t mind another boy. Start an army of good men.” He chuckles to himself,
“If we try again, we could have a girl for Christmas.” You chime, not exactly wanting a male dominated house.
“We also could have another boy.”
“Don’t jinx it. So is that a yes to trying again?” You blessedly question, taking note as the little boy is fast asleep, his soft snores just being heard.
“Don’t see why not. We made one adorable lil one, might as well make another.” He responds, “but first, I’m putting him down, he’s slobbering on me.” He screws his nose up, carefully standing to his feet. You decide to trail behind him as he takes your son to his room, watching as Harry carefully puts him in his crib.

Harry steps out of the baby’s room, looking down at you with gleaming eyes. “Hm, in the spirit of Christmas shall we watch another Christmas movie?” He softly asks, licking his lips imperceptibly, your eyes unable to gaze away from his.
“We could.” You nod, “or we could do something else.” You whisper, your arms lightly wrapping around his neck,
“Hmm, and what may that be?”
“I don’t know, the possibilities are endless.” You respond with a soft voice, his lips instantly crashing down on yours, engulfing the two of you into a passionate kiss. He gently pulls away, eyes glistening light the Christmas lights, “so, bedroom?” He questions, his hands moving to rest on your hips,
“No, I wanna watch elf.” You shake your head with a smirk,
“Are you kidding?” He mutters, moving his hands to grasp your behind.
“Definitely.” You nod, placing soft kisses on his neck,
“Mmm.” He sounds, carefully lifting you up and carrying you to the bedroom, making sure not to separate your lips from his tender skin.

  • Seokmin: No offense, Seungkwan, but you're not exactly Manly Mannington!
  • Seungkwan: I am too Manly...Manny, or whatever it is you said.
  • Soonyoung: Face the music, kid. You got no muscles, you smell like baby wipes, and let's not forget last Tuesday's...incident.
  • [Flashback: Seungkwan is in the bathroom, in a towel, looking into the mirror and singing into his comb like a microphone]
  • Seungkwan: Disco girl...comin' through...that girl is you!
  • [Soonyoung opens the bathroom door]
  • Seungkwan: DON'T COME IN, DON'T COME IN!
  • [End flashback]
  • Seomin: [grinning] You were listening to girly Icelandic pop sensation BABBA?!
  • Seungkwan: No, I wasn't-- It's not important!
Winchesters in Gotham (two)

You know Crowley has something up his sleeve to unmask Thrush. You weren’t anticipating the way how he would remove your mask though.

Crowley takes you hostage in a new way. He sends Batman on a wild goose chase in a bar, then renders you and Robin unconscious. The king of hell has one of his minions pick up your limp form (setting off the car alarm as they do so), leaving Robin alone in the batmobile. Batman walks out of the bar a bit drunk… the bartender spiked his non-alcoholic beverage. Batman notices that you’re missing and basically breaks down. “They got Thrush…” He slurs hitting the steering wheel multiple times. When the police come they notice Batman’s drunken state. “They took Thrush… I need to find her.”

“Give me the keys Batman.” One of the officers states. “You’re not fit to drive.” Batman just nods and removes the keys from the ignition switch and hands them over to the police officer.

When you come around you notice that you’re in the outfit you were in the day you last saw Sam and Dean. Your super suit, utility belt and mask is over to the side. You also realise you’re not tied to a chair, which is a first.

“Hello Thrush” Crowley says walking into the room. “Or should I say Y/N Winchester?”

“Congratulations Crowley, you discovered who is under the mask of Thrush.” You sarcastically retort standing up and walking around the room. “Are you going to tell all of Gotham that the girl under Thrush’s mask is a nobody with the name (First name) (Middle name) Winchester?”

“You’re not a nobody.” You spin on your heel and look at the king of hell in surprise. Before you can ask, Crowley continues his thought. “You’re a pain in my ass.” You sigh and sit back down and put your head in your hands.

“How long did it take you to figure my identity out?”

“Not long. I had a hunch it was you when you introduced yourself. You confirmed it when you started fighting… you have a unique fighting style darling.”

“Oh do you mean, being able to get someone on their knees in seconds?”

“I still don’t understand how a girl like you, Y/N, can be related to dumb and dumber.”

“Don’t talk about my family like that…” You run a hand through your hair. “If you just wanted to talk to me… why’d you kidnap me?”
🐝 🐝 🐝 🐝 🐝
-Batcave, no one’s POV-
“It’s been two days Batman… and we still don’t have a lead on Thrush.” Robin says sitting down in one of the few chairs in the batcave.

“It doesn’t make any sense…” Batman says scratching his chin. “Wouldn’t it have been easier to kidnap the both of you to get at me?”

“Wait a minute, that person Crowley… he knows Thrush, and she did mention the fact that she has two older brothers.” Robin then snaps his fingers. “What if this Crowley somehow figured out Thrush’s actual identity then decided to use her as bait for her brothers.”

“Robin you might be onto something.”
🐝 🐝 🐝 🐝 🐝
-Warehouse, outside of Gotham. Your POV-
You had five minutes of freedom before Crowley got tired of you and rendered you unconscious.

Small cuts and brises now line your arms, just because the king of hell got bored- he also said something along the lines of ‘I promised your brothers that I would help find you… however they didn’t say you had to be in one piece.’ When Crowley turns his back on you, you cut the ropes holding you down with your pocket knife. It’s a bit hard since your hands are tied behind your back, but you manage. You shakily stand up, right as Crowley turns around. “What are you doing?” He asks roughly grabbing your arm, causing you to wince.

“Let me go Crowley please!” You plead.

“Now why would I do that, darling?” He asks tightening his grip on your arm. You try to pry your arm free but you end up injuring yourself more.

“Let go of her arm or I’ll blast yours off!” A quirky, almost cartoonish voice says behind you. Crowley lets go of your arm in surprise, you create a bit of a gap between you and Crowley. You then see three women glaring at the king of hell. The woman who spoke has red and black hair in pigtails. Her outfit is one that Dean would have your hide if he caught you wearing anything like that- crop top and short shorts (like her hair, her outfit is also black and red).

“Who are you?” Crowley coldly asks.

“People you don’t want to mess with.” One of the other women walk over to you and removes her hood.

“Salina?” You ask in shock. Salina is one of the few people that knows Batman’s, Robin’s and Thrush’s real identities.

“You okay Y/N?” She replies, when she notices you cradling your arm.

“I don’t know… my arm is either sprained or broken.”

“It’s okay, we’ll patch you up.” Salina’s eyes dart over your injuries. “Where’s your suit?”

“Over there.” You say pointing just behind Crowley. “I’m not that desperate to get it, I do have a spare.”

“Here I’ll get it.” The red head in a green leotard replies. She then manipulates a nearby plant to grab your suit. When the plant holds it out to you, you take it in surprise.

“Thanks…?” You say in a questioning tone. Salina then glares at Crowley.

“If you lay a finger on Y/N ever again, Harley over there is allowed to shoot you.” The woman in the red and black outfit waves, tipping you off that she’s Harley.

“Now, baby face.” Harley says looking at Crowley. “You let us take the girlie, and we promise not to hurt ya.”

“Why should I listen to some filthy, pathetic girls who like to play dress up?” Crowley retorts. Salina smirks, eyes watching the king of hell. She’s watching him like a cat watches a mouse.

“You’re just itching to be shot… or soaked with holy water, your pick.” You offhandedly comment.

“I could say the same to you, Winchester.”
🐝 🐝 🐝 🐝 🐝
Salina introduces you to her two teammates. Harley Quinn, originally a psychologist that worked at the Arkham Asylum; and Poison Ivy, originally a botanist but she turned into a science experiment and now can manipulate plants.

“Nice to meet you both… I’m Y/N Winchester.” You say.

“You also happen to be Thrush aren’t you.” Poison Ivy points out. “I recognised the costume.”

“Yes… I’m Thrush, please don’t tell anyone.” You beg with puppy dog eyes.

“Don’t worry Girlie.” Harley replies with a singsong tone of voice. “Your secret is safe with us.”

“Thanks Harley.”

After you’re patched up, Salina takes you back to Wayne manor. “Welcome home Miss Y/N.” Alfred says when he sees you.

“Thank you Alfred.” You reply. “Where’s Bruce and Dick?”

“The Bat cave I believe.”

“I better go pay them a visit.” You get to Bruce’s study before Aunt Harriet catches you. Aunt Harriet isn’t a bad person, just a tad annoying. You take the elevator instead of the poles.

“Where is Thrush, when you need her?” Robin complains. Batman only shrugs in response.

“Have you tried looking over your shoulder Robin?” You ask in response. Both Batman and Robin jump in surprise.

“You’re okay.” Batman says looking relieved. “How’d you get away?”

“Our feline friend, Catwoman, helped me escape.” You answer. “Also the person who took me was Crowley, and he has taken me hostage before.”

“This has happened before?” Robin questions, eyes watching you full of confusion.

“Yeah, long story.” You reply rubbing the nape of your neck. “Anyways, what happened while I was gone?”

“Equally long story, you tell us about your history with Crowley and we’ll explain what happened.”
🐝 🐝 🐝 🐝 🐝
-Sam POV, Impala-
Dean drums his fingers against the steering wheel with the beat to the music. The two of us are headed to this city in New Jersey called Gotham.

“Think we’ll run into Y/N in Gotham?” I ask.

“I don’t know if we will or not… but we can hope.” Dean replies.

Once we get to Gotham, I notice a girl that looks almost exactly like Y/N. I doubt it’s her though. It could just be a snobby rich kid that looks like my kid sister.

I look again, and she turns to me. A look of surprise crosses the girl’s face. I sigh and return my gaze to the road. Whoever that girl is, she’s not Y/N… at least that is what it seems.

“You okay Sammy?” Dean asks pulling me from my thoughts.

“Yeah, just thinking of Y/N.” I reply. My brother nods in response.

“You were staring out the window for awhile. What were you looking at?”

“Nothing I was just staring out into space.” Dean doesn’t look convinced but he drops the subject for the moment. The two of us sit in silence for the rest of the drive, until we get to the hotel.

While we’re getting checked in, I notice that the news is on the TV in the lobby. “Once again the citizens of Gotham can sleep soundly knowing that Batman is around.” The news anchor says.

Dean places a hand on my shoulder. Pulling my eyes away from the screen. “You’ve been a bit spacey since we got here. You alright?” He asks. I tell him off saying I’m fine.
🐝 🐝 🐝 🐝 🐝
I need some air, as well as answers. I tell Dean that I’m going to go grab something to eat. My brother then throws the car keys at me, which I catch with ease. I then head outside. I choose to walk instead of drive, mainly because the hotel is about a five minute walk from a nearby grocery store.

I get this feeling that I’m being followed, I slowly turn around reaching behind my back for my gun. I then hear a soft thud on the ground then footsteps. A girl, about Y/N’s age, in a black superhero costume, a utility belt around her waist and a (favorite color) cape moving in the breeze behind her, walks over to me. “The streets of Gotham aren’t safe at night.” The girl says. “What brings you out here at this hour?”

“I could ask you the same thing. Who are you anyways and why were you following me?” I retort.

“I go by Thrush. As for why I’m out here at this hour of the night, I’m currently on patrol… I wasn’t following you like a stalker. I was following you to make sure you get to your destination.” Thrush looks at me for a moment. Disbelief in her (eye color) eyes. “Now who are you?”

“Sam.” A soft smile creeps onto Thrush’s face. “When you said that you’re on patrol, what’d you mean?”

“See that symbol in the sky?” She asks gesturing to a bat symbol. I nod in response, a little confused. “That is the bat signal, it pretty much means Gotham City needs Batman, Robin and me.”

“What if Gotham needs Batman during the day?”

“The police typically call us if we’re needed during the day.” Thrush says with a shrug.

When I get back to the hotel, Dean asks me what took me so long. “I ran into Thrush… I have no idea why Crowley told us that Y/N is Thrush.” I reply.

“What do you mean Sammy?” Dean asks.

“The girl that goes by Thrush is not our kid sister. She is a completely different person.”

“Well that is underwhelming.”
🐝 🐝 🐝 🐝 🐝
-The streets of Gotham, Your POV-
You’ve never liked lying to your brothers, but Crowley already figured out your identity and you didn’t want Sam to know who is under the mask of Thrush.

You head to the randevu point where Robin is already waiting. “Hey Robin.” You say.

“Hey Thrush, have you seen Batman yet?” You shake your head.

“I did run into my brother Sam… I didn’t say anything about me being well my secret identity.” Robin laughs lightheartedly. He also lightly punches you on the arm. “Did you find anything Batman?” You ask when Batman gets to the randevu point.

“No… did you two?” Batman replies.

“Nothing.” Robin replies.

“Besides finding out that my older brothers are on town, I didn’t find anything either.” You add in. Batman nods slightly.

“Let’s get back to the bat cave.”

“No argument there.” With that you, Batman and Robin head back to the bat cave calling it a night.

To be continued.








Untitled Drabble #1

Title: None ‘cause I can’t come up with any, people keep talking at me ‘n stuff.
Fandom: Supernatural
Pairing: None, wincest overtones.
AU/Canon: AU - no fire, John&Mary alive, no supernatural stuff
Triggers: None
Rating: T for language
Summary: The weechesters go for a ride.
Additional notes: tagging @itsnotsammy because you know why.

It was one of the hottest days of June 1998, and Dean’s swollen knee ached way too bad for him to brave the heat, so he was sprawled on the living room couch watching dumb daytime TV when the shouting started.

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So the most beautiful thing happened at work today.

About a month ago, one of my coworkers was talking to someone off-hand about how he was picking up Mass Effect and was going to play it, blah blah blah. And I made the dumb mistake of trying to jump into the conversation, because Mass Effect rocks, right?

And he went, “You haven’t played it; you’re just saying that.”

And I blinked and said, “…what?”

“You’re a girl. It’s not a girly game.”

And lately, if a guy ever pulls that shit with me, especially if it’s over a specific game, I will flat out spoil the entire game for them. So I did. I told them everything that was spoil worthy in the first game, especially Virmire.

He just laughed and thought I was making shit up and gave me a ton of crap.

Today he came into work and approached me and said, “…I’m sorry.”

“…wait what?”

“About Mass Effect. You were right. You do play games.”



Issue #1 “The Parting Glass”  by @walkerzombella

We won’t survive out here. It’s not safe. Might as well off ourselves here and now because there’s no point in trying to make it in a world that no longer wants you alive anymore.

That’s what Mike said to Michonne before she lost him.

And she had to admit that maybe, just maybe, for a second she believed him. Michonne was ready to give up. After the whole Andre situation she just felt dead, like she was invisible, like one of those roamers with no more life force left inside of her.

Scooping up the last of the fruit in her plate, she savored the taste of sweet warmness before setting the spoon down.

“Penny for your thoughts, Michonne?”

She took in the appearance of Estelle, who looked rather less tattered than she had yesterday. Of course that had been before the group discovered the cleanest wardrobe they had seen in weeks.

“I wasn’t really thinking of anything,” Michonne spoke in a subdued voice after regretfully swallowing the last fruit in Viverly. “Even if I was, I wouldn’t tell you. There’s enough sadness going around.”

Estelle sat on bench and scooted closer. “You talking about Sonya?”

“Yeah. She was up all last night crying in her cell. I didn’t get much sleep because of it, but I don’t think she needs to know that.” Michonne stood from the table and rubbed her hands together, she could feel the dust falling away.

“Should we assemble a cleaning service?” Joked Estelle as she watched Michonne, getting to her feet and grinning a grin that looked just like her father. “But seriously though, there’s a lot more work to be done here. This isn’t paradise.”

“Of course it isn’t, it’s a prison.” Michonne felt cold sweat spill down her chest and moaned of exhaustion. “Are there any more clothes left or am I going to have to wear one of those ugly prison jumpsuits?”

“The latter, sis.” Estelle playfully tapped Michonne’s arm just as soon as her face darkened with disappointment. Michonne’s sister knew she hated those uniforms. Who knew what the inmates could have been doing in them?


The two of them whirled at the yelping sound of Michonne’s name for their eyes to land on Wolfram, he was carrying a pink rag, his clothes and skin stained in grease. “You’ve got to see this. Come on.”

They rushed after him.


 “Dad, can we stop, please?” Judith crinkled her nose as she tried to wipe away grimy dirt off her arms, earning a grin from her brother Carl. “I’ve already been bitten by two mosquitoes already, I can’t take it anymore.”

 Rick stepped over a large slab of rock that was stained with blood and another thick substance and looked back to make sure his children were caught up.

“How is stopping going to keep mosquitoes away from you, Judith? It doesn’t make any sense.” Carl said, rolling his eyes and picking up a nearby stick since he’d lost his a while back.

“It makes perfect sense,” said Judith. “We set up our tent, zip the thing up and they won’t be able to chew me out before sundown.”

She quickly shoved Carl with her open hands and he fell on his stomach with an oof sound. “Hey!” He yelped.

“Judith, quit it.” Rick hissed angrily. He stepped down a lump in the forest ground and helped Carl to his feet.

A guilty expression washed over Judith’s face when she saw blood slowly dripping from a gash in his cheek. Carl glared at his sister with hooded eyes and shook his head before they continued on their way.


Michonne had been sure to snag her long and deadly sword that she had hung in her cell before heading outside of the prison. She slowed her run when she realized that there were a few cars parked outside the fences of Viverly.

Some of the vehicles were painted white with pink rainbows on the sides, and other things doodled that were in another language.

The Sisterhood, thought Michonne, they’ve come to collect.

Michonne looked up at Sid, he was standing in one of the towers with his sniper ready and aimed, across from him in the other tower was his brother Terrance doing the same thing.

“Estelle, open the gates.” Ordered Michonne.

Estelle rushed forward, her sword clanking in her pocket, and approached the fences. She unhooked the chains until they slipped freely of the gate and fell heavily at her feet. Estelle looked back at Michonne for approval and got a leaderful nod.

Estelle nodded back before yanking the gates open. She hurriedly stepped out of the way for the cars had already began moving into the prison park yard.

The three cars entered and Estelle shut the gate again, not bothering the chain it up.

The first car’s door opened and Maxine stepped out, she was wearing filthy boots and her hair up in a messy ponytail. The dirt beneath her boot clouded the air around her as she slowly approached Michonne and Wolfram.

Maxine’s eyes ran over sweaty Wolfram with a venomous gaze, she stopped a few feet away and tucked her hands into the brown leather pants she wore. “So? Do you have our cans ready? The fruit, the beans, the tuna?”

Michonne squinted in confusion. “Fruit? There is no fruit.” She thought back to eating the last fruit cocktail can and instantly regretted it, this could mean trouble—more so than before.

“What do you mean, ‘there’s no fruit’?” Maxine was very intimidating, she was gorgeous, sure. But when she spoke, her lips were the only thing that moved and it made the scene even more menacing.

Michonne looked over to Estelle, the sisters shared a look. “I mean, we enjoyed the last of it earlier. Maxine, we can provide you with the beans and tuna as long as you hold up your end of the deal.”

Michonne tried her best to keep her expression confident, she couldn’t let Maxine know she was nearly shaking in her shoes.

All Michonne was thinking was, at least I have my sword on my back, that way if she made a single move on the Viverly gang her head would be hitting the floor before her body could react.

Maxine quirked one of her eyebrows, a smirk playing on her lips like the crook of a spoon. “Oh, really?”

“Yeah,” Michonne looked at her sister again. “In fact, we have it all crated and packed ready to go. Don’t we, Wolfram?”

Wolfram nodded, his large gray beard shaking along with him. “I can get it right now—”

“Fucking don’t.” Maxine held her arm out, it was smeared with dry blood. “I don’t want no man’s hands on our shit. Estelle, why don’t you go collect those crates, honey?”

Estelle ran back inside the prison, and Michonne looked down at her booted feet before back up into Maxine’s face. “Do you have what we asked for?”

Maxine grinned even wider. “Of course we do. Matches, gasoline, even the guns. Tracy!” She called out, back to the cars.

There was a bigger car, a black jeep, its door opened and out stepped another girl. She was dark-skinned with long stringy blonde hair. She headed to the back of the car and opened the trunk.

Michonne watched from her distance as Tracy pulled out a black case. It was heavy-looking and wide. Tracy grabbed it by the handle and struggled to drag it over to the Viverly gang.

She let it go near Wolfram, and up close Michonne saw the piercings in her nose, lip and eyebrows. Tracy walked over to Maxine, standing by her side.

The prison side door shutting made everyone look toward the sound, and it had been Estelle, carrying two crates stacked on top of each other. Michonne nearly smiled at how muscular her sister’s arms had gotten since the apocalypse began.

Estelle sat it in front of the girls and took her place beside Wolfram and Michonne. “That all? Can you go now?” Said Estelle, smartly.

Michonne knew Maxine didn’t appreciate the way Estelle spoke to her, but did a pretty damn good job of hiding it. “Next time I come up in here and I ask for something? That shit better be here.”

With that, she and Tracy carried the crates back to their cars and got inside of their vehicles. With a wink, Maxine waited until Estelle opened the gates back up to pull out of the prison.

Once they were out of sight, Michonne released a breath and got into a squatting position. “Those girls scare the living crap out of me.”

Estelle put a hand to her sister’s shoulder. “I agree, sis.”


  “Hey—you’re eating it all up!” Judith made a reach for the bag of gummy worms that Carl was carrying but he quickly moved it away in the swift motion of his hand. “Dad!”

Rick didn’t respond to her, he was too focused on the darkness of the woods, there was something about them that didn’t sit right with him.

The candy had melted out of the shape of worms but they were good enough. “As soon as I get handy with a weapon you’re never going to bother me again.” Said Carl, stuffing the packet into his backpack.

Judith rolled her eyes again. “You say that as if it’s ever going to happen, besides we’re never going to settle down long enough for you to learn. And you don’t need it anyway, Dad’ll kill the walkers.”

He then pointed to the cut in his cheek that was dry now. “Not for the walkers, for you. See? That’s what you did to me. Stop bothering me.”

He then pointed to the cut in his cheek that was dry now. “See? That’s what you did to me. Stop bothering me.”

Judith rolled her eyes and continued on their way. “When the hell are we going to get out of these—Dad!?”

The children froze in place as a dark shadow protruded from a big bush and their father was tweaked roughly into it by a muscular arm.

“Well, why are you just standing there? Get a move on, asshat!” Judith pushed her brother’s shoulders but he didn’t move. She moaned angrily before heading over to the spot Rick had vanished from.

“Dad! Dad!” She screamed in a loud girly voice, something she always said she’d never do if a horror movie came to life. “Where are you?”

She looked back at Carl, a clear shock on his face. “Carl! Get with reality, you dumb baby!” She headed over to him and slapped him against the face—she did it so hard it hurt her own hand and even got Carl to blink.

“Someone took him? Someone took Dad?” Carl stepped forward and squinted into the bush. “Dad?”

Before he could tell Judith no one was there, he heard a whispery wheeze and it was followed by a walker, it fell on him, knocking him against sharp rocks, Carl could not feel pain but he felt wet liquid soaking his socks.

“CARL!” Judith rushed over and kicked the walker in the face, a flap of skin coming off on her shoe. “Ugh.” She said in a disgusted voice as the thing fell over. She walked over and continued to beat it in the face with her foot until it no longer attempted to chew into her brother.

Her brother who she realized wasn’t moving. Judith fell to her knees at Carl’s side and shook his shoulders angrily. “Wake up, snot boy! Wake your butt up, wimpy wussy!” Her hand cracked across his cheek but his eyes did not open and his body did not respond to her.

A long, wet tear slipped from her right eye. “Carl?”

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let’s talk about the colour pink. 

first things first. I hate it. the hot pink of the barbie dollhouse, the colour so bright the images get seared into your brain and stay there for years. I still remember two puffy rubber armchairs that should have, but could not be comfortable because my barbie kept sliding off them. maybe she secretly hated it, too.

years later I dubbed it the colour of a dead barbie - first to myself, then, delightfully, to my friends and anyone who looked like they might appreciate my sarcasm. once I went to my best friend’s house for a sleepover and she gave me those sheets. those sheets. she could barely contain her laughter as she took them out of the closet - and completely lost it at the look on my face. those sheets had a pattern of frilly ribbons and puffy bows in three shades of pink. it felt surreal. like a david lynch movie. except it was pink and looked like the insides of a coffin.

it took some getting used to, but I slept like a baby.

baby pink. the girly colour. the colour you’re supposed to love and opt for every chance you get just because you’ve got boobs and soft features and curves. the colour that squeezes gooey sounds out of most adult women every time they see baby-pink-blanketed bundle in someone’s arms. they aww and coo and talk of princessess and dollies and tutu skirts.

there’s nothing wrong with princessess or dollies or tutu skirts. each of them is great on its own. but in our heads they are pink by default. we are taught that pink is their primary colour when there’s absolutely no reason that it should be. it could be anything, everything, why did it have to be pink for girls to love, for girls like me to hate?

pink is convenient. conventional 2D shape on a bathroom door. a circle, a triangle and four sticks arranged to look like a shape of a girl in a dress. the sign might be painted in black but it’s still pink in our heads. pink for the girls and blue for the boys and the world is divided into binary gender. pink for the girls says there’s no other option than to stay soft and placid and docile. blue for the boys says it’s wrong for them to wear skirts or play with dollies or talk about princessess in any other terms but rescuing them from the dragons.

we teach our children that toys and colours and people have gender and it can only be one of the two. pink for the girls. blue for the boys. determined at birth, stated in official papers, confirmed by the colour of the blanket wrapping on the way home from the hospital for the whole world to see.

pink for the girls. blue for the boys.

there’s nothing wrong with the colour pink. it’s the colour of dawn and flower petals and birds’ down and blush on very pale skin. it’s beautiful. so many colours wouldn’t be if it wasn’t for the colour pink. shades of purple and lilac and gold. reds and oranges and browns.

I want to wear a dress the colour of high clouds at dawn. the colour of rose petals strewn in the golden dust of a country road. soft and pale and delicate and beautiful. almost-red almost-purple pink. pink.

I don’t hate the colour pink. not really.

let’s talk about it.

let’s talk about the colour pink.

Maid To Serve

TITLE: Maid to Serve

CHAPTER NO./ONE SHOT: Chapter Twenty-Nine

AUTHOR: wolfpawn

ORIGINAL IMAGINE: Imagine that you have been sold to a slave trader to pay a debt. One day you are bought and given to Loki as a gift. He ignores you at first, but he slowly begins to notice your attention to small details in your daily tasks and your funny little quirks. He tries everything he can to seduce you, and the more you resist the more intrigued he is.

RATING: Teen and Up

“Please.” You groaned; shaking in terror as your body ached from the abuse it had just suffered. “No.”

“You filthy little bitch, it is all your fault.” The faceless being in front of you raised their arm, a sharp blade in it, ready to strike. As it began to fall fast towards you, you winced; waiting for the painful blow, but it never came.

“Wake up.” A voice called you back, “Come on, that’s it, wake up.” Loki encouraged. Opening your eyes, you saw the prince’s face in front of you, his worry blatant. “It was just a nightmare.” He soothed. “It was not real.”

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Baby Talk
  • Molly: *making faces* Here comes the powice car for my wittle baby-waby-girly-wirly *waving the spoon, making siren noises*
  • Baby Holmes: *giggling*
  • Sherlock: *at his laptop; sighs* Must you do that?
  • Molly: *smiling* She loves it. She doesn't go for planes.
  • Sherlock: *frowns* Nooo. The baby talk. She's not an idiot and, frankly, it's vewwy distracting.
  • Molly: *amused* What was that?
  • Sherlock: *quickly* Nothing.
  • Molly: *grins* Did you just-
  • Sherlock: *hiding behind the laptop* Nope. It was your heawing- hear-ring *clears his throat* Hearing.
  • Molly: *approaches him and sits in his lap*
  • Sherlock: *avoiding looking at her*
  • Molly: *smiles affectionately* You do it, too, don't you?
  • Sherlock: ...
  • Sherlock: Maybe.