look at that fuzz

headcanon for tom's facial disaster

anthony mackie: hey tom

tom: *wiggling his lips* notice anything

anthony: sure, a weird looking kid with cat hair on his face

tom: no i’m NOT a kid! i grew a beard! look i’m a

anthony: beard is being generous, peach fuzz does not a man make, sit the hell down and drink ur damn juice

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yo what did you do to your taz drawings to give them that delicious soft vellum look? bless u

merge all your layers, duplicate, put a gaussian blur on the top layer (the amount will vary with how big ur drawing is, but just make it so it looks all fuzzed out), then set the blurred layer to like 30-40% opacity!

Danny Phantom headcanon that one reason people don’t recognize Fenton as Phantom is because, aside from the fact that it’s not a conclusion most people would easily come to, Phantom doesn’t look very human much less like Fenton.

Phantom is much more solid than most ghosts, easier to see than others but he’s always stuck in a state of semi-invisibility in which humans can see right through him. His whole body looks mostly whole but also kind of fuzzed out on the edges like he’s blending slightly in the environment. He’s most solid closest to his core but as you extend outwards, he kinds of fades a bit. He doesn’t come out well in photos because of this, many ghosts can’t be captured at all.

His snow white hair is much the same, being more like a semi-solid mist instead of hair. It can behave like a solid but it moves as if he’s underwater. The locks that float around him look to be the same consistency of a cloud and only he can really touch it. His trademark glowing green eyes are just that, glowing green. They’re practically like flashlights and are an incredibly distracting feature that casts his whole face in an eerie glow. Most people find themselves drawn to them rather than his facial features. But should you look past the eyes, his face is still hard to describe. It’s like looking at an old grainy photograph without defined faces. You can see his expressions, see him move but key features are hard to pin down. Most people would never describe the two boys as being similar, aside from the names. Even the people in the know needed time to get used to Phantom’s unfamiliar, inhuman features.

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So we've seen bits of wrath, pride, lust, greed, sloth, and gluttony... but is there anything that Bendy is particularly envious about? He seems like he's got it made in the shade-- what (or who) would ever make him feel jealous?

“First off, learn the difference between jealous and envious! Hell’s bells, learn some fucking grammar and talk good; like what I do! 

Second, don’t misunderstand me. I don’t want no prissy ‘love’ like Mickey and Minnie love each other. No. I want love from everyone. EV-ERY-Y-ONE! I want to be adored. Revered! Worshiped! And I’m envious of Mickey cos everyone fucking loves him and I don’t know why!!! He doesn’t even have to bloody try!!” – Bendy

 [Here we see some of the layout of my Toon-Town. The abandoned warehouse that Bendy is currently squatting in that he turned into Devil’s Roost. Everyone knows he’s there illegally, but it keeps him off the street causing mischief if he’s there so the fuzz look the other way, for now. 

Opposite, on the other side of the canal, is the Sunshine Café, where Mickey and the others like to hang out. Bendy sometimes ventures over there for some strong coffee in the depths of a hellish hangover (they also have nice cakes). He likes to sit under a parasol because it gets a bit bright for his liking in the middle of the day. ]

The Styles Effect Pt. 1

Part Two

Requests Open

Warnings: Cursing, feelings, multiple parts (slowish burn)

Pairing: Reader x Harry(s)


Y/n finds a notification on her phone asking to make a wish.

Little did she think that her wishing all her Harry fanfictions to come to life would actually come true, and the craziness it would bring.

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Here’s a quick clip of 9 week old Drewbert that was taken during our second visit to the litter. We found out which boy was matched for us and it was this good, good floppy eared boy!

Just look at his pudgy paws, floppy ears, and soft, plush puppy fuzz!

#Drewbert #Pupbert #corgi #throwback #throwbackthursday #tbt

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