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[This is a continuation for A Soft Echo, xinhaleredveinsx kind of requested one, and I cannot say no. As soon as I post something there’s a like, always something kind to say, so I hope it’s good :D. I am going to try to post another request by tomorrow and another chapter for my Pup story by Monday. With it being Christmas things are out the window on schedules. And I have to cook this year, so yeah, it’ll be fun. I’m one of those people who likes to break traditions and try new dishes and stuff so I’m betting some of my family will just go hungry this year because they’re the types too stubborn to eat what I make.]


You had been sleeping good, so good you felt the dribble of drool on your cheek as you leaned up. You waited and listened, a sound had awoken you, the fuzz clearing your brain you looked over on the other side of the bed. The realization that it was a who not a what that disrupted your sleep. It was past three in the morning and your body protested at being shoved up, Lord, maybe you were getting old. It was a silly thought but it was the best explanation at the time. Going into the living room you saw the table lamp was on, several books strewn to various pages on the coffee table, investigating further you saw the kitchen light was also on, and from the clatter that’s where the source of the noise was coming from.

It was a nightmare, you already knew, this wasn’t your first night staying with Spencer. It had happened the second night you stayed, funny enough each time just to sleep, but you liked it. Always leaving that small gap between so no accidental touching, but able to wake to see each other. But this, the waking, the nightmares, it tore at you. Sometimes he’d talk to you about them, other times he’d keep them to himself, bouncing about until his energy depleted, the anxiety gone.


He looked up startled, a literal deer in headlights. “Hi. I woke you again, didn’t I?”

You waved him off. “It’s fine, Spence. What are you up to?”

He shrugged, clasping the canister he held to him. “I was going to make some more coffee.”

He looked guilty, and you could guess why. “How many cups have you had since then?”

“About four, but –“

“Do you really need it? I’m not going to tell you no, Spencer, but you know it makes it worse.”

What ‘it’ was didn’t have a name for it, you just put it to Spencer’s many idiosyncrasies. Something you never minded only worried you. From that night in the restaurant you knew excessive noises and smells bothered him, not to mention the touching, but then you also found he liked things in a place it didn’t necessarily have to be neat but it had to be a certain way. Then there were his ramblings, the most endearing trait that drew you to him, when he was nervous or unsure he’d find something to broach a topic and speak without a breath for felt like hours. It calmed him, which calmed you, plus you got the enjoyment of learning something. After getting to know you he started speaking slower, letting you pop in questions when you wanted. It was funny how despite some differences how well the two of you fit together. You had weird thoughts on it – like how he came from a home with a single mother, you with a single father. Both fiercely protective, yet the first thought was you wondered if his mom got mad at him for leaving the toilet seat up as you did with your father. Later in your relationship he mentioned his mother and her schizophrenia, it hadn’t bothered you, but you know why he brought it up. That his quirks could be an onset of it. You didn’t think that was true.

“Damn it!”

In your daze Spencer had tried to put the thing of coffee away, scooting his mug to the floor in the process.

“Hey, it’s fine, let me clean it up.”

“Y-you don’t have to, Y/N. It’s my mess.”

Well, he had no damn slippers on for one, and you knew in his state he’d end up getting hurt so squatting down in front of him you put your hands out so he could see. It was another trick you learnt. It took time before he was comfortable with a person, even more so before a touch from said person was accepted, after that it was still a guess whether he would want it or not. So you started letting him see when you were making a move, you had made the joke like an officer – “Let me see your hands!” And from that shy smile he gave you knew he appreciated the gesture. So letting him see your hand, he looked up, that spooked panic still in his eyes as you let you palm cup his face. It was a very gentle touch, like holding an egg, just enough to make him aware, to bring him back.

“Let me, take a seat on the couch, I’ll make us some cocoa.”

“You know cocoa has caffeine in it too, right?”

The stuttering was leaving, and you smiled. “Yes, I do, but we got to ebb you off, and there’s nowhere near as much as coffee.”

“Cocoa has about twenty-three grams of caffeine –“

“Any coffee?”

“Around ninety-three but –“

“Do you really want coffee, Spencer?”

He patted his chest, like he was checking for a wound before looking back to you. “No. I think I’ve had enough tonight.”

“Good, I’ll make you some but I would like you to get some sleep too.”

“I’m sorry I woke you.”

You could tell he was crestfallen, he often got this way when he thought he was doing something wrong. And you told him time and time again that it was fine, that what he was feeling and going through was fine. If that’s what it took to make him feel better than you were okay. It’s not like he didn’t put up with weird things from you, it was give and take and you were both equal on those parts.

“Spence, hush, go sit and relax.”

He arched a brow as if you had asked the impossible but he still went, and you gingerly picked up the shards cleaning up the remaining sugary liquid, before sweeping any remainder. Going back to the living room you saw him looking at his hands, picking his nails while his leg did the up and down at a mile a minute.

“You know one of these days I’m going to ask to ride on that knee.”

He blushed. “What?”

“How fast it’s going, looks like fun.”

He tried to slow his knee down then. “Oh, Spence, I wasn’t trying to poke fun –“

“I know, I just wish I could make it stop.”

“Would talking help tonight? Do you want to tell me what your dream was?”

“You know dream analysis isn’t an actual science, it was debunked –“

“I know, and I know Freud’s a hack on the subject, though I still keep dream interpretation books at home. What I meant was just talk, get it out, share it so you’re not the only one carrying it.”

“Why do you stay, Y/N?”

You sat up straighter then, a little confused by the question. “Because I like staying with you, Spencer.”

“I meant in general, why are you still with me with all the things wrong with me?”

“Like I said I like staying with you, being with you. You’re an amazing person, Spencer Reid. I’m glad I’m the one that gets to be here by your side.”

“I’m so weird.”

“No, you’re not, well, not really. But I’m weird too, everyone in this world has something odd about them. I don’t think I would’ve been half as attracted to you if you were completely normal.”

The corner of his lip rose. “Only half?”

You smiled back. “Yeah, told you before I was a sucker for those eyes.”

The corner drooped. “It was about you. You leaving.”

“I’m not going anywhere, as long as you want me here I’ll be here, even after. You may have to get a restraining order.”

He chuckled at that. “I still don’t understand why you stay.”

There was so much that he had been through in his life, so much that beat him down to make him not feel good enough, you might be crazy but you always rooted for the underdog. And you wished there was some way you could make him see. Putting your hands back out, you felt your heart thrumming. He looked at them and back at you, waiting for the touch. Putting a hand on his cheek he leaned into your palm, and you leaned in the other way, hovering, waiting for his reaction, his eyes widened before a serene calm passed over his features taking your hand and leaning to meet you halfway. It was chaste, but you could feel the embers burning in that kiss, and was sorry to have it end.

“Do you understand now?”

Spencer hadn’t opened his eyes, but exhaled deeply before letting his head fall onto your shoulder.

“Yes, I do.”


RIGHT. Jacks new Night In The Woods episode: SHADOWY FIGURES | Night In The Woods - Part 6 has seriously got me thinking, and made me even more suspicious of a certain character in the game!

See here? As Jack said it looks like a cult! And also yes does kinda remind you of Hot Fuzz (which is amazing js)

NOW GOING BACK TO EPISODE 2   NIGHTMARE EYES | Night In The Woods - Part 2  I literally thought I was going mad when I thought that PASTOR K had said two different names! Her name on the church sign is KW YOUNG but seen below she first says her name is KATE then says KAREN. Like whaaaaaat?

So anyway I could be mad because I don’t think many other people have noticed this? At least not in the comment section of Jacks videos BUT I had suspicions of this bloody women/bird ever since then and NOW there’s all this cult shit going on.. ARE THEY CONNECTED? Who the fuck knows but I CANNOT WAIT until the next episode!!!

Honestly, I’m always so conflicted about my butt hair, like on one hand smooth butts look so nice and cute but also, butts with fuzz also look like really cute and manly so I’m just like, what do I DOOOOOO????????