look at that friendly face

Can we just take a second for double chins?

I have seen som double chin hate lately and that’s super not cool. 

Double chins are freakin cute! They make your face look soft and friendly and sometimes they jiggle when you laugh and that is cute as heck! Some extra pudge on your face is nothing to hide! You’re beautiful, and I hope you know it! 


me, featuring my stalker of a cat

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Dude I ugh…. I found this on Facebook, credits to the editor and credits to Chino because she did the art but… Holy shizzz!

Noelle smiled as she made her way into the party, trying to look for a familiar friendly face. Her mom had gone full on crazy, not even wanting her to leave the house, although Noelle could understand why - she just didn’t want her daughter getting hurt. Even so, Noelle knew that she had to be careful. After her run in with Nate, she wasn’t sure what her powers had been doing as of lately. She was pouring herself a mixed drink when she smiled at the person next to her. “What can I get you?” she joked, trying to keep things lighthearted. “I can’t promise it’ll be good but..”

Draco Malfoy x Reader

Battle of Hogwarts - Part 2   (Read Part 1 here)


It had been ten minutes since Voldemort had called for Harry to give himself up. You had known Harry long enough for you to know that he would eventually give himself up.

“Y/N!” A voice called you from your stupor and you looked up to see Neville approaching you, Oliver Wood at his side. You gripped onto Colin’s robes tighter, bunching them in your fists as he and Oliver came to crouch near you. “Y/N, it’s okay, you can let him go now.”

You looked up at his face and relaxed when you recognised the friendly intentions. You glanced down at your hands and forced yourself to loosen them, the robes crinkled from your grip. Tears blurred your vision and once more you found yourself nearly crying.

Oliver wrapped an arm around you, his Scottish voice muttering in your ear, “It’s okay Y/N. It’s alright.”

You took a deep breath in, pushed back the tears and nodded, “He died protecting me Oliver.” You spoke, voice hoarse from the crying.

“He always was a stupid kid.” Oliver joked and you laughed slightly,

“He was a brilliant kid.” You amended, sniffing. Neville picked up Colin from his torso and Oliver removed his arm from you so he could pick up Colin’s legs. You wiped your tears and nose before following them as they went to lay Colin’s body in the Great Hall.

You bumped into Harry on the way, and you when you saw him your heart sank. He had aged a few years and his face was covered in dirt, scars and dust, much like your own. When Harry noticed Colin, his face fell and he met your eyes, you gave him a sad smile and grabbed his arm gently stopping him.

“Harry, I know you’re going to give yourself up..” Tears pricked your vision at the thought of losing another friend, “Please be careful.” He grabbed your arm and squeezed it gently, and you placed your hand on his shoulder, squeezing it gently in reassurance before walking off.

When you reached the Great Hall, you almost stumbled in your surprise, there were many dead bodies littering the floor of the hall, surrounded by friends and family, and twice as many injured. Your eyes roamed the hall, looking for Draco and hoping that he was not one of the dead. When your eyes didn’t spot that flash of blond you relaxed slightly and you immediately regretted what you had yelled at him in anger.

You spotted Lupin and Tonks, lying down on the floor and you thought they were simply resting until you noticed the pale tinge to their skin. You choked back a sob, walking over to them and raised your wand, mumbling “Orchideous.” A bunch of moonflowers burst from the tip of your wand and you pulled them out, laying them on Tonk’s and Lupin’s chest, folding their hands over them.

You glanced up and caught Ginny’s eyes who was sobbing softly, her eyes red and puffy as she stood by herself, looking over a body that lay on the floor. Your eyes flicked down to the body and you noticed the signatory ginger Weasley hair and you looked around at the family. Bill, Molly, George, Ron, Ginny, Charlie, Percy, Arthur. That was it. You sob caught in you throat as you realised who had fell from their family.

You strode over to Ginny and pulled her in a hug, comforting the female Weasley who was like your little sister. She broke down in your arms and you looked sadly at Hermione who seemed like for once, she didn’t know what to do.

Bill walked over to you, and you stepped aside to let him comfort his sister and you stood up, walking over to Hermione and rested a hand on her arm.

“Are you alright?” You asked, noticing the dampness of her clothes. She nodded, her bottom lip quivering as her eyes clouded over. You pulled her into a gentle hug, ignoring the fact that she may dampen your own clothes. You glanced towards the door and froze when you saw Draco stood at the door, looking out of place.

His blue eyes glanced around the hall, a ghostly shadow of sadness covering his face as he surveyed the room. His eyes locked onto yours and suddenly, all you could think about was how happy you were that he was safe. That he was alive. 

“I’ll be right back, Herms.” You mumbled into her ear before pulling away. You no longer seemed in control of your body, but you were instead moving on pure instinct as you walked towards Draco, who was meeting you in the middle. A sob broke your chest as you threw your arms around him, hands entangling themselves in the blond hair that you loved. Draco’s arms snaked around your waist, pulling yourself to him as if he could not stand to have any space between the two of your bodies.

“I’m so sorry. I’m so sorry.” Draco mumbled, his face buried in your hair. You felt a hot liquid drip onto your neck and moisten your hair and you realised with a jolt that Draco was crying. His body shook under yours as he could no longer hold back his cries. “Cra- Crab- Crabbe, he’s…”

You understood at once what happened and you felt your heart break as you watched the man who had been strong all his life break down before you.

“I’m sorry Draco.” You muttered, running your hands through his hair gently, tears springing at your own eyes at the raw emotion being portrayed by Draco.

After a while his sobs slowly subsided, and he pulled himself up to look you in the eyes. You gazed at him sadly, disentangling your hand from his hair, you grabbed his hand with one, brushing away his tears softly with the other. He leaned into your touch and grabbed you hand when you went to move it, holding it in place.

You had never noticed how perfectly your hands had fitted before, but his larger, lean hands fit exquisitely against your smaller ones. He gazed into your eyes, and you smiled gently, extracting a slight tug of the lips from him.

“I’m sorry for what I said Draco,” You apologised, dropping your gaze to his chest, “After everything you’ve been through I should have supported you. I’m sorry.”

He shook his head gently and he squeezed your hand. He let go of your hand holding his cheek and you dropped it, gripping his blazer as if he was about to disappear at any given moment. 

“No, I shouldn’t have called you weak. You’re not.” Draco responded lifting your head by the chin gently to look him in the eyes, “You’re brave, beautiful, kind, stubborn to the point of idiocy but you’re the strongest person I know, it’s one of the reasons why I love you.”

You felt a smile grow on your face, and he matched it before you crashed your lips to his.


You walked around the Great Hall, helping Madam Pomfrey heal others, only attending those who you could heal with the spells you had taught yourself and the potions you knew that could heal them. 

It had been a crazy last hour. Harry had died, come back to life, he had reignited the war. Voldemort had fallen, the death eaters had scrambled, with the most loyal of death eaters now dead and the war over. The Malfoys were now free and Draco was safe. He was free, to be his own person.

You glanced up from passing a third year Ravenclaw a small vial of Calming Draught to bring them from their shock and caught Draco’s gaze. He smiled, his posture straighter, less heavy as he sat with his parents on either side of him. You smiled back, mouthing “I love you.”

You watched as his smile widen as he mouthed, “I love you too.”

Many had died for this. This one moment of freedom, this peace. 

But the light won, for happiness can be found even in the darkest of times, if one only remembers to turn on the light.


“Guys, that’s my old friend Y/N. She’s visiting for two weeks” Lydia said smiling and introduced Y/N to the pack.
“Hey, I’m Scott. That are Kira, Malia, Liam, Mason and Stiles” the one with the dark brown hair and brown eyes said and held his hand out.
Y/N took his hand with a friendly smile on her face. She looked around.
The last one, Stiles, couldn’t bring out a word of his usually sarcastic mouth.
He was so amazed by her beauty, especially her e/c eyes.
They both grinned at eachother until Lydia cleared her throat.

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mayhemforhire  asked:

"Well now... you must be gifted to decrypt my messaging frequency," He sounded a tad impressed as he sat in his ship over the monitor, "And just, who are you, my dear...?"

    While trying to find just what was disrupting the signal to Cortex’s large holographic screen he used for a map, the one he was found gazing that from his chair, something began to feed into its projection.

    Once the man’s face popped up on the screen the woman took a step back, looking up in surprise and awe. A new face, but certainly not a friendly one.

   U-uhh… Techa Logic, assistant of Dr. Cortex. It w-wasn’t my intention to interrupt your signal, Sir.

     Who are you?

Appearance of zodiac men (for fun)

Aries: always looks like their about to jump on something. black and red clothes. very masculine.

Taurus: tall/short dark and handsome and usually smells like a married man. dough eyes.

Gemini: quirky clothing like the aqua. probably has facial hair. youthful look.

Cancer: simple clothing smells like old clothes and baked goods. sweet looking eyes.

Leo: did up hair and matchy clothes and glowing skin even if pale.

Virgo: long limbs. baby face and probably smells like babies. 

Libra: looks like they are about to go to a casual night club all the time. attractive. sparkly eyes.

Scorpio: think of the slytherins from Harry Potter. their sweat probably smells like sex. hypnotic eyes.

Sagittarius: not matching clothes but it looks quirky and cute on them. huge smiles.

Capricorn: looks like the boss of something and also lusty demeanor. symmetrical face. serious look. 

Aquarius: weird style but very handsome with a friendly look in the face. head is always up like a leader. 

Pisces: pretty, watery, fishy eyes. creative way of dressing. dreamy look.


Walking over the streets, by rolling the wheels of her chair, Mero then was slowly tiring herself, as she was slightly out of breath. Looking around, and trying to look for a friendly face, the mermaid then would gently wave at a white haired near there. “Hey miss, can you help me here?” 

Ginny Weasley, in her second year, hopelessly struggling in most of her classes (because she can’t remember anything from the year before).

Ginny Weasley, in her second year, hears whispers as she turns corridors and for a second she thinks it’s Tom Riddle, but it’s not, it’s her peers whispering about her, the heir of Slytherin.

Ginny Weasley, in her second year, hopelessly in love with her brothers best friend, and not any other best friend, only Harry Potter who only who has eyes for Cho Chang.

Ginny Weasley, in her second year, having forgotten the Gryffindor common room password and it’s late in the evening so nobody will come by for a long while.

When she sees somebody else, a boy she thinks is in Ron’s year. She asks does he know the password, because he looks like he’s got a friendly face. He mumbles he’s forgotten.

Together, Ginny Weasley and Neville Longbottom try every combination of passwords they can think of. When thy eventually guess the password, it’s past three o'clock, but for the first time Ginny’s laughing so much she doesn’t care.

They both go up different stairs,smiling and say goodnight. The next morning they’re both failing asleep at the breakfast table and casting sly grins at the other.

Ginny’s nervous to approach Neville again, as he’s a year older than her. But he sits by her in the common room and he offers her help with her Herbology homework and suddenly classes are a little easier.

Neville listens to her crazy dreams about Tom Riddle and her ramblings about Harry. Ginny helps him find Trevor and reminds him of everything he’s lost and she’s the first one to realise he likes Luna.

And they’re the most unlikely but the very best of friends.


Gone Series meme ➝ 5/5 heartbreaking moments ➝  The Betrayal in the Church

Astrid had a sick feeling inside, knowing what she was going to say, what she had to say. Knowing that it was betrayal.

Mary flinched as if someone had hit her. She looked around the room, looking for a friendly face, looking for signs that not everyone was agreeing with Astrid. 

How about a Quiggle remake?

I have been thinking… Why do I feel so repulsed to Quiggles?

So I decided to point out the good and bad things about them:

Most of their appearence is adorable, but there are a few things that spoil it, imo. I find their hands too big and open, the chubby finger tips are cute but the entire finger is kinda weird. The eyes jumping out of their head and that big creepy smile are a big no. Mix that with no visible eyelids and they have this killer look on their faces.

We want a friendly look, right? Killer look is no good.

So I decided to fix a few things and make good use of their good features!

Take a look at those not-so-round-and-scary eyes! The anime shinies!!

Or maybe you are into full voluptuous lips~

I believe their shapes are still recognizable, but help me fix it up~