look at that freakin blinding smile

A Little Loco

So yall know Loco, right?

NO! *clears throat, fixes hair* No, not that Loco. This Loco…

Yeah that Loco! Look At Him!! Ain’t he the cutest??

Winner of season one of SMTM, then got signed to AOMG with my Papi Park and Simon Daddy!

But as much as a fan I am of him, I wasn’t always…. Now now before yall get the pitchforks and twitter fingers let me explain. I was always fond of Loco but I didn’t Stan. It wasn’t until I saw him, along with Gray, Jay, and Simon on the 2016 AOMG US Tour. When I went up for the hi-touch and was going down the line telling everyone “Thanks for coming” and “I Love You” I finally got to Loco because he was last, I just smiled and said “Hi”. Why did I decide to switch it up I cannot tell you, but when looked into my eyes with his cute chubby chipmunk cheeks, dimples as deep as the Grand Canyon, blinding white perfect teeth, and overall the cutest eye simile he said “HIIIIIIIIIII” back. Right then and there I had a revelation. When I tell you I had been Enlightened. WHY THE EFF HAVEN’T I NOTICED HOW CUTE HE WAS!?!?!?!?!


The cutest, most talented baby bear ever!

I love my goofy chipmunk cheek baby (even though he’s older than me I don’t care he’s still my baby)

But then recently…. My sweetness has gone missing and this took his place…

Where did my baby go???

Scripted Swap, 5

In the world of actors and spotlights, Mike Schmidt awakens to find nothing makes sense and some weird blind purple guy sounds like he’s the craziest of the bunch. But when he discovers his whole world has been destroyed, it may just be Mike himself who has finally fallen over the edge to insanity.

Based on the modified Reborniverse and the It’s All Scripted AU created by and expanded on by rebornica and mysticbaconslice.

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destiel-is-cockles-fault  asked:

I adored you sarcastic answers and examples for that 'Jensen and Misha are only work base friends', I giggled so much because how blind can people be?! For one, genuine smiles don't lie and body language least of all. And the freakin looks they throw at each other? You can't fake that even if you are the best actor. The body doesn't lie, it works on instinct. Kisses from a Cockles super fan 💕

I know, right? :D

And theeen we also have all the things they explicitly say about each other. :D i don’t know how delusional you must be to say something like “Jensen and Misha don’t like each other much” :D