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I love how Jinyoung and Mark look like they’re in their own little world. But then you’ve got Jackson on his own at the side and he looks like the kid when you were younger who got the cow or the tree to play in school productions.

coffee (part four) - t.h.

here is part 4 of the series emily and i are writing! sorry it’s so late blame me, i’m a wienie!!! 

part one // two // three // em’s masterlist // my masterlist // 1.3k words

Once you’ve eaten, you take Tom back to your room and he flops down on your bed.

“A movie?” He suggests tiredly, and though you know that you should suggest calling it a night, you can’t help but nod.

“How about Batman?” You pick up a few dvd’s from the pile by your bed and he laughs. “I’m joking, I’m joking, what about uh–”

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Aren’t we all?

Summary: Tom’s a little bit broken right now but aren’t we all? Sometimes it just takes a bit glue to stick us back together and today, you are that glue

A/N: I will post once, maybe twice a week because I am a mess mixing work, college and my personal time love you all x

Tom rolled his shoulders for the millionth time that day, bones cracking with the rotation, neck lulling backwards at the breaking sounds. Tom didn’t know what it was but something didn’t feel right that day, the light didn’t shine right, the moon didn’t caress his hotel room anymore and the other side of his bed felt too cold this morning. His phone sits vacant in his pocket, his tugs it out before the interviewer comes back and unlocks it, clicks on your name and sees the last text was him reading ‘ring me when you wake. baby x’ That was two days ago, no text, no calls not even active signs on your social media. Tom’s heart was in a constant state of skipping a beat, his minds clogs spluttering over the last weeks conversation noting things he could have done wrong. He can’t worry though he thinks because when he worries he panics and when he panics he needs you which is why his now sitting in the interview chair in America with a clenching throat.

Now four hours later Tom sits in his hotel room with Harrison lounging around on his bed not paying attention to Tom’s giddy and jumping knee. Tom has refreshed your Instagram at least ten times, checked your twitter five, facebook page every half an hour and has even taken to texting his mum to ask if she’s seen you. Tom can’t describe what your eye colour is, he doesn’t remember what you look like and his getting worried it has been three weeks since his seen your face and been about to note physical movement over a crappy computer screen. Tom knows its hard on you, what it is like to leave you behind and jet off around the world but at least Tom had Harrison and the world at his disposal but you didn’t. You had a life that required you to stay put at home and stress you out like any other human being, Tom wished you would give up your job and stay and home curled in a blanket but maybe that was just because you looked cute in his jumpers at that fluffy blanket draped on your shoulders. He got worried when you phoned him saying work was being worse than ever and deadlines had been pushed closer together and how you just needed a break. He thought you meant from work but now he is flat out believing that it was a break from him and the thought of you being bored or tired of him breaks his heart in two. On the twentieth look at her snapchat hoping a story will appear you name with the blue love heart pops up on his screen.

Its Tess in front of a fire place but not at home the caption across the bottom of the screen reads ‘lonely but cosy nights alone…’ his eyebrows crease, she’s lonely he thinks. The though of you somewhere he doesn’t know on your own has his heart racing and fist clenching he rings you but no one picks up, his now in a desperate state of panic until his mum rings him half an hour after his discovery. 

“Mum.” His voice comes out shaky and confuses Harrison so he locks himself in the bathroom,

 “Hiya darling, she’s rung don’t worry! She’s safe ok? She’s gone up to her mums cottage in Scotland for the week, just wanted to get away ok?” he run a hand over his face and sits on the closed toilet lid.

“why hasn’t she talked to me then? I could help her.” He hears his mum sigh as if his said something he shouldn’t have.

“You wouldn’t have helped darling. She misses you and its bad this time, she wants to get away until you come back next Saturday best you don’t reach out unless she rings you.”

Tom’s heart shatters at the thought of you missing him so much that you can’t think of him without feeling sick. Saying goodbye to his mum he seats and slowing, creeping its way up towards his throat his realises how much he misses you. That’s why the bed feels cold because he now can’t imagine how warm you feel, the way your arms lock around his neck and plant lips onto his. Your face is blurry and Tom can’t remember where you scar you got when you were six is anymore. Soon sobs rack his body because his love seems to be fading as if you never existed, Harrison clearly seeking solace in his own room leaves Tom alone wallowing in his tears. His phone pings again and its you but he clutches it as if the Queen herself had messaged him, wiping away some of the free flow of tears he reads ‘facetime me?’ It the best news his heard since he became Spider-Man.

Jumping into bed his day gets a whole lot better when he sees you in a knitted jumper with a crackling fire in front of you, the red flames igniting the glow on your face. A new wave of missing you flashes through his mind but his gulp down nothing and focuses on scanning your face to note the light scar above your left eyebrow. Banking it for the next time he can’t register you face he also notes how tired you look, bulging bags under you’re eyes.

“Hi love,” he quakes, she grins and Tom can see the gloss over her eyes where tears are near escaping. They don’t want to be the ones who say it first but soon after half an hour of small talk he breaks the tension with,

“I miss you.” To a crack in his voice and tears now flowing quite majorly. She bites her lip and tries to hold back her own river flow.

“Look at me, your tired baby. Very tired therefore lay down and try to sleep ok? I’ll be here when you wake up alright, my laptops charging and I’ll wake you up.”

Tom finds it hard sleeping that night however you start humming a tune after opening your book and watching Tessa curl up in your lap he drifts off swearing he can feel your warmth that night…

Flicker - Ch. 1

Kim Junmyeon/Reader
Warnings: Smut
Word Count: 2,905

“So when is your boyfriend coming back from his holiday?” Your friend nags as he tries to do anything but the work in front of him.

“He’s not my boyfriend, Sehun, shut up.”

“Well, what is he then?” He drawls as he stretches lazily. He has his laptop in front of him, but all he’s really doing is watching youtube videos pretending it’s research. And he was the one who asked you to go to the library with him to study.

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anonymous asked:

And it's also my favourite because he can reclaim those things! It takes time and it takes effort but eventually he's able to point at all the stars and constellations agian, and he can lay on a beach with water at his feet and it's a giant "fuck you" to everything the world's done to try to break him (tree)

GOOD YES HE DOES HE DOES INDEED DO THAT. And it’s hard n scary and he probably cries a Lil but. That’s okay. It’s okay to be scared, and it takes him a while to learn that but he does it!! He gets there!

And one day he sits out on the beach, wearing fluffy jumpers and looking out at the stars like hey. This isn’t so bad. This is,,,,, this is me. And I’m weird and. Sorta broken but. I’m mechanic, so that’s fine.

I’ll just fix it. I’m good at that


@howelllesters amazing fic ‘cloud watch’ inspired me. go read it because it’s one of my faves!

summary: pastel!dan writes down every wish he has in a ‘wish diary’. punk!phil and pastel!dan au.

word count: 2.5K

genre: au, fluff and angst

warnings: mild sexual abuse/non-con, homophobia, smoking, mild swearing, mild verbal abuse, small mentions of sexy things

“It was amazing. His lips weren’t chapped like his, and weren’t glossy and sticky like hers. It was intoxicating.

They were soft and he tasted like strawberries and smelled like warm vanilla and it was all too too perfect.”

a/n: i had this idea before sleeping

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Beyond All Reason.

Thank you to the adorable anon who requested this. It turned out to be ridiculously long, I really got carried away but I really hope you like it  ❤

Requests are open. If you ever want to be tagged in upcoming fics please just ask :)

Request: Prompt where Bucky and his fiancé decided to take a brek from each other but during it Bucky couldnt take it making him visit her where he sees her with someone else and decides to fight for their love ❤❤

Warnings: Some cussing/cursing. A lot of angst. Eventual fluff.

Words: c.3,610

Notes: The fight between Bucky and reader is based loosely on the fight between Joanna and Michael in the film Last Night (2010) and Bucky’s fighting for the reader at the end on this song: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fV4DiAyExN0

Also this fic containes an OC named Miles but I had a very clear idea of an actor in mind, you are more than welcome to imagine him however you like, but for me he looked like this: 

You sipped your hot chocolate contentedly, your oversized jumper and fluffy socks as well as the crackling fire beside you meant you were toasty compared to the blaring wind and pelting snow that was falling down outside. This was your first week away from New York in your dreamy wooden cabin in the middle of the woods, that you would never be able to thank Pepper enough for organising for you. You so needed to escape New York, just to sort your head out, Bucky had really messed with your head and the only way you stood a chance of getting over him was if you spent some time away from him and this, well this was perfect.

Lately you and Bucky had been going through a rough patch, constantly arguing and constantly picking at each other for the littlest things but seeing him openly flirting with another girl had been the last straw for you and thinking back now you wondered if that single event had been the end of your relationship. You couldn’t stop your brain from replaying that night and even now you were thinking back.

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Halloween Week Day 1 : Remadora’s 1st Halloween together, for anon.

The evening of the 31st of October 1997 was as normal as usual. Remus came back from his mission just as the sky began darkening, not aware of what day it was; only that the full moon was close. He could feel it from the pounding in his head. He closed the door of their little cottage behind him and threw the muggle keys on the table. The coat slowly followed, and he was about to make himself a cup of coffee when he froze halfway towards the kitchen.

The house was quiet. No one had jumped into his arms; he didn’t catch the glimpse of bubblegum pink hair, and his lips felt like the warmth of another pair of lips was missing. Remus looked around himself; the lights were off. The only thing he could hear was the old muggle cookoo and the dancing fire. It was quiet. Deadly quiet.

“Dora?” Remus called. No one answered; his heart dropped. “Dora!” He called louder, this time out of breath.

He rushed in the living room, up in the stairs in their bedroom, in the bathroom… but she was nowhere to be found. He kept on calling her as he ran madly around the cottage. He was running back downstairs to get his wand and send a patronus after her when he finally saw her.

“Look what i’ve found in the garden, Remus! isn’t it adorable?”

Remus watched her smile, relief slowly washing over him. She was holding a little pumpkin in her arms; and indeed, in that moment of pure relief and happiness, he found that it was an adorable pumpkin. Almost as adorable as his Tonks in his too large jumper and fluffy socks. She looked up at him, and her smile died on her lips at the sight of his pale face.

“Are you alright?” She asked worriedly.

“Yes,” He said, reaching out the wrap his arms around her and the baby pumpkin. “Yes, i’m perfectly alright now.”

Tonks didn’t quite understand what all of this meant; but if there was one thing she knew, it was that halloween isn’t always the celebration of death. She buried her nose in her husband’s neck, thinking that she couldn’t be any more grateful.

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