look at that fierce lion man

What were your favorite parts of the trailer?

Seeing the destruction of Metropolis from a different perspective and how it lines up exactly with the scenes from ‘Man of Steel’

Bruce Wayne sees his building be torn apart and looks horrified

Bruce Holding the little girl. 
Just the look on his face…I don’t know, I can’t get over it, Ben is really emoting in this movie and I’m loving every second of it.

Clark Kent. 

Martha Kent tells Clark he doesn’t owe the world a thing (Martha Kent being a fierce momma lion and won’t let her son take crap from unappreciative butt-heads!)

Zod’s body

Robin’s costume, with Joker note

Thomas Wayne (Could he BE any more Thomas Wayne??)

Alfred tells Bruce, “This man is not our enemy” (Speak that truth Alfred!)
I find it a bit odd that Batman would use lines like him having to “Destroy” someone over having to stop them, seems a little non-Batman like, no matter how crotchety he may be in this movie. Hopefully it’s an in the moment thing and he has no intentions of KILLING Superman.

Batman jumps onto Superman on top of a building

Wonder Woman (please, PLEASE be awesome.)

Batman uses the grappling gun to get away (because it’s a grappling gun and it’s Batman.)

Also, I hope that this trailer is just cut in a way that it LOOKS like Superman is using heat-vision on Batman cause I find it hard to believe that Superman would actually use that on a human even if that human is Batman and being a thorn in his side atm.

Honorary Mention: THAT MUSIC THO?? AMAZING. Not sure if it’s Hans Zimmer or Junkie XL but props to you. Also, while I love the music in this trailer I hope that this film does carry over some of Superman’s themes from ‘Man of Steel’. But if the music is as amazing as this I won’t complain.