look at that fantastic perspective haha

Someone asked how to keep your mood up when your health gets bad on a group and this was what I thought of off the top of my head:

Ok everything on this list has to be adjusted to your abilities and spoon level. None of this should take so much from you can’t do things you need to do - the goal is lots of little things that slowly add up when you do them every day, not an exhausting to do list.

-do something to take care of yourself every day. Can be as small as brushing your teeth or taking your meds but it helps to feel like you are on the same side as your body
-do something that is enjoyable each day. Again can be something very small such as watching a tv show you like, doing a favorite activity for 5 minutes, etc
-do things for other people. Again realistic and not gonna steal all your spoons is best. Even just replying to a post on here or messaging with a friend counts even if he or she isn’t asking for help - just chatting and sharing your wonderful self is an act of generosity in my book
-do something that makes you feel productive. Examples from my life include filling my queue on tumblr, cleaning for 5 minutes, or calling a drs office
-make goals. Even if they are just to brush your teeth or get dressed in the morning. helps me do more things that are good for me, and also makes me feel good to get them done
-I actually got this next one from an article in the pillow fort magazine: write a list of things you have accomplished each day. Include everything, getting out of bed, getting dressed, going to an appointment, etc. Realize that even if it feels like you are doing nothing that is rarely the case
-try and forget about the “old you” as much as possible. Tricky, but it never makes me feel better to spend much time reminiscing
-challenge any thoughts that tell you that your worth is defined by how much you can work or how many things you need help doing
-move. even a few minutes of exercise can trigger positive changes in brain chemistry. again, like everything this needs to be adjusted to your abilities and spoon level
-connect with others who are going through similar things. vent if you need to, but be mindful of how much you are doing so
-find things to be happy about! The 100happydays project is a great way to reflect on the happy bits of every day, and if you are anything like me doing so slowly changes your perspective on life. looking for the positive in posts here and on my blog has really changed the way I view EVERYTHING and its really fantastic

—  Nina (runningonspoons)