look at that face oh lord hahah

Vanitas and Noe protecting each other :D

Did you notice how many times already (and we are still only afer 13 chapters) Noe and Vanitas were protecting each other?! many times by shielding with their own body. :D Little collection of some of such scenes :D

Firstly: Vanitas shielding and saving his cutie Noe :D 

-Vanitas saved Noe already during their first meeting :D

And from Charlatan too. :D 

He also was this one who made Noe snap out from horrible visions of Charlatan. :D 


Vanitas being worried, about Noe of course, looked at his scared face….

And haha now Noe protecting Vanitas, and it will be really a lot. :D So haha festival starto. ;) 

-I will not let you fallllllllllllllllllllll, my future husbando ;)

-Once again, I will catch youuuuuuuuuu ;)

-Always protecting from other vampires :D 

- And my fav one. :D Saving Vanitas from  Lord Ruthven

Oh dear lord Noe /////// you are so protective (or more like hahah take this out of context… or maybe even not? and look how possessive boyfriend he his :D) Even Vanitas is surprised hohoho. :D  

And take a notice it wasn’t that easy to fly so fast to save Vanitas, because Noe was still in ice trap when  Lord Ruthven was nearing to Vanitas. :D Panel before: 

Teheh, love really must giving the wings. ;)