look at that eye haha i am too amused by this

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Haha hindsight is 20/20. I was actually not happy with harry at the end of MITAM. He was too vague for my taste regarding 1D return. (there was just one time when he was pinned to the wall to look at the interviewer in the eye and he said 'yes' which was not satisfying ) While the other boys gave us tangible hope (with specific time frame and confirming they won't do any music during the break). Anyways, over one year later and definitely solo music coming and no sign of 1D back in 2 years 1/2

I am kinda appreciative of his straightforwardness in the form of his vagueness if that make sense. not angry with him at all now and actually looking forward to his promo. i kinda missed him. 2/2 

I wasn’t annoyed by him being so vague back then, but I was amused by it. He did everything he could to deflect those questions - it was so obvious and deliberate. So I totally get what you mean about his “straightforwardness in the form of vagueness” even though it was infuriatingly frustrating because I was so curious about what he had up his sleeve.

But kudos to Harry for consistency.  He refused to confirm anything back then, and has continued to do so. He stayed under the radar for nearly 15 months, not confirming anything personally other than via Another Man where he spoke a little about writing, recording and filming. When he has something to share, we’ll know about it. And it goes without saying that I missed him too and I CANNOT WAIT!!!!!! :)